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福州输精管接通三甲医院南平看无精症哪家医院好福州市二医院治不孕多少钱 20. Cleaning up the Room 20.打扫房间A: David! Clean your room. Its filthy!A:大卫!把你的房间打扫干净。太脏了!B: Its not so bad, mom.B:没那么糟糕,妈妈。A: I dont even remember what color the carpet is!A:我甚至都不记得地毯的颜色了!B: Its blue, I remember.B:是蓝色的,我记得。A: Have you no shame?A:你都不脸红吗?B: What should I be ashamed of?B:我为什么要羞愧呢?A: There are clothes all over the ground!A:地上到处都是衣!B: Its just easier to leave them there.B:很容易就能把它们打扫干净。A: Your floor is not a gigantic closet.A:你的地板不是一个巨大的衣柜。B: I never said it was.B:我从没说它是。A: Clean your room or you cant go out today.A:把房间打扫干净,否则你今天不能出去。B: Fine, fine. Ill clean it now. B:好的,好的。我现在就打扫。 /201510/403093讲解文本:big cheese 重量级人物Im gonna go talk to the big cheese.我要去和那个大人物谈谈。Dave thinks hes the big cheese.戴夫以为自己很了不起。He is a big cheese.他是一个重量级人物。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201605/443039福州那家医院检查精液比较好

龙岩那些医院检查精液Vella: So, Daniel, were talking about movies.维拉:丹尼尔,我们来谈谈电影。Daniel: Uh, uh.丹尼尔:好。Vella: Do you have any favorite Chilean movie?维拉:你有喜欢的智利电影吗?Daniel: Well, yeah. Actually Chilean movies are quite, were making a lot of movies recently but this one movie I really liked. Its quite old, probably ten years ago, its called El Chacotero Sentimental. Its really difficult to explain that in English but it was based on a radio show. There was every week from Monday to Friday from two to four pm, there was a radio show so people would call to the host of this radio show and they would explain their problems related to love, family, friends, whatever, and it became really popular. Everyone was listening to this, this show and some of those stories were absolutely brilliant and you could hear like any kind of stories, like really sad stories or really funny stories. And for the movie they took three of them, well three, they made three stories and they took elements from real stories that they were told during the show.丹尼尔:有。实际上智利电影非常……最近智利制作了很多电影,其中有一部电影我非常喜欢。这是部老片子,大概是10年前的片子了,电影名是《El Chacotero Sentimenta》。很难用英语解释,不过这部电影是以广播节目为背景的。每周周一到周五,下午两点到四点有一档广播节目,人们会给节目主持打电话,讲述他们的问题,这些问题和爱情、家人、朋友有关,这档节目变得非常流行。所有人都会听这个节目,其中一些故事非常精,你可以听到各种故事,有非常悲伤的故事,也有非常搞笑的故事。这部电影选取了其中三个非常好的故事,他们把这三个故事拍成了电影,这些是广播节目中听到的真实故事。So the first one, for example, its about a guy who move from the countryside to, into Santiago, and he was having an affair with a neighbor and he was caught by her husband and her husband was the police. He was a policeman so all the, it was really funny to watch it, but at the same time like everyone knew that kind of stuff happened so it was funny but at the same time kind of, you know, like come on thats a really, really big problem.第一个故事,一个男孩从乡村来到圣地亚哥,他和一个女邻居有染,被她的丈夫抓了,她的丈夫是警察。这非常有意思,所有人都知道这种事,所以这很有趣,但同时这又是一个非常严重的问题。The second story was a bit sad. It was about a family who had problems. They had a lot of problems during their childhood so and all the traumas and all the problems it creates and you take when you have problems in childhood.第二个故事有点儿悲伤。这个故事讲述了一个有问题的家庭。他们在孩童时期有很多问题,孩童时期的问题会留下很多创伤,继而引发更多问题,这些你都要去承受。And the third one, its a really, really funny story. Its about a young couple. They were really poor but how they lived, the love, and how they live their couple lives.第三个故事非常搞笑。这个故事讲述了一对年轻夫妻的故事。他们非常穷,但是他们生活的很好,电影讲述了他们的生活和爱情故事。So all the stories, like the stories all together, talk about how Chilean people, they live, their love, how they act as couples, so it became really, really famous in Chile.所有故事都在谈论智利人的生活、爱情和夫妻关系,所以这在智利非常有名。Vella: That sounds really interesting. I would love to watch it.维拉:听起来很有意思。我想看看这部电影。Daniel: Actually theres a version with English subtitles so any time.丹尼尔:实际上这部电影有英文字幕,你随时可以看。Vella: I have one question though.维拉:我还有一个问题。Daniel: Hm, hm.丹尼尔:嗯。Vella: Have you ever called the house and maybe tell them that youre sorry?维拉:你有没有给电台打过电话,跟他们说你难过的事情?Daniel: No, but, no I never did but I think one of my friends, because everyone listened to the shows, so you can see and you can hear that. Like I know that story or I know something similar so it might be one of my friends I dont know.丹尼尔:没有,我没有打过,不过我有一个朋友打过电话,因为所有人都会听这个节目,所以我们会听到。我知道这个故事,或者说我知道类似的故事,这可能是我一个朋友的故事,不过我也不确定。 译文属 /201612/481197福州取环手术医院排名 Its awful. 实在太糟糕Its terrible/dful.例句:A:Whats up?Jason?怎么了?杰森?B:Well,Im not in a good mood these days.我最近心情不好。A:Why?Whats going on?为什么?怎么回事?B:I got a new place after graduation,but it turns out the place isnt all that great.Im not satisfied at all.毕业后我找打了一个新的住处,结果那地方太差劲了。我一点也不满意。A:Whys that?怎么回事?B:Its not very clean and its always noisy.Its awful.You know I like quiet.那里不干净,还吵得厉害,实在太糟糕了。你知道的,我喜欢清静。A:I know.You work hard,and want to come home and relax and sleep well.我知道。你工作很辛苦。想在回家后能够放松并且好好睡一觉。B:Yeah,after a long hard day,I need some peace and quiet.是的,在漫长而又辛苦的一天结束后,我需要平静和安宁。be in a good mood 心情好turn out 结果却...graduation 毕业satisfied 满意的背景音乐:Creep—Karen Souza更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201701/487189南平复通手术哪里比较好

福州市中医院治不育Chris: So Adelina, thats how you say, right, Adelina?克里斯:阿德琳娜,可以这样称呼你吧,阿德琳娜?Ade: Actually everybody calls me Ade.阿德琳娜:其实大家都叫我阿德。Chris: Well thats fine. So Ade, tell me what are your favorite cities in Europe?克里斯:这很好。阿德,和我说说你最喜欢的欧洲城市吧?Ade: Well first of all I have to say I like other continents a lot more than Europe. But if I have to choose one city I will say definitely London.阿德琳娜:首先我要说,相比于欧洲,我更喜欢其他大州。不过如果一定让我选择一个欧洲城市的话,我肯定会选伦敦。Chris: Actually I dont see you as a London girl.克里斯:不过我认为你并不像伦敦女孩。Ade: And why not? I was living in London four years and actually its a city full of life. You can find whatever you want in there, clubbing, shopping, culture, its a melting pot.阿德琳娜:为什么不像?我在伦敦生活了四年,那座城市充满活力。任何你想要的都可以在伦敦找到,夜总会、购物场所、文化,伦敦就是个大熔炉。Chris: A melting pot?克里斯:熔炉?Ade: Yes, melting pot. Its a very common expression, all British use it. They refer to London as a melting pot because of all the nationalities living there. There are so many people for all around the world that actually is weird if you find an English person living in London.阿德琳娜:对,熔炉。这是一个很常见的表达方式,所有英国人都这样说。说伦敦是熔炉是因为,伦敦有来自世界各地的人。伦敦有很多来自全世界各地的人,如果你在伦敦看到英国人都会有些奇怪。Chris: Okay, interesting. I actually never heard of that expression. So you just said you lived there for four years, but then tell me, what was the purpose of that, did you live there for work, maybe a boyfriend?克里斯:这真有趣。实际上我从没听过这种说法。你刚说你在伦敦生活了四年,那你为什么在伦敦生活,是为了工作还是因为男友在那里?Ade: Boyfriend? No, no boyfriend. I dont like English guys. But the thing is that I just went there to spend a summer and improve my English. But after a while I fell in love with the city and I decided to stay there a little bit longer. And then I thought, why not profit some time there and do something. So I started MA in audiovisual translation. And that was one year long. So actually I was living there for four years and I did also some waitressing jobs, just to get some extra money and do a living there, because actually London is a very expensive city, so.阿德琳娜:男朋友?不是,和男朋友没关系。我并不喜欢英国男孩。一开始我只是在夏天的时候去伦敦进修英语。不过后来我爱上了那座城市,所以我决定在那里多待一段时间。后来我想,我为什么不利用这段时间做些事情呢。于是我开始进修影视翻译的中级学位。我学习了一年的时间。在那里的四年中,我也有做务员这类工作,为了挣钱付在那里的生活开,因为伦敦是一个生活成本非常昂贵的城市。Chris: Oh yes, I totally understand you. I was there on holidays as well. So actually now do you think you could live there again?克里斯:哦,我完全理解你。我去伦敦度过假。那现在你还想再去伦敦生活吗?Ade: Not at all, that was a chapter of my life that has completely ended. Now I just chase the sun.阿德琳娜:完全不想了,那只是我生活中的其中一章,而且那一章已经结束了。现在我只想追逐太阳。Chris: Oh yes, also not a bad idea. So tell me, what about other cities, are there other cities that you specially like in Europe?克里斯:好,那也是个不错的主意。那其他城市呢,你有喜欢的其他欧洲城市吗?Ade: Yes, Ibiza in Spain is one of my favorites.阿德琳娜:西班牙伊比萨市是我最爱的城市之一。Chris: Wow, Ibiza! Well actually when you talk about Ibiza the first thing that comes up in my mind is partying, clubbing. Was that the idea of going to Ibiza?克里斯:哇哦,伊比萨!你一说伊比萨,我首先想到的是派对和夜总会。这是不是去伊比萨的理由?Ade: No, not at all. Everybody is so wrong about Ibiza. Ibiza is worldwide known about clubbing and parties and DJs. But actually Ibiza is a tiny island but it has so much to offer, for example, the sunsets, there are these amazing sunsets and these hiding places where you can just relax and enjoy the nature.阿德琳娜:不,完全不是。大家都对伊比萨有误解。伊比萨的夜总会、派对和DJ闻名世界。但其实伊比萨是一座小岛,那里的日落非常美,还有可以放松和享受大自然的隐匿之地。Chris: Oh yes, its true, sunsets, I heard of its famous sunsets on Ibiza. So actually I think of going to Mallorca this summer and I might go a few days to see Ibiza. Can you tell me some famous places to see one of the best sunsets there?克里斯:哦对,没错,日落,我听说伊比萨是著名的日落观赏地。我打算夏天去马略卡岛旅行,我可能会抽几天时间去伊比萨玩。你能给我介绍一下伊比萨的最佳日落观赏地吗?Ade: Dont go to Cafe del Mar for example, its a popular one but you dont have the best sunset there. There is a place named Cala Conta and there is a bar there called Sunset Ashram, that is the best place.阿德琳娜:不要去德玛咖啡屋,那里很受欢迎,不过那里看不到最美的日落。我建议你去卡拉康塔,那里有一家名为“日落会所”的酒吧,那是最佳日落观赏地。Chris: Sounds great. Thanks for the tip. I will tell you about my experience when Im back again. By the way, should I start going to the gym and buy me one of these little swim shorts like the Italians all at the beach in Ibiza?克里斯:听起来真不错。谢谢你的建议。我玩回来以后会和你讲讲我的经历的。对了,我是不是现在要开始去健身房锻炼了,我还得买一条意大利人在伊比萨海滩穿的那种泳裤吧?Ade: Dont be a fool. But well, you just said, Italy is also a great place and I love Italy. Actually Florence is also one of my favorite cities in Europe.阿德琳娜:别傻了。不过你刚才提到的意大利也是个不错的地方,我喜欢意大利。佛罗伦萨是另一个我喜欢的欧洲城市。Chris: Oh yes, thats true, I hear a lot of people talking so good about Florence. But as well another city I never went to.克里斯:哦好,没错,我听很多人说过佛罗伦萨很不错。不过这座城市我也没去过。Ade: You should, actually Florence is like going back in time 100 years. Its full of art and the duomo is the greatest part. And also you can find the Michelangelo and of course the food, its very nice food like in Spain, you can really enjoy there. Its a small city but its very, very authentic.阿德琳娜:你应该去看看,佛罗伦萨就像100年前的世界。那里充满艺术气息,最棒的就是大教堂。你还能在那座城市看到米开朗基罗的作品,当然佛罗伦萨的食物也非常美味,有很多西班牙美食,在那里你会非常享受的。虽然佛罗伦萨是座非常小的城市,但是很真实。Chris: Wow! It seems youve been to quite a lot of places aly in Europe. 克里斯:哇哦!看起来你去过欧洲很多地方。Ade: Not only in Europe, Im a traveler, Im a nomad. The more I travel the wiser I get.阿德琳娜:不只欧洲,我是个旅行者,类似游牧者。旅行的越多,我越聪明。Chris: Yes indeed, thats what they say at least. Well thank you very much Ade.克里斯:没错,至少人们都是这么说的。非常谢谢你,阿德。Ade: Thanks to you, it was a pleasure.阿德琳娜:不客气,也谢谢你。 译文属 /201702/493375 福州去哪监测卵泡比较好宁德做人工授孕那里好



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