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One couple glad Idol finished有人欢喜有人忧:美国夫妇饱受“偶像”投票电话骚扰Amercian Idol .There's at least one couple who isn't upset that America's most popular TV show "Idol" has finished its fifth season.Dorothy and Jerry Few are tired of getting calls from people who believe they're phoning in a vote for their favorite "American Idol" contestant."It's aggravating when it happens," said Dorothy Few, 74, who didn't watch the show that crowned Taylor Hicks its latest winner Wednesday night. "I hate when somebody calls and hangs up."During the show's season, from late February through May, viewers can call national toll-free numbers to cast their votes for their favorite contestant.The Fews' phone number closely resembles the toll-free number Fox uses to let viewers vote for their favorite contestants. The voting lines begin 1-866-436-57XX - or 1-866-IDOLSXX - with the last two digits corresponding to a singer.Ethel Boling, 79, also has phone number with the 866 prefix and said she had been getting eight to 10 wrong numbers a week from "Idol" fans. But as a fellow "Idol" watcher, she doesn't mind the misdials."It's kind of exciting, really," she said.More than 63 million callers cast their vote for the finals this week. (Agencies)对于美国最具人气的电视真人秀“美国偶像”第五季的结束,至少有一对夫妇不会感到失落。桃乐茜和杰瑞·菲尤夫妇不停地接到人们为心目中偶像投票而打错的电话,他们为此烦透了。74岁的桃乐茜说:“当接到打错的投票电话时,真是让人生气。我实在是讨厌有人打错了电话,然后再把电话给挂了”。 她没有观看周三晚泰勒·希克斯摘得"偶像"桂冠的总决赛。“美国偶像”的整个赛季从2月下旬一直持续到5月,观众们在此期间可拨打全国免费热线电话,投票持自己喜爱的选手。菲尤家的电话号码和福克斯电视台所设的免费投票电话号码十分相近。投票热线号码的开头是1-866-436-57或1-866-IDOLS,后加和歌手对应的两个数字。79岁的埃塞尔·波琳家的电话号码前缀也是866,她说,她一周之内会接到8到10个“美国偶像”的“粉丝”们打错的电话。但作为"美国偶像"的一名忠实观众,她对此并不介意。她说:“这还真的有点令人激动。”本周,共有6300万多名观众拨打电话参与总决赛的投票。Vocabulary:phone in: (广播或电视)听众或观众打来热线电话aggravating : annoying(恼人的;使人生气的) /200803/31793Some chief executives rescue a company from the brink of collapse. 有的首席执行官将公司从崩溃边缘拯救出来,有的首席执行官带领着已经很优秀的公司走向伟大,但很少有人两样都能达成,Others lead aly good companies to greatness. 而约尔根.维格.克努斯托普(J#248;rgen Vig Knudstorp)过去12年在乐高(Lego)就做到了。But few, like Jorgen Vig Knudstorp at Lego in the past 12 years, do both.但很少有人两样都能达成,而约尔根.维格.克努斯托普(J#248;rgen Vig Knudstorp)过去12年在乐高(Lego)就做到了。In a valedictory interview before stepping down as chief executive to become chairman at the year’s end, Mr Knudstorp details how he revived the maker of plastic bricks and turned it into the most profitable toymaker in the world — and how his management challenges have shifted over time.克努斯托普在年底将卸下首席执行官职务,成为董事长,他在一次告别采访中详述了自己如何让这家塑料积木制造商重新振作,变成全球最赚钱的玩具制造商,以及他面临的管理挑战是怎样随时间推移而改变。Sitting in his office in Lego’s home town of Billund in the heart of rural, central Denmark — 克努斯托普的办公室在乐高的比隆总部,这里位于丹麦中部乡村地区的核心。surrounded by sets that include a gigantic Disney castle — the spiky-haired 48-year-old retains a boyish air. 这个48岁、头发楞着的首席执行官坐在自己的办公室里,看上去仍像个男孩,周围摆满了乐高积木系列,其中包括一座巨大的迪士尼城堡。He was introduced to the toymaker as a child by his teacher and engineer parents when initially all he wanted was a racing car.童年时,他那对教师和工程师父母将这家玩具商介绍给他——而他一开始想要的是一辆赛车。But Mr Knudstorp is no wide-eyed romantic. 但克努斯托普绝非天真浪漫,他还为乐高带来了自己身为麦肯锡(McKinsey)咨询顾问的大量专业背景。He also brought to Lego much of his professional background as a McKinsey consultant. 克努斯托普自2004年执掌乐高,带领乐高走过了五个阶段,他分别简洁概述为:生存、目标、释放增长、加速、腾飞。He gives each of the five phases he has led Lego through since 2004 a pithy description — survive, purpose, let growth loose, step up, leap — before adding: I apologise for the management lingo.说完他补充道:请原谅这些管理术语。The first person outside the founding family to run Lego, his initial task was to staunch the bleeding, as journalists prepared obituaries for the lossmaking and over-extended toymaker. 作为执掌乐高的第一位非创始家族成员,克努斯托普的头一个任务就是止血,当时记者们已经为这家连续亏损、过度扩张的玩具制造商准备好了讣告。Mr Knudstorp adopted a strict focus on cash, selling off peripheral businesses such as theme parks and games, and cutting the number of parts Lego made. 克努斯托普对现金严加关注,卖掉了主题公园、视频游戏等周边产业,减少了乐高零件生产量。Foreign outposts were scaled back or closed down. 国外机构或缩小规模,或关闭。Tiny Billund again became the heart of the group.小小的比隆再次成为乐高集团的心脏。In a second phase, he worked on productivity and identity 在第二个阶段,克努斯托普致力于提高生产率,建立品牌身份。by moving much of Lego’s production to countries such as Hungary and Mexico, and boosting the brand. 他将乐高大部分生产转移到匈牙利和墨西哥等国,同时提升品牌形象。Only in the third period — 2009-11 — did he feel the toymaker could look to growth again. 到2009年至2011年的第三个阶段他才觉得,这家玩具商可以再次期待增长。Every time you grow, you are hiding your problems. 他说:每次你增长时,你都隐藏了自己的问题。Growth is like sugar-coating your problems, he adds.增长就像给问题裹上糖衣。As Lego became more successful, so the problems changed. 随着乐高越来越成功,所面临的问题也在改变。By 2012, the issue was responding to growth rates 到2012年,问题变成了如何响应增长率。that have seen Lego’s revenues increase by an average 17 per cent a year under Mr Knudstorp. 在克努斯托普带领下,乐高的收入以年均17%的速度增长。He decided to create what he calls a circular management team in which the 20 people who reported to the top handful of managers on the executive committee met once a month. 他决定打造一个循环管理团队,团队由向执行委员会的少数最高级别高管述职的20人组成,每月开一次会。The idea was to allow Lego’s supply chain to continue humming even as it expanded into the likes of Asia. 这一想法旨在保即使乐高扩张到亚洲等地,其供应链依旧保持运转。If you make a decision in product design, you need to mirror it in manufacturing, says Mr Knudstorp.克努斯托普说:如果你在产品设计上作出一个决定,你需要在制造上反映出来。The latest phase, beginning last year, was born out of the difficulties of becoming so big. 最新阶段始于去年,它脱胎于乐高规模庞大后面临的诸多难题。Small problems developed: Lego was fined EURO130,000 for preventing German stores from offering discounts; employee satisfaction levels were flat, and the number of staff increased by a quarter in just one year.一些小问题开始出现:乐高因阻止德国商铺打折而被罚款13万欧元,员工满意度走平,员工人数在短短一年内增加了四分之一。Mr Knudstorp says he worries about what consultants at Bain call the westward winds, forces that push bigger companies away from what made them successful in the first place. 克努斯托普表示,他担心贝恩(Bain)的咨询顾问所称的东风,即推动大型企业脱离起初让它们获得成功的东西的力量。It is bureaucracy, it is because you are getting bigger, the pressure of scaling, of finding the right talent, of having the entrepreneurial spirit despite being a very big company, Mr Knudstorp adds.他补充道:是因为官僚主义,是因为企业做得越来越大,还有扩大规模、找到对的人才、以及尽管公司非常大但仍要保持创业精神的压力。As Lego opens a new factory in China to service its rapidly growing Asian business, Mr Knudstorp and his successor Bali Padda — the current chief operating officer — work hard to ensure it has the same culture and values as its other factories, as well as a good supply chain. 随着乐高在中国建设新工厂以满足公司快速增长的亚洲业务,克努斯托普及其继任者、现任乐高首席运营官巴利.帕达(Bali Padda)正全力以赴,确保中国工厂与其他工厂保持相同的文化和价值观,同时也保持良好的供应链。Under its two in a box principle, an experienced Lego general manager works alongside a new Chinese general manager.根据双重管理的原则,一名经验丰富的乐高总经理将与一名新的中国总经理并肩工作。Some of the same issues that confronted Mr Knudstorp in 2004 are creeping back in. 克努斯托普2004年遭遇过的一些问题正在悄然再现。The number of parts used by Lego has increased, but he stresses that so has turnover. 乐高使用的零件数量增加了,但他强调,销售额也增加了。Offices have been opened in London, Singapore and Shanghai but Billund remains the company’s centre. 乐高在伦敦、新加坡、上海设立了办事处,但仍以比隆为中心。A new headquarters is being built, and an architecturally impressive Lego House to show off the brand. 一座新的总部正在建设,还有一座展示乐高品牌的、建筑风格令人印象深刻的Lego House。We are careful about not losing our soul, Mr Knudstorp says.我们小心翼翼避免丢失自己的灵魂,克努斯托普说。He also stresses humility, saying Lego has learnt that it cannot do everything.他还强调了谦虚,称乐高明白自己并非无所不能。It is a wonderful thing to have Legoland [the theme park]. 拥有乐高乐园(Legoland)是件好事。But Lego wasn’t a great owner, Mr Knudstorp says. 但乐高过去并不是一个很好的所有者,克努斯托普说。Films and games have followed the same model of having another company better suited to those fields using the Lego brand.在电影和视频游戏方面,乐高也遵循同样的模式,即让另一家更适合这些领域的公司使用乐高品牌。With scale has come the potential to attack Lego in various ways. 伴随规模的扩大,乐高开始受到各种各样的攻击。In recent years, it has faced controversy for not supplying Chinese artist Ai Weiwei (the company later agreed to the request, blaming a misinterpretation of company policy on political neutrality for the mistake); has been the butt of gender protests over pink toys for girls in the Lego Friends range, and stopped collaborations with Royal Dutch Shell and the Daily Mail newspaper after those companies faced public protests.近年来,乐高曾因拒绝向中国艺术家艾未未供货而面临争议(公司后来同意了艾未未的要求,并将这一错误归咎于对公司政治中立政策的曲解);因在乐高好朋友(Lego Friends)系列中为女孩推出粉红色玩具而成为性别抗议人士攻击的对象,并被迫停止与遭到公众抗议的荷兰皇家壳牌(Royal Dutch Shell)、《每日邮报》(Daily Mail)等公司的合作。Mr Knudstorp says: There is no doubt that being such a popular brand we are a good target for so-called brand hijacking. 克努斯托普表示:毫无疑问,作为一个如此受欢迎的品牌,我们是所谓品牌劫持的好靶子。Lego now follows popular opinion closely on Twitter and Mr Knudstorp personally answers some letters sent in by children and parents. 如今,乐高密切关注Twitter上的公众舆论,克努斯托普亲自回答孩子和家长们发来的部分信件。It’s really important to listen. 倾听真的非常重要。Twitter and social media give us the possibility to gauge the issue. Twitter和社交媒体使我们能够评估这一问题。Sometimes we are caught off guard, he adds.有时我们也会措手不及,他补充道。Stepping back from the day-to-day business will allow Mr Knudstorp to focus on new business areas. 从日常事务中退下来可以让克努斯托普专注于新的业务领域。As well as being chairman of the toymaker, he will head the new Lego Brand Group, an entity that pools all the founding family’s Lego-related interests.在担任这家玩具制造商董事长的同时,他将执掌新成立的Lego Brand Group——汇集创始家族与乐高相关的所有利益的一个实体。Mr Knudstorp says it will ensure the family is an active owner, one who smells the roses, who knows what the business, the culture are like. 克努斯托普表示,Lego Brand Group将确保整个家族成为一个活跃的所有者,一个能欣赏平凡事物、熟悉公司业务和文化的家族。The crucial balance for him will be between brand protection and brand development. 对克努斯托普而言,关键是要在品牌保护与品牌发展之间实现平衡。The split will allow Lego to concentrate purely on plastic bricks.新成立Lego Brand Group可以让乐高完全专注塑料积木业务。 /201612/485922为什么肤色白皙的女子受到偏爱?Gentlemen do not just prefer blondes, but lighter-skinned women in general, a study has suggested.Scientists looking into attractiveness in men and women suggest that men from all races find fairer-skinned woman most alluring, while women are the polar opposite and favour darker, brooding men.They said the attraction is driven by preferences based on moral assumptions.Men are subconsciously attracted to fairer-skinned icons such as Nicole Kidman or Kylie Minogue because of the skin tone's association with innocence, purity, modesty, virginity, vulnerability and goodness.Women, on the other hand, pick men with darker complexions - such as film stars Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell or Jamie Foxx - because these are associated with sex, virility, mystery, villainy and danger.The latter two actors were paired together in the recent Miami Vice movie, which topped the box office on both sides of the Atlantic despite lukewarm reviews.Academics at the University of Toronto in Canada say their study proves the fair maiden of myth has a basis in scientific reality.They studied more than 2,000 advertising photographs and found that the skin of white women was 15.2 per cent lighter than the skin of white males, and the skin of black women 11.1 per cent lighter than the skin of black men.Dr Shyon Baumann, a sociologist involved in the study, said: "What the research shows is that our aesthetic preferences operate to reflect moral preferences."Within our cultures we have a set of ideals about how women should look and behave."Lightness and darkness have particular meanings attached to them and we subconsciously relate those moral preferences to women."In effect, men drawn to darker looking women - such as actress Monica Bellucci - are expressing a preference for danger.Dr Baumann said this appreciation of a darker complexion in women is "less common" but "appears to coexist with a view of such women as more overtly sexual. 一项研究表明,男士不只青睐皮肤白皙、金发碧眼的女士,总的来说,他们对浅肤色的女性都比较感兴趣。科研人员对男性和女性的吸引力特征进行探究后发现,所有种族的男性都认为肤色较浅的女性最具吸引力,而女性的观点则正好相反,她们更青睐肤色黝黑的深沉男士。研究人员称,这种喜好取决于对异性的“道德假定”偏好。男性潜意识里更青睐皮肤白皙的女明星,比如妮可#8226;基德曼、凯莉#8226;米洛,因为这种肤色让人联想到天真、单纯、端庄、纯洁、柔弱和善良。然而,女性则更青睐肤色较深的男性,比如影星强尼#8226;戴普、柯林#8226;法勒尔和杰米#8226;福克斯,因为这样的肤色给人一种性感、阳刚、神秘、邪恶和危险的感觉。柯林#8226;法瑞尔和杰米#8226;福克斯联合主演的(饰演两位警察卧底)新片《迈阿密风云》尽管得到的评价并不高,但它在大西洋两岸均取得了票房冠军。加拿大多伦多大学的研究人员称,该研究明传说中的窈窕淑女是有现实的科学依据的。研究人员对两千多张广告照片进行了研究,发现白人女性的肤色白皙度比男性高15.2%,黑人女性的肤色白皙度比男性高11.1%。研究小组成员之一、社会学家施恩#8226;鲍曼恩说:“研究表明,我们的审美喜好能反映出我们的‘道德喜好’。”“我们的文化中存在一套有关女性外表和举止的完美典范。”“因此,肤色深浅也被赋予了特殊含义,我们潜意识里会将那些‘道德喜好’与女性联系在一起。”实际上,有的男性喜欢像(意大利)影星莫妮卡#8226;贝鲁奇这种深肤色的女性,这说明他们偏爱“危险感”。鲍曼恩说,喜欢深肤色女性的人“并不多见”,但“同时有观点认为,这种肤色的女性显得更加性感”。 /200803/31207

He confirms he received no money from the movie, adding of his tangential experience of Hollywood: When I was told that there was going to be a film made about me, it was a scary thing, one of the most terrifying things I can imagine. 他实自己没从这部电影拿到一分钱,倒是对好莱坞多懂了一点皮毛。当我被告知有人要拍一部关于我的电影时,感觉很吓人,这是我能想到的最可怕的事情之一。But, looking back, I hope it helps, I’m cautiously optimistic that it will.但回过头来看,我希望它能有所帮助,我谨慎乐观地认为它会有作用的。He looks back over the period since the revelations and reflects that all three branches of government in the US — Congress, courts, president — have changed their position on mass surveillance. 他回顾了爆料以来这段时期的情况,认为美国政府的三大柱——国会、法院和总统——已经改变了对大规模监听的立场。We can actually start to impose more oversight on spies, rather than giving them a free pass to do whatever simply because we’re scared, which is understandable but clearly not ethical.真的,我们可以开始对间谍实施更多监督了,而不能仅仅因为我们害怕,就给他们一张可以为所欲为的免费通行,这可以理解,但显然不道德。What of subsequent developments in the UK, where the government’s response has been to propose laws that not only sanction, post hoc, the intelligence activities that were revealed to be happening, but extend them? He says it was not his intention to tell the world how to structure their laws, but to give people a voice in the process. 英国后来的情况怎么样?英国政府的回应是提议立法,不仅批准那些被披露正在进行的情报活动,还要扩大范围。The laws have gotten worse in some countries. 他表示,自己的本意不是要告诉世界如何制定法律,而是让人民有机会在这个过程中发声。France has gone very far, so too, of course, countries like Russia, China. 在有些国家,法律已经变得更糟。法国已经走得很远,俄罗斯、中国等国当然也是这样。In Britain there’s an authoritarian trend.英国出现了一种威权主义趋势。We don’t allow police to enter and search any home. 我们不允许警察入室搜查。We don’t typically reorder the operation of a free society for the convenience of the police — because that is the definition of a police state, he says, mopping up the last of the rice. 通常,我们不会为了方便警察行事而重新安排一个自由社会的运转秩序——因为那便是警察国家的定义,他说着大口吃完最后一点米饭。And yet some spies and officials are trying to persuade us that we should. 但一些间谍和官员正试图说我们应该这样做。Now, I would argue there’s no real question that police in a police state would be more effective than those in a free and liberal society where the police operate under tighter constraints. 我得说,警察国家的警察无疑会比一个自由、开放社会的警察更高效,因为在自由社会,警察的行动受到更严格的约束。But which one would you rather live in?但你更愿意生活在哪一种社会呢?He has finished his curry and pronounces it quite good. 他吃完了咖喱饭,说非常好吃。The crab cakes are abandoned after a bite. Less good, he says.蟹饼只咬了一口就被放到一边,不太好吃,他说。 We order ice cream — vanilla, strawberry and chocolate for him, sorbet for me. 我们点了冰淇淋,他要了香草、草莓和巧克力口味的,我选了冰沙。The voice on the phone launches into a complicated explanation of why, with five scoops in all, we can have a discount.电话那头的人详细地解释了为什么我们可以享受折扣——总共给了我们五把勺子。Does he never lose sleep at night wondering whether Isis terrorists might not have gained some useful advantage from the information he disclosed?他在夜里从来不失眠吗?他难道不会琢磨伊斯兰国(ISIS)恐怖分子是否从他披露的信息中获得了一些可以利用的优势?Well, firstly, he says, in all the recent European attacks the suspects were known to the authorities, who thus had the ability to target them without having to scoop up everyone else’s data as well. 噢,首先,他说,在欧洲最近发生的所有袭击事件中,当局知道这些嫌疑人,他们有能力把他们列为目标,而不必搜集所有其他人的数据。Secondly, he points out, Osama bin Laden stopped using a mobile phone in 1998 — not because of leaks to newspapers but because there is an aggressive form of Darwinism in terrorist circles. 其次,他指出,奥萨马#8226;本#8226;拉登(Osama bin Laden)从1998年就不使用移动电话了——不是因为谁对报纸泄的密,而是因为恐怖分子的圈子里有一种生猛的达尔文主义。Long before we, the public, know about any of these surveillance measures, they have aly known for years because, if they had not, they are aly dead.早在我们——公众——知晓任何这类监听措施之前,他们已经知道好多年了,因为如果他们不知道的话,他们早就死了。But, he goes on, let’s say that the newspapers had decided this should not be public. 但是,他接着说,假设那些报纸决定这些资料不应被公开。Let’s say the intelligence services had been able to continue using these programs in secret. 假设情报机构能够继续秘密进行这些监听项目。Would it have stopped any of the terrorist attacks that have occurred in the last three years? There’s no public evidence that that’s the case. 那样能阻止过去三年发生的任何一起恐怖袭击吗?没有公开据能明这一点。In fact, there’s no classified evidence that that’s the case, or else we’d be ing it in the newspapers.实际上,也没有秘密据能明,否则我们就会在报纸上看到。We move on to talking about stories alleging Russian hacking of the NSA itself and of the Democratic party’s governing body, the Democratic National Committee. 我们接着谈论美国国家安全局本身以及美国民主党的管理机构——民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee)遭到俄罗斯黑客入侵的传闻。The former involved a group calling itself the Shadow Brokers, who threatened to auction very sophisticated alleged NSA surveillance tools. 前者涉及一个自称影子经纪人的组织,威胁要拍卖非常先进的据说是美国国家安全局所使用的监控工具。The latter was a collection of DNC emails published — to general embarrassment — by WikiLeaks in July.后者涉及维基解密(WikiLeaks)7月公布的民主党全国委员会的一批邮件——让民主党上下都脸上无光。The Shadow Broker leak, says Snowden, doesn’t strike me as a whistleblower: that strikes me as a warning. 斯诺登说,影子经纪人泄密事件并未让我觉得他们是泄密者,我觉得这是一次警告,是通过信息泄露的方式传达政治信息。It’s political messaging being carried out through information disclosure. 至于民主党全国委员会遭攻击事件,正如他所言,人们普遍认为这是俄罗斯黑客所为。And the DNC hack, where, as he observes, the conventional wisdom is that it was the Russians? This is part of the problem of this surveillance free-for-all that we’re allowing to occur by refusing to moderate our own behaviour. 这是这种不加限制的监控行为带来的一部分问题,正是我们拒绝克制自己的行为才使得这种状况得以发生。We’ve set a kind of global precedent that anything is possible and nothing is prohibited.我们树立了一种全球先例——一切皆有可能,没有什么是被禁止的。Now, the fact the DNC got hacked is not surprising and interesting. 民主党全国委员会被侵入的事实并不令人觉得惊讶和有趣。We’re hacking political parties around the world, so is every country. 我们会侵入世界各国的政党,每个国家都在这样做。What makes it interesting is that some of the things taken from this server were published afterwards. 这件事有趣的地方是,从该务器窃取的一些信息后来被公之于众。That’s quite novel. 这一点非常新鲜。I think.我觉得。Which makes him think what? That it’s for political effect.什么让他这么想?这是为了起到政治效果。He says — as someone who used to try and do this sort of thing to the Chinese — that it would be easy to attribute the hack to whoever had done it. 他说,很容易将这次攻击算到做过这种事的人头上——就像某些人过去常常试图这么对待中国人。But this creates a problem because, let’s say, the NSA has the smoking gun that says the Russians hacked the DNC, and they tell us the Russians hacked the DNC, how can we be sure? It presumes a level of trust that no longer exists.然而,这会带来一个问题,因为,假设说,美国国家安全局掌握了俄罗斯人侵入民主党全国委员会的确凿据,并且他们告诉我们俄国人侵入了民主党全国委员会,我们又如何确信呢?这么做假定了一种不复存在的信任度。The ice creams arrive along with an espresso, replacing the first set of dishes on the bed. 冰淇淋和意式浓缩咖啡一齐到了,换掉了床上的第一套餐具。Snowden spills a bit of chicken curry on the duvet and apologetically mops it up with a towel.斯诺登不慎把一点鸡肉咖喱汁洒到了羽绒被上,他带着歉意用纸巾拭去。Aren’t we beginning to discover that no digital databases are secure? We are living through a crisis in computer security the likes of which we’ve never seen, he says. 我们不是正开始发现没有哪个数字化的数据库是安全的?他说:我们正在经历一场计算机安全危机,类似危机我们从未见过。But until we solve the fundamental problem, which is that our policy incentivises offence to a greater degree than defence, hacks will continue unpredictably and they will have increasingly larger effects and impacts.然而,我们的政策对攻击的鼓励多于对防御的鼓励,在我们解决这个根本问题以前,黑客攻击还会以不可预测的方式继续出现,其后果和影响也会越来越大。The answer, he thinks, is that there ought to be some form of liability for negligence in software architecture, such as would apply in the food industry. 他认为,要解决这个问题,应该规定在软件架构的设计中存在疏忽行为须得承担某种责任,就如食品行业的做法一样。He adds, drily: People from my tribe will be extraordinarily mad at me for suggesting regulation in the terms of negligence for software security.他淡淡地接着说道:我提议针对软件安全的过失方面制定规章,圈子里的人听到会气得发疯。He has finished his ice cream and declines coffee. 他吃完了冰淇淋,谢绝了咖啡。Life in Moscow is getting better, he says: I’m more open now than I’ve been since 2013. 他说,在莫斯科的生活越来越好了,比起2013年事情发生后的一段时期,我现在更开放了。He sees few people — such meetings as this are rare — and divides his time between public speaking (which pays the bills) and devising tools to protect the digital security of journalists. 他见的人很少,类似这次的会晤十分少见。他的时间主要用在公开演讲(由此带来的收入用于付各种账单)和设计供记者使用的保护数字信息安全的工具。He would rather not go into the family stuff or how often he sees Lindsay Mills, his partner, who was left behind in Hawaii when he quit his job for the NSA there and disappeared to Hong Kong.他不愿谈及家事,也不肯透露多久见一次林赛#8226;米尔斯(Lindsay Mills)。后者是他的女朋友,在他从美国国家安全局离职跑到香港以后被留在了夏威夷。His American lawyer, Ben Wizner at the American Civil Liberties Union, is reported to be preparing to launch a petition to President Barack Obama to grant Snowden a pardon before he steps down. 据报道,他的美国律师、美国公民自由联盟(American Civil Liberties Union)的本#8226;维茨纳(Ben Wizner)正准备向美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)请愿,希望奥巴马在卸任前赦免斯诺登。Snowden will only say: Of course I hope they’re successful but this has never really been about what happens to me. 对此斯诺登只表示:我当然希望他们成功,不过这完全与我个人境遇无关。No matter how the outcome shakes out, it’s something I can live with.不论结果如何,我都可以接受。His chances of a happy ending under President Donald Trump would be zero, I observe. 我看,若是唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)当了总统,他这事得以善终的可能性必然为零。What about under President Hillary Clinton? You’re trying to drag me into a political quagmire, he protests. 但如果是希拉里#8226;克林顿(Hillary Clinton)总统呢?他抗议道:你在把我拖入一个政治难题。He collects himself, looking intensely at the ground, before sidestepping the question: I think we should have better choices. 他紧紧地盯着地面,凝神想了一会儿,还是没有正面回答这个问题,而是说道:我认为,我们应该有更好的选择。We’re a country of 330m people and we seem to be being asked to make a choice between individuals whose lives are defined by scandal. 我们是个拥有3.3亿人的国家,而我们却似乎被要求在各个丑闻缠身的人之间做出选择。I simply think we should be capable of more.我就是认为,我们应该能有更多选择。If he’s tough on the options in US politics, his willingness to tweet criticism of Russian politics to his 2.3m followers has not gone unnoticed. 如果说他在谈到美国政治的选择空间时措辞严厉,那么人们没有忽视的是,他很愿意在Twitter网站上,向他的230万粉丝发表对俄罗斯政治的批评。A lot of people who care about me tell me to shut up, but if I was married to my own self-interest, I never would have left Hawaii.许多关心我的人让我闭嘴,然而如果我只在乎个人利益,我就不会离开夏威夷了。I can’t fix the human rights situation in Russia, and realistically my priority is to fix my own country first, because that’s the one to which I owe the greatest loyalty. 我无法改善俄罗斯的人权状况,而且说实在的,我首要关心的是先改善我自己的国家,因为它才是我怀有最大忠诚的国度。But though the chances are it will make no difference, maybe it’ll help.尽管很可能改变不了什么,但也许会起作用呢。He gathers up his dark glasses: it’s time for him to melt into the Moscow crowds. 他拿起墨镜——隐入莫斯科人群中的时间到了。A final question: the Stone film shows him spiriting his trove of secrets out of the NSA on a micro-SD card hidden in a Rubik’s Cube. True or false?我提了最后一个问题:在斯通的电影中,他通过藏在一块魔方里的内存卡,把大量机密带出了美国国家安全局,这是不是真的?Oliver confirmed in an interview recently that that’s a touch of the dramatic licence, but that’s only because I wouldn’t confirm or deny how it really happened. 奥利弗在最近一次访谈中实这是戏剧手法,但他这么说只是因为我不愿实真实情况是怎样的,也不愿否认。I will say that I gave Rubik’s Cubes to everyone in my office, it’s true. 我只会说我给办公室里的每个人都送了魔方,这一点是真的。I really did that. 我确实这么做了。And with that he is gone.他说完这句话就走了。 /201609/468076

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