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【中文这样说】我喜欢绿颜色【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style: I like green color.American Style: I like green.因为 green 就能表示绿色的意思所以不能再加上color /200604/6472

  英语场景口语:度假也治病终于盼到了国庆的7天假期,可以好好放松了。【口语要素1】I will have seven days off.最终,我到了西海岸,那可是个让人流连忘返的地方。【口语要素2】I had a blissful stay in the West.到了那个地方,我发出一句由衷的感慨:这才是人过的日子。【口语要素3】This is the life.回来后我精神焕发,好像一场大病痊愈一样,更加热爱生活和工作了。看来假期就像良药可以给人治病。【口语要素4】The vacation is the best medicine.这是真理,信不信由你!不过还是奉劝各位,当你觉得状态糟糕的时候,最好去度假。【口语要素5】Believe it or not! /200604/6633

  简介: If you steal, it will catch up to you sooner or later.sooner or later 意为 eventually it will happen, now or a little later.译文:要想人不知,除非己莫为。 /200701/9994。


  Once we have language, we can put our ideas together and cooperate to have a prosperity一旦我们有了语言,我们可以分享想法并合作,从而创造繁荣that we couldnt have before we acquired it.没有语言这是无法完成的And this is why our species has prospered around the world这就是为什么人类在全世界繁衍发展while the rest of the animals sit behind bars in zoos, languishing.而其他的动物只能干坐在动物园的笼子里,怨断愁肠Thats why we build space shuttles and cathedrals这就是为什么我们建起航天飞机和大教堂while the rest of the world sticks sticks into the ground to extract termites.而它们用棍子捅地抓白蚁All right, if this view of language and its value in solving the crisis of visual theft is true,如果这个角度看语言及其价值,对解决观察性窃取是无可争议的any species that acquires it should show an explosion of creativity and prosperity.任何物种获得了它,都应该有创造和繁荣昌盛的表现And this is exactly what the archeological record shows.考古学记录实了这一点If you look at our ancestors, the Neanderthals and the Homo erectus, our immediate ancestors,如果研究我们的祖先--尼安德特人和猿人,我们的直系祖先theyre confined to small regions of the world.他们活动于世界的小范围区域But when our species arose about 200,000 years ago,而人类在大约二十万年前sometime after that we quickly walked out of Africa and sp around the entire world, occupying nearly every habitat on Earth.迅速地走出了非洲,分布到了全世界,占据了地球几乎每一处栖息地Now whereas other species are confined to places that their genes adapt them to,现在当其他物种还受限于他们基因适应的地方with social learning and language, we could transform the environment to suit our needs.拥有社会学习能力和语言的我们,已经可以改造环境,满足我们的需求了And so we prospered in a way that no other animal has.所以我们的文明比其他任何动物都要繁荣Language really is the most potent trait that has ever evolved.语言确实是我们进化出的最有利的特性It is the most valuable trait we have for converting new lands and resources这是我们拥有的最有价值的特性,以此我们将新土地和资源into more people and their genes that natural selection has ever devised.转化成更多的人和他们的基因,这比自然选择做的还要多201701/489716to get one's back up to scratch one's back 当一只猫生气的时候,它往往把它的背拱起来,嘴里还发出呼呼的声音,显得它随时准备施展它那爪子的威力。美国一个常用语就出自猫的这种形像。 这个常用语就是:to get one's back up。To get one's back up就是生气的意思。下面这句话是一个妻子在说他的丈夫: 例句-1: "One thing really gets my back up -- the way my husband leaves his clothes on the bed or on the floor so I have to pick them up all the time." 她说:“我的丈夫总是把衣往床上、地上乱扔,我老得把它们拣起来,真叫我生气。” 可是,妻子的批评使做丈夫的很生气。他对朋友说: 例句-2: "And there's one thing that really gets my back up: my wife nagging at me to hang my clothes up as soon as I walk in the house at night after a hard day at the office." 他说:“每天在办公室辛苦地工作了一天,可是晚上一走家门,我老婆就开始唠叨,要我把衣挂好。这实在让我生气。” 要是你觉得背上某一个地方痒痒,而你自己又抓不到。这是很难受的。在这种情况下,最好有人替你抓一下。美国人有一个普遍的说法,那就是:to scratch one's back。To scratch one's back从字面上来看就是“抓某人的背”。它的真正含义是:某人帮了你一下忙,而这个帮你忙的人也期望你下回帮他的忙。因此,to scratch one's back实际上就是:这回你帮我忙,下回我就帮你的忙。例如,一个参议员对他的高级助手说: 例句-3: "This senator from the 11th district scratched my back when he voted for my bill to cut state income taxes, so it's my turn to do him a favor and vote for that bill for more money for roads in his district." 这位参议员说:“上回在投票通过我提出的有关裁减州所得税的提案时,第十一选区的参议员投了我一票,帮了我的忙。所以,现在是该我帮他忙的时候了,我得投票赞成为他的选区修建公路增加拨款的提案。” 这种现象在政客当中很普遍,但是做买卖的也要相互给好处,请听这位推销员说的话: 例句-4: "In my business it's important to scratch each other's back. Say a customer does me a favor by giving me an extra big order. The next time he's in town I might take him out to dinner and a broadway show." 这位推销员说:“干我们这行,相互帮忙是很重要的。要是一位顾客订了特别大的一批货,帮了我的忙。下次他再到这个城市来的时候,我可能得请他吃晚饭和到百老汇去看演出。” 今天我们讲了两个习惯用语:"to get one's back up"和"to scratch one's back"。 To get one's back up是生气的意思;to scratch one's back是指某人帮了一下忙,帮忙的人也期待对方下回帮他的忙。 「美国习惯用语」第一百零一课就讲到这里。欢迎下次再一起来学习美国习惯用语。再见。 /200601/3056

  VOA流行美语 127: big shot/bent out of shape李华和Larry正在讨论是不是要去听有关中国历史的演讲。今天李华会学到两个常用语:big shot和bent out of shape.(Ambience sound in the Hallway)LL: Hey Li Hua! Are you going to the guest lecture this evening? Some big shot Harvard professor is going to speak tonight.LH: 你说今天晚上来演讲的教授是什么?big shot?什么是big shot?LL: I said he is a big shot. A big shot is an important or influential person.LH: 噢!Big shot是指一个很重要,很有影响力的人。那不就是我们中文里说的“大人物”嘛!哎!哈佛大学的教授就是大人物,big shot呀?LL: Actually, this guy is a big shot because he's an American who lived in China for thirty years after the revolution, and got to know some of the leaders of China personally.LH: 哟,他在中国住了30年,还认识一些中国的领导人。听起来倒挺象大人物的。那他为什么要到我们学校来呢?LL: Well, the president of our university and some other big shots from the city government are good friends of his. They invited him to come here and give a lecture.LH: 原来他和我们校长还有市政府的官员都是好朋友。嗯,我很想去听听他的演讲。对了,Larry,你听说Jack找到一份新工作吗?LL: Oh yeah, I heard that he's working for a big shot lawyer now. I'm really happy to see him doing so well after graduation.LH: 我希望那家大律师事务所能好好待他。有时候,为这些大人物工作,未必是件好差事。LL: Yeah, I guess so. Still, it's better to work for a big shot lawyer than to be a waiter at a coffee house. A lot of us history majors end up doing jobs like that after graduation.LH: 话是不错,给大律师工作总比在咖啡馆当务员好。可是,历史专业的毕业生也不见得都到餐馆去当务员。我将来就要争取成为一个有名的教授, a big shot professor!LL: That's good to hear. Just be sure you don't forget about me after you become a big shot!******LH: 嘿!Larry, 昨晚我去听演讲,怎么没看见你呢?那位教授讲得很有意思!LL: Well, that's good to hear. I couldn't make it because some idiot crashed his car into mine last night on the way over here. I'm still pretty bent out of shape about it.LH: 什么!你昨晚出车祸啦?Bent out of shape? 你是不是受伤了?LL: I'm fine! (chuckles) I said I am bent out of shape. That means I am very angry and upset about the accident last night, even though it wasn't very serious.LH: 噢!原来你是为了车子被撞而生气。Bent out of shape就是生气,发火的意思。嗨,没受伤就好,车子坏了有保险公司,别生气啦?LL: But I'm bent out of shape because the other guy was really rude. I had the right of way at a stop sign, but he drove through the intersection first and bumped into my car. Then he started yelling at me for not letting him go first!LH: 哼,他不守交通规则,抢先过了马路撞上你的车,还对你大声嚷嚷?怪不得你要气坏了呢!LL: (Angry) That guy is an idiot! Otherwise, I wouldn't get so bent out of shape. Let's talk about something else. What about the lecture?LH: 对!别谈这事了。昨晚那个演讲我觉得很有意思,不过,在那位教授讲完要离开会场的时候,有一群学生对他大吼大叫,好像是不同意他的某个观点。LL: Did the guy get all bent out of shape about it?LH: 没有耶,那位教授没生气,也没有理会那些学生。后来大家都离开会场了。LL: Well, that's good. If someone gets bent out of shape about different opinions, it usually means he's narrow-minded.LH: 所以,Larry,尽管撞你车的人不讲道理,你也不要小心眼,为这事生气。今天李华学会两个常用语,第一个是big shot,是形容很重要,有影响力的大人物。另一个常用语是bent out of shape,意思是很生气。 /200602/33474.Commencement Address by Hilary Clinton at New York University希拉里在纽约大学毕业典礼的演讲As Secretary of State, I am well aware of the challenges that we face. You, as new graduates, and your generation will be up against those challenges: climate change and hunger, extreme poverty and extreme ideologies, new diseases and nuclear proliferation. But I am absolutely convinced that you and we are up to the task. There is no problem we face here in America or around the world that will not yield to human effort, to cooperation, to positive interdependence that makes clear humanity is going on, our challenges are ones that summon the best of us, and we will make the world better tomorrow than it is today.作为国务卿,我十分清楚我们面临的各项挑战。作为新的毕业生,你们和你们这一代人将面对这样的挑战:气候变化和饥饿、赤贫和极端主义的意识形态、新的疾病和核扩散。但我深信,你们和我们能够胜任这样的任务。我们在美国和整个世界所面临的各种问题,都能够通过人们的努力、合作和积极的相互依赖得到解决,而这种相互依赖表明,人类社会正在继续前进。挑战将激发我们最好的一面,我们将把明天的世界变得比今天更加美好。Now, I know that it is fashionable in commencement speeches to be idealistic, and that may sound so, but at the root of my conviction is a strong sense of reality. Because you see, I don’t think we have a choice. We can sit on the sidelines, we can wring our hands, we can retreat into cynicism, and we know what the results will be: We will cede the field to those whose ideologies are absolutely anathema to people of conscience and faith all over the world.我知道,在毕业典礼上作理想化的演说是当前的时尚,我的讲话听起来也许很理想化,但我的信念深处有一种强烈的现实感。因为你们知道,我认为我们别无选择。我们可以袖手旁观,我们可以束手无策,我们可以采取悲观怀疑的态度,但我们知道这样做会产生什么样的结果:我们会把阵地拱手让给那些其意识形态为世界上所有有良知和信仰者所不齿的人。201703/496209

  即学即用英语会话词典B部分:挂断电话 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14996


  A compound that has been tested in mice, BMN-111,is useful in preventing the action of the achondroplasia gene.有一种叫 BMN-111的化合物,经老鼠实验,在抑制软骨发育不全基因方面非常有效。Achondroplasia is the most common form of dwarfism,软骨发育不全是侏儒症最常见的表现形式,and mice who have been given that substance and who have the achondroplasia gene,grow to full size.有软骨发育不全基因的小鼠摄取BMN-11以后,可以生长到正常体型。Testing in humans is around the corner.临床试验指日可待。There are blood tests which are making progress that would pick up Down syndrome more clearly and earlier in pregnancies than ever before,通过血液检测唐氏综合症的技术也在进步可以在怀早期更明确地检测出唐氏综合症,making it easier and easier for people to eliminate those pregnancies,使它更容易尽早终止,or to terminate them.唐氏综合症胎儿妊娠,And so we have both social progress and medical progress.我们的社会进步了,医学也发展了。And I believe in both of them.我认同这两方面的进步。I believe the social progress is fantastic and meaningful and wonderful,我相信社会的进步精且有意义,and I think the same thing about the medical progress.我认为医学的进步也是如此。But I think its a tragedy when one of them doesnt see the other.但我认为两者互不理解着实可悲。And when I see the way theyre intersecting in conditions like the three Ive just described,当我看到他们交汇的方式像我刚才描述的三个病例,I sometimes think its like those moments in grand opera when the hero realizes he loves the heroine at the exact moment that she lies expiring on a divan.我有时觉得这就像那些悲壮的歌剧,当英雄意识到他爱上女主角的时候就是女主角躺在长沙发上,奄奄一息。We have to think about how we feel about cures altogether.我们要全盘考量对于治愈的态度And a lot of the time the question of parenthood is,父母常常面对的问题是,what do we validate in our children,孩子在哪些方面值得肯定,and what do we cure in them?哪些方面需要治愈?Jim Sinclair, a prominent autism activist, said,有名的自闭症专家,吉姆·辛克莱说,When parents say I wish my child did not have autism,what theyre really saying is I wish the child I have did not exist and I had a different, non-autistic child instead.当父母说,我希望我的孩子没有自闭症,他们真正的意思是,我希望我的孩子并不存在,而希望有一个没有自闭症的孩子。201603/432571

  That’s not an option people. Steak or fish.各位没有这个选项,牛排或者鱼肉。You may not like steak or fish, but that’s your choice.你可能不喜欢牛排或者鱼肉,但你只有这俩选项。Meanwhile, some candidates aren’t polling high enough to qualify for their own joke tonight.同时,有些候选人民调太低,不够格出现在段子里。The rules were well established ahead of time.这些规则早就订好的。And then there’s Ted Cruz.还有泰德克鲁兹。Ted had a tough week.泰德这一周很闹心。He went to Indiana. Hoosier country.他去了印第安纳州Hossier之乡。来到一个篮球场上。Stood on a basketball court and called the hoop a basketball ring.然后管篮球筐叫篮球环。What else is in his lexicon.他的词汇库里还有啥?Baseball sticks. Football hats.棒球棍?橄榄球帽?But sure, I’m the foreign one.不过,没错我才是老外。Well let me conclude tonight on a more serious note.让我今晚以更严肃的内容来收尾。I want thank the Washington press corps.我要感谢华盛顿媒体团。I want to thank Carol for all that you do.我要感谢Carol所做的一切。The free press is central to our democracy and, nah, I’m just kidding!大家都知道,新闻自由是我们民主的核心,没啦我逗你们的。You know I’m going to talk about Trump.你们知道我肯定要说川普的!201607/455020

  082 the seasons Words Spring summer autumn/fall winter hot warm cold mild freezing temperature rain snow winter sports water sports outdoor indoor summer holiday weather windy cool boiling changeable constant fair Phrase Enjoy summer weather Do winter sports Prefer to be outdoors Wear winter clothes Have freezing weather Take a summer holiday Beginner A: what do you do in summer? B: I love going out into the countryside for walks or bike ride. I love being out in the fresh summer air. How about you? A: I don’t often go for walks, but I either play sports outside-you know, tennis or badminton-or just sit in the sunshine and a good book. B; what do you do in winter? A; well, I play sports indoors quite often. If I’m feeling lazy, I just watch a film at home. I prefer summer to winter. B; I think most people do. I like wearing nice, colorful clothes in summer-you know, a nice dress or skirt. It’s too cold for those kinds of clothes in winter. A; yes. I like wearing shorts in summer. My legs would freeze! B: do you think we’ll have a nice summer this year? A; thanks to global warming, it could be hotter than ever! Intermediate A: what are the seasons like in your city? B: summers is hot and usually lasts a long time. Winters are short, but cold, wet, and windy. I love the summers in my city, but I hate the wintertime. A: does it ever rain in summer? B: we usually get a big thunderstorm every two weeks, but apart from that, summers are dry. Thunderstorms make the air fresh again, so most people don’t mind then. A: what are spring and autumn like? B; I like spring because flowers bloom and trees grow leaves again. In spring, the weather is very changeable-sometimes cold, sometimes warm. It’s usually windy with some rain. Autumn is usually sunny and dry, but it’s gradually gets colder as winter arrives. What are the seasons like in you city? A; well, I live in the southern hemisphere, so our summertime is your wintertime, and vice versa. We get some rain in every season, but most is in winter. In winter, it sometimes gets cold, but our winters are usually quite mild. Summers are warm, but not hot. Spring and autumn are both very short-sometimes just a few weeks each. The weather is very changeable then-just like spring in your city. B; do you usually go on a summer holiday? A; no, I don’t. I go on a winter holiday instead. I go somewhere warm. B: I usually go on holiday during the spring or the autumn. I try to go somewhere where the weather is more reliable than in my city. /200705/13762

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