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Congratulations everyone, you made it祝贺所有人 你们做到了And I dont mean to the end of college, I mean to class day我说的不是大学毕业 而是成功出席今天的毕业日活动because if memory serves 如果我没记错some of your classmates had too many scorpion bowls at the Kong last night某些同学虽然昨晚在香港餐厅喝了太多蝎子碗调酒and are with us today但今天还是来了Given the weather由于天气the one thing Harvard hasnt figured out how to control这种哈佛还没有弄清如何控制的现象some of your other classmates are at someplace warm with a hot cocoa还有同学正在温暖的地方喝热可可饮料so you have many reasons to feel proud of yourself as you sit here today你们有很多为今天出席毕业日活动感到自豪的理由Congratulations to your parents祝贺你们的家长You have spent a lot of money你们花了很多钱so your child can say she went to a ;small school; near Boston让子女能够说自己是从波士顿附近的这所;小学校;毕业的And thank you to the class of 2014 for inviting me to be part of your celebration还要感谢2014届毕业生 邀请我来到这次盛典It means a great deal to me这对我价值巨大and looking at the list of past speakers was a little daunting看到过往演讲者的名单让人有些敬畏I cant be as funny as Amy Poehler我肯定没有艾米·波勒那么搞笑but Im gonna be funnier than Mother Teresa但我至少会比特蕾莎修女更幽默25 years ago 25年前a man named Dave I did not know at the time but who would one day become my husband一个我当时还不认识 但以后会成为我丈夫的男人 戴夫was sitting where you are sitting today坐在你们现在坐的地方23 years ago23年前I was sitting where you are sitting today我坐在你们现在坐的地方Dave and I are back this weekend戴夫和我这周末with our amazing son and daughter to celebrate his reunion带着可爱的子女回到母校and we both share the same sentiment我们都怀有相同的感触Harvard has a good basketball team哈佛的篮球队太棒了Standing here in the yard brings memories flooding back for me站在校园中 记忆仿佛泉涌I arrived here from Miami in the fall of 19871987年秋我从迈阿密来到这里with big hopes and even bigger hair怀着伟大的梦想 还有更夸张的发型I was assigned to live in one of Harvards historic monuments to great architecture我被分配到哈佛伟大建筑的一座历史丰碑Canaday卡纳迪楼My go-to outfit, and Im not making this up, was a jean skirt我是说真的 当时我身着牛仔裙white leg warmers and sneakers and a Florida sweater白色暖腿袜套 运动鞋 还有一件佛罗里达羊毛衫because my parents who were here with me then as theyre here with me now因为当时我的父母告诉我说told me everyone would think it was awesome that I was from Florida所有人都会认为来自佛罗里达的人很酷At least we didnt have Instagram至少我们当时没有InstagramFor me, Harvard was a series of firsts对我而言 哈佛给了我很多第一次My first winter coat, we neednt need those in Miami包括我的第一件冬装 我们在迈阿密不需要这些My first 10 page paper, they didnt assign those in my high school我的第一份十页论文 高中没人会布置这么长的作业My first C我第一次得Cafter which my proctor told me that she was on the Admissions Committee这之后 我的学监告诉我说 她在招生委员会and I got admitted to Harvard for my personality招我进哈佛是因为我的品性not my academic potential而不是因为学术潜能The first person I ever met from boarding school我在寄宿学校看到的第一个人I thought that was our really troubled kids我就觉得这家伙肯定是个大麻烦The first person I ever met who shares the name with a whole building我还碰到了第一个名字同整座建筑一样的人or so I met when the first classmate I met was Sarah Wigglesworth这个人的名字叫作莎拉·威格尔斯沃思who bore no relation at all to the dorm她同那栋宿舍楼没有任何关系which would have been nice to know with that very intimidating moment当时我很震惊 知道没关系后我才舒了一口气But then I went on to meet others之后我还碰到了其他人Francis Strauss, James Wells弗朗西斯·斯特劳斯 詹姆斯·威尔斯Jessica Science Center B杰西卡科学中心BMy first love, my first heartbreak我第一位爱人 第一位让我心碎的人the first time I realized that I love to learn我第一次认识到自己热爱学习and the first and very last time I saw anyone anything in Latin第一次也是最后一次碰到有人在读拉丁文When I sat in your seat all those years ago我毕业那年I knew exactly where I was headed. I had it all planned out我想好了自己以后有什么计划I was going to the World Bank to work on global poverty我要进世界 对抗全球贫困Then I would go to law school然后我要去法学院And I would spend my life working in a nonprofit or in a government然后我将在非营利机构或政府工作At Harvards commencement tomorrow as your dean described你们院长也讲了 在明天的哈佛毕业典礼上each school is gonna stand up and graduate together每个学院都要起立并一同毕业the college, the law school, the med school and so on本科部 法学院 医学院 等等At my graduation, my class cheered for the PhD students我毕业时 我们班为士生欢呼and then booed the business school然后嘘了商学院Business school seemed like such a sellout商学院似乎很不受欢迎18 months later, I applied to business school18个月后 我就报了商学院It wasnt that I was wrong about what I would do decades after graduating我对自己毕业后的数十年规划其实并没错I had it wrong a year and a half later计划只错在了一年半以后And even if I could have predicted I would one day work in the private sector就算我算到了自己会在私营企业工作I never could have predicted Facebook我肯定也算不到自己会在Facebookbecause there was no internet因为当时没有互联网and Mark Zuckerberg was at elementary school马克·扎克伯格还在读小学aly wearing his hoody已经开始穿他的标志性帽衫了Not locking into a path too early没有太早锁死自己的道路gave me an opportunity to go into a new and life changing field让我有机会进入改变生活的全新领域And for those of you who think I owe everything to good luck有些人可能认为我只是运气好 我想说after Canaday I got Quaded卡纳迪楼后 我又被安排到了方院Whats that? Barron怎么样 巴伦201409/327819。

  • This can be seen in Europe. And if European countries cannot agree among themselves, how can the rest of the world? During the crisis, Europe could not reach a Europe-wide agreement on guaranteeing the financial system; each country had to guarantee its own. As things stand now, the Euro is an incomplete currency. It has a common central bank but it does not have a common treasury — and guaranteeing or injecting equity into banks is a treasury function. The crisis offered an opportunity to remedy this shortfall but Germany stood in the way.这一点从欧洲就可以看出来。如果欧洲国家内部都不能达成一致,世界上其他国家怎么能做到?危机期间,在保金融体系安全这一点上,欧洲未能在欧洲范围取得一致意见。就现在情况来看,欧元并不是一种完整的货币。欧洲有共同的中央,但是却没有一个共同的库务署——确保或把公平引入内部的一个财政部门。危机提供了一个弥补这一缺陷的机会,但是德国却起到了阻碍作用。Germany used to be the driving force behind European integration but that was at a time when Germany was willing to pay practically any price for reunification. Today Germany is very different. It is at odds with the rest of the world in fearing inflation rather than recession and, above all, it does not want to serve as the deep pocket for the rest of Europe. Without a driving force, European integration has ground to a halt.德国过去是欧洲一体化的推动力量,但是那是在德国愿意为统一付出任何代价的时期。今天的德国情况大不相同了。德国担心的是通货膨胀,而非经济萧条,在这一点上,它与世界其他国家是有分歧的。最重要的是,德国不想成为欧洲其他国家的腰包。没有了推动力,欧洲一体化进程缓慢地停止了下来。201409/329269。
  • My call to action is this build and protect that roommate relationship between the East and West. Value this relationship and take ownership of it.我呼吁的行动是建立和保护东西方之间的室友关系,珍惜它,拥有它。Dont come to Oxford as an exchange student from Taiwan. and only hang out with other Chinese students.从台湾到牛津做交换生的学生不要只和中国学生一起玩儿。Why would you do that?那你来干嘛呢?You could do that back in Wuhan or Nanjing or wherever you came from.你在武汉或者南京,或者你原来待的地方就可以这样啊。Dont buy into the headlines or the stereotypes or in the hyper-nationalism.不要迷信新闻标题或者刻板印象,或者被极端的民族主义蛊惑。Think for yourselves, and this goes for the East and the West, both.独立思考,这点对东方人和西方人都一样。Get to know one another and think for yourselves and dont believe the hype.了解对方,依靠自己的思考,不要相信炒作。For a moment, if we could just disregard the governments and what the media are saying, just for the sake of the argument.如果我们可能暂时不考虑政府或者媒体说什么,我们将心比心。With our own tools of critical thinking, can we build relationships that actually see one another as individual human beings and not faceless members of a particular ethnicity or nationality?Of course we can do that.我们当然能做到。And thats the goal and dream, I think of the romantic artists and the musicians.我认为这就是浪漫的艺术家和音乐家的目标和梦想。I think its always been there.我认为一直有这样一个梦想。And thats what I wish for and thats what makes music and arts so powerful and so true.这就是我期望的,这也是让音乐和艺术变得如此强大和真实的原因。It breaks down instantly, disintegrates, all the artificial barriers that weve created between each other, government, nationality, black, brown, yellow, white, whatever colour you are and shows each other our hearts, our fears, our hopes and our dreams.它能瞬间瓦解我们之间制造的所有人为的障碍。政府,国籍,黑色,棕色,黄色,白色,不管你是什么人种,它让我们敞开心扉,分享恐惧,分享希望,分享梦想。And it turns out in end that the East isnt that far after all, and the West, well the West, arent so wild.最后你会发现东方并不是那么远,而西方人也不是那么疯狂。And through understanding each others popular cultures, we gain insight into each others hearts and true selves.通过理解对方的流行文化,我们看到了对方的内心和真实面目。And for those of you who are just beginning that journey to the West and East.如果你刚刚开始这种旅程,去西方或者去东方。I want to invite you today on this amazing journey with me, and I, as an experienced traveller on this road on the West to East road.如果你刚刚开始这种东西之旅,作为从西到东这条路上有经验的旅行者,那我今天就要邀请你和我一起。Ive prepared a mixtape for all of you today of ten songs that I love.我准备了一盘混音给你们,里面有十首我喜欢的歌曲。201507/385480。
  • Thank you very much, Lord Levy, for your extremely kind introduction and, to Lionel, for giving your time to entertain us this evening. I imagine this crowd is a lot rowdier than what you will have at Glastonbury.Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for inviting me to join you this evening for your birthday celebrations. Nearly two hundred years ago, in 1819, there were two quite monumental births. The first was monumental for my family – the birth of my great, great, great, great grandmother, Queen Victoria, who went on to live 81 years and whose daughter-in-law, Alexandra, gave her name to this amazing building.The second remarkable birth was of an organisation, which later became known as the Jewish Blind Society. Over the next two centuries, the world changed considerably. Yet there has always been one constant in the ed Kingdom – a Jewish community which has organised itself to support those who need help and support. Whether in the time of the Jewish Board of Guardians, or the Jewish Welfare Board or, in our generation, Jewish Care, there is a proud story to be told of self-reliance and communal responsibility.This common th through history – of caring for one another and generosity of time and money – is something that many sectors of British society can be rightly proud of. But you in this room deserve particular praise. The results of your commitment to one another within the Jewish community are obvious – the real and loving care that thousands of elderly and vulnerable people receive, among the many works that you carry out.Your care for one another has another, less tangible value. During a year when many in the Jewish community have had cause to feel under threat, for no reason other than simply the fact of your Jewishness, your unity is all the more precious. Your commitment and loyalty to one another, and to society more widely, is ultimately what keeps you strong.I was reminded before I came here tonight that an ancestor of mine, a previous Duke of Cambridge in fact, visited the Great Synagogue in London in 1809 and attended a Sabbath service there with his brothers.It is a matter of great pride that these bonds in our society run as deep as they run long.Your care for one another is not just a feeling, but it is – as we are reminded tonight – a material fact. I know that Jewish Care is viewed as a leader in the social care field and uses its knowledge, expertise and experience to engage in the debate on high-quality care, especially in relation to dementia.Your Holocaust Survivors Centre is a second home for many people who were liberated 70 years ago from those evil places.All of you in this room, in some way, play your part in making all this happen through this outstanding organisation. Through your generosity and commitment, I am sure Jewish Care will continue to thrive and grow for the next 25 years.Once again, congratulations on everything you have achieved. I wish you a wonderful evening and a happy birthday.Mazel tov.201508/391168。
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