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查看有无空房我查一下有没有空房A: Yes. I need a room three days from May to May . Do you have any vacancies? 我想订一个房间,5月号到号,请问你们还有空房吗?B: Please wait a moment. I have to check if there is a room available.请稍等,我查一下有没有空房同类问句:Please wait a moment. I will check it.请稍等,我看看有没有空房Ill contact the Front Desk and see if there is a room available.我与前台联系一下,看看有没有空房Could you hold the line please, I’ll check the room availability...请别挂电话,我来查查有没有空房……预定已满对不起,我们已经客满了A: Have you any vacant (spare) room in the hotel? 旅馆有空余房间吗?B: Sorrywe have no vacant (spare) room you. But I can recommend you to the Orient Hotel where you may get a spare room.对不起,我们已经客满了但是我酉以介绍您去东方饭店,那里有空余的房间同类问句:Im sorry, sir. We are fully booked on that day. 对不起,先生,我们那天的房间已经订满Im sorry, sir. Our hotel rooms are all booked at this moment. We have no vacancy. 对不起,先生我们巳经客满,没有空房间We dont have any vacancies that day.那天我们没有空房了 319必背句型:A:You have the grounds a negligence action.你有理由提起过失之诉B:I will accept your advice.我会接受你的建议You have the grounds asking a post.你有理由要求一个职位You have not the grounds changing it.你没有理由改变它You have the grounds a start afresh.你有理由重新开始延伸阅读:A:It too bad it had to end this way.这种结果太令人失望了!B:I think so.我也这么认为I feel really down.我觉得好难过I can hardly believe it.我简直不敢相信That too bad.太可惜了 7586Good. Im not busy now, but I have to meet a friend in an hour and a half.好,我现在不忙,但是我过了一个半小时要见一个朋友Will there be any side effects?会有什么副作用吗?Therell be a little bit of bleeding, but Ill put in some sutures (stitch) to control it.会流一点血,但是,我会把它缝合就可以控制得住Im sure that the bleeding wont be a problem.流点血并不是什么问题There will probably be some soreness a day or two.头一两天也许会有些痛Aspirin will take care of that. Your lip could also become swollen two or three days.吃点阿斯必林就可以None of the possible side effects should interfere with your normal activities嘴唇也回肿上三两天不会有什么副作用以至影响你的正常活动Is there anything that I should avoid?有什么要避免的吗?It would be a good idea to avoid vigorous exercise a few days.最好是在几天内都不做剧烈运动Miss Jones, please give me some topical anesthetic and a syringe.琼司, 请给我拿来局部麻药和注射器Ill apply a topical medication that will numb the surface of the gum.我先把局部麻药涂上,可以使牙龈外层麻木,It will lessen the discomt of the injection.打针时就不会那莫不舒了Ill inject the anesthetic slowly so that it wont be too uncomtable.打针时我会慢慢打,这样才不会太过不舒There, I hope that didnt bother you too much怎样,我想不会太痛吧That fine, Doctor.还好Hand me a scalpel, Miss Jones. Thank you.琼斯,请拿来一把解刨刀谢谢Miss Jones will use the aspirator to remove the saliva from your mouth.琼斯会给你用吸引器把你口腔中的唾液吸掉Is it that noisy instrument she holding?是不是他手里拿的那个嘈杂的器械?Yes, it just like a small vacuum cleaner.是的, 很像一个小型真空吸尘器Miss Jones, give me a periosteal elevator.琼斯, 给我拿来一把骨膜起子Now take the mallet and tap lightly on this instrument. A little harder.现在把木捶拿来,轻轻地在起子上敲敲敲大力一些That it. Give me a curette. Fine. Ill suture now. Was that uncomtable?对了给我一把刮匙好我现在就给你缝上会不舒吗?No, not at all, I feel fine. When should I come back, Doctor?不,一点也不,我觉得很好医生,下次什么时候回来?Come at the same time the day after tomorrow.后天同一个时间回来吧,Ill remove the sutures then. It will only take a few minutes.那时我给你拆线只要几分钟就行了How much do I owe you, Doctor?医生,该付多少钱?Miss Jones will take care of it.琼斯管收钱Rinse the sutured area with warm water after each meal.每次吃了饭之后用温水漱洗缝合的地方Dont begin rinsing until tomorrow.明天开始才可以漱洗If you rinse too soon, it could prolong the bleeding.假如你太早漱洗的话,就会使出血的时间长些 33

Republicans are rapidly eroding the huge funding advantage that propelled Barack Obama into the White House, with wealthy donors flooding new conservative campaign groups with cash ahead of the presidential election in November.庞大的经费优势曾助力巴拉bull;奥巴Barack Obama)入主白宫,现在共和党正在这方面快速赶超。在11月总统大选之前,富有的捐赠者正将大量资金捐给新的保守主义竞选团体The so-called super-Pac backing Mitt Romney, the Republican frontrunner for the 2012 nomination, raised m last year, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission published on Wednesday, with ten individuals and corporations donating m each.根据联邦选举委员Federal Election Commission)周三公布的文件,持2012年总统大选共和党提名领跑者米bull;罗姆Mitt Romney)的所;超级政治行动委员;(super PAC),去年筹集了3000万美元,其中10家公个人各捐00万美元。Super-Pacs have proliferated in the wake of a 2010 Supreme Court decision allowing political action committees to take unlimited donations from companies and spend them at any time before polling day, as long as they do not co-ordinate with the candidates themselves.超级政治行动委员会是010年美国最高法Supreme Court)做出一项裁定后大量产生的。这项裁定允许政治活动委员会无限量接受公司捐赠,并在选举日之前的任何时间进行花费,只要它们不与候选人本人进行协调One conservative campaign group co-founded by Karl Rove, former adviser to George W. Bush, which includes a super-Pac, raised m by the end of 2011, raking in m in two donations from a single Texas businessman, Harold Simmons.由乔bull;Wbull;布什(George W. Bush)前顾问卡bull;罗夫(Karl Rove)联合创立的一个保守主义竞选团体,就包含了一个超级政治行动委员会,该委员会截011年底筹集100万美元,其中德克萨斯州商人哈罗德bull;西蒙Harold Simmons)一人的两笔捐款就达00万美元By contrast, the super-Pac supporting Mr Obama, co-founded by the presidents former deputy press secretary, Bill Burton, had raised only .4m by the end of last year.与此形成反差的是,持奥巴马的超级政治行动委员会截至去年底仅筹集40万美元,它是由总统的前副新闻秘书比bull;伯顿(Bill Burton)联合创立的Because of the influence of the super-Pacs, and the likelihood that neither candidate will accept public funding ; which would limit their spending ; the 2012 election will be by far the most expensive presidential race in history, with total campaign outlays expected to top bn-3bn.鉴于超级政治行动委员会的影响力,以及两名候选人可能都不会接受公共资金(那会限制他们的出)012年总统大选将是史上遥遥领先的最昂贵竞选,总竞选费用预计高030亿美元。Mr Obama raised far more campaign contributions than John McCain in 2008, which allowed him to spend a record amount on advertising attacking his Republican opponent. 2008年,奥巴马获得的竞选捐赠远远高于约bull;麦凯John McCain),这使他能够在竞选广告上花费创纪录的资金,攻击他的共和党竞选对手。He maintains a well-funded political machine for Novembers election. His campaign, for which donations are capped at ,500, had raised 5m by the end of the year, far head of Mr Romneys m.对于今年11月的大选,他仍然拥有一个资金充足的政治机器。截至去年底,奥巴马的竞选团队已经筹集了1.25亿美元(单笔捐赠上限500美元),远远超过罗姆尼的5600万美元But the rise of the super-Pacs and other third party groups ; some of which do not have to declare their donors ; could put Republicans on par with the president in terms of overall campaign funding.但超级政治行动委员会和其他第三方团体的崛;;其中一些不必公布捐赠;;可能使共和党在竞选资金总额上与总统分庭抗礼So far, the Republican super-Pacs have been spending their funds to attack each other in the partys primaries, with the pro-Romney group leading the way.到目前为止,共和党的超级政治行动委员会一直将资金花费在党内初选的互相攻击上,持罗姆尼的超级政治行动委员会在这方面尤为积极The Romney super-Pac spent an estimated m, most of it in the last ten days, ahead of the Florida primary on Tuesday, helping the former Massachusetts governor to a handsome win over Newt Gingrich, the chief target of the groups attack ads.持罗姆尼的超级政治行动委员会估计花费了1000万美元,大部分是在过0天内为迎接周二佛罗里达州的初选而出的,结果这些花销帮助马萨诸塞州前州长大胜纽特bull;金里Newt Gingrich),金里奇是该团体攻击广告的主要目标Among the m donors supporting Mr Romney were prominent members of the hedge fund industry, including Paul Singer, Julian Robertson and John Paulson, as well as the candidates former colleagues from the private equity firm he co-founded, Bain Capital.在捐00万美元的罗姆尼持者中,有对冲基金业的显要人士,包括保bull;辛格(Paul Singer)、朱利安bull;罗伯Julian Robertson)、约bull;保尔John Paulson)以及罗姆尼联合创立的私人股本公司贝恩资本(Bain Capital)的前同事Mr Roves Crossroads group aims to raise more than 0m before Novembers election to spend against Mr Obama and Democratic candidates for Congress. Most of its donors, however, have not been declared as m of the m was donated to a body established under the tax code, Crossroads GPS, that does not require disclosure. American Crossroads, Mr Roves super-Pac, raised m.罗夫;十字路口;(Crossroads)团体力求1月大选之前筹亿美元以上,用以对付奥巴马及民主党的国会议员竞选人。由于所筹集100万美元中300万美元是捐给根据税法成立的机构Crossroads GPS(不要求信息披露),其大部分捐赠者没有公开。罗夫的超级政治行动委员;;美国十字路口(American Crossroads)则筹集了1800万美元。译方舟 /201202/170404

A satellite operator says new images show increased activity at a North Korean launch site, suggesting a long-range missile test could take place in just weeks.一家卫星图像公司说,新图像显示朝鲜导弹发射场的活动增加,朝鲜有可能在数星期内试射一枚远程导弹。The image released Monday by DigitalGlobe shows an increased level of personnel, trucks and other equipment at North Koreas Sohae (West Sea) Satellite Launch Station.地球数据公司(DigitalGlobe)星期一发布的图像显示朝鲜西海卫星发射场的人员、卡车和其他设备的活动水平提高。DigitalGlobe says if North Korea desires, it could carry out a long-range ballistic missile test in the next three weeks. It says the activity is similar to preparations seen before North Koreas failed rocket launch in April.地球数据说,如果朝鲜有相关计划,就可以在未来三星期内试射一枚远程弹道导弹。该公司表示,西海发射场的活动类似朝月发射火箭之前的准备活动。Nuclear-armed North Korea said the April launch was meant to place a satellite into orbit. But the U.S. and its allies said it was a disguised ballistic missile test banned under U.N. sanctions.拥有核武器的朝鲜说,4月发射火箭是为了把一颗卫星送入轨道。但美国及其盟国说,这是一次掩盖的弹道导弹试射,而联合国的制裁决议禁止朝鲜试射弹道导弹。来 /201211/211319

Last week, this column laid out the painful, tedious process that awaits Windows XP users in October if they choose to migrate their existing PCs to Microsoft's forthcoming new edition of Windows, called Windows 7. This week, I aim to explain some of the other details and issues involved in upgrading a PC to Windows 7, even if you are currently running Windows Vista, from which an upgrade is far simpler.Unlike migrating from XP—still the most common version of Windows, despite its age—moving up from Vista is designed to be relatively straightforward. It's a direct upgrade process that preserves all your personal files, settings and programs.However, even this easier transition involves some choices and limitations that can be confusing for mainstream, non-techie users, so I will try to sort them out here. Throughout this column, I will be referring to simple, direct, upgrades meant for average users. I won't be discussing more complex methods that require things like wiping out, or dividing, hard disks.Unlike Vista, Windows 7 doesn't require beefier hardware than its immediate predecessor. It should work fine on nearly every Vista PC, and even on many late-model computers running XP. In fact, it is a bit less demanding than Vista. For instance, Microsoft has repeatedly demonstrated Windows 7 working on low-powered netbooks that choked on Vista.However, just like Vista, Windows 7 will be sold in a multitude of different editions, and deciding which one to buy can be confusing. There are six different flavors, though one is reserved for countries Microsoft calls 'emerging markets.' Of the remaining five, one is for big businesses. Another, a stripped-down edition called Starter, can't be installed as a direct upgrade for existing computers, according to Microsoft.Most consumers will likely choose Windows 7 Home Premium, which costs 0 for upgraders and has all the key Windows 7 features. The next step up, called Professional, adds a few extras that may be especially useful for consumers who work at large companies or use older, specialized programs. Most notably, the Professional edition, unlike the Home Premium version, can remotely tap into certain corporate networks that use a system called 'Domain Joining.' And the Professional version has the ability to run older Windows XP programs that wouldn't otherwise work in Windows 7. It costs 0 for upgraders. The other likely choice is called Ultimate. It combines every feature of the other editions but costs upgraders 0 more than Home Premium.There are limitations on which current Vista machines can be directly upgraded to the various versions of Windows 7. In general, you can only upgrade your current version of Vista to the comparable version of Windows 7. For instance, Vista Home Premium can only be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium and Vista Business can only be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional. This rule has two exceptions. Any flavor of Vista except Starter can be upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate, if you care to spend the extra money. And Vista Home Basic can be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium.All of the three common consumer versions of Windows 7 can run inside virtual machines, such as the faux Windows computers created on Apple Macintosh hardware using the Fusion and Parallels software. However, the upgrade rules still apply.After you've installed Windows 7, you can move up from Home Premium to Professional with minimal extra effort, for an added sum, by using a program from Microsoft called Windows Anytime Upgrade. This unlocks the added features of Professional, which were actually aly on your machine, but were hidden. You can do the same thing to move up to Ultimate.However, there's another complication. For each of the three main consumer versions of Windows 7, there are actually two editions. One is meant for PCs with standard processors, called 32-bit processors, and the other for PCs that sport newer processors called 64-bit processors. The 32-bit version of Windows can recognize only 3 gigabytes of memory, but the 64-bit version can use much, much more. For most average users, 3 gigabytes is plenty, but some consumers have 64-bit Vista machines, which can move faster when lots of programs are being used at once, or when doing tasks like playing back high-definition .The problem is that you cannot directly upgrade 32-bit Vista to 64-bit Windows 7, or vice versa. So that adds another layer of complexity to the upgrade process.Finally, a note about prices. Most major Windows PC makers are offering free, or very low cost, upgrades to Windows 7 later, if you buy a Vista PC now. They are doing this, in cooperation with Microsoft, to discourage people from waiting until October to buy a new PC. Each hardware company has slightly different policies on this. However, this free upgrade program isn't of any help if you simply want to keep your existing PC and upgrade it to Windows 7.You can learn more about the various editions of Windows 7 at: windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/products/compare-editions?T1tab01. And I'll have a full review closer to its Oct. 22 release date. /08/80737

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