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Hi, Jenny. Are you going to school now?[qh]嗨,珍妮,你现在要去上学吗?[qh]Yup. I have English at 9 in the morning.[qh]是啊!我早上9点有英文课。[qh]Got any plans after the class?[qh]下课后有事吗?[qh]Not really. What about you?[qh]没有,你呢?[qh]We will have our midterm exams next month. I plan to look for some important books and study at the library. Do you want to join me?[qh]我们下个月期中考。我想在图书馆读书并找一些书。你要一起来吗。[qh]Sure. I need to return some books. They are due today. Besides, I can also some weekly publications, magazines and newspapers.[qh]好啊!我也要还书。我的书今天到期。还有,我想读一些周刊、杂志和报纸。[qh]Great. We can go to the swimming pool in the gymnasium after that.[qh]太好了。我们之后可以去体育馆里的游泳池。[qh]That sounds like a good idea. We can chill out a litle in such a hot summer. Are you good at swimming?[qh]听起来很不错。我们可以在炎炎夏日中消暑一下。你擅长游泳吗。[qh]Well, thats a good quesion. I havent swum for almost two years. I think I need more practice.[qh]嗯。这是个好问题,我已经两年没游泳了,我想我要多练习。[qh]Oh, its almost 9. I need to hurry. I am running late now. See you after class in front of the library then. Bye![qh]喔,快9点了。我要赶快,我快迟到了。那么下课后图书馆前见。再见![qh]See you then.[qh]到时候见。[qh] /201309/256184

Marion: So Steve whats the worst job youve ever had?玛丽恩:史蒂夫,你做过的最糟糕的工作是什么?Steve: Ah, lets see. The worst job Ive ever had has to be Fort Fun in East Born.史蒂夫:嗯,让我想想。我做过的最糟糕的工作就是在East Born的Fort Fun的工作。Marion: Whats Fort Fun?玛丽恩:那是什么?Steve: Fort Fun is fun for children but it isnt fun for the spotty 16 year olds who have to work there, so some have the good fortune to operate go-carts and other things like that. I had the great fortune to work in the tearoom with an old lady called Brenda.史蒂夫:Fort Fun对孩子们来说是乐趣,但是对在那里工作的有雀斑的16岁孩子来说却不是乐趣,有些人非常幸运可以操作婴儿学步车或类似的东西。而我曾经非常幸运的和一个叫做布兰达的老妇人一起在茶室工作。Marion: What was Brenda like?玛丽恩:布兰达怎么样?Steve: Brenda was basically a witch and she had two offspring which were also going to probably a witch training school, and theyd come around and theyd gossip and, but Brenda would always notice in mid gossip whether Id, if Id stirred the tea one revolution too few and then shed be on me, as it is, so I had to serve ice-creams and scalding hot tea from a spitting tea machine that wasnt working properly from two hatches. One, one looking out onto the beach, and one actually inside Fort Fun (Alright) so inside Fort Fun was bearable, because, and also all of this time you have to bear in mind that I was wearing a cowboy hat and a little cowboy waistcoat with a sheriffs badge on it, and I had two holstered plastic guns which I was advised by the manager to like whip out and pretend to shoot like any young kid that came up there. Anyway, that wasnt so bad, having to suffer that indignity, you know lack of dignity, but when it came to serving from the hatch, from the sea front, where all the surfers would come and get their tea, and obviously that provided great amusement to them, and anyway, to cut a long story short, I lasted about three weeks before deciding fuck it, Id rather be poor for the summer, then have people going yeah, thats him as I walked out.史蒂夫:布兰达就是个巫婆,她有两个后代,可能也上了巫婆训练学校,他们会过来闲谈,但是布兰达总是会在闲谈时注意到我,看我是不是把茶搅拌得太少了,之后她就会过来,所以我不得不供应冰激凌,还要用制茶机泡热茶,而在两个窗口之间工作并不是很顺利。一个窗口面向海滩,另一个就在Fort Fun里面(好的),在Fort Fun里面的窗口还能应付,在这个时候你要知道,我当时戴着牛仔帽,穿着上面有警徽的牛仔马甲,我有两把放在套里的塑料,经理建议我要拔出塑料假装向出现在那里的小孩子射击。总之,不得不忍受那种羞辱,你知道,缺少尊严,还不算太糟,但是在海边的窗口务时,所有的冲浪爱好者都会过来喝茶,显然这对他们来说是很享受的消遣活动,不管怎样,长话短说吧,我做了三周的时间,之后我决定离开,我宁愿暑假期间过贫穷的生活,让别人去做,对,那就是我离开之后的那个人。Marion: Thats the cowboy from Fort Fun?玛丽恩:那就是Fort Fun的牛仔吗?Steve: Yeah, that is.史蒂夫:对,没错。Marion: Brilliant. Thanks Steven.玛丽恩:真精。史蒂夫,谢谢你。Steve: Youre welcome.史蒂夫:不客气。 /201404/290017

今天分享的这个词叫做“ a big shot”意为“大人物,大亨,重要人物”精台词:He’s a big shot in the publishing world, He ’s one of the city’s most ungettable bachelors .他是出版界的一个大亨,他是这个城市最难钓到的钻石王老五之一。 双语例句:His father’s a big shot in the steel industry.他爸爸是钢铁业的大亨。 Susan wants to be a big shot in the English training industry in China.苏珊想要成为中国英语培训界的一个大咖。 /201410/337812

13. The Imperial Palace is the architectural masterpiece in ancient time.故宫是古代建筑的杰作。还能这样说:The Imperial Palace is a masterpiece among the ancient architectures.The Imperial Palace is a magnificent work among the ancient buildings.14. The Great Wall demonstrates the brilliance of Chinas ancient culture.长城显示了中国古代的灿烂文化。还能这样说:The Great Wall shows the splendid ancient Chinese culture.The Great Wall symbolizes the brilliant ancient Chinese culture.15. The places of historic interest and scenic beauty are the first choice for the travelers.名胜古迹和自然景观是旅游者的首选。还能这样说:The places of historic interest and scenic beauty are the top priority for the people who want to go travelling.The places of historic interest and scenic beauty are the tourists favorite choice.谚语:There is small choice in rotten apples.一筐烂苹果(没有什么好选择的)。16. The Gardens of Suzhou was built in Spring-Autumn period.苏州园林建造于春秋时期。还能这样说:The Gardens of Suzhou was founded during the Spring-Autumn period.The Gardens of Suzhou can be traced back to the Spring-Autumn period.17. The tickets of the places of historic interest and scenic beauty are usually expensive.名胜古迹和自然景观的门票通常很贵。还能这样说:Generally speaking, it is expensive to travel the places of historic interest and scenic beauty.The fares of the places of historic interest and scenic beauty are very high. /201407/310062

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