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福清阳光妇科医院收费福建省镜洋镇子宫肌瘤哪家医院好The ed Kingdom is aly experiencing the highest number of swine-flu cases in Europe and that number is expected to grow exponentially now that the virus is firmly entrenched.Officially, Britain has recorded nearly 8,000 confirmed cases of H1N1, but the real total is thought to be much higher as symptoms for most are mild and they simply go undetected.Speaking in the House of Commons, Health Secretary Andy Burnham acknowledged that the initial strategy of containing the virus that is believed to have first arrived in April, was no longer a viable option."We could see over 100,000 cases per day by the end of August, though I stress this is only a projection," Burnham said.Since the virus is new, many people have no immunity, so it is sping rapidly.Although three people have died of the flu in Britain, most deal easily with the mild symptoms and get over it with or without anti-viral treatment in a few days.Initially, everyone in Britain who thought they might have picked up swine flu was tested. Those individuals and those close to them were given a course of anti-viral medication.Now that the number of cases is rising, that overriding strategy is being scrapped.People who think they might now have the virus are being urged to call their doctor and describe their symptoms over the phone. The doctor or general practitioner can then issue a prescription voucher that a friend of the affected person can pick up.Andy Burnham says that new approach speeds everything up."GPs (general practitioners) will now provide clinical diagnosis of swine flu cases rather than awaiting laboratory test results and primary care trusts will now begin to establish anti-viral collection points where necessary," Burnham said. "This new approach will also mean a move from the daily reported figures of laboratory confirmed cases from the Health Protection Agency to more general estimates of sp."The move will remove growing pressure on the health system.Burnham underlines that the virus is not becoming deadlier, only that it is becoming more widesp.Although there are enough anti-viral drugs for everyone in Britain, some health experts say they should be targeted only at the most vulnerable, because an overuse of the medication could lead to a virus resistance to treatment. 07/76714龙田镇中医医院医生值班 IBM's centenary百年IBM The test of time时间的考验Which of today’s technology giants might still be standing tall a century after their founding?今天的科技巨头,哪一个也能在它成立后仍续领风骚一百年?Jun 9th 2011 | from the print editionIT IS not, by any means, the world’s oldest company. There are Japanese hotels dating back to the 8th century, German breweries that hail from the 11th and an Italian bank with roots in the 15th. What is unusual about IBM, which celebrates its 100th birthday next week, is that it has been so successful for so long in the fast-moving field of technology. How has it done it?它绝对不是是世界上历史最悠久的公司。日本酒店可追溯到8世纪,德国啤酒厂的诞生于11世纪,而意大利起源于15世纪。下周庆祝它的100岁生日的IBM公司与众不同的是,它长久以来在日新月异的技术领域的已经获得如此成功。 它是怎样做到的呢?IBM’s secret is that it is built around an idea that transcends any particular product or technology. Its strategy is to package technology for use by businesses. At first this meant making punch-card tabulators, but IBM moved on to magnetic-tape systems, mainframes, PCs, and most recently services and consulting. Building a company around an idea, rather than a specific technology, makes it easier to adapt when industry “platform shifts” occur (see article).IBM公司的秘诀在于它围绕着“超越任何具体产品和技术”的宗旨。它的战略就是打包技术供企业使用。起初,它那战略意味着制造卡片穿孔机,但IBM(最后)转向磁带系统、大型电脑、个人电脑、以及最近的咨询与务。公司围绕着这宗旨,而不是具体的技术,这样使它更容易地适应产业“平台转变”。True, IBM’s longevity is also due, in part, to dumb luck. It almost came unstuck early on because its bosses were hesitant to abandon punch cards. And it had a near-death experience in 1993 before Lou Gerstner realised that the best way to package technology for use by businesses was to focus on services. An elegant organising idea is no use if a company cannot come up with good products or services, or if it has clueless bosses. But on the basis of this simple formula—that a company should focus on an idea, rather than a technology—which of today’s young tech giants look best placed to live to 100?的确,IBM的长寿也可部分地归因于得来全不费工夫的好运气。在早期,它差不多就要倒闭,因为它的老板在放弃卡片穿孔机事宜上犹疑不决。而它在1993年一度濒临倒闭,直到郭士纳(Lou Gerstner)意识到打包技术供企业使用的最好的方法是把重点放在务上。一流的组织宗旨是没有用的,如果公司不能把它转化为好的产品或务,或者如果公司老板无能的话。但是基于这简单的准则——一个公司应该专注于某一个想法,而不是某一种技术——而今的年轻科技巨头中,哪一个看起来最像能活到100?201106/140431福清市融强医院等级

福清治子宫内膜息肉哪个医院好CNN's Richard Roth reports on the sentencing of Texas oil man Oscar Wyatt in the Iraq oil-for-food scam. Accompanied by his wife and attorney, Texas oil man Oscar Wyatt arrived at Federal Court, unsure what his sentence would be. Wyatt had aly pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a scheme to defraud the massive oil-for-food assistance program. Prosecutors presented evidence of Wyatt, talking with Saddam Hussein about access to Iraqi oil, skirting international sanctions. Another Wyatt attorney called the 83-year-old Tycoon an American Hero. And noted letters of support from celebrities and ordinary citizens who said Wyatt saved or changed their lives. Among the letter writers, heart specialist Michael DeBakey and actress Farah Fawcett. Wyatt stood before the judge breaking into tears. The World War Two fighter pilot saying:'I would never do anything to hurt my country.' He apologized to friends and family.Can you explain what you said in court apologizing for the cameras are here?Why should I apologize to you?Judge Denny Chin heavily praised Wyatt's past humanitarian acts. But said the oil trader clearly broke the law defrauding the oil-for-food program. He added considering Wyatt's background, it's still hard to understand why he did it. The judge went lighter than the recommended sentencing guidelines ordering Wyatt to serve a prison term of one year.Well that was not what I would have like, but it was a fair situation as far as I am concerned. I think the judge did the best thing he could do, and what he had to work with . Wyatt's Texas socialite wife was pleased since her husband could have faced two years or more in prison. I am just so proud of my husband. When the judge was talking about him, I was y to just burst.Wyatt's sentencing comes two weeks after Chevron oil admitted obtaining Iraqi oil illegally through third parties. And paid thirty million dollars in penalties. Wyatt's lawyer said in court in a fact everyone was doing it.This doesn't excuse what Mr.Wyatt did, but it was the culture of the market place.Wyatt also agreed to forfeit eleven million dollars to the government. After pleading guilty in October, Wyatt told reporters he didn't want to waste any more time at 83 years old. The quicker it's over the better. Wyatt will serve his time in his native Texas at a minimum security prison camp.Richard Roth, CNN New York. Notes:Oil-for-Food Assistance Program: 伊拉克石油换食品计划Forfeit: To surrender, be deprived of, or give up the right to on account of a crime, an offense, an error, or a breach of contract.200812/59747龙江街道中医院口碑怎样 Argentina legalizes gay marriageArgentina has become the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage.The move grants homosexual couples all the legal rights, responsibilities and protections that marriage gives heterosexual couples.President Cristina Fernandez is a strong supporter and the new law is expected to bring a wave of marriages.The approval came despite a concerted campaign by the Roman Catholic Church and evangelical groups, which drew 60,000 people to march on Congress and urged parents in churches and schools to work against passage.Nine homosexual couples have aly married in Argentina after persuading judges that Argentina's constitutional mandate of equality supports their marriage rights, but some of these marriages were later declared invalid.The debate stretched on for nearly 16 hours."Marriage between a man and a woman has existed for centuries, and is essential for the perpetuation of the species," insisted Senator Juan Perez Alsina, who is usually a loyal supporter of the president but gave a passionate speech against legalizing same-sex marriage.However, Senator Norma Morandini, another member of the president's party, compared the discrimination closeted gays face to the oppression imposed by Argentina's dictators decades ago. "What defines us is our humanity, and what runs against humanity is intolerance."Same-sex civil unions have been legalized in Uruguay, Buenos Aires and some states in Mexico and Brazil. But Argentina now becomes the first country in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. Homosexual couples who marry will now get many more rights than civil unions, including adopting children and inheriting wealth.Vocabulary:evangelical: pertaining to or in keeping with the gospel and its teachings(基督教福音派的)kickstart: to help a process or project start more quickly(促使……开始,使尽快启动)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109253福建省福清市高山镇妇科病医院

音西街道妇女儿童医院如何挂号Three Shot Dead in Afghan Capital喀布尔再爆射杀外国人事件 Afghan police say the two top officials of an international shipping company and one of their security guards were shot dead Saturday in front of their office in Kabul. The killings are the latest in a series of attacks on foreign nationals there. 阿富汗警察说,一家国际运输公司的两名高级官员和他们一名的保安星期六在他们设于喀布尔的办公室前被击毙。这起杀事件是对当地外国人一系列袭击事件的最新一起。Afghan officials say the two Westerners were gunned down as they sat in a vehicle in front of the German-owned freight company DHL. 阿富汗官员说,两名西方国家人士被开击中,他们当时坐在德国货运公司DHL办公室前的一辆汽车里。On the scene, General Mirza Mohammad Yarmand, the director of the Interior Ministry's criminal investigation department, told reporters the shots were fired from inside the DHL office. 在事发现场,内政部刑事调查部门主任雅曼德将军对记者说,子弹是从DHL办公室里面发射出来的。General Yarmand says one of the guards at the DHL facility fired at the vehicle, killing the two foreign company officials and their Afghan bodyguard. He says a motive has not been established. 雅曼德说,DHL公司的一名保安向这辆汽车开,打死两名外国公司官员和他们的阿富汗保安。雅曼德说,开动机还没有确定。The DHL office is located at a busy intersection across from the Iranian Embassy, in an upscale section of Kabul. DHL公司办公室位于繁忙的街道路口,对面是伊朗大使馆,处于喀布尔的高收入阶层地区。Police and diplomats say the two DHL officials - the country director and deputy director -- were from Britain and South Africa. 警察和外交人士说,这两名DHL公司官员来自英国和南非,一人是阿富汗项目主管,另一人是副主管。Officials of Saladin, a British-based private security company confirmed to VOA News that the Afghan guard who died was employed by them.  设在英国的一家私人保安公司“萨拉丁”的官员向美国之音确认这名被打死的阿富汗保镖受雇于“萨拉丁”的报导属实。Authorities say two other Afghans, standing outside the DHL office, were wounded in the shooting.  有关当局说,站在DHL公司办公室外的另外两名阿富汗人在击事件中受伤。Police detained 13 people, including DHL employees and guards. Interior Ministry officials say they are questioning them to determine whether the shooting stemmed from an "internal dispute" or outsiders were involved. 警察逮捕了13人,其中包括DHL公司雇员和保安。内务部官员说,他们在审问这些人,以确定击事件是否由“内部分歧”导致,还是有外人介入。The latest violence comes less than a week after the shooting death of Gayle Williams, a British-South African national working for a Christian charity in Kabul. Taliban insurgents claimed they attacked the young woman because her British organization, SERVE Afghanistan, was sping Christianity. 最近的这起暴力事件发生前不到一个星期,一名为喀布尔一家基督教慈善机构工作的英国裔南非人威廉姆斯被开打死。塔利班暴乱分子声称他们袭击了这名年轻女性,因为她所在的英国公司“为阿富汗务”在传播基督教。The charity denied it was proselytizing but decided to close its operation in the country following the killing. 这个机构否认在试图改变阿富汗人的宗教信仰,但是这个机构决定在发生杀害事件之后停止在阿富汗运作。Security has deteriorated in the capital and many parts of the country. Taliban insurgents and criminal gangs are blamed for a recent wave of killings and kidnappings targeting Afghans and foreigners. 在首都喀布尔和阿富汗许多地方,安全局势有所恶化。塔利班暴乱分子和犯罪团伙被控在近期连续从事杀害、绑架和袭击阿富汗人和外国人的活动。Afghan authorities say several foreigners have been abducted in the past few days in the country. Among them are two Bangladeshi development workers in Ghazni province and two Turkish engineers hired to erect a communications tower near the Pakistani border in Khost province.200810/54012 The economy美国经济Excuses, excuses总是找借口A litany of special factors exposes the recovery’s fragility次危机中的连环利空因素揭露美国脆弱的复苏RECOVERIES from financial crises are usually subdued, but America’s is starting to look comatose. On May 26th the government said GDP grew by an annualised 1.8% in the first quarter, identical to its preliminary estimate. Economists had hoped for an upward revision. Worse, as signs of weakness accumulate, forecasters have trimmed estimates for the current quarter from around 3.5% they were projecting a month ago to 2.7% or less now.金融危机后的经济复苏总是温和的,但是美国的复苏现在看上去有点疲软。在5月26日,美国政府声称在第一季度,美国的国内生产总值按年度计算增长了1.8%,这与之前的估计数字相一致。经济学家们本来希望经济增长率会有一个向上的修正。随着一系列的疲软迹象的增加,现在,经济预测员们把当前季度的经济增长估计值从上个月所预测的3.5%调整到了2.7%或者更低的数字。 Last December an agreement between Barack Obama and the Republicans to extend George Bush’s tax cuts and enact new ones led to forecasts of 3% to 4% growth this year. But the new consensus rate of 2.6%, for a recovery now two years old, is barely above America’s long-term potential and scarcely enough to bring unemployment down. To be sure, the post-crisis imperative for banks and households to reduce their debt meant a V-shaped rebound was never on the cards. Even so, this is a terrible performance.去年12月,奥巴马和共和党人士之间在关于延长小布什的税收减免和颁布新的减税政策的事项上达成了一致,这使得人们对今年的经济增长有了3%到4%的预测。但是,近期的被公认的2.6的增长率几乎不能显示美国的长期增长潜力,这也不足以使失业率下降,因为到现在,复苏已经维持了两年之久。可以肯定的是,后经济危机迫使和家庭降低自身的负债,这意味着v字型的经济反弹是不可能发生的。201106/139832福清市妇幼医院的电话福清看妇科比较好的是哪



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