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青岛市第五人民医院激光美容青岛泰安隆鼻要多少钱Back in the bad old final years of the Soviet Union, when the economy and the infrastructure were falling apart and the government was mostly non-responsive, there was a sour little joke that reminds me of Michigan today.In the Soviet story, Stalin and Konstantin Chernenko, one of his increasingly ineffectual successors are going across Siberia on a train. Suddenly, it breaks down. There are, of course, no spare parts.When the engineer cant get it started, Stalin has him shot.That doesnt help.So after sitting there for a while, Chernenko says, ;Okay. Lets close the blinds and pretend the train is moving.;Which brings us to the Legislature and the Detroit Public Schools. The schools are in disgraceful shape. Buildings are falling apart. The heat doesnt work. There are rodents, mold and a lack of necessary supplies. Teachers are underpaid, overstressed, and often at risk of violent behavior.Frankly, I dont know how so many teachers have tolerated this as long as they have, and Im awestruck that so many have continued to try to teach often hungry, uncomfortable and miserable students in such conditions.After years of this, teachers have begun staging sickout wildcat strikes in a desperate attempt to draw attention to their plight.Teacher strikes are of course technically illegal, though they have been an occasional and largely tolerated bargaining tactic in suburban districts for decades. This isnt about getting a raise, however; it is a desperate attempt to get somebody to notice the squalor. Unfortunately, many legislators couldnt care less. Detroit is a long way from their districts. Though none will say so publicly, many of them view whats going on from a racist perspective.They think this is about a bunch of blacks who ran their schools into the ground and now want another state bailout. Theres also another ingredient in what is fast becoming an explosive dynamic: the Republican legislative leaders hate unions, and teachers unions in particular.So instead of trying to do something to help the schools, they are instead attempting to ram through a three-bill package designed to harshly punish both teachers and their unions for striking.Ron Bieber, the state president of the AFL-CIO, correctly said this was an outrage, and added ;the last thing we should be doing is punishing teachers for speaking up and shining a light; on the impossible conditions in which children are forced to learn.The lawmakers may not care less about that, but the reality is they are also just giving out tickets on the dance floor of the Titanic. With their revenues largely drained by the loss of students to charter schools and other alternatives, the Detroit Public Schools are headed for bankruptcy and disaster.They will run completely out of cash by May.Governor Snyder months ago offered a sensible solution, but it would cost money the legislators are unwilling to spend. Unfortunately, bankruptcy will cost us all much more, as the state does have an obligation to educate our children.Our lawmakers are, in the words of the old Soviet story, trying to shoot the engineers and close the curtains of this runaway train. But unless we do something soon, it is going to go off the rails, with consequences devastating for us all.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201602/425539青岛市开发区第一人民医院治疗狐臭多少钱 And whats the situation,this school year,whats the situation now情况怎么样 这个学年 现在情况怎样Now weve lost 40 percent of all our teaching staff,weve lost 50 percent of our support staff现在我们失去了百分之40的教职员工,百分之50的后勤人员But we are all pulling together.Im just the face that you see and the voice that you hear但我们都在齐心协力 今天在这里你看到我 听到我的声音But I have them in the classroom right now working hard as Im here这个时候我的同事们都在教室里努力的工作But I have the whole school district that pulling together to do what they have to do for the children.Im just one of many people that doing all they can我们整个学校都在齐心协力为孩子们 做我们必须做的 我不过是尽力而为的众多人中的一个Well,were happy for you to be here to represent all those people,and we are grateful to all those people out there that they are working我们很高兴你作为这群人的代表 今天可以来到这里 我们感谢所有那些正在努力的人You know,I just recently partner with J.C.Penney,and J.C.Penney is changing the way they do everything你知道 我最近开始和J.C.Penney合作 J.C.Penney正在改变他们做事的方式And they are all being fair and square and treating people the way they should be treated这就是公平合理 并以应该得的方式去对待每个人And I want to make sure that you are treating yourself,because youre helping everybody else,so just for you你在正确的对待你自己 你在帮助其他人I want to give you a 5,000 dollars gift card to go to J.C.Penney and whatever you want to get我要给你5,000美金的礼物卡 你可以去J.C.Penney买你想要的任何东西All right.Thank you so much,you are welcome.Wow,just for you.No,its unbelievable.Thank you.You are welcome,thank you.好吗 太谢谢你了 不用谢 哇 这是给你的 不 真不敢相信 谢谢 不用谢 应该谢谢你J.C.penney also believes in doing the right thing and they want to make sure that kids realized their full potentialJ.C.Penney 相信该做正确的事情 他们想确保孩子能够挖掘出所有的潜能So theyre going to give you a little bit help to help your school out.Youre going to get a check for 100,000 dollars for your school所以他们想尽绵薄之力来帮助你们学校 你将得到一张价值10万美元的票Oh,thank you so much.Thank you so much.Its unbelievable哦 太感谢了 应该谢谢你 难以置信We believe in you kids,dont ever give up.we believe in you.well back with Daniel Radcliffe right after this我们相信你 孩子们 永远不要放弃 我们相信你 广告之后 与Daniel Radcliffe 马上回来 /201609/467485胶州市激光祛疤多少钱

在青岛双眼皮手术Well, listen, Im in better shape than you.好了 听着 我的身材比你好So what well do is...I mean, we know that from the push-up competition.接下来我们要做的事情就是...这点我们在俯卧撑比赛中已见分晓了吧Its clearly.I mean, we know that from the push-up competition.群众的眼睛是雪亮的 不 不 我赢了俯卧撑比赛You did not win. - I absolutely did.I mean, we know that from the push-up competition.你没有赢 明显是我赢了 你作弊了 -我没有Okay, let not...Youre pretty.Well, we can see.Alright, lets...No, lets...We can see. -No.Here, now.好吧 别...你很漂亮 好吧 我们可以看看 好的 我们 不 我们 我们可以看看 不 这儿 就现在A push-up competition again?No, no, The ;Gimme Five;Oh, look how scared you were of that.再来一次俯卧撑比赛吗 不 不是 是;击掌; 瞧你多害怕那个Look, look...You went, ;No;.Alright, look...No.Dont make me take off my jacket.Alright.Dont make me take off my jacket.Alright, the dance.The dance.听着 听着 你要说;不;了 好吧 听着 不 别逼我脱掉外套 -好吧 别逼我脱掉外套 好吧 跳那舞 对So well take a break.And well do the dance.Alright, lets do it.All right, well be back.那么我们将插段广告 然后我们再跳舞 好吧 就这么干 好的 我们马上回来Im the First Lady of ed States of America.Im the First Lady of ed States of America.我是美利坚合众国的第一夫人 我是美利坚合众国的第一夫人哟 /201602/426959青岛做手臂长久脱毛的医院 平度市哪家绣眉好

青岛医学院附属医院整形美容收费标准Migrants in the Mediterranean地中海移民The numbers nightmare令人发指的人数Ever more people are drowning while trying to get to Europe越来越多的人在前往欧洲的道路上溺水身亡IN THE sea separating north Africa from the European Union, the phrase “calm waters” now has an ominous ring. After the weather improved this week, almost 8,500 illegal migrants were rescued. Some brought tales of horror: of chaos in Libya, of mistreatment and torture at the hands of people-smugglers, and of deaths at sea. As many as 400 died on April 12th when their boat capsized, apparently because they rushed to one side when rescuers appeared.在欧洲和非洲的海峡之间,“平静的水面”这个词语现在可不是什么好预兆。本周天气转好之后,差不多有8500民非法移民获得了救援。他们中的一些身上有着骇人听闻的遭遇:有的来自混乱的利比亚;有的遭受走私者非人折磨;还有一些直接在海洋上失去了生命。4月12号,因为一艘船只倾覆,约400民非法移民者丧生,因为当救援船出现时,他们同时涌向了船的一侧。Migrants sometimes lie to get sympathy. But the Italian authorities are taking seriously a claim that a trafficker threw to sharks the body of a dead (or perhaps unconscious) migrant, apparently overcome by fumes.这些非法移民有时候会通过撒谎来得同情。但是意大利当局发布了一份严肃的声明说有一些走私者将死者(或者说仅仅是丧失意识)的躯体扔给鲨鱼,不过这明显是一种掩人耳目的做法。The latest wave of arrivals confirms that the EU faces a challenge of unprecedented proportions. According to the International Organisation for Migration, more than 15,000 people have reached Italy since the start of the year. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees says not enough is being done to save lives.最新一波的移民潮肯定会让欧洲面临一次前所未有的挑战。根据联合国移民署的统计,从年初开始已经有超过15000人抵达了意大利。但是联合国难民署的高级专员表示为了拯救生命,我们做的还远远不够。On humanitarian grounds alone, the EUs present response, Operation Triton, is inadequate. The remit of its vessels is to patrol within 30 miles (48 km) off the Italian coast. Triton replaced the bigger Operation Mare Nostrum, which Italy suspended at the end of 2014 partly because other EU countries would not share the burden of search and rescue. Italys partners say they have migration and asylum problems of their own. Anyway, many migrants who come ashore in Italy disappear north before being identified—with the connivance of the Italian authorities. Both numbers and drownings seem likely to rise.从人道主义的角度上来说,欧盟对此现象的反应—Triton组织的行动并不够。该组织在意大利30海里(48千米的)海岸线上巡逻。Triton代替了之前一个更大的组织——Mare Nostrum,该组织因为欧盟其他成员国不愿负担搜索和救援的责任而被搁置。意大利的盟友们则表示,他们有各自的移民和救助问题。无论如何,因为意大利当局的默认,之前那些通过意大利渐渐消失的北部海岸线入境的非法移民都获得了正式身份。而现在,无论是移民人数,还是溺亡的人数看上去都会继续增加。译者:曾擎禹 校对:毛慧译文属译生译世 /201504/371827 The Vatican and Turkey梵蒂冈和土耳其Never forget永世铭记Forthrightness about a past atrocity provokes a strong reaction直面暴行,一石激起千层浪IN 1915 Pope Benedict XV wrote to Mehmed V, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, saying that he could hear “the echo of the groans of an entire people…subjected to unspeakable sufferings”. When the two leadersmodern-day counterparts met last November at the Turkish presidential palace outside Ankara, those echoes were still audible. According to a new book by Franca Giansoldati, the Vatican-watcher of Il Messaggero, an Italian daily, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkeys president, “begged” Pope Francis to refrain from openly characterising the Ottoman Empires slaughter of Armenians in 1915 as genocide.1915年教皇本笃十五世致函奥斯曼帝国苏丹—默罕默德五世,言及他能听到“整个民族遭受难以言状痛苦时所发出的呻吟在天际回响。” (一百年后的)今天,当年两大巨头各自的继任者去年11月在土耳其安卡拉外的总统官邸会见时,这种回响仍然久久不散。意大利报纸《信使报》梵蒂冈问题观察家Franca Giansoldati在一本新书中披露:土耳其总统雷杰普塔伊普埃尔多安“恳祈”教皇弗兰西斯不要把1915年奥斯曼帝国屠杀亚美尼亚人的事件公开定性为种族灭绝。The pope respected his hosts wishes then. But on April 12th he abandoned tact and referred to the killings as “the first genocide of the 20th century”. The Turkish government responded with outrage and recalled its ambassador to the Holy See for consultations. A vote in the European Parliament on April 15th, commending the popes statement and urging Turkey to recognise the massacres as genocide, further infuriated Mr Erdogan. “It is not possible for Turkey to accept such a crime, such a sin,” he said.虽然一开始尊重了总统的诉求,但到了4月12日,教皇却撕破脸并将此次屠杀斥之为 “20世纪首屈一指的种族灭绝事件。”土耳其政府大吃一惊,召回了驻梵蒂冈教廷的使节进行磋商。4月15日欧洲议会投票表决持教皇的声明,并敦促土耳其承认此次屠杀是种族灭绝行为,这更进一步激怒了埃尔多安总统。他说:“土耳其绝不承认这种罪行。”Francis has used the same phrase before, most recently in 2013 when he met an Armenian delegation. But that was scarcely reported, and the Turkish authorities merely expressed “disappointment” and called in the Vaticans envoy for a ticking-off. This time, he was making a much-awaited speech in front of Armenias president, Serzh Sargsyan, days before the official centenary commemorations on April 24th.教皇方济各此前也用过相同的措辞,最近一次是在 2013 年接见亚美尼亚代表团时。但这些言论几乎鲜有报道,土耳其政府也仅仅是表示了“失望”,并召会梵蒂冈特使进申斥而已。然而这一次,就在4月24日的正式百年纪念活动开始的前几天,他当着亚美尼亚总统萨尔基相的面发表了这样一个“众望所归”言论。Turkish diplomats are understood to have set themselves two aims as the centenary approached: to stop the mass at which Francis spoke being held on the day itself, and to prevent him from using the G-word. They gained their first objective. In deciding to deny them their second, the pope and his diplomatic advisers had to weigh opposing factors.百年庆典临近时,土耳其的外交官们心照不宣地为自己设定两个目标:其一是阻止纪念日当天方济各要作演讲的那个群众集会。其二是阻止他用“种族灭绝”的字眼。第一个目标落空了。而要顶住土耳其的第二个诉求,教皇和他的外交顾问不得不权衡对手的实力。The Vatican has long been the venue of a tug-of-war between proponents of careful dialogue with the Islamic world and advocates of bluntness, who feel that tact has got Christians nowhere and that plain speaking is needed, even if it causes offence. The plain-speakers had the upper hand under the previous pope, Benedict XVI. Franciss latest comment suggests they are back in the ascendancy.长期以来,梵蒂冈处在一个两难境地:一派主张和伊斯兰世界对话务求谨慎,而另一派则主张直言不讳。后者认为圆滑世故将使得基督徒一事无成,因此即使会招灾惹祸,也须仗义执言。如今,在教皇本笃十六世的领导下,主张直言不讳的人占了上风,方济各最近的言论正表明了这种压倒性优势。翻译:沈竹 校对:戴秀平译文属译生译世 /201504/372298青岛城阳人民医院如何青岛专业吸脂减肥医院



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