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双语新闻:俄罗斯国家杜马通过大赦令 --1 ::50 来源: 双语新闻:俄罗斯国家杜马通过大赦令Russian MPs have backed an amnesty that may include some of the country's best-known prisoners including Pussy Riot and the Greenpeace Arctic protesters.The State Duma in Moscow unanimously approved the law at its third ing and it is expected to come into ce within days.It covers at least ,000 prisoners, including minors, invalids, veterans, pregnant women, and mothers.Charges against 30 people arrested on a Greenpeace ship may be dropped.The 30 mostly eign nationals were recently released from custody but not allowed to leave Russia.Two members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot, Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, were jailed in hooliganism motivated by religious hatred after perming an anti-Kremlin protest song in Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.They are due to be released three months from now in any case.Others who may be freed include some, but not all, of the political protesters arrested during clashes with police after Vladimir Putin's inauguration as Russian president a third term last year.One prisoner who will not be affected by the amnesty is mer oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who is due release next August after serving a reduced sentence theft.It is also unlikely that opposition leader Alexei Navalny will have his recent five-year suspended sentence theft quashed.The amnesty marks the th anniversary of Russia's post-Soviet constitution. It will take effect once it is published but the releases are expected to take place over six months.据英国广播公司月18日报道,俄罗斯国家杜马三读全体通过了一项大赦令,朋克乐队“暴动小猫”(Pussy Riot)成员和绿色和平组织北极示威者等囚犯有望获释法令有望在几天内生效,将影响万多人,其中包括包括未成年人、残疾人、退伍军人、妇和母亲俄罗斯当局可能取消对30名绿色和平组织北极示威者的指控,这30人中大多数是外籍人士,最近已被释放,但尚不许离开俄罗斯境内俄罗斯朋克乐队“暴动小猫”的两名成员玛丽亚?阿列希娜和娜杰日达?托罗孔尼科娃预计3月后将获释她们于年被监禁,罪名是冒犯宗教信徒和“流氓行为”,起因是她们在莫斯科救世主大教堂演唱反克里姆林宫的歌曲此外,去年普京第三任期就职典礼时曾与警察发生冲突的部分示威者也将获释不受大赦影响的囚犯包括因盗窃国有资产被判刑的俄罗斯前石油寡头米哈伊尔?霍多尔科夫斯基,还有因涉嫌挪用公款和欺诈被判有期徒刑五年的反对派领袖人物阿列克谢?纳尔瓦尼此次特赦是为了纪念俄罗斯在后苏联时代的宪法周年特赦令一旦颁布就立即生效,但释放囚犯的过程预计会超过6个月。

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译文:准王妃凯特忍痛辞职 专心忙皇室婚礼 -- :: 来源: 译文:准王妃凯特忍痛辞职 专心忙皇室婚礼Mrs Windsor-to-be Kate Middleton has left her job at her family‘s online party supplies firm to prepare her wedding to Prince William, a royal aide has confirmed. The future princess quit as Party Pieces’ project manager to ‘concentrate full-time on preparing to become a member of the royal family,’ the spokesman said. She worked as a website designer and photographer her parents‘ Party Pieces website.随着威廉与凯特的婚期日益临近,这位老太太伊丽莎白二世的“准孙媳妇”除了应对每天轮番“轰炸”的媒体,还要积极参与婚礼筹备的所有细节,忙得焦头烂额的凯特由于本身已经在父母开办的邮购公司“聚会宝贝”(party pieces)工作,分身乏术的她不得不辞掉自己的“老本行”(邮购公司网站设计师)的工作,投入到“新本行”(王妃)工作中据悉,凯特本身的工作其实也是一波三折,原本老太太一丽莎白二世“嫌弃”凯特没有一份固定工作,凯特几个月前才正式帮助父母打理家族生意的,谁知道,人算不如天算:凯特的确没想到,当王妃真累,专心当王妃更累!Royal aides confirmed she stepped down on Friday, one saying, ’She has handed over her work to colleagues and is now preparing her future life.‘ She is now dividing her time between her parents’ home and Prince William‘s cottage on the island of Anglesey, North Wales, near the Royal Air ce base where the prince works as a search and rescue pilot. The Queen is said to be keen the couple to stay out of the spotlight the first two years of their marriage, while William continues his career with the RAF.皇室发言人说:“凯特已经正式辞掉家族企业的工作,全身心投入到婚礼筹备过程中,准备当一名合格的皇室成员!就我所知,她已经把工作转接给同事,所有在工作交接上的事宜已经妥当办理完成”据悉,凯特目前已经属于“无业”人员,但是她还是十分忙碌她的“工作”就是娘家和婆婆家两头跑,为了使得家庭成员之间的关系更加和谐,贴心的凯特把她全部的生活时间分成两部分,一部分分给自己的父母,一部分给未来的老公威廉据透露,女王伊丽莎白二世被问到如何看待威廉与凯特的感情时,她说道:“这对新人现在被仔追得连喘气的时间都没有,我要恳请媒体放过他们,给他们在新婚年中一点隐私的空间!”According to one friend, Kate, who helped organise parties in her mer guise, has taken on the role of wedding planner with ’gusto and energy‘ The friend, who was ed in Hello! magazine, said: ’Catherine is a naturally creative individual and has spent her professional life in the creative industries having worked at Jigsaw, then as a website designer, photographer, marketer and events organiser. Skills she has built up in her working life translate naturally to organising a wedding.凯特的闺蜜在hello杂志上大曝凯特筹备婚礼的情况,她说:“凯特天生就是当王妃的料,她毕业后做过网站设计师、摄影师、市场调查员、还有活动策划,这些在凯特生活中拥有过闪光点的职业都会帮助她顺顺利利完成与威廉的婚礼,我觉得她策划和威廉的婚礼根本就是小菜一碟!”。

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