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宁德激素六项检查比较好的医院宁德检查胎停多少钱啊STOCKHOLM — Parishioners text tithes to their churches. Homeless street vendors carry mobile credit-card ers. Even the Abba Museum, despite being a shrine to the 1970s pop group that wrote “Money, Money, Money,” considers cash so last-century that it does not accept bills and coins.斯德哥尔——教区信众透过短信向教会缴纳什一税。无家可归的街头小贩随身携带移动信用卡刷卡机。作为70年代流行组合、《钱,钱,钱》(Money, Money, Money)的作者阿巴乐队(Abba)的圣祠,阿巴物馆(Abba Museum)也认为现金“过时”而不接受纸币和硬币。Few places are tilting toward a cashless future as quickly as Sweden, which has become hooked on the convenience of paying by app and plastic.很少有地方像瑞典一样,迅速地朝着无现金的未来迈进。瑞典已经迷上了移动应用和卡片付的便利。This tech-forward country, home to the music streaming service Spotify and the maker of the Candy Crush mobile games, has been lured by the innovations that make digital payments easier. It is also a practical matter, as many of the country#39;s banks no longer accept or dispense cash.作为音乐串流务Spotify和移动游戏糖果粉碎传奇(Candy Crush)的诞生地,这个崇尚技术进步的国家十分醉心于方便数码付的创新。这也是一个现实的问题,因为许多瑞典的不再接受或分发现金。At the Abba Museum, “we don#39;t want to be behind the times by taking cash while cash is dying out,” said Bjorn Ulvaeus, a former Abba member who has leveraged the band#39;s legacy into a sprawling business empire, including the museum.前阿巴乐队成员比约恩·乌尔维乌斯(Bjorn Ulvaeus)在阿巴物馆说:“我们可不想落后于时代,现金已经快淘汰了还要收。”他利用乐队留下的传奇建立了一个庞大的商业帝国,其中包括这座物馆。Not everyone is cheering. Sweden#39;s embrace of electronic payments has alarmed consumer organizations and critics who warn of a rising threat to privacy and increased vulnerability to sophisticated Internet crimes. Last year, the number of electronic fraud cases surged to 140,000, more than double the amount a decade ago, according to Sweden#39;s Ministry of Justice.不是每个人都在欢呼。电子付在瑞典的普及已经令消费者组织和批评人士心生警惕。他们警告侵犯隐私的威胁会上升,也会令高水平的网络犯罪更加猖狂。根据瑞典司法部,去年电子欺诈案件数量激增至14万,相比十年前增加了一倍。Older adults and refugees in Sweden who use cash may be marginalized, critics say. And young people who use apps to pay for everything or take out loans via their mobile phones risk falling into debt.批评人士说,在瑞典使用现金的老年人和难民可能会被边缘化。而使用移动应用以付一切费用或通过手机借贷的年轻人,可能会面临陷入债务的风险。“It might be trendy,” said Bjorn Eriksson, a former director of the Swedish police force and former president of Interpol. “But there are all sorts of risks when a society starts to go cashless.”“这可能是很时髦,”前瑞典警察局局长和前国际刑警主席比约恩·埃里克松(Bjorn Eriksson)说。“但当社会不用现金时,也会面临种种风险。”But advocates like Ulvaeus cite personal safety as a reason that countries should go cash-free. He switched to using only card and electronic payments after his son#39;s Stockholm apartment was burglarized twice several years ago.乌尔维乌斯这样的无现金倡导者则以人身安全为由,鼓励国家应该不再用现金。自从他儿子在斯德哥尔的公寓数年前两次被盗后,乌尔维乌斯就只用卡或电子付款了。“There was such a feeling of insecurity,” said Ulvaeus, who carries no cash at all. “It made me think: What would happen if this was a cashless society, and the robbers couldn#39;t sell what they stole?”“当时就有种不安全的感觉。”现在已经完全不携带现金的乌尔维乌斯说。“这让我想到:如果这是一个无现金社会,而劫匪无法销赃,那会怎么样?”Bills and coins now represent just 2 percent of Sweden#39;s economy, compared with 7.7 percent in the ed States and 10 percent in the euro area. This year, only a fifth of all consumer payments in Sweden have been made in cash, compared with an average of 75 percent in the rest of the world, according to Euromonitor International.纸币和硬币现在只占了瑞典经济的2%,而在美国有7.7%,欧元区有10%。根据欧睿信息咨询公司(Euromonitor International),今年瑞典所有的消费付款只有五分之一使用现金,反观在世界其他地区平均有75%以现金付款。Cards are still king in Sweden — with nearly 2.4 billion credit and debit transactions in 2013, compared with 213 million 15 years earlier. But even plastic is facing competition, as a rising number of Swedes use apps for everyday commerce.卡在瑞典仍然是主要交易工具——在2013年有近24亿信用卡和储蓄卡交易,15年前只有2.13亿。不过,卡也面临竞争,因为越来越多瑞典人在日常交易中使用移动应用。At more than half of the branches of the country#39;s biggest banks, including SEB, Swedbank, Nordea Bank and others, no cash is kept on hand, nor are cash deposits accepted. They say they are saving a significant amount on security by removing the incentive for bank robberies.瑞典几大,包括瑞典北欧斯安(SEB)、瑞典(Swedbank)、北欧联合(Nordea Bank)等,有半数以上的分行不存现金,也不接受现金存款。他们说这显著节省了保安成本,因为劫匪抢劫的诱因没有了。Last year, Swedish bank vaults held around 3.6 billion kronor in notes and coins, down from 8.7 billion in 2010, according to the Bank for International Settlements. Cash machines, which are controlled by a Swedish bank consortium, are being dismantled by the hundreds, especially in rural areas.根据国际清算(Bank for International Settlements),去年瑞典金库大约存着36亿瑞典克朗的纸币和硬币,而2010年有87亿。由瑞典财团控制的取款机有数百台将被拆除,尤其是在农村地区。Eriksson, who now heads the Association of Swedish Private Security Companies, a lobbying group for firms providing security for cash transfers, accuses banks and credit card companies of trying to “price cash out of the market” to make way for cards and electronic payments, which generate fee income.现为瑞典私营保安公司协会(Association of Swedish Private Security Companies)会长的埃里克松指责和信用卡公司试图“用高定价将现金挤出市场”,让位给卡和电子付。卡和电子付能产生费用收入。协会是一个代表现金运输护卫公司的游说团体。“I don#39;t think that#39;s something they should decide on their own,” he said. “Should they really be able to use their market force to turn Sweden into a cashless society?”“我不认为这事应该它们自行决定,”他说。“它们应该利用其市场力量,使瑞典成为一个无现金社会吗?”The government has not sought to stem the cashless tide. If anything, it has benefited from more efficient tax collection, because electronic transactions leave a trail; in countries like Greece and Italy, where cash is still heavily used, tax evasion remains a big problem.政府没有试图阻止无现金潮流。事实上由于税款收集的效率提高,它还是个受益者,因为电子交易会留下痕迹;而在仍大量使用现金的希腊和意大利等国,偷税漏税仍然是一个大问题。Leif Trogen, an official at the Swedish Bankers#39; Association, acknowledged that banks were earning substantial fee income from the cashless revolution. But because it costs money for banks and businesses to conduct commerce in cash, reducing its use makes financial sense, Trogen said.瑞典家协会(Swedish Bankers#39; Association)官员雷夫·特罗根(Leif Trogen)承认,从无现金化革命中能获得可观的费用收入。特罗根说,但由于和企业用现金开展交易是有成本的,减少现金的使用在财务上是合理的。Cash is certainly not dead. The Swedish central bank, the Riksbank, predicts it will decline fast but still be circulating in 20 years. Recently, the Riksbank issued newly redesigned coins and notes.现金当然还没有死。瑞典央行瑞典国家(Riksbank),预计现金流通量将下降得很快,但未来20年仍然会流通。瑞典国家近日刚刚推出硬币和纸币的新设计。But for an increasing number of consumers, cash is no longer a habit.但是,对于越来越多的消费者来说,现金付款已不再是消费习惯。At the University of Gothenburg, students said they almost exclusively used cards and electronic payments. “No one uses cash,” said Hannah Ek, 23. “I think our generation can live without it.”在哥德堡大学(University of Gothenburg)的学生说,他们几乎只用卡和电子付。“我们不使用现金了,”23岁的汉娜·耶克(Hannah Ek)说。“我觉得我们这一代人可以不用现金了。”The downside, she conceded, was that it was easy to spend without thinking. “I do spend more,” Ek said. “But if I had a 500 krona bill, I#39;d think twice about spending it all.” (Five hundred kronor is about .)她承认缺点是很容易不假思索就花钱了。“我花的更多了,”耶克说。“但是,如果我有一张500克朗纸币,我花钱会三思而后。”(五百克朗约合58美元。)The shift has rippled through even the most unlikely corners of the Swedish economy.连瑞典经济中最意想不到的角落,都在被这种转变影响着。Stefan Wikberg, 65, was homeless for four years after losing his job as an IT technician. He has a place to live now and sells magazines for Situation Stockholm, a charitable organization, and began using a mobile card er to take payments, after noticing that almost no one carried cash.65岁的斯特凡·维克贝格(Stefan Wikberg)作为IT技术人员失业后曾有四年无家可归。他现在有住的地方,而且为慈善组织“斯德哥尔情势”(Situation Stockholm)出售杂志。他发现几乎没有人携带现金后,就开始利用移动刷卡机收款。“Now people can#39;t get away,” said Wikberg, who carries a sign saying he accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. “When they say, `I don#39;t have change,#39; I tell them they can pay with card or even by SMS,” he said, referring to text messages. His sales have grown by 30 percent since he adopted the card er two years ago.维克贝格说:“现在人们没借口了。”他带着一个牌子,上面写着他接受Visa、万事达卡(MasterCard)和美国运通(American Express)。“当他们说,‘我没有零钱,’我告诉他们,他们可以用卡甚至用短信付。”自两年前使用刷卡机收款后,他的销售增长了30%。Despite the convenience, even some who stand to gain from a cashless society see drawbacks.虽然方便,但即使一些持无现金社会的人也看见了弊端。“Sweden has always been at the forefront of technology, so it#39;s easy to embrace this,” said Jacob de Geer, a founder of iZettle, which makes a mobile-powered card er.IZettle的创始人之一雅各布·德吉尔(Jacob de Geer)说:“瑞典一直走在技术的最前沿,所以很容易接受电子付,”iZettle开发用移动设备供电的刷卡器。“But Big Brother can watch exactly what you#39;re doing if you purchase things only electronically,” he said.他说:“但如果你购买东西只用电子付款,‘老大哥’将掌握你的一举一动。”But for Ulvaeus, the music magnate, such concerns are overblown.但对于音乐巨子乌尔维乌斯来说,这种担忧被夸大了。“Everything speaks in favor of a cashless society,” he said as he strolled past the Abba Museum to retrieve his car. “It#39;s a utopian thought, but we#39;re very close to it.”“一切都持无现金社会,”他在漫步穿过阿巴物馆去取车的路上说。“这是一个乌托邦式的想法,但我们已经非常接近。”He paused at a hot-dog stand for a snack. But when he was y to pay, the card er was broken.他停在一个热摊前买小吃。但是当他准备付钱时,刷卡机坏了。“Sorry,” the vendor said. “You#39;ll have to use cash.”“对不起,”小贩说。“你得付现金。” /201601/419363福州检查激素六项正规医院 Trading of shares in ZTE was suspended in Hong Kong and Shenzhen yesterday after news of a US investigation into whether China’s second-largest telecommunications equipment maker violated US controls on exports to Iran. 中兴通讯(ZTE)股票昨日在香港和深圳停牌,此前有消息称,美国方面正在调查这家中国第二大电信设备制造商是否违反了美国针对伊朗的出口管制。 ZTE said it was co-operating with the US authorities. Reuters reported at the weekend that the US Department of Commerce was set to place export restrictions on the company. ZTE sells 8-10 per cent of the world’s telecoms equipment, according to Nomura, and counts Iran among its customers. 中兴通讯表示,正在与美国有关部门合作。据路透社(Reuters)周末报道,美国商务部(US Department of Commerce)将对该公司实施出口限制措施。野村券(Nomura)数据显示,中兴通讯销售的电信设备占全球的8%至10%,伊朗是其客户之一。 “ZTE has been working with relevant US government departments on investigations, maintaining communication with relevant departments and is committed to fully address and resolve any concerns,” it said in a statement. “中兴通讯一直在配合美国相关政府部门调查,保持与相关部门沟通,致力于全面处理和解决任何问题,”该公司在一份声明中表示。 The company added that it would continue with normal operations while it conducted internal assessments. 该公司还表示,将继续正常运营,同时进行内部评估。 “As a responsible business, ZTE strives to ensure all operational activities adhere to international trade practices and the laws and regulations of host countries,” it said. “作为一家负责任的企业,中兴通讯努力确保所有经营活动遵守国际行业惯例以及所在国的法律法规,”该公司表示。 The company yesterday suspended trading in its shares, according to statements to the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges, but did not explain why. 根据提交香港和深圳券交易所的声明,该公司昨日将其股票停牌,但没有解释原因。 ZTE’s Hong Kong-listed shares closed up 3.5 per cent last Friday, but are down 20 per cent so far this year. 中兴通讯在香港上市的股票上周五收涨3.5%,但今年以来累计下滑20%。 Leping Huang, telecoms and tech-nology analyst at Nomura in Hong Kong, said notice from the Department of Commerce, expected today [March 8], should clarify the scope of the restrictions. 野村券常驻香港的电信和技术分析师黄乐平表示,美国商务部预计今日(3月8日)将发布的通知,应该会说明限制措施的范围。 Nomura does not expect any impact on product sales in the US, but says restrictions would probably require any company shipping US-made parts or equipment to ZTE to first obtain a licence from the Department of Commerce. 野村券不认为限制措施会影响中兴在美国的产品销售,但表示这些措施很可能要求向中兴发运美国制造部件或设备的任何公司首先取得美国商务部的许可。 In an analyst note, Nomura estimated that 10-15 per cent of the components used in ZTE’s telecom equipment and smartphones were supplied by US-based vendors as of last year. It said major suppliers include Qualcomm, which supplies smartphone chips, and Xilinx and Altera for base station chips. 野村券在一份分析师简报中估计,就去年而言,中兴通讯电信设备和智能手机所用的10%至15%组件是由总部位于美国的供应商供应的。它称,主要供应商包括供应智能手机芯片的高通(Qualcomm),以及供应基站芯片的Xilinx和Altera。 A person briefed by ZTE on the situation said the company does not foresee an immediate impact on production because it has just finished procurement of US parts for 2016. 听取了中兴通讯情况介绍的一名人士称,该公司并不预见生产将立即受到影响,因为它刚刚完成2016年的美国部件采购。 However, if restrictions remained in place over the long term, ZTE may experience somedisruptionto its supply-chain. 但是,如果限制措施长期实行下去,中兴通讯可能会遇到一些供应链中断的问题。 This is not the first time the company has run into trouble with US authorities. In 2012 ZTE and Huawei, its larger domestic competitor, were informally blocked from selling telecoms infrastructure in the US and barred from investing in US companies after the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence accused both of spying on behalf of Chinese authorities. 这已经不是该公司第一次在美国当局那里遇到麻烦。2012年中兴和规模更大的国内竞争对手华为(Huawei)被非正式地禁止在美国销售电信基础设施或投资于美国企业,原因是众议院常设特别情报委员会(House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence)指控两家公司为中国政府从事间谍活动。 Both companies have long rejected the spying accusations. 两家公司一贯否认有关间谍活动的指控。 /201603/430766In Google’s sci-fi future, your alarm clock’s volume will adjust automatically based on how deeply you’re sleeping – as tracked by your watch and pajamas. Apple’s vision of what’s next is a phone app that remembers – without being asked – where you parked your car.谷歌和苹果又分别迈入下一个极具科幻色的高科技领域。如果谷歌的研究取得了成功,你的闹钟将会根据你的睡眠深浅程度自动调整音量,你的手表和睡衣会负责跟踪睡眠状态。另一方面,苹果正在研发一款智能手机应用,它可以记住你把爱车停在了哪里,免去了在迷宫似的停车场里四处找车的尴尬。On Tuesday, both companies were granted patents for their respective ideas. Legal marketplace SmartUp first spotted the filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.4月底,这两家公司的相关创意都获批了专利。法律顾问公司SmartUp率先发现了苹果和谷歌递交给美国专利与商标局的文件。Google’s patent coincides with the rise of activity trackers and smartwatches that aly track the sleeping patterns of people wearing them. According to the filing, the patent is for a wearable device, like a wristband or clothing with sensors stitched in, that help adjust alarm clock settings based on the user’s “sleep state.” The device would use “heart, respiration, or pulse rate, body movements, eye movements, ambient, and the like” to determine whether to dismiss, leave, or reschedule the alarm.如今,能够监测人们睡眠模式的活动追踪器和智能手表等产品不在少数,谷歌的这项专利也是顺势之举。谷歌的专利文件表明,该专利是一款可以根据用户“睡眠状态”调整闹钟设置的可穿戴设备,类似于一款智能手环或内置有传感器的衣物。它能够根据“心率、呼吸、脉、身体动作、眼部动作及周边环境”来决定是否保留、取消和重设闹钟。The idea, originally filed by Google in 2011, isn’t exactly novel. Some of Jawbone’s UP devices and Fitbit’s trackers let users set their wristbands to automatically vibrate when the technology determines the best time based on their sleep cycle. Even some apps, like Sleep as Android for wearable devices that run on Google’s Android Wear operating system offer that functionality.虽然谷歌最早在2011年就提出了这个理念,但它也不算特别新颖。Jawbone公司的Up设备和Fitbit公司的追踪器,也能让用户设定他们的智能腕带,让它根据用户的睡眠周期,在最佳叫醒时机进行震动。就连某些手机应用(比如谷歌Android Wear平台上的Sleep for Android应用)也能提供这个功能。With that said, there’s still some skepticism around wearable devices’ claims of accurately tracking sleep patterns. They merely infer that you’re sleeping based on your movements and heart rate. But that isn’t entirely accurate. The tracker I’m currently wearing, for example, reported that I slept for only a couple of hours last night when in fact I slept about six hours.话虽这样说,仍然有人怀疑可穿戴设备是否真的能准确追踪人们的睡眠模式。它们只是简单地根据你的动作和心率来判断你是否睡着了,但这并非完全精确。比如,我现在正戴着的追踪器就报告称,我昨晚只睡了一两个小时,但事实上我昨晚整整睡了6个小时。But in any case, it will definitely be interesting to see what Google does now that it’s armed with the patent. Should other activity tracker makers worry?但不管怎么说,单单是看看谷歌能利用这项专利做些什么,也绝对是件有趣的事情。其它活动追踪器制造商是否感到“压力山大”呢?Meanwhile, Apple’s patent to help you find your car come after a lengthy approval. The company originally filed its application in 2013, and it first surfaced last year.与此同时,苹果的自动寻车技术经过冗长的审批流程终于获得了专利。苹果早在2013年就提交了申请,外界还是在去年才第一次知道苹果研制了这种技术。The patent is for “vehicle location in weak location signal scenarios,” meaning that it would use techniques other than GPS or cell signal to locate the person’s car. Instead, the document describes having the driver’s smartphone automatically detect when the car is parked (the phone is not moving anymore, it’s no longer connected through wires or Bluetooth signal to it, etc.) and remembering the location and time.该专利又叫“弱信号区域车辆位置识别”。这意味着,它将使用GPS和手机信号以外的技术来定位用户的车辆。苹果的专利文件称,该技术能通过驾驶员的智能手机自动探测车辆何时停泊(当手机不再有信号,也不再通过数据线或蓝牙信号与车辆相联的时候),并记录泊车的地点和时间长度。The application, which includes a diagram of Apple’s headquarters as an example illustration, doesn’t specify the scenarios when the service would be useful. But this method could come in handy in parking structures and underground garages where smartphone signals can often be very weak.该专利文件还使用了苹果的总部大楼地图作为图示,不过它并没有透露这项务何时能够启用。但这种技术迟早是用得上的,特别是在手机信号往往很弱的地下停车场。But as always, it’s entirely up to the company to actually turn a patent into a real product or actually enforce it against other companies. Keeping track of your car could remain your own responsibility, unfortunately.但一如往常,苹果和谷歌何时能把这些专利变成看得见摸得着的产品,或是强制其他厂商执行这些专利,还得看它们自己的意愿。在短期内,在停车场停好车后,你还是得自己记牢爱车的位置。 /201505/375624福州哪间医院看多囊好

福州治疗男性精子大约多少钱福州检查精液去那比较好 Chinese internet companies are battling it out to create credit ratings based not just on citizens’ finances but also their social networks, raising fears that Big Brother could take up residence in consumers’ wallets.中国互联网企业正在展开激烈竞争,都力图建立一个不仅依据个人财务状况、也依据他们的社交网络使用记录来打分的信用评估系统,这引起了“老大哥”可能将主宰消费者钱包的担忧。Sesame Credit and other credit rating systems are responding to a glaring need for a credit rating database in a country that has seen rapid growth in personal credit cards, mortgages and online payments systems. About a third of Chinese own credit cards, up from 15 per cent five years ago.中国的个人信用卡、按揭贷款和在线付系统迅猛增长,为此迫切需要建立一个信用评估数据库,芝麻信用(Sesame Credit)等个人征信系统应运而生。目前大约三分之一的中国人拥有信用卡,5年前这个比例是15%。Pilot programmes have drawn on users’ social networks, purchasing behaviour and even time spent on the phone as proxies for creditworthiness, spurring American Civil Liberties Union policy analyst Jay Stanley to call the programme “nightmarish” and warn against its adoption in the US.一些试运行系统把用户的社交网络、购买行为,甚至使用手机的时间长短作为信用评估指标。美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)的政策分析师杰伊斯坦利(Jay Stanley)称这些项目“像噩梦一般”,并警告美国国内不要采用这种做法。However, in China, where civil rights lawyers are jailed, online postings censored and popular social networking apps such as WeChat monitored for politically sensitive content, citizens seem to have no such concerns. Rather they have turned to the internet in droves to brag about their high scores.但在中国,一个民权律师被投入监狱、网络言论遭到审查、微信(WeChat)等热门社交媒体应用受到监控以过滤政治敏感内容的国家,人们似乎没有这种担忧。相反,他们竞相在网上炫耀自己的信用分。“No one on earth can stop me now!” exulted Rongrong, an e-commerce seller from Hangzhou who regularly posts her credit scores online. Sesame Credit rated her 813 out of a possible score of 950, or “credit extremely good”.“现在地球上没人能阻止我了!”杭州一个电商卖家Rongrong兴高采烈地说。她定期在网上公布自己的信用分。她的芝麻信用分是813分(最高分为950分),属于“信用极好”。Early this year China’s central bank authorised eight companies to pilot credit ratings systems, setting the goal of creating a national system by 2020.中国央行今年初授权8家机构试运行信用评估系统,目标是到2020年建成一个全国性评估系统。The rival commercial ratings systems starting up now could set a precedent for how the national system functions.现在开始运行的各个商业性评估系统,或许会为今后全国性系统的运行树立一个模板。“It’s clear from the text that Chinese authorities don’t want a credit system that’s completely focused on finances; rather they paint the new system as a way of rewarding “sincerity” (and punishing insincerity) throughout society,” wrote Charlie Custer on tech blog Tech in Asia.“显而易见,中国当局并不想要一个完全基于财务状况的信用评估系统;相反,他们把新系统描述为一种奖励‘诚信’(和惩罚虚假)的方式,”查理愠斯特(Charlie Custer)在科技客Tech in Asia中写道。Nonetheless, he said he had found no evidence for the ACLU’s assertion that a person’s political posts, or their friends’ political activity, was used in assessing credit scores.根据美国公民自由联盟的说法,在中国,一个人在网上发表的政治言论、他的朋友从事的政治活动都会被用于评估信用分。卡斯特表示他没有发现持这种说法的据。Some western companies are reportedly trying to develop a credit scoring model based on consumers’ social networks.据报道,有些西方企业正试图开发基于消费者社交网络的信用评分模型。Among the rival Chinese systems are Sesame Credit, which rates users partly on their purchases through Alibaba’s online payment system Alipay, and China Rapid Finance, which draws on big data scraped from Tencent, the Chinese internet and gaming company.芝麻信用和信而富(China Rapid Finance)是中国个人信用评估公司中的两家,芝麻信用的一个评分依据是用户通过阿里巴巴(Alibaba)在线付平台付宝(Alipay)进行付的购物行为,信而富则利用从中国互联网及游戏公司腾讯(Tencent)得来的大数据。One credit rating system trialled by smartphone maker Xiaomi’s financial services arm gives Chinese teenagers a new excuse to be on the phone all the time. It assesses credit based on guidelines including the users’ finance record, use of Xiaomi apps and community forums, and “frequent use of Xiaomi phones”.智能手机厂商小米(Xiaomi)旗下金融务机构正在试验的一个信用评估系统,给了中国年轻人一个长时间使用手机的新借口。该系统评分所使用的参考标准,包括用户的财务纪录,对小米应用和社区论坛的使用情况,以及“使用小米手机的频率”。 /201510/403297福州做复通术到哪家医院

福州省立医院B超监测卵泡Apple Pay has officially launched here in China.苹果移动付务近日已在中国正式推出。Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the launch of the contactless payment system today through his Sina Weibo social media account. The tech giant is teaming up with Chinese bankcard association UnionPay.苹果公司首席执行官蒂姆·库克今天通过他个人的新浪微社交媒体帐户宣布,正式推出这种非接触式的付系统。这家科技巨头公司正式与中国银联强强联手。Nearly 20 Chinese banks have let their customers tie their bank accounts to Apple Pay, and UnionPay has provided compatible Point-Of-Sales terminals for users to complete the transactions.中国近20家已经让他们的客户将其账户关联到Apple Pay,而中国银联则为帮助用户完成交易提供了兼容的销售点终端。Users of the iPhone 6, certain iPads, and Apple Watches equipped with near field communication, or NFC technology, will be able to use the system to buy items in certain stores in China.使用iPhone6、某些型号的iPad以及Apple Watch且搭载近场通信的用户,将可以在中国指定的商店使用这套系统购买商品。McDonald#39;s said today that it will accept Apple Pay in its 1,700 restaurants in China. Apple also lists Lane Crawford, 7-Eleven, Burger King, and KFC among the merchants aly accepting Apple Pay in China.麦当劳今天宣布,在中国的1700家餐厅将会持Apple Pay务。此外,苹果公司还列出了包括连卡佛、7-11便利店、汉堡王、肯德基等在内的多个位于中国的商家已经持Apple Pay务。Chinese restaurant review and group buying services Meituan and Dazhongdianping and online retailer Dangdang.com have also made Apple Pay-compatible versions of their apps available to iPhone users.主打中国餐馆点评和团购务的美团和大众点评,以及在线零售商当当网,都已经为iPhone用户推出了兼容Apple Pay的最新版APP。 /201602/426965 福州妇保医院第三代试管费用福州博爱中医院备孕体检好吗



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