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长乐看妇科病去什么医院长乐人流专业医院Leslie Winer was, in the words of Jean-Paul Gaultier, ;the first androgynous model.; In the 1980s, her angular features landed her campaigns for Valentino and Miss Dior; covers of The Face and European editions of Vogue; and shoots with legendary photographers like Helmut Newton, Irving Penn and Pierre et Gilles. She fell into fashion by happenstance after moving to New York City from Massachusetts to attend the School of Visual Arts. There, she became a protégé of William Burroughs, partied hard and ran with the downtown demimonde of the era, dating Jean-Michel Basquiat for a time. Modeling, however, was just a job; music and writing were her true passions. ;The fashion world was much smaller and less mainstream then than it is now,; she says. ;No one outside of fashion had any idea who you were. There wasn#39;t the big money or the celebrity that occurred later.;Modeling also brought Winer to London, where she became part of the orbit around Leigh Bowery#39;s mid-#39;80s club night Taboo. The city#39;s thriving post-punk and New Wave music scenes provided her with a circle of like-minded musicians, including Jah Wobble, the co-founder of John Lydon#39;s post-Sex Pistols outfit Public Image Limited and Kevin Mooney, the bass player for Adam and the Ants. With them, she recorded the cult 1990 LP ;Witch,; which she released under the name ?. The album is now enjoying a second life, thanks to its release earlier this summer on the San Francisco-based reissue label Superior Viaduct.用让-保罗·高缇耶(Jean-Paul Gaultier)的话说,莱斯利·维纳(Leslie Winer)是“第一个雌雄同体的模特”。在20世纪80年代,棱角分明的容貌让她成为华伦天奴(Valentino)和迪奥(Miss Dior)的广告代言人;登上了《The Face》和《Vogue》欧洲版的封面;与赫尔穆特·牛顿(Helmut Newton)、欧文·佩恩(Irving Penn)、皮埃尔和吉勒斯(Pierre et Gilles)等传奇摄影师合作。她从马萨诸塞州搬到纽约市上视觉艺术学校(School of Visual Arts)后偶然进入了时尚界。在那里,她成了威廉姆·巴勒斯(William Burroughs)的门客,经常参加派对,混迹于那个时代的市中心风月场,与让-米切尔·巴斯奎特(Jean-Michel Basquiat)交往过一段时间。不过对她来说,当模特只是个工作,音乐和写作才是她真正的爱好。“当时的时尚界比现在要小得多,没这么主流,”她说,“时尚圈外没人知道你是谁。不像后来,当模特能挣大钱,成为名人。” 模特工作还把维纳带到了伦敦,成为利·鲍厄里(Leigh Bowery)80年代中期的俱乐部禁忌(Taboo)的常客。这座城市蒸蒸日上的后朋克和新浪潮音乐,给她提供了一群志同道合的音乐人朋友,包括约翰·林敦(John Lydon)在性手乐队(Sex Pistols)之后的公共形象有限公司乐队(Public Image Limited)的联合创始人贾赫·沃伯(Jah Wobble),以及亚当和蚂蚁乐队(Adam and the Ants)的贝斯手凯文·穆尼(Kevin Mooney)。1990年,她和他们一起录制了密纹唱片《女巫》(Witch),她以?的名字发布。这张唱片现在迎来了第二春,今年夏天早些时候旧金山的旧唱片重发厂牌“优越高架桥”(Superior Viaduct)再次发行了它。A compelling mix of sampled and programmed musical fragments and beats, breathy spoken word and ethereal singing, ;Witch; still sounds fresh today. ;I saw and listened to a lot of early hip-hop when I lived in New York,; Winer recalls. The influence is apparent, along with reggae and dancehall elements that reflect her proximity to London#39;s Caribbean community. There are echoes of ;Witch; in the work of later#39;90s artists like Massive Attack and Portishead; the music journal NME once called Winer the ;grandmother of trip-hop,; though she says she#39;s ;not even sure what trip-hop is.; The breezily transcendent ;John Says,; one of the album#39;s highlights, appears here.《女巫》混和了经过采样和编程的音乐片段和节奏、气声低语和空灵的演唱,如今听起来仍然很新鲜,令人叹。“我住在纽约时看过、听过很多早期嘻哈音乐,”维纳回忆说。嘻哈音乐对这张唱片的影响很明显,另外它也受到了雷鬼和舞厅雷鬼(dacehall)元素的影响,反映出她与伦敦的加勒比社区关系密切。90年代末的大举进攻乐队(Massive Attack)和Portishead乐队等艺术团体的作品与《女巫》相似。音乐杂志《新音乐快报》(NME)曾称维纳为“trip-hop的祖母”,不过她说她自己“甚至不确定trip-hop是什么”。轻松活泼、出类拔萃的《约翰常说》(John Says)是这张专辑中最精的歌曲之一。Although ;Witch; was a favorite of the legendary English radio DJ John Peel, and Winer went on to collaborate with Sinead O#39;Connor and Grace Jones, the album#39;s release was greeted with near silence. In the late#39;90s, Winer settled in France, where she has raised five daughters and recorded and performed sporadically. She released a second album, 1999#39;s ;Spider,; in an extremely limited edition with the help of her friend Helmut Lang.虽然《女巫》是英国传奇电台DJ约翰·皮尔(John Peel)最喜欢的专辑之一,维纳后来又和西尼德·奥康纳(Sinead O#39;Connor)、格蕾丝·琼斯(Grace Jones)合作过,但是这张专辑反响平平。90年代末,维纳在法国定居,养了五个女儿,偶尔录专辑、表演。1999年在朋友海尔姆特·朗(Helmut Lang)的帮助下发行了第二张专辑《蜘蛛》(Spider),发行数量非常有限。The reissue of ;Witch; prompted Winer to reconnect with the producer Fachtna O#39;Ceallaigh, another of the album#39;s original supporters, to work on new music. She has also recently published a volume of poetry, and serves as the executor of the Beat writer Herbert Huncke#39;s literary estate. And she#39;s even returned to modeling as the face of Vivienne Westwood#39;s spring/summer 2014 campaign, shot by Juergen Teller. Like her music, Winer#39;s life continues to write itself in unexpected ways.《女巫》的再次发行让维纳和那张专辑最初的另一位持者、制作人法切纳·奥西莱(Fachtna O#39;Ceallaigh)再次联系上,继续创作新的音乐。她最近还出版了一本诗集。她是垮掉派作家赫伯特·亨克尔(Herbert Huncke)的文学遗产执行人。她甚至回归到模特界,担任薇薇安·韦斯特伍德(Vivienne Westwood)2014春夏广告的代言人,摄影师是尤尔根·泰勒(Juergen Teller)。和她的音乐一样,维纳的生活继续以不可预测的方式前行。20世纪80年代一篇时装社论上的维纳。 /201409/327995长乐做人流医院哪个好 SEOUL, South Korea — In the heart ofSeoul’s famous Gangnam neighborhood lies the “Beauty Belt,” a grouping ofstreets lined with hundreds of cosmetic surgery joints.(首尔,韩国) 在首尔中心著名的江南区的附近坐落着被称为“美丽地带”的整容手术一条街。Untold numbers of Koreans — as well asChinese and Southeast Asian tourists— have trekked to this district, seeking apointed nose, rounded eyes, a slimmer jaw line and even a gentler smile,considered graceful in some East Asian countries.数不清的韩国人---还有中国和东南亚的游客---经过长途跋涉来到这块地方,想要得到高挺的鼻子,大眼睛,尖下巴甚至是一个温柔的笑脸,这些在某些东亚国家都被认为是美丽的特征。South Koreans are the most cosmeticallyenhanced people in the world, according to the International Society ofAesthetic Plastic Surgeons. In this hyper-competitive society, plastic surgeryis often seen as a prerequisite to job and relationship success.But what if you can’t afford these high-endclinics?据国际整形外科医生协会统计,韩国人是世界上整形程度最高的人。在竞争激烈的社会中,整形手术常被视为实现就业和良好人脉关系的必备条件。但要是负担不起高档诊所该怎么办呢?Turns out, there’s an alternative: do-it-yourselfcosmetic enhancements.It’s popular among anxious Korean teenswho lack the funds to purchase the rarified good looks plastered on subway andbus advertisements. Taken together, a “VIP package” of procedures such as aneye lift, nose job, and even a popular jaw bone-cutting operation can fetchmore than ,000.有一个选择:自己给自己做整形这一方法在一些渴望美貌的韩国青少年中颇受欢迎,因为他们无力付地铁和巴士广告上的那种精致的美容手术。一个“VIP套餐”,包括开眼,隆鼻,有时甚至还有热门的下颌削骨手术,加起来可能超过10000美元。Impatient for such treatments, theseyoungsters are taking the burden upon themselves to carve out a better face.Enter the DIY craze, a potentially hazardous fad among high school friends whoself-apply cheap and scantly regulated tools bought online.出于对这种手术迫不及待的渴望,这些年轻人自己担负起把脸雕琢得更漂亮的重任,他们加入了DIY狂潮-------在高中学生间流行的、颇具危险的时尚。他们用在网上买的廉价且不正规的工具给自己整形。The process usually doesn’t involveself-mutilation (although there are exceptions). But cosmetic surgeons insistit is potentially dangerous because it involves trying to contort andmanipulate bodies that have not fully matured — offering the potential forharm.这些整形通常不会伤害到自己(虽然也有例外)。但整形医生们坚持认为它们是有潜在风险的,因为这些青少年的身体还未发育成熟,可能会造成伤害。Na and Choi, both 17, told GlobalPostthat two years ago, after seeing Korean talk show guests demonstrate variousshape-changing gadgets, they started buying the products online. Since then,they have suffered all sorts of facial injuries — thankfully, none of thempermanentNa和Choi,都只有17岁,告诉《环球邮报》:两年前,在看了韩国综艺节目嘉宾演示了各种整形小工具后,她们就开始从网上买这些东西。从那以后,她们忍受了各式各样的面部伤痛—不过谢天谢地,这些伤痛都不是永久性的。“Wewant to become pretty without spending all the money,” said Na, aged 17. “Weknow that these methods aren’t approved of, but lots of our peers do it. Girls[in our all-girls school] like girls who look pretty.” At times, the “patients”are as young as 12 or 13. “Weknow about the dangers, but we don’t think the dangers will come to us,” she said. (Because they’re minors, the two friends askedGlobalPost not to use their full names, per South Korean standards.)“我们想要不怎么花钱就能变得漂亮,”17岁的Na说。“我们知道这些方法是不可取的,但是很多我们的同龄人都这么做。(在我们女校)女孩子都喜欢漂亮的女孩子。”有时候,这些“病人”甚至只有十二三岁。“我们知道有风险,但我们觉得这些风险不会发生在我们身上。”她说。(因为是未成年人,她们要求《环球邮报》依据韩国规定不要使用她们的全名。) /201312/270973The Empress. The Hanged Man. The Chariot. Judgment. With their centuries-old iconography blending a mix of ancient symbols, religious allegories, and historic events, tarot cards can seem purposefully opaque. To outsiders and skeptics, occult practices like card ing have little relevance in our modern world. But a closer look at these miniature masterpieces reveals that the power of these cards isn#39;t endowed from some mystical source—it comes from the ability of their small, static images to illuminate our most complex dilemmas and desires.女皇、倒吊人、战车、法官,这些有几世纪历史的肖像和古老的符号,宗教预言,以及历史事件相杂糅,使得塔罗牌显得那样的神秘。对于外行和怀疑论者来说,阅读卡片上的征兆这种神秘主义的行为和现代社会显得格格不入。但是最近的研究表明,卡片上精美的微缩图画所具有的力量并不神秘——那小小的画片本身正具有反映我们内心困惑和欲望的能力。Contrary to what the uninitiated might think, the meaning of divination cards changes over time, shaped by each era#39;s culture and the needs of individual users. This is partly why these decks can be so puzzling to outsiders, as most of them reference allegories or events familiar to people many centuries ago. Caitlín Matthews, who teaches courses on cartomancy, or divination with cards, says that before the 18th century, the imagery on these cards was accessible to a much broader population. But in contrast to these historic decks, Matthews finds most modern decks harder to engage with.和外界所想的不一样,卡片上预言的意思随着时代变迁不断改变,在不同的文化或者不同的人手中也不尽相同,显示出不同的寓意和对现实事件的反映,这也是塔罗牌对于普通人来说不易理解的一个原因。Caitlín Matthews,一个教授纸牌占卜的老师,或者说算命师告诉我们,在十八世纪以前相信塔罗牌占卜的人数比现在多得多,而且和那些古老的塔罗占卜相比,现在的塔罗牌更加不容易理解。 /201408/317560长乐医院普通无痛人流多少钱

福州长乐妇幼医院哪家好Every time you enter the supermarket, you#39;re being manipulated. By design, all of the basics you#39;re just dropping by to pick up lie on the far side of a sea of temptation: the eggs, milk, and b are blocked by fruit snacks, those fancy new chips, and a display of artisanal beef jerky. If that wasn’t enough, your kids are targets too: all the cereal at the eye level of a child sitting in a shopping cart is pasted with cartoon blandishments, the better to lure them in with.每每进超市,你都控。你本来是来买鸡蛋、牛奶、面包这些必需品的,但是超市将这些东西都设计在很远的地方,要买到它们,你必须穿过无数诱惑:果蔬小吃、新款薯片、手工牛肉干摆放区。如果这样你都无动于衷,那还有你的孩子:坐在购物车里的孩子平视之处就是谷类食品,上面的卡通图案就像在“召唤”他们。But could we be manipulated for the better? The average food manufacturer has little reason to divert us from their high-fat, high-sugar, high-deliciousness products. Yet given that we are aly being influenced, one can wonder whether stores might eventually see the benefit – perhaps administered through public health-related tax cuts – to making the produce section into a wonderland that has the kids screaming for kale。但我们能不能控着去买更健康的食物呢?生产商没有理由劝我们不买大众偏爱的高脂、高糖、高香精食品。但既然我们已经被影响了,有人就想了,店家最终能否看清个中利益呢——或许,公众健康类税收优惠是个解决之道——把食品区变成一个乐园,让每个孩子都争着抢着要甘蓝菜。Even within our current stores, it isn#39;t difficult to nudge people in a better direction, at least in the short term. Esther Papies, a professor of social psychology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, found that handing out recipe flyers at a store entrance that included words like ;healthy; and ;low-calorie; caused people who were overweight or dieting to subconsciously buy fewer snacks. They took a whopping 75% fewer snack items to the checkouts than those who received the control flier, which did not have the health-related terms on it. Seeing those words – being primed by them – activated people#39;s existing goals and reminded them what they could do now to meet them, without the shoppers really taking notice, says Papies。至少短期来看,即使在目前的商店内,要把顾客引往健康食品区也不是太难。荷兰乌得勒大学(Utrecht University)社会心理学教授埃斯特·佩皮斯(Esther Papies)发现,在商店入口发放印有“健康”和“低卡路里”字样的食谱传单,能让超重和节食人群下意识地少买些零食。比起那些拿到未印有健康信息传单的人来说,前者少买了75%的零食。佩皮斯说,看看这些词的魔力,它能潜移默化地激励人们从现在做起,提醒他们努力实现目标。Other tricks have been proposed by Brian Wansink, a professor of consumer behaviour at Cornell who#39;s well known for his research into the psychology of eating. Some of his latest work takes an earlier finding – that people increase their fruit and vegetable intake by 24% if they are told that half of their dinner plate should be reserved for these foods – and applies it to supermarket shopping. Wansink found that dividing a grocery cart in two, with half to be used only for fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat, causes people to spend more than twice as much on fruits and vegetables than people without a partition – .65 versus .82 on fruits and .19 versus .17 on vegetables. The idea is that the partition implies the existence of a social norm that consumers try to meet。 因研究饮食心理而闻名的康奈尔大学消费者行为学教授布莱恩·文森克(Brian Wansink)也揭秘了一些小伎俩。他近期的一些研究也用到了早期的发现——如果告诉消费者,他们的餐盘要留一半放水果和蔬菜,人们会多吃24%的果蔬——超市购物亦是如此。文森克发现,将购物车一分为二,其中一半规定只能放水果、蔬菜、奶制品和肉制品,此类消费者会比一般人多买一倍多的水果蔬菜——水果:.65比.82,蔬菜:.19比.17。秘诀就是,划分让消费者觉得这是一种社会规范,他们就会尽量去做到。 /201410/336236长乐微管无痛人流手术医院 长乐第一人民医院预约时间表

长乐做人流费用大概多少Things have changed a bit since Edward IV’s day. Britain’s first Plantagenet king would probably not have had the end of his loo roll folded into a smart point as ours is. Nor, in what the Middle Ages euphemistically called a “garderobe”, was Edward likely to have had the benefit of a complimentary spa manicure kit (“time for nails”). And while taps by Heritage Bathrooms (founded in 1924) might usually confer an air of architectural originality, in this bathroom (founded c1330) they feel daringly modern.自爱德华四世(Edward IV)“下榻”以来,迄今为止沃里克城堡(Warwick Castle)内部的摆设变动很小。英国金雀花王朝的首位国王(Plantagenet)或许不会把手纸两端折卷成如今我们这样的中空滚筒状,在中世纪所谓“卧房”(委婉说法)中,爱德华四世也不太可能免费获赠Spa美甲包(“修剪指甲的时间”)。修建于1024年的Heritage Bathrooms卫生间里,水龙头还颇有些建筑创意,而最初建于1330年的卫生间却有着大胆的登感。This is the Rose Suite in Warwick Castle, former seat of the Earl of Warwick, defensive stronghold of William the Conqueror and, for several weeks in 1469, the place where Edward IV is thought, the castle says, to have stayed as guest (or rather, as the history books have it, “prisoner”). And tonight, it is where I am staying too. Because, from this month, Warwick Castle is offering guests the opportunity to sleep in the same rooms in the tower where Edward slept. The castle is, perhaps inevitably, promising a “royal welcome”.这儿是沃里克城堡的玫瑰套房(Rose Suite),曾是昔日沃里克伯爵(Earl of Warwick)的领地,也曾是征者威廉(William the Conqueror)的防御要塞,据城堡档案记载,1459年,据说爱德华四世曾作为“客人”在此居住过几个星期(抑或按照历史著作的准确记载,爱德华四世曾作为“囚犯”在此住过)。今晚,此处也是本人的下榻之处。因为从本月起,沃里克城堡允许旅客入住昔日爱德华四世曾睡过的房间。或许这是必然结果:沃里克城堡承诺给游客以“至尊享受”。In many ways, the passing of 700-odd years has left relatively little mark. Edward, when he was here, would have climbed the same spiral staircase as I did and slept beneath the same vaulted stone ceiling. Perhaps most pruriently, as Aaron Manning, the castle’s head of historical interpretation explains, the modern toilet is plumbed into the medieval plumbing, so Edward “would have sat in exactly the same place as guests would today”. A happy thought.从多方面看,700多年的风风雨雨几乎未给城堡留下什么印记。爱德华羁押于此时,肯定与我一样爬同样的旋转楼梯,睡在拱顶石天花板底下同样的房间。或许正如城堡历史解说部主管曼宁(Aaron Manning)所说的,最让人想入非非的是:由于现代卫生设备已接入昔日中世纪的管道系统,因此爱德华“或许与如今入住的客人一样,坐在同样的马桶上方便”。想想甭提有多逗趣!Royal thrones aside, there have been some more obvious changes. Arriving at the entrance gate, I am waved through the ticket barrier by a wench in medieval dress who is chatting on the phone. A Viking and a Saxon (Emma and Mark, apparently) wander past together as they go off-shift and, it must be said, somewhat historically off-track. I am advised not to miss the flaming trebuchet at 4.30pm. You wouldn’t get this at Windsor Castle.先抛开爱德华四世不谈,如今的沃里克城堡已有了些明显变化。抵达入口大门时,一位身着中世纪裙子、正在大煲电话的乡下姑娘向我挥手示意,径直让我通过了检票口。一位维京人与另一萨克逊人(很明显就是艾玛与马克)下班后,也一起漫步通过了检票口,必须指出的是:这么做与历史事实有些出入。曼宁建议我务必不要错过下午4:30举行的火焰投石机表演。这种表演在温莎城堡(Windsor Castle)都没机会看到。But then again, given that Windsor’s royals are still in residence, you wouldn’t get to stay in their bedroom either. Which is the real difference here. It is often said that those visiting stately homes tend, in the face of all statistical likelihood, to imagine themselves as owners rather than the kitchenmaids. In many castles, such imaginings are hampered by the fact that the nobles are still in residence. Not so here: in 1978 the Earl of Warwick sold the castle and its heating bills to the Tussauds Group (owners of the famous waxworks as well as theme parks). The closest thing that Warwick now has to a noble is, well, me.但话又说回来,由于英王室目前仍居住于温莎城堡,所以诸位也没机会睡到其房间中,这才是本质差别。根据概率统计,参观开放豪华古宅的游客据说通常就把自己设想成是所有者,而不是厨房女佣。在许多城堡中,由于贵族仍然居住于此,这种美好想象只是黄粱梦而已。但沃里克城堡并非如此:1978年,沃里克伯爵把城堡连带所欠取暖费一并转手给了杜莎集团(Tussauds Group,诸多知名蜡像馆以及主题公园的运营商)。如今享受沃里克城堡贵族务的恰恰就是本人。And a very pleasant feeling it is too. I walk past groups of what Shakespeare would have called “commoners” in the courtyard as they enjoy their b and circuses (or at least burgers and vulture shows), content in the knowledge that I needn’t join their queues because champagne and canapés are waiting for me in my suite. I also discover that this suite is reached – and this is perhaps the most delicious experience of the whole weekend – through a door marked “No Entry”.而且这种感觉特别爽,我从院子里一队队游客(换作莎士比亚(Shakespeare),会称呼他们为“平民”)身边经过,他们正在享用免费美食及观看表演(抑或说至少是在享用汉堡与观赏秃鹫表演),颇为得意的是自己无需和这些游客一样排队,因为香槟和开胃点心已摆放在我的豪华套间里。我还发现进入套间得经过一扇门,上面标着“禁止入内”,这也许是整个周末我最为有趣的经历。I lounge on the bed eating canapés, drinking bubbly and playing with the television, which I discover rises – Excalibur-like – from a blanket box at the touch of a button. It’s certainly novel. Equally thrilling is the discovery that the fire escape opens on to one of the battlements.我懒洋洋地躺在大床上,享用着开胃点心,喝着香槟酒,摆弄着电视。只要一触碰按钮,电视机就会象亚瑟王的神剑(Excalibur)一样,从毯子盒里升起来。这当然很新奇,同样兴奋不已的是本人还发现了安全出口通向城堡的城垛处。However, although there is much to savour, I am mildly ashamed to admit that perhaps the most memorable pleasure is when lost tourists, thinking that the room is open to the public, tentatively push the door open. I wave them away imperiously, or so I like to think.然而,尽管可供把玩的地方还有很多,但我有些不好意思说出来的是:或许最难以忘怀的乐事是迷路游客以为我入住的房间为开放性场所,于是试探性地推开房门。我则傲慢地示意他们离开,大概我愿意这么做。Still, it does feel a little strange. I am more used to castles where the pleasures are in the Grand Tour mould: places that offer the past up amid silences and scones – and where even an audioguide can seem daringly avant garde. I am not used to places offering giant trebuchets (“the largest working siege machine IN THE WORLD!”), Castle Dungeon experiences (“terrifying”), and rising TVs. These have joys of their own, no doubt. But it’s hardly Wordsworth in front of Tintern Abbey.尽管如此,这的确让我感觉有些不习惯。我更习惯于从前英国贵族子女遍游欧洲大陆获取乐趣的那种城堡参观模式:一边享用烤饼,一边默默聆听城堡的渊源,甚至电子导游器都显得颇为标新立异。我不喜欢这样的城堡参观模式:巨大的投石器表演(“这是全球现存最大的攻城器械!”)、体验城堡地牢(“让人毛骨悚然”),以及电视机自动升起。毫无疑问,这些项目都自有乐趣,但这压根不是华兹华斯(Wordsworth)站在丁登寺(Tintern Abbey)前油然而生的那种感受。And that is perhaps the point. Romantic poets may have liked to sense the sublime before the crumbling walls of monuments; but then they didn’t have to pay the repair bill. Merlin Entertainments, the visitor attractions group which acquired Tussauds and now owns Warwick Castle, has spent more than #163;6m in the past 10 years restoring it. Next year another #163;1m needs to be found to repair the north wall. Warwick’s dungeon experience (entrance #163;9) helps. But the royal experience in the tower (admission #163;600) plays its part, too.也许这就是问题的实质所在。站在纪念碑的残垣断壁前,浪漫诗人或许喜欢领悟那种庄严肃穆感;不过,诗人无需为维修费用埋单。收购杜莎集团的旅游景区运营集团默林公司(Merlin Entertainments)如今是沃里克城堡的所有者,过去10年,它已为城堡维修花费了600万英镑。明年,它需要再筹集100万英镑以维修城堡北墙。沃里克城堡的地牢体验(门票费9英镑)可以起点作用。但游客的至尊入住(费用为600英镑)同样可助一臂之力。Still, I’m curious, so I descend from my tower rooms to the riverbank to watch the trebuchet. And I discover that it is fascinating. It’s not just the unexpected look of it when it is released (less of a ping than a lollop). It’s also the commentary, which tells me that blind men were used to walk in the hamster wheel that powered the machine (they didn’t suffer from motion sickness) and that if they fell, they’d probably break their backs. I don’t recall ever being told this by the National Trust.尽管如此,我仍颇感好奇,于是走出城堡的房间,来到河岸观看投石表演,我觉得表演精纷呈:石头投出去后,并非如大家所期望的那种壮观场面(石头并非呼啸而过,而是慢腾腾飞过);解说词同样精:说当初雇佣盲人脚踩仓鼠轮来驱动投石器(这些盲人不会患晕动病),他们若从转轮里掉下来,则很可能折断脊梁骨。保护英国文化遗产的慈善机构国家名胜古迹信托(National Trust)曾提醒过我,只是本人忘掉了这茬子事。There is, to my relief, more traditional entertainment, too: those who stay in the tower get a private tour of the castle. I meet Manning in the courtyard in the late afternoon. By now, the crowd is thinning; their places on the lawn taken by flocks of crows in search of the morsels of b the visitors have left behind.让我宽慰的是:城堡还安排了更为传统的表演:入住的游客可以单独游览城堡。傍晚时分,我在院子里与曼宁会合。此时,游客渐渐稀少,他们刚才站立的草坪上,如今已被一大群乌鸦占据,它们正在找寻游客掉落的面包屑。The tour is wonderful. We climb on to a forbidden battlement, its stones in places as whittled and wind-worn as Cappadocia, and the experience begins. Going past the “No Entry” signs and red ropes is the least of it. We peer at 17th-century civil war graffiti by the light of Manning’s iPhone, climb into the opening of a 14th-century secret passage and look at the dungeons by torchlight. When I admire a 16th-century suit of armour, I am invited to try on the glove. It bends easily as I move my hand.整个行程美不胜收。我们爬上不对外开放的城垛子上,有几处石头被切得跟卡帕多西亚地区(Cappadocia)如出一辙,我们的惊险旅程由此开始。经过“禁止通行”的指示牌与牵拉的红绳线根本没啥惊险度。借助曼宁iPhone手机照出的亮光,我们仔细察看17世纪英国内战时留下的各种涂鸦作品,随后又爬进14世纪的一座秘密通道,并借助手电光,实地参观了地牢。正当我欣赏16世纪的一套盔甲时,曼宁请我试戴一副当时的手套,戴上后活动手指时,感觉收放自如。I also learn that Warwick Castle provides a good historical precedent for ignoring historical precedent, not to mention a laisser-faire attitude to culture. One earl, having bought a portrait by Van Dyck, decided that its size didn’t fit in with the decorations in his sitting room, so chopped the head out and threw away the rest. The seventh earl, fancying himself as a movie actor, built a large cinema screen on the roof (Ingrid Bergman partied in front of it). Suddenly the flaming trebuchet (which is at least historically accurate) starts to seem less egregious.我还了解到:对于漠视历史,沃里克城堡开了漠视历史传统的恶劣先例,更遑论它对待文化那种放任自流的态度了。曾有位伯爵大人,买下范#8226;代克(Van Dyck)创作的一幅肖像作品后,发现画作尺寸与自己客厅的装饰物并不匹配,于是乎把画作中的头像切割出来,然后把剩余部分一扔了之。第七代伯爵则自以为是影视明星,一度在城堡顶上建了块电影屏幕(英格丽#8226;褒曼(Ingrid Bergman)曾在屏幕前参加过伯爵举办的社交聚会)。突然之间,灯火照射的地牢(至少符合历史真实)开始变得不再象原来那样毛骨悚然。By now, the castle is almost empty. Manning leaves and I walk back across the deserted courtyard. Even the crows have gone. I walk through a rose garden in the gloaming, its silence broken only by the cry of a peacock. Then I climb up the spiral staircase to the castle’s highest battlements. Alone, I stare down at the grounds, which are – just for tonight – mine.此时此刻,整个城堡几乎空无一人。曼宁告辞后,我一个人穿过空寂的院落走回房间。此时甚至游客都已离开。我趁着薄暮走过玫瑰花园,只有孔雀的叫声打破其宁静。随后我又顺着旋转楼梯爬回城堡最高处的城垛,此时的我孤身一人俯看着下面,就在今晚,我独享这片静谧世界。And suddenly, the silence, and the solitude, all starts to feel a bit too much. I go back to my room, pour a glass of wine, and switch on the exciting TV. I like to think the seventh earl would have approved.突然,自我感觉享受够了这片宁静与孤寂,于是回到自己房间,倒了一杯葡萄酒,打开电视观看有趣的节目。我想第七代伯爵大人也会持我的所作所为。Catherine Nixey was a guest of Warwick Castle (warwick-castle.com). A tower suite costs #163;600 per night, including breakfast, concierge service, a private expert-led castle tour, two days priority access to all castle attractions and car parking凯瑟琳#8226;尼克塞是沃里克城堡(详情请浏览以下网站warwick-castle.com)的游客,城堡套房每晚费用为600英镑,包括了早餐、门房务、专业人士导游的城堡私人游、两天之内优先参观城堡所有景点以及优先使用停车场。Castles you can stay in: towering examples英国供游客入住的古堡:Doyden Castle, Cornwall At the mouth of Port Quin inlet on the north coast of Cornwall, the castle was built in 1830 by wealthy bon viveur Samuel Symons, who wanted somewhere to drink, gamble and feast with friends, writes Kasia Delgado. A small fortress on the edge of a Cornish cliff, Doyden has one double bedroom with a dining room, kitchen, bathroom and cellar. The sandy beaches of St Ives, Polzeath and Port Isaac are within four miles. It costs from #163;855 for two nights (all prices listed are lowest available for summer period until September). nationaltrustcottages.co.uk始建于1830年的多伊登城堡(Doyden Castle)位于康沃尔(Cornwall)北部海岸Port Quin峡湾入海口,由腰缠万贯的塞缪尔#8226;西门斯(Samuel Symons)主持兴建。西门斯希望有个与朋友寻欢作乐的地方,卡西亚#8226;德尔加多(Kasia Delgado)在书中这样写道。多伊登城堡为修建于康沃尔悬崖边的一座小型要塞,拥有一个双人房间,此外还带有餐厅、厨房、浴室以及地下室。此处距离St Ives、Polzeath、Port Isaac等小镇的沙滩均不超过4英里。两晚起住价为855英镑(所有列出的价格均为夏季最低价,九月后重调价)。详情请浏览以下网站:nationaltrustcottages.co.ukBarcaldine Castle, near Oban in the west of Scotland, was built in 1609 and restored in 1897. It is now a four-star Bamp;B with five large rooms including the Caithness, at the top of the castle, which has impressive views over Loch Creran and the mountains of Glen Coe. Guests can do day trips from Oban, taking the ferry to Mull, Iona, Staffa, Kerrera and Lismore. There is a golf course nine miles away and a sea kayak centre close by. Barcaldine Castle is 90 miles from Glasgow airport. #163;185 for one night. historic-uk.com巴卡尔丁城堡(Barcaldine Castle):始建于1609年,重修于1897年,位于苏格兰西部奥本镇(Oban)附近。它如今为四星级客栈,共有5间客房,其中Caithness客房位于城堡顶部,可以饱览柯兰朗海湾(Loch Creran)以及远处Glen Coe群山的壮美景色。游客可从奥本镇出发乘坐渡船,参加Mull、Iona、Staffa、Kerrera以及 Lismore等小镇的一日游活动。距离城堡九英里的地方建有一座高尔夫球场,附近还有海上独木舟中心。巴卡尔丁城堡距离格拉斯哥机场(Glasgow airport)90英里,每晚客房费用为185英镑。详情请浏览以下网站:historic-uk.com。Peverell’s Tower was built on the grounds of Dover Castle in Kent by Henry III in the 13th century as an extra line of defence, and at one time it was used as a prison. The tower, which sleeps two, is comfortably furnished. Guests can access the castle grounds at night when the day visitors go home, exploring the castle and secret wartime tunnels. The castle itself, sitting on the famous white cliffs, was originally built as a palace designed for royal ceremony and as a showpiece with which the king could impress important visitors to England. #163;530 for two nights.www.english-heritage.org.uk。Peverell’s Tower城堡:由亨利三世(Henry III)于13世纪在多佛城堡空地上兴建而成,它是另外一道防线,曾经作为监狱使用。城堡可入住两位游客,房间设施齐全。白天游览的游客离开后,入住旅客可在晚上下到地面,游览城堡以及战时秘道。位于著名的怀特悬崖边(white cliffs)的城堡原是宫殿,为举办王室典礼以及英格兰国王向外国贵宾炫耀的样板。两晚入住费为530英镑,详情请浏览以下网站:www.english-heritage.org.uk。 /201409/327733 你和老外闹过笑话或者误会吗?中西文化差异会造成两方人对某些事情的态度和做法的不同。加强沟通,理解万岁。为了让你和老外轻松相处,我们总结出经常发生的10种误会及其解决方法。 Top 10 赞美 西方人乐于赞美别人,同时也乐于接受别人的赞美。而中国人为了显示谦恭,常常会“拒绝”他人的赞美。这种“拒绝”会让老外觉得莫明其妙,好像你不领他的情似的。 还有,中国人出于礼貌,或者想跟人套近乎,总是愿意说些关心人的话。为了献殷勤,我们常喜欢对客人说;You must be tired? Have a good rest.;。然而,普通的问候之语却有可能让西方人误解为你对她的身体状况表示担忧。他们很喜欢别人夸他们年轻、强壮,如果你质疑他们的身体健康,他们甚至会发怒的。 Top 9 致谢 中国人认为对家里人或者好朋友的帮助是one#39;s own obligation, no need to thank or be thanked,彼此根本不必说谢谢,说了反而显得关系生分。而老外对家人或者朋友的帮忙都习惯说谢谢,他们期待polite expression_rs like ;please;, ;thank you;, etc.。所以,和老外相处,千万不要吝啬“谢谢”两个字。“谢”少了只会让老外觉得你羞涩且不懂礼貌。 Top 8 出游 中国人结伴出游的时候,如果买什么东西,花钱的那个人一般都会先统计有几个人,然后按照人头购买东西,即便有人之前客气地说不要,中国人还是会给他买上一份。When a Chinese offers refreshments or drinks to his colleague, his colleague often declines the offer politely, because he doesn#39;t want to trouble the person who offers and it also shows his politeness. Normally the person who offers still prepares or buys refreshments or drinks, and this will be expected by his colleague. Sharing food and drink when going out together is common among colleagues and friends。 然而和老外结伴出游,如果你客气地推说不需要某样东西,那么对方真的就不会给你买。他们觉得不给你买是尊重你的决定。Respect one#39;s own decision, ;yes; means one wants it, ;no; means one doesn#39;t, politeness is usually shown by the expression_r #39;thank you#39; or ;please;。所以,想要什么东西,就直接说出来吧,事后真诚地说声谢谢才是他们眼中的礼貌做法。 Top 7 称呼 当外国人听到中国人称呼他们为“老外”的时候,他们心里是不高兴的,因为他们觉得自己并不老,且很健康。他们dislike being labelled as ;old;, being young valued above being old。 而当他们听到中国人管外国小孩也叫“老外”的时候,他们才明白“老”其实是对某个人的尊称,比如老张,老王。;Lao; is a commonly used term by Chinese people to address someone who is older than the speaker to show his politeness, respect and closeness. The term does not necessarily mean old age. ;Lao Wai; is a colloquial term of address for foreigners。 Top 6 送别 中国人表达情感的方式相对内敛。送别的时候,他们强忍泪水,吝于拥抱,种种“冷淡”表现让老外深感诧异。所以,如果你和老外送别,举止不妨洒脱奔放一些,可别让他们觉得你是“冷血动物”。 Like everyone else we are affectionate to our friends and relatives, but perhaps we show our affection in public less than other peoples. Maybe the whole family as well as some friends will go to the railway station or the airport to see a person off, no matter whether he/she goes abroad to study or to another province for work. This may well strike many Westerners as very moving, yet they might be puzzled when they see that nobody will hug or kiss when the time comes for saying goodbye. Friends may shake hands with the person who is leaving and parents may hold his/her hand for a long time with tears in their eyes, but with no other physical contact. In fact hugging and kissing are seldom seen in public in China, no matter what the occasion is。 Top 5 鼓掌 当众发言的时候,如果别人给自己鼓掌,为了表达谢意,中国人通常都会暂停发言,而后随着听众一起鼓掌。 In this way he expresses his thanks to the audience. 可是老外就不理解为何要自己给自己鼓掌。自己给自己鼓掌,多不谦虚啊。Of course, when a Chinese speaker claps his hands as the audience is applauding, he is not applauding himself, but expressing his thanks to his audience. As noted earlier, Westerners feel puzzled when watching such a scene, since they think the speaker or the performer is applauding himself.所以,以后老外在场,发言的人不妨用鞠躬或者挥手代替鼓掌。当然,微笑站立也是一种选择。 Top 4 眼神 许多中国人在和别人说话,或者当众发言的时候,羞于和听众进行眼神的交流。Some of them, perhaps because of nervousness, like to bury their nose in their manuscript to their speech all the time. 这种做法其实是不礼貌的。 与人交流的时候,老外expects eye contact, though this does not have to be constant. 当众发言的时候,老外look at his audience now and then. 他们是不会把脑袋埋在稿子里面说话的。 Speaking in public is also a kind of two-way communication, which needs eye contact from both sides. The speaker will certainly feel embarrassed when he sees that his audience do not look at him. But if he doesn#39;t look at his audience now and then, his audience also has the right not to listen to what he is saying. 如果你发言的时候没有勇气看听众,那么你也无权要求你的听众会和你形成良好的互动。 Top 3 送礼 中国人送礼喜欢成双,比如说两瓶酒,两条烟。一是为了显示自己不是小气人,二是为了讨个吉利数字。去朋友或者亲戚家做客,拎点水果是非常普遍的情况。但是,在西方,人们送酒的时候都是只送一瓶。One is quite enough, two are of course welcome but unusual and not expected. 因为他们吃饭的时候要喝客人带来的酒,如果客人拿了两瓶,似乎表明客人是个酒鬼,主人恐怕一瓶酒不够喝。去朋友家做客一般也不送水果。水果一般是作为看望病人时候的礼物。看完此文,希望大家能避开误解的雷区,沟通无极限,交友无国界。而且,中国人接到别人的礼物,为了显示自己不是个贪财之人,习惯于把礼物悄悄放在一旁,然后等客人离开后再拆开包装;而老外则希望你当着他的面打开礼物,并对他的礼物赞美一番。 In the West , it is regarded as polite to open gifts as soon as they are given to express appreciation. In China, the situation is quite the reverse. Normally we Chinese feel that if you open the gift as soon as it is given, you might embarrass the person who gives the gift and you might be thought greedy. So Chinese people tend to open the gifts after the visitors have left. What is more, many people send gifts without wrapping them, and if they wrap them, they usually tell the receiver what is inside, and the receiver will thank the sender and put the gift aside without unwrapping them since they aly know what is inside. However, when we receive gifts from an English native speaker, in order to avoid misunderstanding, we may follow their custom by opening the gifts in front of him or her and express our appreciation。 Top 2 做客 中国人去别人家串门的时候都喜欢随处逛,到处看。可老外是怎么看待这些行为的呢?;I#39;m often taken aback by the way visitors come round to my flat and seem to feel free to take the place over, putting on the telly, pulling down books from my shelves, even peering at letters I#39;ve left lying around on the desk.; 虽说让客人感到宾至如归是好的待客之道,但老外还是忌讳你在做客的时候在他家里东逛西逛,甚至偷窥他的隐私。同样的,涉及到薪资、年龄等隐私问题我们也不要张口就问。 Top 1 吃饭 “人是铁,饭是钢。一顿不吃饿得慌。”我们和老外的交往许多时候都发生在饭桌上。中国人请老外去家里吃饭,可能会准备8-10道菜。你最好让老外有个心理准备,要么他们很可能根本没有肚子去吃后面的菜了。他们可能会觉得中国人hospitable, if anything too hospitable。 如果你去老外家吃饭,也许桌上仅仅就准备了一道菜!而且他们也喜欢说;The dishes are quite good; these dishes are quite famous;,绝对不像中国人喜欢说:“准备不周,凑合吃点吧。” 还有,中国人为了显示热情,喜欢给别人夹菜。但是老外却不喜欢要别人给自己夹菜。;I don#39;t think I#39;ll ever get used to the eating habits out here. You know, the way people put things on your plate...; 老外乐于让人自主选择喜欢的食物。They think to help yourself is the best way. Foreigners give guests the chance to choose what is their favourite。 和老外吃饭,中国人千万不要谦虚含蓄。;Chinese never seem hungry when they come round to my place. Whenever I ask callers if they#39;d like a bite to eat they always say no.; 大多数老外都是实在人。当他们问你要不要吃点什么的时候,如果你谢绝了,他们会尊重你的决定,真的不给你东西吃哦。所以说,饿了就喊出来吧。 一句话,外国人的表达及处世方式更为直接,而中国人则更显圆滑。Foreigners never pretend to be modest. They just tell others what they think. If a Chinese person is faced with the same situation, maybe he or she would say, ;I#39;m sorry. The restaurant is a little bit small and the dishes are just so so, but I hope you#39;ll enjoy yourself.;10大误会盘点完毕。希望今后你和老外相处的时候,能够避开雷区。沟通无极限,交流无国界。 /201312/269602长乐做无痛人流大概多少钱长乐中山医院做宫颈手术



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