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今天我们来看一看“我水土不需要看医生”用英语怎么说:I havent felt right since I have gotten here.I think I should see a doctor.还可以这样说:My stomach has been upset since I got here.Maybe I should see a doctor.自从到这以来,我的胃就一直不舒。我应该去看看医生。 /201409/324188大家好,欢迎来到,我是Canace老师。今天我们来学习“脸皮厚”的英文表达。1.If you want to be a good salesman, you must be thick-skinned.如果你想成为一个好的推销员,你一定要厚脸皮。Thick,形容词,表示“厚的”;skin指“皮、皮肤”,thick-skinned指(动物、水果等)皮厚。A thick-skinned orange就是厚皮的橙子。Thick-skinned 用在人身上,指“厚脸皮”。If you want to be a good salesman, you must be thick-skinned. 如果你想成为一个好的推销员,你一定要厚脸皮。另外,“脸皮薄”则可以说thin-skinned. The trouble with Harry is that he is so thin-skinned. 哈里的问题是他太敏感,脸皮太薄。2. Shes quite shameless about wearing sexy clothes at work. 她穿着性感的衣上班而不觉羞耻。Shameless由词根shame变化而来,shame本来是“羞愧,羞耻”的意思,比如Shame on you! 你真不知羞耻! Shame加上表示“无”、“没有”的后缀-less就是“不知羞耻”的意思。Shes quite shameless about wearing sexy clothes at work. 她穿着性感的衣上班而不觉羞耻。It is stupid of John to help such a shameless girl. 约翰真傻,竟去帮助这样一个无耻的女孩。3.Youre getting far too cheeky!如果没有后面的too cheeky,这句话也是完整的,表示“你太过分了”。Cheek是名词,指“脸颊”,词尾加-y是形容词, 用来形容人行为无礼,放肆,恬不知耻。如果有人拿你开玩笑有点过了,你可以警告对方一句;Stop being so cheeky!;或者;I want no more of your cheek!; 别不要脸!Youre getting far too cheeky! 你太放肆了!你太不要脸了!行为得靠自己把握,让我们做一个有道德的人,不要等人家指着鼻子来骂自己。这里是,我是Canace,新浪微是Canace洁瑜。下期节目与您有约,再见!背景音乐:Avril Lavigne - Rock N Roll本节目属 /201509/400482

According to authorities, one person was killed and others were taken to a hospital after a shooting Tuesday afternoon outside of Los Angeles. 据有关当局称,周二下午洛杉矶外发生击案致1人死亡,其他人被送往医院。The incident happened in the neighborhood of Azusa, a suburb northeast of the city near homes, schools, and polling places. 案件发生在阿祖萨市的街区,位于洛杉矶东北部郊区,靠近住所、学校和投票的地方。Authorities went on to say that officers returned fire, and none were reportedly injured by the suspect who remains at large. 当局继续表示,警员予以回击,据报道没有人受伤,嫌犯仍在逃跑。Azusa police told residents in the area to find shelter, and two schools that were the sites of two polling places went into lockdown. 阿祖萨市警方告诉居民寻找庇护,两所学校的两个投票站被封锁。Local election officials have since told voters to cast their ballots at other locations. 地方选举官员已经告诉选民在其它地方进行投票。The gunman has been described as heavily armed and fired at least 20 shots.据描述手全副武装,至少开了20。译文属。201611/476994

习语:act of God讲解:该习语意思为:天灾,不可抗力。天意此语也可写作an act of God. 由an act of 构成的短语还有an act of faith 指“显示信心的行动”;an act of grace 指“恩典,大赦”。持范例:Large numbers of peasants died by the act of God.大批农民死于天灾。The destruction of the village must have is an act of god.那座村庄的毁灭一定是天灾造成的。It was an act of God:the river broke its banks and they were flooded out.真是天灾:江河冲毁堤坝,人们背井离乡。迷你对话:A:Every year,the South has the floods. It is an act of God.南方每年都发洪水,这是天灾。B:Do you really think so?你真的这么认为吗?A:Yeah, you have some other ideas?是呀,你有不同意见吗?B:Ithink, in some way it is an act of God, but in another way,it just is caused by us.我觉得一方面是天灾,一方面是人祸。A:For example?怎么说?B:We didnt pay attention to the environment,cut down trees and polluted the air.我们不重视保护环境,乱砍树木,污染大气。A:Oh, I see. Fortunately government has taken some action to prevent such things.哦,我明白了。幸好政府已经采取措施加以控制了。词海拾贝:in some way:在某种意义上He is a clever man in some way.在某种意义上讲,他是个聪明人。I know youll do me good in some way,从某一方面来说,我知道在你对我的帮助会很大,in another way:另一方面To put it in another way: he is very shrewd.换句话说,他这个人很精明。Thats one way of looking at it, but couldnt we consider it in another way?这是一种看问题的方法,但是我们是不是能从另外一个角度看问题呢?pay attention to:注意cut down:砍到take action:采取行动has the floods:发洪水have some other ideas:有别的想法,有别的意见特别说明:该节目中的迷你对话选自《脱口说英语》之口语习语大全,讲解部分为可可编辑原创。 /201205/181425


  Subject : It is reported that show had an all-star cast.第一, 迷你对话A: Let’s go to see Atonement this Sunday.周末我们一起去看《赎罪》这个不电影吧。B: It is reported that show had an all-star cast.据说出演那部电影的全部是明星。第二, 地道表达all-star cast1. 解词释义All-star cast中的 cast是指“演员阵容”,star用来指代“明星”,整个短语的意思即为:全明星阵容。2. 拓展范例e.g. In a giant all-star cast, Bergman plays a funny old Swedish missionary.在宏大的抒情诗般的明星阵容中,她扮演滑稽可笑的瑞典老传教士。e.g. Assume that you have gathered an all-star cast now, would you still make an independent film?假设你现在手上都有这班明星级的演员,那你还会继续拍独立电影?第三, 咬文嚼字1. 生活中说“这部影片都是明星演的。”,可以用到情景剧中的表述:The show had a all-star cast.2. It is reported that……的意思是“据报道……”“据说……”。例如:It is reported that the car accident took place sometime yesterday. 据报导,那场车祸是在昨天某个时候发生的。It is reported that the temperature will decline sharply in one or two days. 据报告近日气温将明显下降。 /201505/373363。


  第一, 迷你对话A: As we all know, people like wearing things that can make a statement about themselves.我们大家都知道,人们喜欢穿戴能够代表自己心声的衣物。B: But it’s not always true.但是情况并不是总是如此。A: I mean in most circumstances.我的意思是指在大多数情况下。B: It sounds reasonable.这听起来有道理。第二, 地道表达make a statement1. 解词释义Make a statement的意思是“发表声明,发表谈话”。2. 拓展范例e.g. Having witnessed the accident I felt duty bound to make a statement to the police.由于我亲眼目睹了那次事故,我觉得向警察陈述是义不容辞的。e.g. She refuse to make a statement to the police in case she incriminate herself.她拒绝向警方作陈述以免受连累。e.g. Robert made a statement to the police about the robbery that he saw.罗伯特把他所见到的抢劫案件向警察作了陈述。e.g. The principal made a statement announcing the Christmas vacation.校长宣布了圣诞节的假期。第三, 咬文嚼字in most circumstances:在大多数情况下e.g. In most circumstances theres no such things as certainty.在大多数情况下,根本没有十拿九稳的事。e.g. In most circumstances national politics is simply indifferent to the interests of foreigners.在大多数情况下,各国的政策对外国人的利益是漠不关心的。as we all know:众所周知的……e.g. Thats, as we all know, too romantic to be true.可是,我们都知道,那只是过于浪漫的想法。e.g. As we all know, that can put the sellers to great trouble.大家都知道,这种付款方式可有给卖方带来很大麻烦。 /201704/504312课程笔记: 14. Day [dei] Basic need 音形义Everyday Expressionsn. 天, 日子He goes on a walk every day.n. 白天Most people work during the day.n. 工作日I got a day off work.复合词语payday (发薪日);dayjob (主要工作);daybreak (拂晓);daydream (白日梦);daylight (黎明);daytime (白天的时间);day-boy/girl (走读生);daycare (日托,父母白天上班,把小孩子交给托儿所);day shift (白班工人)(night shift 夜班) 常见搭配 Useful Phrases日复一日 day after day日日夜夜 day and night如今 in these days鼎盛时期 in one's day使某人非常高兴 make sb.'s day有朝一日 one day最近,几天前 the other day会议议程 the order of the day习语与俗语 Idioms amp; Slangsdog days 三伏天take it day by day 慢慢来 (go slowly)call it a day 今天就到这儿those were the days 那是过去的好时光It's not sb's day 倒霉的一天for a rainy day 未雨绸缪 15. Dog [[d#596;ɡ, d#596;:ɡ]]Basic need 音形义Everyday Expressionsn. I walk my dog every morning. (溜) (遛人,跑步机dog walker)n. 人,家伙You are a lucky dog! 你是个幸运儿!衍生词语doggie ['d#596;ɡi] n. 小, (儿语) take doggie bag 打包 复合词语hot dog (热);dog-eared (书翻旧而页角折卷的);dog fight (混战); (cats fight 两个女人打架)dog-paddle (游泳动作的刨式); paddle ['paelig;dl] n. 划桨;明轮翼dog-tired (极度疲倦的)mean dog 不友好的常见搭配 Useful Phrases警犬/ 猎犬/ 看门/ 疯 a police dog/ a hunting dog/ a watch dog/ a mad dog三伏天 dog days书页的折角 dog ears忧烦的日子 to lead a dog's life不当人看待 to treat sb like a dog 习语与俗语 Idioms amp; Slangstop dog 大人物 (hot shot big shot)dog eat dog 残酷无情的竞争dog's chance 机会渺茫rain cats and dogs 瓢泼大雨fight like cat and dog 打得很厉害go to the dogs (指组织、机构)大不如从前,不再有往日之盛put on the dog 炫耀,摆排场 /201107/146089

  第一、迷你对话A: But Sue is indeed beaut. Men can hardly resist such a knock-out.苏确实引人注目。对于这样漂亮的人,男同胞们很办不动心。B: Birds of feather flock together. You must be one of these men.物以类聚,你也算是其中一员吧。A: I know little of her. I only think she’s pretty and intelligent. Of course, she’s diligent, too.我跟她不熟悉。我只是知道她很漂亮,很聪明,也很勤劳。B: That’s enough for you to worship the ground she treats on.这足以让你拜倒在她脚下。第二、对话精讲1. 核心地道表达【核心短语】be beaut【解词释义】beaut是beauty是缩写形式,与1865年转为表示“漂亮的,引人注目的,很棒的人或事物”。His black eye was a beaut.他的那只被打得发青的眼睛美极了。His alibi was a beaut.他的案发时不在现场的陈述真够绝的。His excuse was a beaut!他的托词可真妙!2. 词海拾贝know little of:对......知之甚少Im really nervous now. I know little of your table manners.我真有点紧张了,我对你们的餐桌礼节知之甚少。Although as boys we had been even intimate associates, I really know little of my friend.虽然我们少年时交往甚密,但我实际上对这位朋友了解甚微。3. 句海拾贝1. 【谚语】Birds of feather flock together.物以类聚,人以群分。2. 【句型模板】Something is enough for sb to do something.某事情足以让某人去做某事。【句型操练】His cheats are enough for his father to teach him a lesson. 他的欺骗手段足以让他的父亲教训他了。 /201309/255930Dont tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you have traveled.读万卷书,不如行万里路。 Lily老师的公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) /201508/390474


  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:形容人“小气”的十句话你是一个小气鬼吗?你是一个吝啬鬼吗?你是一个守财奴吗?你是一个一毛不拔的人吗?你是一个视钱如命的人吗?或者说你身边有这样一群人吗?1. He is a verystingy(小气的,吝啬的)person.  他是个很小气的人。  2. What a miser(吝啬鬼,守财奴)! 真是个吝啬鬼!  3. Hes not a generous person.他不是个慷慨的人。  4. Shes such a penny pincher. 她真是个守财奴。  5. Hes such a tightwad.他真是个小气鬼。  6. Money means everything to her.她视钱如命。  7. Hes very tightfisted.他很吝啬。  8. Her boss is a skinflint.她老板是个一毛不拔的人。  9. She never wants to splash the cash. 她出手从不大方。  10. Hes a real scrooge.他是个不折不扣的守财奴。 /201212/215266。

  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。 本期节目的topic:座位被人占了,有人坐了。 【讲解】The seat is saved.这个座有人占了。这句话的意思是;座位已经有人了;,同义句是;The seat is taken.;【情景一】有时候去坐公车,你旁边刚好有个空位置,有人走过来问你:;这位置有人坐吗?;但是这个位置刚好是你为你的朋友留的。 -May I sit here?我可以坐这里吗? -Sorry, the seat is saved.对不起,已经有人了。 【情景二】如果情况跟情景一相反,这个座位没有人坐,这时候那个人应该感到很高兴。Since the seat is not saved, I can take a seat beside you then.既然这里没人坐,那么我就坐在你旁边了。 /201202/171550

  1. Louisiana 路易西安那,为在美国南方的一州2. New Orleans 纽奥良3. hurricane 飓风 typhoon 台风4. Jazz 爵士乐5. airbnb 美国人创办的一个短租民宿网站,Bamp;B 就是Bed and Breakfast (床和早餐) ,也就是我们所称呼的“民宿”6. Bohemian style 波西米亚风格7. review 评价8. Will you be traveling by yourself? (你一个人来旅行吗?)9. Could you show me how to get to your place from the airport? (你能告诉我怎么从机场到你那里?)10. We may be able to pick you up! (我们有可能可以去接你!) /201411/342805


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