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青岛注射隆胸医院哪家最好山东省儿童医院是国家医院吗青岛激光去疤痕哪家医院好 The US goal of pressing North Korea to give up its nuclear programme is probably a lost cause, 周二,美国最高情报官员表示,美国迫使朝鲜放弃核计划的目标很可能注定无法实现。that the policy of three administrations towards Pyongyang has failed.他非常坦诚地承认,美国三届政府的对朝政策失败了。Although US officials insisted nothing had changed in the overall approach towards North Korea, director of national intelligence James Clapper said that the best the US could hope to achieve was a cap on the country’s nuclear capabilities.虽然美国官员坚称,对朝总体方针丝毫没有改变,但国家情报总监詹姆克拉珀(James Clapper)表示,美国可能希望实现的最好目标是限制朝鲜的核能力。Mr Clapper’s comments underline the reality that North Korea will be one of the most difficult problems to face the next president. 克拉珀的话凸显了一条事实,即朝鲜问题将是下一任美国总统面对的最棘手问题之一。Given the strides it has made in recent years to develop a nuclear missile that could reach the US, pressure is growing in Washington to find a new approach to the nuclear threat from North Korea.考虑到近年来朝鲜在开发能够覆盖美国的核导弹方面所取得的进展,美国政府在找到应对朝鲜核威胁的新办法问题上,承受着日益增大的压力。I think the notion of getting the North Koreans to denuclearise is probably a lost cause, Mr Clapper said in New York on Tuesday. 我认为,让朝鲜弃核的想法很可能注定无法实现,周二克拉珀在纽约表示。They are not going to do that that is their ticket to survival.他们不会这样做——这是他们的生存门票。He added: They are under siege and they are very paranoid, so the notion of giving up their nuclear capability, whatever it is, is a non-starter with them.他接着说:他们遭到围困,他们非常偏执,所以让他们放弃核能力——不管这种能力有多大——的想法,在他们那里都无法实现。Mr Clapper is one of the few senior US officials to have visited North Korea recently, 克拉珀是最近访问过朝鲜的少数几位美国高官之一。having travelled to Pyongyang in 2014 to help release two American prisoners.2014年,他曾前往平壤,帮助说朝鲜释放两名美国囚犯。The best we could probably hope for is some sort of a cap but they are not going to do that just because we ask them, he said at an event at the Council on Foreign Relations. 或许我们可能希望的最好结果,是对他们的核能力施加某种程度的限制,但他们不会因为我们有此要求而照做的他在美国外交关系委员Council on Foreign Relations)的一次活动中表示。There’s going to have to be some significant inducements.必须有一些重要的诱因。North Korea has in recent months conducted its fifth nuclear test in recent months and carried out a series of tests of missile technology. 近几个月,朝鲜进行了第五次核试验,并实施了多次导弹技术试验。However, the US has insisted it will not recognise Pyongyang as a nuclear power. 然而,美国坚称,将不承认朝鲜的核国家地位。Instead, it has expanded sanctions on the North Korean regime to try to make it change course.相反,美国扩大了对朝鲜政权的制裁,试图迫使其改变做法。Since the 1993-2001 administration of Bill Clinton, the US has bet on a policy that mixes economic pressure through sanctions and the promise of negotiations if Pyongyang were to abandon its pursuit of a nuclear weapon.993001年的比尔.克林Bill Clinton)政府以来,美国便押注了一项政策:在通过制裁施加经济压力的同时承诺,如果朝鲜放弃开发核武器,则美国将与朝鲜展开谈判。John Kirby, US state department spokesman, insisted on Tuesday that nothing has changed about our policy with respect to the North. 周二,美国国务院发言人约柯比(John Kirby)坚称,我们的对朝政策丝毫没有改变。He said the US wanted to see a return to the six-party talk process but that in the face of provocations by North Korea, the resolve of the ed States and the international community to try to put adequate pressure on them to change their behaviour has not changed.他说,美国想看到六方会谈进程的回归,但面对朝鲜的挑衅,美国和国际社会尝试对他们施加适当压力、促使他们改变做法的决心没有改变。Mr Clapper said there was more potential for the US to use information to undermine the regime in Pyongyang. 克拉珀说,美国以情报手段颠覆朝鲜政权的可能性增大了。That is a great vulnerability I don’t think we have exploited, he said. 这是一个很大的漏洞,我认为,我们还没有利用好它,他说。Right now, we are kind of stuck on our narrative and they are kind of stuck on theirs.现在,在某种程度上,我们和他们都在自说自话。According to Jami Miscik, a former senior official at the CIA, North Korea is one of the issues that we aren’t paying enough attention to. 按照中央情报局(CIA)前高官雅米尔.米希Jami Miscik)的说法,朝鲜是我们没有予以足够重视的问题之一。Speaking last week, she added: The president-elect is going to face a problem with North Korea that none of his or her predecessors have faced. 上周她补充道:候任总统将面临其任何前任未曾面临的朝鲜问题。It is well on the way to becoming not just a nuclear power, but a power that is able to deliver a nuclear missile.朝鲜很可能不但成为一个核国家,而且成为一个能够发射核导弹的强囀?来 /201610/474628青岛冰点脱体毛好吗

山东省青岛市北区美容院去痘坑Chinas new rules on flight delays aim to tackle the problem by clarifying the responsibilties of stakeholders, reported Beijing News.根据《新京报》报道,我国近日出台的旨在解决航班延误问题的相关新规定明确了利益攸关方的职责。The rules issued recently by the Ministry of Transport state that when a flight is delayed or cancelled due to reasons including bad weather, emergency, passengers and air traffic control, the carrier should arrange room and board for passengers with the cost paid by passengers themselves. If a flight is delayed or cancelled due to reasons caused by the carrier, it should pay for it.交通部近日发布的规定明确,由于天气不好、突发事件、旅客以及空中交通管制等原因,造成航班延误或取消时,承运人应当协助旅客安排食宿,费用由旅客自理。如果由于承运人原因造成航班延误或取消,费用应由承运人承担。Li Xiaojin, a professor of Civil Aviation University of China, said the new rules better clarify the accountability in a flight delay. It can help carriers be responsible for their own mistakes, rather than paying for all flight delays.中国民航大学的李晓津教授表示,这一新规更好地明确航班延误的责任。它可以帮助运营公司对自己的错误负责,而不是对所有航班延误买单。The new rules, which will take effect from Jan 1, 2017, also require carriers to notify the passengers within 30 minutes when a massive flight delay happens.新规017日起实施,新规还要求,当航班发生延误时,承运人应0分钟内向旅客发出通告。Also, a flight delay is defined according to the time when the chocks are removed from wheels, or when an airplane is y to take off.此外,航班延误取决于撤轮挡时间,即飞机准备起飞的时间。Li said that the new rules, which are Chinas first on flight delays, are expected to help ease severe flight delays in the sector.李晓津教授说道,这一首个关于航班延误的新规,预计将有助于缓解严重的航班延误。Nearly one-third of Chinese flights were delayed in 2015, and air traffic control measures were the biggest drag on flights, accounting for 30.7 percent of air delays last year, reports of Civil Aviation Administration of China showed.根据中国民航总局的报告显示,2015年有近三分之一的中国航班延误,而空中交通管制措施是飞行中的最大阻力,占去年航班延误的30.7%。来 /201607/457407青岛/诺德医院减肥手术多少钱 青岛注射隆胸医院排行

青岛美容冠多少钱South Koreas Yonhap news agency says it has learned from intelligence sources that North Korea has recently ordered the adult children of its overseas diplomats to return home.韩联社说,它从情报来源处获悉,朝鲜最近下令其所有海外外交官的成年子女回囀?The sources say officials with South Koreas spy agency, the National Intelligence Service, told a parliamentary oversight committee in a closed door session that Pyongyang issued the return order for all diplomats children 25 years old and older , as part of an apparent effort to stop potential defections.消息人士说,韩国情报机构“国家情报院”的官员在一个闭门会议上对一个国会监督委员会说,平壤颁布了一道命令,要求所有年龄在25岁及以上的外交官子女回国,很明显这是为了阻止有可能出现的叛逃的措施之一。But a parliamentary source told Yonhap it is believed the order did not directly cause the recent defection of Thae Yong Ho, North Koreas second ranking official in Britain. The source says it is likely that Thae ;had been seeking a chance to leave for some time.;但是,韩国国会的一位消息人士告诉韩联社,据信该命令没有直接导致韩国驻英国大使馆二号人物太勇浩的投诚。该消息人士认为,太勇浩很可能“伺机离开已经有一段时间了”。来 /201608/462364 黄岛区中医医院口腔美容中心在青岛市中心医院激光美容




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