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Cologne is one of the most classic and stylish perfumes, and now you can make your own cologne. Just follow the simple recipe in this !古龙水是最经典而时髦的香水,而现在你可以自己动手制作了。遵循这段视频中简单的配方就可以了!Today, Im going to show you how to make cologne. This is a traditional cologne recipe that well be using today, and youll need the following things: youll need perfumers alcohol, were going to be using bergamot, lemon, petit grain, lavender and rosemary for your cologne fragrance. Youll also need distilled water, a beaker, a glass stirring rod and a clean spray bottle, this is a 30 ml one, that well be using today.今天,我来向大家展示如何制作古龙水。今天我们使用的是传统的古龙水配方。你需要以下材料:香料制造人的酒精,佛手柑,柠檬,小粒谷子,薰衣草和迷迭香,这些成分形成古龙水的香味。还需要蒸馏水,烧杯,玻璃搅拌棒和干净的喷瓶。我们今天使用的喷瓶容量为30毫升。So, were going to take 26 ml of perfumers alcohol and pour that into our beaker, were going to use this as the base of our cologne. Now, start by taking 20 drops of bergamot oil and adding that to our beaker. Next, were going to use 6 drops of lemon, 2 drops of petit grain, 1 drop of lavender and finally 1 drop rosemary essential oil.现在,我们量取26毫升酒精倒入烧杯中,这是我们的古龙水的基本成分。现在,取20滴佛手柑油,加入烧杯中。接下来,加入6滴柠檬,2滴谷物,1滴薰衣草和1滴迷迭香精油。Now, were going to give that a stir and then add 1 ml of distilled water, give that another stir, and your cologne is y to pour into your bottle. Now, place your cap and give it bit of a shake. And now, your cologne is y to use and thats how you make cologne.现在用搅拌棒搅拌,加入1毫升蒸馏水,再搅拌一下,现在你的古龙水做好了,可以倒入瓶子里了。盖好盖子,轻轻摇晃一下。现在,你的古龙水就准备好了。Thanks for watching How To Make Your Own Cologne.感谢收看“如何自己制作古龙水”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201309/256687。

  • Adidas CEO lays out World Cup game plan Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer discusses its World Cup marketing campaign.CEO Herbert Hainer joins us now live from Germany and the involvement really begins with this, doesn’t it?Oh yeah, I’m absolutely excited about the world cup, I’ve just been there for a few days and could see the atmosphere in the stadium, in the country, the fans are brilliant, not only from Brazil, from all over the world. And what I have seen, all the fans in the US are enjoying soccer very much.Now you’ve done some interesting things with the Brazuca and social media, the goal pro comes to mind, tell me more about that.Yeah, we have for the first time, put the team, a communication team directly into Rio de Janeiro, we have 25 people are sitting there permanently discussing and connecting with our consumers via Twitter, Facebook et cetera. And obviously we have twitter account for Ball Brazuca as well. And there’s in the meantime over 2 million followers, which is quite a success.Let’s talk numbers for a moment, what kind of revenue has the World Cup generated for Adidas, break that down for me.Could we have given ourselves an objective for the whole year of 2014 that we want for the first time to achieve. /201407/309128。
  • Sophie Mitchell, Claudia Schiffers former personal chef, dishes out tips on what food can make your skin glow. Learn how to look good through food. This film certainly requires some food for thought!苏菲·米歇尔是超模克劳迪娅·希弗(Claudia Schiffer)的前私人厨师,她列举出了哪些食物可以让你的肌肤散发出光。学习一下怎样通过食物吃出美丽。这段视频需要你考虑某些食物。Step 1: Edible beauty.1.可食用的美食产品Now as you walk down the aisle of your local shop you’re probably looking at the food thinking, which of these foods are going to taste good in my belly? But maybe its time you got just a little more imaginative and embraced the world of edible beauty. There are so many foods out there that when you sp on your skin can actually improve your looks. But which are the best ones? Well, with me I have TV chef Sophia Michelle. Sophia, how are you? Very well thank you, how are you? Marvelous, now which are the ones we should be looking at?现在,在当地商场的走廊里徘徊的时候,你可能会看着琳琅满目的食物思考,哪些食物比较美味?但是或许你应该更充满想象力一点,拥抱这个可以食用的美容产品世界。许多种食物抹在皮肤上可以改善肌肤状况,但是哪一种最好呢?我们邀请到了电视厨师苏菲·米歇尔。苏菲,你好。非常感谢你。非常叹为观止,我们应该选择哪些食品呢?Step 2: Avocado face packs.2.鳄梨面膜Well you can use lots of different foodstuffs actually, but a favorite one is avocado face pack. Its full of vitamin E and full of all good fats for your skin. Basically to make this, take samples, get nice white ones, similar to making guacamole. Mash it up with 2 teaspoons of plain natural yogurt and a teaspoon of runny honey. Combine and chill it in the frig for about an hour. Then sp a thick layer on your face and leave it for about ten minutes before rinsing off. It looks a bit shocking but I can promise you it’s a great finish. And it basically gets your skin really plumped up and lovely moisturized.你可以使用许多食品,但是最好的一种就是鳄梨面膜。鳄梨中含有丰富的维他命E和对皮肤有益的脂肪。要制作鳄梨面霜,可以选择比较白的,就好像制作鳄梨沙拉酱一样。将鳄梨磨碎,加入2茶匙普通的天然酸奶和1茶匙蜂蜜。混合均匀,放入冰箱中冷冻大约1小时。然后在脸上涂抹厚厚的一层,十分钟后清洗。看上去或许有点令人震惊,但是我向你保,效果非常好。你的皮肤会非常丰满水润。Step 3: Milk eye refreshener.3.牛奶眼睛清新剂Now what other tips have you got? Well there’s another one which is really really quick and easy. You just soak cotton wool in milk, chill it and then put it over your eyes for about ten minutes. And again, it is kind of a milk eye refresher and it really clears up puffy eyes and reduces swelling. And this is great if you had a late night the night before.你还有什么其他建议?还有一种非常简便快捷的美容方法。把棉球浸入牛奶中,冷冻,然后放在眼睛上大约十分钟。这是一种非常棒的眼睛清新剂,可以让肿胀的眼睛恢复明亮并消肿。如果你前一天晚上入睡比较晚的话,这种方法非常有效。Step 4: Influencing the beauty industry.4.影响美容行业Now edible beauty in general, it really is kind of influencing the beauty industry isn’t it? Yeah, absolutely. I’m a very girly girl, I love fashion, I love beauty and obviously food is also a passion of mine. So I work at Tesco on a new range of bath and beauty products which are inspired by two favorite deserts, cinnamon sticks and vanilla crème and they really are kind of an indulgence without calories. You feel lovely with really beautiful creams which glistens and sparkles for the night out. It’s a great range; I’m very excited about all of them. But you can’t eat them, can you? No you can’t but it looks like you can and they smell like you can but I wouldn’t.现在,可以吃的美容产品正在影响美容行业,不是吗?是的,当然。我是一个非常具有少女情怀的女孩,我喜爱时尚,我喜爱美容,食物也是我孜孜不倦的追求。所以,我在Tesco工作,研究最新系列的一种沐浴和美容产品,主要有两种甜点构成,肉桂棒和香草冰激凌,如果不含那么多热量的话,这两种食品简直是人见人爱。夜晚,手里拿着闪闪发光散发着诱人味道的冰激凌外出是最好不过的事情了。整个系列都非常不错,我非常喜欢。但是你不能吃,对吗?是的,不能,但是看上去和闻上去你都可以吃,不过我不会吃。Step 5: Oatmeal face pack5.燕麦面膜Now another tip, I believe involves oatmeal, is that right? Yes with oatmeal, but again, they don’t look very glamorous when you put them on but the results are great. You just mix equal parts of oatmeal with honey and yogurt and put it on your face again. This is kind of an exfoliant too because it has the oatmeal in it. Leave it for about ten minutes and remove it with a cotton ball and a bit of warm water, splash it off. It really wakes up tired skin; this is one I’d use about once a week really.另外一条建议,我相信肯定和燕麦有关,对吗?再次说明,当你把燕麦敷在脸上的时候,看上去并不那么好,但是效果却非常棒。将等量的燕麦,蜂蜜和酸奶混合,敷在脸上就可以了。这种面膜也有去角质的作用,因为里面含有燕麦。十分钟后用棉球和一点温水擦掉。这种面膜非常适用干性皮肤,我几乎每周使用一次。Step 6: Theres always time.6.时间总是有的So that’s avocado, milk and oatmeal are the one we should be looking at. Yes. Now do you think its too late for me? There’s always time, there’s always time. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Fantastic, now you know exactly what you need to be putting in your shopping basket if you want to help yourself look just a little bit younger.也就是说我们可以把眼光集中在鳄梨,牛奶和燕麦上。是的。你认为对我来说太迟了吗?时间就像海绵里的水,挤挤总会有的。这就是我最想听到的。非常棒,如果你想要看上去更加年轻一点,你知道去超市时应该买什么食物了。Thanks for watching How To Make Yourself Beautiful With Food.感谢收看“让食物帮你变得更加年轻美丽”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/251216。
  • The French took the stone as a cultural trophy of war, but it never made it back to Paris.法国人将石碑视作自己的战利品,却从未能将其成功地运回巴黎。Pursued by Nelson, Napoleon was defeated, and in 1801 the terms of the Treaty of Alexandria, signed by the French, British and Egyptian generals, included the handing over of antiquities-and the Rosetta Stone was one of them.在尼罗河河口海战中,纳尔逊勋爵打败了法国舰队,拿破仑拋下军队独自回到法国。1801年,法国向英国与埃及的将领投降。之后签署的亚历山大协议要求法国人交出一切文物,其中便包括罗塞塔石碑。Most books will tell you that there are three languages on the Rosetta Stone, but if you look on the broken side, you can see that in fact there are four.许多书籍都会告诉你—就像我刚才说的一样—罗塞塔石碑上共有三种文字。但如果查看石碑断面,你便会发现第四种。Because there, stencilled on in English, you can : ;CAPTURED BY THE BRITISH ARMY IN 1801; PRESENTED BY KING GEORGE III;.上面用英文写着“1801,英国军队获于埃及”以及(在另一处)“英王乔治三世赠”。Nothing could make it clearer that if the text on the front of the stone is about the first European empire in Africa, Alexander the Greats, the finding of the stone stands at the beginning of another European adventure-the bitter rivalry between Britain and France for dominance in the Middle East and in Africa, which had continued from Napoleon until the Second World War.石碑表面的文字记载了非洲土地上第一个欧洲帝国—亚历山大 帝国—的故事,而石碑的重新发现又恰逢新的欧洲列强争夺战的开端:英法争夺中东与非洲统治权的斗争,从拿破仑时期一直延续到二战。We asked the Egyptian writer Ahdaf Soueif for her view of this history:我曾询问埃及作家阿达法苏维夫对这段历史的看法。;This stone so makes me think of how often Egypt has been the theatre of other peoples battles.罗塞塔石碑让我想起埃及如何频繁地成为别国战争的舞台。Its one of the earliest objects through which you can trace Western colonial interest in Egypt, because of course it was found by the French in the context of Napoleons invasion of the country, and then appropriated by the British when they defeated him, and the French and the British argued over it.No-one seems to have considered that it belonged to neither of them.这是最古老的能表现欧洲在埃及攫取殖民利益的物品之一。在英法两国为它的归属权争论不休时,似乎没有人想过石碑其实不属于他们中的任何一位。201411/342098。
  • Its Silva, Dzeko is there, its in!席尔瓦传中,哲科在那儿,进球了!City got a goal back!Its Dzeko! Game on!曼城扳平!哲科!比赛继续!重点词汇: on 继续(下去)例句:The game is going on.比赛将继续进行。 视频介绍:曼城在伤停补时阶段由哲科打入一球,他们离冠军还有一个进球的距离,然而时间只剩下不到3分钟了。201404/285691。
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