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a big apple --1 :59:31 来源: a big apple  i have a big apple i am very like it. it coler is red and yellow and green.  do you now how is it? yes,it's me.上海市第一人民医院宝山分院做双眼皮手术价格放松-- :5:   洋话连篇口语课堂上,老师请一位学员来回答一个问题,但心情紧张的学员说得语无伦次,老师笑着对他说:"Kict it!"心情紧张的学员不安地问:"'Kict it'是'踢它'的意思吗?"老师:"No,'Kick'确是'踢'的意思,但这个字在美式俚语里头有许多不同的解释,它可以用来指'刺激'、'兴奋'等,但在这里是当动词用,意指'放松身心'如果你觉得太紧张、压力太大了,那你就应该'Kict it'(放松)一定要学会并应用它哟"上海去鱼尾纹Our Mother Is the Same 我们的妈妈是一样的 --19 :59:9 来源: Our Mother Is the Same 我们的妈妈是一样的  Li Hua and Li Li are twins. They look the same, and they are in the same class. Li Hua works hard, but Li Li doesn't like to study.  One day, Mill Liu, the Chinese teacher, asked her students to write a composition "My Mother". After supper Li Hua wrote it carefully, while Li Li watched TV two hours. Then she took Li Hua's composition and copied it quickly.  The next day Miss Liu asked Li Li, "Why is your composition the same as Li Hua's?" "Yes, of course," answered Li LI, "because our mother is the same."  李华和李丽是双胞胎她们长得很像,还在同一个班李华学习很用功,可是李丽不喜欢学习  一天,语文老师刘老师让她的学生写一篇题目为“我的妈妈”的作文晚饭后,李华认真的写了作文,而李丽看了两个小时的电视然后她拿出李华的作文,迅速的照抄一遍  第二天刘老师问李丽,“为什么你的作文同李华的一样?”“是的,当然了,”李丽答道,“因为我们的妈妈是一样的”让我们帮助她(lets help her) -- :00: 来源: 让我们帮助她(lets help her)  li mei is a new comer to our class. she is short and thin. she looks quite and unhappy. and then we know her story.  li mei has no mother, and her father is ill in bed. she also has a 70-year-old grandmother. they are living a poor life.  as soon as we knew about it, we all quickly started to do something her. at first, mr ma, our english teacher, gave her 300 yuan. then gao wen gave her some new clothes. at last, we decided that everyone will save 5 yuan her family every month. we often visit her father and help her do the housework. there is a smile on her face now.    李梅是刚到我班的新生她个子矮矮的,瘦瘦的,看起来寡言少语很不开心后来我们知道了她的经历  李梅没有母亲,她父亲因病卧床不起,家里还有七十岁的老奶奶他们的生活很艰苦  我们一知道这件事后便马上开始为她做些事,开始我们英语老师马老师给了她300元,后来高雯送了她一些新衣最后我们决定每人每月给她家节省5元钱我们常去看她爸爸,并帮她做些家务活现在她的脸上出现笑容了上海洗纹身多少钱

玫瑰文爱克脂肪填充失败修复上海附属医院减肥瘦身多少钱一则口头通知 A Verbal Notice -- ::53 来源: Hello, everyone! MayI have your attention, please? We will have an outing this weekend, and we willgo to the People’s Park to have a picnic. Please prepare your food and snacksbee Saturday. I will go to the market to buy some on Friday. We will gothere by bus at 8:30. Please gather together at the school gate at a quarter passeight. That’s all. Thank you!大家好!请注意,这个周末我们将举行一次郊游我们会到人民公园野餐,请大家在星期六前准备好食物和零食我会在星期五到超市买些东西我们将会乘坐公共汽车去,请大家8:分在学校门口集合谢谢!泾川王母宫英文导游词 -- ::0 来源: 泾川王母宫英文导游词王母宫位于甘肃泾川回山之上,据传,泾川是西王母的出生地,起源地Good morning, my friends. We are in Jing Chuan County now, 70 kilometers southwest of Pingliang city. This county, a very important stopover on No.3 National Road, is 0 kilometers from Xi’an and 00 kilometers from Lanzhou. It has a total area of 19 square kilometers, a total population of about 300,000 and all together 7 nationalities, including Han, Moslem, an and so on. This place got its name because Jing River is running through it. Five thousand years ago, our ancestors had lived here and increased gradually in number. The long and brilliant history brought up this splendid and colorful culture. Many famous politicians, generals, writers and calligraphers once were brought up, trained and matured in this piece of land. Jing Chuan is the place of origin of West Goddess. It is said that this is the earliest place where West Goddess descended to the earth, which makes it the place where historical remains of West Goddess culture preserved best, completely and most abundantly. In the fairy tales of remote ages, West Goddess is a great god in heaven, a Human Being God, who will not die five thousand years and governs the West Heaven. Furthermore, West Goddess is the proper name female clan chief of matriarchal clan tribe of Rong minority ethnic group in the west of china. Until the Tang dynasty, Jing Chuan had been the holy land of West Goddess approved by Chinese people. Goddess Temple on Huizhong Mountain in Jing Chuan is the earliest and largest goddess ancestral temple of this kind, which was firstly constructed in Yuan Feng period of Emperor Wu reign in the Western Han dynasty. West Goddess Temple today were rebuilt under the help of Taoism disciples in the early times of 1990s, with the front side of the main hall facing to the east and the back side to the west. In 199, a team of disciples from Taiwan went on pilgrimage West Goddess and took some photos of goddess’s icon. After they returned to Taiwan, they did a lot of checking and verifying works and finally drew a conclusion that Huizhong Mountain is the right place of origin of West Goddess. In lunar calendar, the grand fair of West Goddess was held on March th every year. In 1999, the International Folk Customs Association of Asia and the Chinese Folk Customs Association granted it the name of a key national folk customs culture scenery spot. West Goddess Temple Grotto lies at the foot of Huizhong Mountain, a well-known Buddhism grotto at home and abroad and a key cultural relics protected by provincial government. It was cut in 5 AD in the Northern Wei dynasty, with a history of more than 00 years. This grotto is grand on scale and magnificent in decoration. Through successive ages, the grotto had been being supplemented and kept in good repair to the present dimension. The Central Pillar is the quintessence in the grotto. On all the sides of the pagoda pillar and the three sides of grotto walls, stone statues were cut and ornaments were stick to. After entering the grotto, there is a sitting Buddha statue with a height of meters, engraved in the Tang dynasty and dyed on one surface in the Ming dynasty. All the statues show very vivid postures, easy and smooth vigor of style in engraving, so they have great art value and historical value. 泾川王母宫 英文导游词普陀区妇幼保健医院做抽脂手术价格口语:让人“审美疲劳”的大套话-- :6:3 你以为牛津学者都是没有幽默感的书呆子,“非也”,最近一些牛津学者列举出了“个最烦人的英语套话”这大词汇是从“牛津语料库”中提取出来的,它们都是被严重滥用的流行词汇这个巨大的数据库监视着那些新兴的流行词汇,并删去那些可以“退休”的低频词汇,数据来源包括书籍、杂志、广播和互联网等等让人“审美疲劳”的大套话:1 - At the end of the day (最后) - Fairly unique (相当独特)3 - I personally (我个人...) - At this moment in time (此时此刻)5 - With all due respect (恕我直言)6 - Absolutely (绝对)7 - It's a nightmare (真是个噩梦)8 - Shouldn't of (不该...)9 - 7 (全天小时) - It's not rocket science (显而易见的)徐汇区妇幼保健医院打瘦腿针的费用

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