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New York Metropolitan Opera halted an afternoon permance after an audience member sprinkled what is suspected to be cremated ashes on to the orchestra.在纽约大都会歌剧院内一名观众突然向舞台上表演的乐队撒骨灰之后,当天下午的表演也被暂停The incident happened during an intermission of Guillaume Tell, prompting anti-terror s to enter the Lincoln Center venue.这起事件发生在歌剧《威廉·退尔表演歇场之时,此举还导致反恐部队进入了林肯中心会场Several audience members said a man told them he was there to release the ashes of a friend, police said.据警方透露,几名观众称当时现场一名男子告诉他们说,他来这里的目的是要撒他朋友的骨灰The man has been identified and the authorities are trying to reach him.目前这名男子的身份已经被确定了,当局正在试图抓捕他Cultural venues in New York are on alert potential threats following the 9 attacks and the sprinkling of the unknown material caused the opera house to be evacuated.自从9恐怖袭击事件之后,纽约的文化场馆都在警惕着潜在的威胁,而此次由于这名男子在歌剧院挥撒不明物质,导致了该歌剧院的人群被紧急疏散The show was cancelled, as was the night permance of LItaliana in Algeri, while police investigated.由于警方在进行调查,下午的表演和预定晚上演出的《阿尔及尔的意大利女郎也被取消了John Miller, the New York Police Department deputy commissioner in charge of intelligence and counterterrorism, said that while disposing of ashes may violate city codes ;I dont believe at this point that we see any criminal intent here;.负责情报和反恐事务的纽约警察局副局长约翰·米勒表示,尽管撒骨灰可能违反了纽约市的法规,但是“我不认为这起案件中有任何犯罪企图”Some of those attending said they were particularly sad to miss the fourth act of Guillaume Tell, which is considered to have the best music in the opera.一些观众则表示,他们对错过了《威廉·退尔的第四幕感到非常难过,因为那部分有整部歌剧中最好听的音乐 857。

The Old Man of Storm rock mation on the Isle of Skye.在天空岛上形成的“风暴中的老人”之石 3997。

地球人都知道,蒙古国有一南一北两个邻邦第一个邻邦当然是是俄国来到乌兰巴托,在大街上这么放眼一望,就看出来了除了时不时迎面走过来的俄罗斯汉子外,这里所有建筑上的文字标识看上去都像是俄文字母 0190。

A pensioner has found a novel use an old red telephone box, turning it into a lavatory.英国一位退休老人近日极富创意地将一座陈旧的红色电话亭改造成一间室外卫生间John Long, 73, spent months converting the cubicle into a loo after finding the disused box in a reclamation yard in Carhampton, Somerset.73岁的约翰#86;朗在萨默塞特郡卡汉普顿的回收区发现了这个废弃的电话亭,之后花费数月时间把它打造成了卫生间The retired salesman, from Taunton, Somerset, fitted the telephone box with a porcelain lavatory pan, hand basin, high-level cistern, frosted glass panes, a heater and a red tennis ball on the end of the lavatory chain.来自萨默塞特郡陶顿的退休推销员约翰#86;朗在电话亭中安装了一个陶瓷马桶、一个洗手盆、一个高位水箱、磨砂玻璃板、和一个热水器,此外还在冲水绳的末端系了一个红色网球 13。

导读:做为一种“民间”智慧,谚语算是言简意赅的典范让我们和Jane与Adams一起看看这些谚语讲了什么样的人生道理吧Jane: Adams, 你画画学得怎么样了?Adams: 哎,别提了老师让我 "Creep bee you walk" (先学走,再学爬)Jane: 哈哈的确是这样,基本功很重要Adams: 是怪我太冒进Covetousness is the root of all evil! (贪婪是万恶之源)对了,你的论文写完了没?Jane: 没呢,前两天电脑坏了,搞得今晚要赶论文了Adams: A bad workman always blames his tools. (坏工匠总埋怨自己的工具不好)Jane: 这话我怎么这么不爱听呢,果真是 Advice when most needed is least heeded (忠言逆耳)不过确实是因为之前玩得太欢,As you brew, so must you drink!(自作自受)Adams: 现在努力还来得及,加油,God helps those who helped themselves! (自助者天助)Jane: 嗯,你也要坚持学画,记住 Every little helps(积少成多)一定阶段后就会 Nothing succeeds like success (一顺百顺)!。

I'll box your ears! Angry mother kangaroo pictured telling off her naughty joey打你耳光!生气的袋鼠妈妈被拍到教训淘气幼崽 This cheeky young kangaroo won't be misbehaving again after what looked like a stern telling off from his long-suffering mum. 这只顽皮的小袋鼠看起来被好脾气的妈妈严厉地批评了一顿,估计下次再也不敢不守规矩咯! In an uncannily human-like show of emotion, the female appears to dish out some tough love to her offspring. 这只雌性袋鼠表现出了让人诧异的人类情感:对子女严厉的爱 She is seen grabbing the joey by the shoulders in what looks like an attempt to catch his attention. 袋鼠妈妈被拍到抓着小袋鼠的肩膀,看起来是想引起小袋鼠的注意 In other pictures, she towers menacingly above the startled youngster and even appears to point a warning finger at him as he squirms out of her pouch. 在其他的照片中,袋鼠妈妈面带怒容居高临下地盯着小袋鼠,小袋鼠看起来明显被吓呆了这还不算,在小袋鼠扭动着身体想要爬出育儿袋的时候,袋鼠妈妈伸出手指,明显是在警告小袋鼠:妈妈很生气! The scene between mother and baby were caught on camera by John Eastcott and Yva Momatiuk. 袋鼠妈妈和宝宝之间有趣的这一幕被John Eastcott 和Yva Momatiuk夫妇的摄像镜头捕捉到了 The married couple, from the Catskill Mountains, in New York State, America, were visiting the Yuraygir National Park in New South Wales, Australia. 这对夫妇来自美国纽约州的卡茨基尔山地区,他们当时是在澳大利亚新南威尔士州的尤瑞格国家公园旅行 And they were lucky enough to find this Eastern Grey kangaroo female with her offspring. 他们真的够幸运,能发现东部灰袋鼠妈妈和她的孩子 Yva said: "This was one of two females with young joeys. The mothers were grazing in short grass and periodically resting, while the babies kept sticking their heads and legs out of the pouches." Yva说道:“我们遇到了两只带着幼崽的袋鼠妈妈,当时他们在草丛中吃草并短暂休息,袋鼠宝宝们不断地把脑袋和腿伸出育儿袋” "The scene was very peaceful and had a special intimacy—mamas and babies enjoying a warm day in the sun. We stayed with the kangaroos all day and when evening came the action got more vigorous." 她接着说道:“这一幕非常的和谐,有一种特别的亲密感妈妈和宝宝一起享受温暖的阳光我们和袋鼠们待了一整天到夜晚降临的时候,它们的行动表示地精力充沛” 75。

New years inspire us to get organized, but we often fall short of our lofty goals because we get that January can be just as busy as other months of the year. This year can be different. Even if you only have minutes a day, these 7 tips will help you start the year off right.  新年激发我们将所有东西都安排得井然有序,但我们经常都会无法实现我们的“宏伟”目标,因为我们忘记了,我们在一月会和一年中的其他月份一样忙碌不过今年会大不相同,即使你每天只有 分钟的时间,这七个贴士也能帮助你在今年有一个良好的开端   Office   Start at one area in your office and make your way around the room. Sort loose papers into piles: file, shred, and recycle.  办公室 从办公室的一个区域开始,一点一点打扫整个办公室将散页分类整理成堆:“文件”、“废物”以及“回收利用” 0195687。