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平度市地区祛眼袋祛痣多少钱青岛无痛脱毛哪家医院好我们的学校(Our School) --1 :7:30 来源: 我们的学校(Our School)  our school is big and nice.when you come into our school,you can see two tall buildings.in the buildings there are two computer rooms,an art room,a music room a library and many classrooms.  i like to go to the library,because i like ing books.my teachers often tell us:“ing is good you.”near the buildings there is a big playground.we can play football,basketball and games on it.we are very happy.  there are many trees and flowers in our school.the trees are green and the flowers are lovely.the birds can sing in the trees.our school is beautiful,i like it very much青岛皮肤粗糙长痘怎么办 我交了个新朋友(I Made a New Friend) -- :5: 来源: 我交了个新朋友(I Made a New Friend)  this afternoon i joined in the english corner at the wuyi square. there i met tom, an american boy. he was tall and cute, with blue eyes and brown hair. he was as old as i. we talked with each other two hours. he told me that his parents had come to china on business. it so happened that he was on holidays. so he came with them.  he was glad to see that so many chinese children like english, and we agreed to keep in touch with each other later on. how happy i am to have made a new friend!    今天下午我参加了五一广场的英语角活动在那里,我遇见了美国少年汤姆他个子高高的,碧眼棕发,样子很可爱他和我年纪一样大我们一起聊了两个小时他告诉我他父母出差到中国来,碰巧他在放假,所以就同父母一起来了  见到这么多中国孩子喜欢英语,他很高兴我们相约以后保持联系交了一位新朋友我多开心啊!丧失神智-- :7:31   You're out of your mind.丧失神智   mind是指“心智状态,神智”,be out of...是指“没有了…‥,用完了……”,be out of one's mind的意思就是“(某人)丧失神智”,也就是“(某人)发疯”的意思当你觉得有人做了非一般正常人会做的事,你就可以对他说You're out of your mind.当然这可以指暂时丧失神智,也可能是真的发了疯青岛市文眉雾化眉雾眉漂唇多少钱

青岛去胎记要多少钱旅游英语口语情景对话:旅馆预订(part 6) -- :: 来源: A: Can I reserve a hotel room? B: I assure you, that's not a problem. What is your full name, please? A: My name's John Sandals.B: It's a pleasure to assist you. Please tell me when you'll be needing the room, sir.A: If my plans don't change, I'll need a room April till April .B: Sir, our room prices are slightly higher than you may have thought. Will that be okay?A: Tell me how much it will be, and I can tell you if it's okay.B: Only per night, bee taxes, of course.A: a night? That's a fair price.B: Now, as the room, sir, do you prefer smoking or nonsmoking?A: Nonsmoking, please.by 58en.com 旅游英语口语B: Nonsmoking. Now, sir, does a single queen-size bed meet your approval?A: I have absolutely no problem with that.B: Queen, nonsmoking. Okay, sir, your room is reserved. Now if you'll just give me your phone number.A: Not a problem. The number is 66-555-39. B: Thank you making a reservation with us. We look ward to seeing you in April!by 58en.com 旅游英语口语 旅游 英语口语 情景青岛诺德医院是几甲医院 英剧《德伯家的苔丝经典台词(中英双语) -- :35: 来源: 英剧《德伯家的苔丝经典台词(中英双语)  A pity.Well, she can't see you, I'm afraid.  真遗憾 恐怕她不能见你  She's an invalid.You'll have to deal with me. Is it business?  她卧病在床 你只能跟我谈 是公事吗  Not business, sir, it...I can hardly bring myself to say.  不是公事 先生 我真是难以启齿  Pleasure, then?No, it is...It's very foolish.  是喜事吗 不 因为这很愚蠢  I like foolish things. Try again.  我喜欢愚蠢的事 说吧  You were in the middle of the road!  你挡在路中间了  Look! Look what you've done.  看看你做了什么  No, sir, you mustn't!  不 先生 千万不能  Sorry, miss. It's all I can do.  抱歉 我只能这么做  He won't sell Prince's body  他不肯把王子的尸体卖了  says when we were knights of the land,  说我们还是英国爵士的时候  we didn't sell our chargers cat-meat,  就从没把战马卖了做猫食  let 'em keep their shillings.  省省他们那点小钱吧  Silly old fool.Mother...  真是越老越蠢 妈妈  Still, I suppose we must take the ups with the downs.  看来 我们只能认命了  He might get work, I suppose, as a day labourer.  他得出去找活干 做做临时工  if his heart holds out.  如果心脏能受得了的话  Mother, I'll go.  妈 我去  What's that?  什么意思  If that's what you want, I will go.  如果你想让我去 我去好了  Claim kin.  去攀亲戚  I do beg your pardon, Lady D'Urberville.  请您原谅 德贝维尔夫人  Please give the intrusion, your ladyship, but my name is...  请原谅我不请自来 夫人 我叫...  Begging your pardon, ma'am.  请您原谅 夫人  Please give the intrusion, your ladyship,  请原谅我不请自来 夫人  but my name is Tess Durbeyfield and I have come...  我叫苔丝·德北菲尔德 我是来  Can I help you?I am Mr D'Urberville.  需要帮忙吗 我是德贝维尔先生  Have you come to see me or my mother?  你是来找我 还是我母亲的  Your mother, sir.  您母亲 双语 中英 台词青岛诺德医院割双眼皮

青岛激光去斑医院孩子,你必须把这条鱼放掉 --7 :18: 来源: Time: o\'clock at night in summer 夏天晚上点Place:In a islet of the lake地点:湖中小岛Characters:Tom and his father人物:汤姆和他的爸爸Tom:Dad,i\'ll have a day off tomorrow,let\'s go to fish?汤姆:爸爸,明天我休息,我们去钓鱼吧?Dad:Ok,i\'ll go with you.爸爸:好啊,我和你去(Tom and his father walk out with fishing rods etc., later they arrive the islet by boat)(汤姆和爸爸拿上鱼竿等走出,两人然后划着船,来到小岛上)Dad:Let me see your skills today.爸爸:今天让看看你的本领!Tom:(clenching his fists,confidently):I\'ll show you my stuff!汤姆:(攥着拳头,自信)我会露一手给你看看!(Tom puts bait on the hook and casts it into water,then he crouches down and looks at the lake surface attentively.)(汤姆上好鱼饵,将它抛入水中,然后蹲下身来,聚精会神地注视着湖面)Tom:(Pull the fishing rod rapidly with surprise): Dad,look—汤姆:(惊喜地迅速拉动鱼竿)爸爸,你看——!Dad(smile and nod)爸爸(微笑着,点着头)Tom:(Pull the fish out of the water)Dad,dad,I\'ve never seen such a big weever bee!汤姆:(把鱼拖出水面)爸爸,爸爸,我从来没看到过这么大的鲈鱼!Dad:(with a deep voice)Boy,you must let the fish go!爸爸:(声音低沉)孩子,你必须把这条鱼放掉! Tom:(yelled vexedly)Why? Why? Dad!汤姆:(着急地嚷)为什么?为什么啊?爸爸!Dad:(Point to the watch on his left hand with the right hand)It\'s O\'clock at night——There are two hours bee we\'re allowed to catch weevers.爸爸:(用右手指着左手的手表)现在是晚上点——离允许钓鲈鱼的时间还有两个小时Tom:(looking aroun furtively,and didn\'t find any boats,nor any fishmen)Be assured ,dad! There are only us two here,nobody will know that we catch a weever at this time.汤姆:(偷偷地向四周看看,发现没有船,也没有钓鱼的人)你放心吧,爸爸!这里只有我们两个人,没有人会知道我们在这个时候钓到了鲈鱼Dad:(seriously and withou any hesitation)We must follow the rule no matter if anyone see it!爸爸:(脸色严肃,斩钉截铁)不管有没有人看见,我们都应该遵守规定!Tom:(took a look at dad\'s serious face,and slowlyput the weever back to the lake,shake and say sadly)I may never catch such a big fish in all my life.汤姆:(看了看爸爸那严肃的脸,慢吞吞地把大鲈鱼放回湖中,一边摇头,一边惋惜地说)我这辈子再也不可能钓到这么大的鱼了……voice-over:It\'s true that Tom had never cautht such a big fish from then on.But the scene at that night engraved in his memory,and dad\'s firm words echoed in his ears all the time.幕后音:真的,从那以后,汤姆再也没有钓到过那么大的鱼可是那晚的情景却一直铭刻在他记忆里,爸爸坚定的话语也一直回响在他的耳边 孩子 你必须把这条鱼放掉 The Ostrich 鸵鸟 -- 3:3:5 来源: The Ostrich 鸵鸟  Ostriches are big birds, and they come from desert places. But some farmers in Canada keep some on their farms. They seem to like there, too, though Canada is much colder than the desert places. In China there are very big farms, with ,000 to 5,000 birds aly.  Ostriches produce up to 30 eggs a year 5 to 30 years. An ostrich is worth $ ,000 ta present.  鸵鸟是很大的鸟,来自沙漠地带但是一些加拿大农场主在自己的农场饲养一些鸵鸟尽管加拿大比沙漠地区冷的多,但是它们看上去喜欢那里在中国有很大的鸵鸟农场,已经有000到5000只鸵鸟了  鸵鸟每年能产蛋30个,持续5年至30年目前一只鸵鸟价值一万美元青岛诺德双眼皮山东省青岛莱西市激光脱毛大概多少钱



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