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25 insurance words insurance policy claim insure(r ) (full )coverage Policyholder Risk(assessment) Exemption Premiums Insurance period Life insurance Liability Damage Deductible(s) Medical insurance Travel insurance Settlement Payment Condition Phrases Make a claim Insure an item Take out insurance Have…valued at… Pay premiums Assess a risk Pay out insurance Read the policy Beginner A: I’ve just take out an insurance policy. Are you insured? B: yes, I am. I have life insurance and my home and its contents are also insured. A; I took out a life insurance policy and make my wife beneficiary. B: that’s a good idea. You are a fireman and it can be a dangerous job. A: I need to make sure that my wife will be financially secure if I die. B; I can terminate my life insurance policy when I retire and use the money as a pension. A; that’s one of the conditions of my policy too. It covers you if you die before you retire and when you retire. B; did you have to take a medical before you could take out the policy? B: yes, I did. It was one of the conditions of the insurance policy. The insurance company need to assess the risk. Intermediate A: good morning. I’d like to ask some questions about your insurance policies. B: of course. Please sit down. How many I help you? A; I bought a house recently and would like to insure it and its content. B: I see. Here’s a pamphlet about our home insurance policy. We’ve named our policy ”umbrella”. May I ask how much you paid for your home and where you live? These are the two main thing that decide how much your premiums are. A: I understand. I live in the Oakfield area and paid $100,000 for my home. B: let me just check that on my computer. Oaksfield is a low risk area, so your premiums will probably be around $100 a month. The other thing to take into account is deductibles. A: in this pamphlet it says that the minimum amount for deductibles is $2000. what does that mean exactly? B: it means That the first $2000 of any claim you make must be paid by you. The insurance policy covers any amount above that, up to the agreed limit. A: oh, I see. That’s fine. What is the advantage of having higher deductibles? B; If you have higher deductibles, your premium are lower, because you will pay more of the claim and we will pay less. A: it seems that I should do some calculations before deciding. I presume that the insurance period can be for as long as we aggress. B: we initially sign one-year policies with our policyholders. These are renewable after the first year. A; if I have a claim, how long does it take to make a settlement? I’ve heard that with some insurance companies, it can take monthes. B; that is of great concern to out clients. We aim to satisfy all claims within a month, but we can’t guarantee that /200704/12864So, I just started playing.于是,我开始拉琴And I played the first movement of the Beethoven Violin Concerto.我演奏了贝多芬小提琴协奏曲的第一乐章And as I played, I understood that there was a profound change occurring in Nathaniels eyes.当我演奏的时候,我知道Nathaniel的眼睛里有一种奥妙的变化It was as if he was in the grip of some invisible pharmaceutical,好象他抓住了什么隐形的药a chemical reaction, for which my playing the music was its catalyst.象是经历了化学反应,而我的演奏就是催化剂And Nathaniels manic rage was transformed into understanding, a quiet curiosity and grace.他的狂躁愤怒也转化成理解,安静的好奇,和优雅And in a miracle, he lifted his own violin and he started playing, by ear,神奇的是,他拿起了他的小提琴,他也跟着开始演奏certain snippets of violin concertos小提琴协奏曲的某些片断which he then asked me to complete -- Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius.然后他又要我来完成,门德尔松,柴可夫斯基,西贝柳斯And we started talking about music, from Bach to Beethoven and Brahms,于是我们开始谈论音乐:从巴赫到贝多芬,布拉姆斯Bruckner, all the Bs, from Bartok, all the way up to Esa-Pekka Salonen.布鲁克纳,所有名字以B打头的人,从巴托克一直到艾沙·佩卡·萨洛宁And I understood that he not only had an encyclopedic knowledge of music,我了解到他不但是一本音乐大百科全书but he related to this music at a personal level.而且他能将这些音乐跟他个人的感受联系起来He spoke about it with the kind of passion and understanding他讲到那些东西时充满了和对音乐深刻的理解,that I share with my colleagues in the Los Angeles Philharmonic.仿佛是我跟我在洛杉矶交响乐团的同事们之间交流时一样And through playing music and talking about music,通过演奏音乐,谈论音乐this man had transformed from the paranoid, disturbed man这个人从一个偏执,不安的that had just come from walking the streets of downtown Los Angeles刚才还在洛杉矶大街上晃悠的流浪汉to the charming, erudite, brilliant, Juilliard-trained musician.变成了一个迷人,学,优秀的受过朱丽亚音乐学院教育的音乐家Music is medicine. Music changes us.音乐是良药。音乐改变着我们And for Nathaniel, music is sanity.对nathaniel来说,音乐是帮助他开启心智Because music allows him to take his thoughts and delusions因为音乐可以帮他将他的思维,妄想,转换成形,and shape them through his imagination and his creativity, into reality.通过他的想象力和创造力变成现实And that is an escape from his tormented state.而正是这个帮助他从煎熬中解脱出来And I understood that this was the very essence of art.而我知道这就是艺术的真髓This was the very reason why we made music,这正是我们创造音乐的原因that we take something that exists within all of us at our very fundamental core,我们用我们每个人都拥有的一种内在,我们的最根本的核心our emotions, and through our artistic lens,我们的感情,通过我们的艺术的镜头through our creativity, were able to shape those emotions into reality.通过我们的创造力,将我们的情感塑造成现实And the reality of that expression reaches all of us and moves us, inspires and unites us.而这种现实的表达,传递给我们所有的人,感动我们,启迪我们,团结我们And for Nathaniel, music brought him back into a fold of friends.而对Nathaniel,音乐把他带回到一群朋友中The redemptive power of music brought him back into a family of musicians音乐的挽救力将他带回到音乐的大家庭that understood him, that recognized his talents and respected him.这里人们理解他,承认他的天赋,尊重他And I will always make music with Nathaniel,而我会永远为他创造音乐whether were at Walt Disney Concert Hall or on Skid Row, because he reminds me why I became a musician.无论是在迪斯尼的音乐厅,或者Skid Row的大街上,因为他提示着我为什么我要做音乐家Thank you.谢谢201603/434340VOA流行美语 2: ditch; to hit the spot今天李华和Michael在对话里使用的两个常用语,一个是:to ditch,另一个是:to hit the spot。现在Michael 正在图书馆里做功课,李华来找他。L: 嗨,Michael, 功课做得怎么样了?M: I can't think. It's too noisy. Let's ditch this place.L: 你没法动脑筋,因为这儿太闹。你还说什么来啦?Ditch this place,什么意思呀?M: Ditch! To ditch means to quickly leave a place you no longer want to be.L: 噢,to ditch 就是你不想再呆在那个地方,想赶快离开。你的意思就是要马上离开图书馆。不对啊,ditch 这个字不是可以解释为地上挖的沟吗?你说的 ditch 是同一个字?M: Yes, it is. Same word, same spelling, but a different meaning.L: 原来是同一个字,同样拼法,但意思不同。噢, Michael, 再举个例子给我听,好吗?M: If we want to get away from someone you could say, "Let's ditch him," which means to leave someone behind.L: 你的意思是 to ditch 不仅可以指地方,还能指人。 上次我们跟 Mary 一起去看电影,看完电影我们俩没跟 Mary 打招呼就走了,这就可以说:We ditched Mary,对不对?M: That's correct.L: 要是你干活干腻了,不想干了,那该说 ...M: To ditch work.L: 不想去开会。。。M: To ditch the meeting. You can also say: to ditch the concert.L: 我知道,那是不想去音乐会。要是和朋友约好了,可是又不想去了,那该怎么说呀?M: To ditch my friend. Hey, can we ditch the library now! I am really tired and could use some coffee.L: Ok, ok。让我们离开这图书馆吧。你累了,想喝咖啡。走,去校园外的那个咖啡馆吧。L: 好,咖啡馆到了。M: Yep, here's the coffee shop. Li Hua, what do you want, my treat this time.L: 你请我啊? 那太好了。我要一杯咖啡就行了。M: Sounds good. Two coffees please. Here's your coffee, Li Hua.L: Thanks!M: No problem. Oh, so hot! Be careful. Good coffee, really hits the spot. I feel more awake now.L: 对,咖啡是不错,你已经觉得清醒点儿啦!我可不信咖啡的作用就那么快!对了,刚才你说: " It really hits the spot? To hit the spot 不是击中要害吗? 你刚才说的好象不是这个意思。你怎么老是说一些怪里怪气的话。M: Hit the spot means to satisfy one's need. I really needed some coffee earlier so it really hit the spot.L: 原来hit the spot 就是满足一个人的需要。你刚才很想喝咖啡,喝了就感到非常过隐,很痛快。Hit the spot 是哪三个字组成的?M: Hit-the-spot. For example, if you are hungry and go eat you could say, "That food really hit the spot."L: 中文里也有这个说法。肚子非常饿的时候去吃饭。吃饱了就感到心满意足。洗个热水澡真痛快,那该怎么说?M: A hot bath would hit the spot.L: 吃个汉堡包真过隐,该怎么说?M: A burger would hit the spot. Let's go, I'm hungry.L: 好家伙, 喝了咖啡,又肚子饿了, 要去吃汉堡包。这回我可不奉陪了, I have to ditch you now. 再见了!M: Ok. Bye. 再见。Michael 和李华在对话中用了to ditch 和 to hit the spot. To ditch表示 要离开某个人,因为你不想跟他在一起了;或表示要马上离开一 个不想再呆的地方。To hit the spot 是感到过隐,觉得很痛快。这次[流 行美语]就播讲到这里。下次节目再见。 /200601/3073

Time stood still for a long while,好长一会儿,时间彷佛静止了,and all I could think and repeat in the chaos of my brain was:而在混乱中,我脑中想的与重复的是:;You can forget about that partnership, Leila.你可以忘记那个伙伴关系,蕾拉。Its just never going to happen.;这样下去不会有什么结果的。It took me a couple of days to fully absorb this incident and its implications,这让我花了几天去完全消化这件事与它的含义,but once I did, I reached three conclusions.但最后,我得到三个结论。One, that these were his issues, his complexes.第一,那是他的问题,他的病态心理。There may be many like him in our society, but I would never let their issues become mine.在我们的社会中存在着很多像他一样的人,他们的观点我绝不会苟同。Two, that I needed another sponsor, and fast.第二,我需要其他的持者,而且要快。I got one, by the way, and boy, was he great.顺带一提,我找到了另一半,他真的很棒。And three, that I would get to show John what women with children can do.而第三,我要展示给约翰,有小孩的女人可以做什么。I apply this lesson equally well to my personal life.这个经验在我的个人生活中也是一样好用。As I have progressed in my career, I have received many words of encouragement,当我在职业上有进展时,我得到很多言语的鼓励,but I have also often been met by women, men and couples但我也常遇到一些女人、男人与夫妻,who have clearly had an issue with my husband and I having chosen the path of a dual-career couple.他们很明确地对我们夫妇选择双薪家庭的道路存有质疑。So you get this well-meaning couple所以你知道这些出于好心的夫妇who tells you straight out at a family gathering or at a friends gathering,在家庭聚会或是在朋友聚会直接了当地告诉你,that, come on, you must know youre not a great mom, given how much youre investing in your career, right?哎呀,你必须知道你不是个好妈妈,投资了多少在你的职业生涯,对吧?I would lie if I said these words didnt hurt.如果我说这些言语不伤人,那我绝对在说谎。My children are the most precious thing to me,我的孩子是我最珍视的事情,and the thought that I could be failing them in any way is intolerable.而要我辜负他们的想法无论如何都是无法忍受的。But just like I did with John, I quickly reminded myself that these were their issues, their complexes.但就像我对约翰所做的,我很快地提醒我自己这些都是他们的问题,他们的自卑心态。So instead of replying, I gave back one of my largest smiles as I saw, in flashing light, the following sign in my minds eye.所以我不回答他们,只是回敬一个我最大的微笑,当时我看到,在闪烁的光芒下,在我脑海中的迹象。Be happy, it drives people crazy.要幸福快乐,让人们嫉妒疯狂吧。201611/475716

;Mom, who are these people?;“妈妈,这些人是谁?”It was an innocent question from my young daughter Alia around the time when she was three.这是来自我小女儿Alia的天真的疑问,大概是在她三岁的时候。We were walking along with my husband in one of Abu Dhabis big fancy malls.我们正与我丈夫走在一块,在阿布扎比的某一间大型豪华购物中心中。Alia was peering at a huge poster Alia standing tall in the middle of the mall.仔细端详着立在购物中心中央的巨幅海报。It featured the three rulers of the ed Arab Emirates.它标示着三位阿拉伯联合酋长国的统治者。As she tucked in my side,当她拽着我的衣角,I bent down and explained that these were the rulers of the UAE我弯下身然后描述着这就是阿拉伯联合酋长国的统治者,who had worked hard to develop their nation and preserve its unity.他们很努力地发展他们的国家,保持他们的团结性。She asked, ;Mom, why is it that here where we live,她问说:“妈妈,为什么这里,我们住的地方,and back in Lebanon, where grandma and grandpa live,和黎巴嫩,爷爷跟奶奶住的地方,we never see the pictures of powerful women on the walls?我们从没有看过在墙上有厉害的女人的图片?Is it because women are not important?;这是因为女人不重要吗?”This is probably the hardest question Ive had to answer in my years as a parent这大概是我身为父母以及16年多的职业生涯中and in my 16-plus years of professional life, for that matter.曾回答过的最困难的问题了。I had grown up in my hometown in Lebanon,我在我的家乡黎巴嫩(Lebanon)长大,the younger of two daughters to a very hard-working pilot是两个女儿中的小女儿,父亲是努力工作的飞行员,and director of operations for the Lebanese Airlines同时也是黎巴嫩航空的操作总监。and a super-supportive stay-at-home mom and grandma.有个超级顾家的母亲与祖母。My father had encouraged my sister and I to pursue our education我的父亲很鼓励我们求学,even though our culture emphasized at the time即使我们的文化,特别强调在那个时间点,that it was sons and not daughters who should be professionally motivated.那是只有儿子而不是女儿应该要被启发的(职业积极性)。I was one of very few girls of my generation who left home at 18 to study abroad.我是在我那个年代极少数女孩的其中一个在18岁离开家出国念书。My father didnt have a son, and so I, in a sense, became his.我的父亲没有儿子,所以,在某种意义上来说,我变成了儿子。Fast-forward a couple of decades, and I hope I didnt do too badly in making my father proud of his would-be son.快转数十年,我希望我没有做得太差,在让我父亲以他试图打造的“儿子”为傲的方面。201610/475074

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