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2019年09月19日 21:39:01 | 作者:京东分享 | 来源:新华社
专八英语写作必备经典句子:大学生打工现象 :35: 1. There is a general debate on the campus today over the phenomenon of college or high school students' doing a parttime job.对于大学或高中生打工这一现象,校园里进行着广泛的争论 . By taking a majorrelated partjob, students can not only improve their academic studies, but gain much experience, experience they will never be able to get from the textbooks.通过做一份和专业相关的工作,学生不仅能够提高他们的专业能力,而且能获得从课本上得不到的经验3. Although people’s lives have been dramatically changed over the last decades, it must be admitted that, shortage of funds is still the one of the biggest questions that students nowadays have to face because that tuition fees and prices of books are soaring by the day.近几十年,尽管人们的生活有了惊人的改变,但必须承认,由于学费和书费日益飞涨,资金短缺仍然是学生们面临的最大问题之一. Consequently, the extra money obtained from parttime job will strongly support students to continue to their study life.,业余工作挣来的钱将强有力地持学生们继续他们的求学生活5. From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw a conclusion that parttime job can produce a farreaching impact on students and they should be encouraged to take parttime job, which will benefit students and their family, even the society as a whole.通过上面的讨论,我们不难得出结论:业余工作对学生们会产生深远的影响,我们应鼓励学生从事业余工作,这将有利于学生和他们的家庭,甚至整个社会6. These days, people in growing numbers are beginning to complain that work is more stressful and less leisurely than in past. Many experts point out that, along with the development of modern society, it is an inevitable result and there is no way to avoid it.现在,越来越多的人们开始抱怨工作比以前更有压力许多专家指出这是现代社会发展必然的结果,无法避免7. It is widely acknowledged that computer and other machines have become an indispensable part of our society, which make our life and work more comtable and less laborious.人们普遍认为计算机和其他机器已经成为我们社会必不可少的一部分 它们使我们的生活更舒适,减少了大量劳动8. At the same time, along with the benefits of such machines, employees must study knowledge involved in such machines so that they are able to control them.同时,随着这些机器带给我们的好处,员工们也必须要学习与之相关的知识以便使用它们9. No one can deny the basic fact that it is impossible average workers to master those hightechnology skills easily.没有人能否认这一基本事实:对于一般工人来讲,轻松掌握这些技术是不可能的. In the second place, there seem to be too many people without job and not enough job position.第二方面,失业的人似乎太多而又没有足够的工作岗位Kim Seokkyun, head of the South Korean Coast Guard, told reporters that divers will go into the restaurant and compartments from 3 p.m. local time to search possible survivors.沉迷社交媒体会使你痛苦CCTV9英语新闻:日本为捕猎海豚辩护 0 :19:0 CCTV9英语新闻:日本为捕猎海豚辩护 Japan defends dolphin hunt after US criticismThis year’s dolphin hunt is on in a western Japanese town, which has come under international criticism. A Japanese government official has defended the annual hunt as a m of traditional fishing. He was responding after the US Ambassador to Japan tweeted that she was deeply concerned by the inhumanity of the practice. We warn that some viewers may find the images disturbing.The annual dolphin hunt reddens the waters in the picturesque town of Taiji. More than 50 bottle nose dolphins were driven into a secluded bay, and selected sale to marine parks or killed meat. The release of an Oscarwinning documentary, "The Cove", made the hunt infamous. Japan has always claimed it’s part of their tradition."The whale and dolphin have always been part of Taiji culture. I hope people in other countries could understand." said Hiroshi Nakajima, Taiji Museum Visitor.The US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, tweeted on Saturday that she was "deeply concerned by inhumanness of drive hunt dolphin killing", and also said Washington opposes drive hunt fisheries. Japanese Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga defended the practice."Dolphin fishing is one of traditional ms of our country and is carried out appropriately in accordance with the law. The dolphin is not covered by the International Whaling Commission control and it’s controlled under the responsibility of each country. In any case, we will explain Japan’s position to the American side." said Yoshihide Suga, Japanese Cabinet Secretary.But animal protection groups say dolphin hunting in Taiji is mainly about money."Bpttle nose is very valuable. They can be trained to do tricks human entertainment and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars...It’s very profitable Taiji." said Melissa Sehgal, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.Sea Shepherd is streaming live foottage of the Taiji cove, showing fishermen on several boats rounding up the dolphins inside the bay and stabbing them with long harpoons.The whole bloody process lasts nearly 30 minutes. It’s a sight that the Japanese government tries to prevent journalists from covering. And the controversy isn’t likely to go away.US Ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, tweeted on Saturday that she was "deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing", and also said the US government opposed drive hunt fisheries.

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USbrokered talks between the two sides have made little visible progress since they resumed in July after a threeyear hiatus with a goal of reaching an agreement within nine months.



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