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厦门激光除皱手术多少钱厦门韩式无痕开眼角6 保险范围3句英文任你选There are three basic covers, namely, Free from Particular Average, With Particular Average and All Risks.主要条款有平安险、水渍险及综合险 3种。We are able to cover all kinds of risks for transportation by sea, land and air.我们可以办理海运、陆运及空运的所有险别。We can serve you with a broad range of coverage against all kinds of risks for sea transport, such as FPA, WPA, All Risks and Extraneous Risks.我们可以承保海洋运输的所有险别,例如平安险、水渍险、综合险、附加险。半个句型要记牢such as (比如;诸如……)Tip:such as用法很多,此处表示举例,意为;例如,诸如此类的,像……那样的;相当于 like或 for example。如: There are few poets such as Keats and Shelly. (像济慈和雪莱这样的诗人现在很少了。) /201605/434143厦门市抽脂瘦腿多少钱 Turkey's Top Court to Hear Case to Ban Ruling Party土耳其宪法法院将考虑取缔执政党The Turkish Constitutional Court has announced it will hear the closure case against the ruling AK Party. The case accuses the party of seeking to undermine the secular state and includes a possible political ban of five years for Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  土耳其宪法法院说,他们将对禁止执政党--正义与发展党活动的诉讼举行听。这项诉讼指责正义与发展党寻求破坏这个世俗国家,还包括可能禁止总理埃尔多安在5年内从事政治活动。 The Constitutional Court's decision to accept the closure case against the ruling Justice and Development Party, called the AK Party, was given in a short announcement by the deputy chairman of the court, Osman Paksut.土耳其宪法法院副主席帕克叙特在一份简短声明中宣布决定接受这项诉讼,这项诉讼要求禁止目前执政的正义与发展党。He says the court has decided to examine an indictment prepared by the prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Appeals on closure of the ruling Justice and Development Party. He adds the decision was unanimous. 帕克叙特说,法院决定审理最高上诉法院的检察官提起的诉讼,这项诉讼要求禁止正义与发展党活动。帕克叙特说,这个决定是一致通过的。Turkey's top prosecutor prepared a 162-page indictment accusing the AK Party of systematically undermining the secular state.  土耳其首席检察官向宪法法院提交了一份长达162页的起诉书,指责正义与发展党有组织地破坏这个世俗国家。The central pillar of the case is the government's changing the constitution to ease a ban on religious headscarves in universities. The decision outraged supporters of the secular state. 这项诉讼的中心议题是政府修改宪法,放宽不许大学生戴宗教头巾的禁令。土耳其世俗制度的持者对这个修正案表示强烈反对。Under the same case Prime Minister Erdogan and the President Abdullah Gul along with 69 other leading members of the AK Party are facing a political ban of five years if convicted.  在这起诉讼案中,如果被认定罪名成立,埃尔多安总理和居尔总统以及正义与发展党的其他69名主要成员将被禁止在5年内从事政治活动。The constitutional court has banned 18 parties since the 1982 constitution.  自从1982年以来,宪法法院已经禁止了18个政治党派的活动。Political commentator Mehmet Ali Birand says Turkey is now in dangerous waters. 政治人士比兰德说,土耳其处在危险之中。"There is a great risk. It is unbelievable. I could not believe it when I heard, but it is serious. Can they close the party down? When you look at the record of the court it is possible," he said. 比兰德说:“这里有很大的风险,是难以置信的。当我听说的时候我根本不能相信,但是事态很严重。他们能禁止政党活动吗?看看法庭的记录,这确实是可能的。”Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan calls the case an attack on democracy. Mr. Erdogan won last year's general election with a landslide victory. 土耳其总理埃尔多安称这项诉讼案是对民主的攻击。埃尔多安去年以压倒性胜利赢得大选。 The European Union has condemned the case. EU enlargement commissioner Oli Rehn, warned it could effect Turkey's membership bid. But supporters of the case say the AK's predecessor, the Refah Party, was closed down on similar charges in 1998, a decision upheld by the European Court of Human Rights.  欧盟谴责这起诉讼。欧盟扩大委员会专员雷恩警告说,这可能影响土耳其加入欧盟的申请。但是持这项诉讼的人士说,正义与发展党的前任--繁荣党在1998年因为同样的指控被取缔,这项决定得到欧洲人权法庭的持。Political-columnist Nuray Mert says that ruling strengthen the hands of the prosecutor.政治专栏作家默尔特说,那项判决加强了检察官的力量。"They are referring quite often to the confirmation of the European court decision confirming the closure of the Refah Party, and they will come up with this argument," said Mert. 默尔特说:“他们经常提到欧洲法庭确认了他们取缔繁荣党的决定,他们会提出这个理由。”The case is expected to last months, threatening to paralyze the government.  预计这起诉讼将持续数月的时间,这可能导致政府瘫痪。The European Union is pressing Ankara to push through political and economic reforms.  欧盟正在向安卡拉施加压力,要求他们进行政治和经济改革。Prime Minister Erdogan has indicated he may try to change the constitution to block the case, although opposition parties are opposing such a move. He does have enough votes to put the reform to a national referendum, but observers warn such a vote risks further polarizing the country and deepening the crisis.  埃尔多安总理指出,他可能会争取修改宪法,以阻止这起诉讼,尽管反对党反对这样做。埃尔多安拥有足够的选票对这项改革进行全民公投,但是观察人士警告说,这样的投票可能会造成国家进一步分裂,加深这场危机。200804/33031Commission Recommends New US War Powers Act前美国务卿建议制定新战争权力法  Two former U.S. Secretaries of State are recommending that the ed States change its procedures for deciding to go to war.  两位前美国国务卿建议,美国改变本国参战的程序。James Baker and Warren Christopher say a U.S. president should be required by law to consult with Congress before going to war. And they want to require Congress to approve or disapprove the action within 30 days. 前国务卿贝克和克里斯托弗说,法律应要求美国总统必须在开战前与国会商榷。而且他们也要求国会在30天内做出同意或不同意参战行动的决定。Baker was Secretary of State under Republican President George H.W. Bush, and Christopher held the same office under Democratic President Bill Clinton. Together, they led a year-long study by the National War Powers Commission. 贝克是共和党总统老布什手下的国务卿,而克里斯托弗是民主党总统克林顿执政时的国务卿。他俩共同主导国家战争权力委员会进行的一项为期一年的研究。Baker says the commission believes the 1973 War Powers Resolution needs to be replaced. 贝克说,这个委员会认为应当取代1973年的战争权力决议案。"We think that the rule of law, which is, of course, a centerpiece of American democracy, is undermined and is damaged when the main statute in this vital policy area is regularly questioned or ignored," said James Baker. 他说:“我们认为法治无疑是美国民主的柱,然而当这个关键政策领域的主要法令经常遭到质疑和被无视的时候,法治便受损或消亡了。”The 1973 legislation was a response to the Vietnam War. Baker and Christopher say it is ineffective and unconstitutional. They say no president has ever recognized its constitutionality, Congress has never challenged it, and the Supreme Court has never ruled on it. 1973年的立法是应越南战争而制定的。贝克和克里斯托弗说,这一立法效率低而且不符合宪法。他们说,没有一位总统曾认同这一立法的合法性,国会也从来没有对它提出质疑,而最高法院从未就其作出裁决。The U.S. Constitution designates the president as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, but gives Congress the power to control war funding. 美国宪法指定总统为武装部队的统帅,但是宪法授权国会来控制战争经费。The legislation proposed by Baker and Christopher's commission would require a president to consult with Congress before sending troops into combat for more than a week. It would also create a Joint Congressional Consultation Committee, with members of both houses of Congress. Christopher says this would include Congress in an important decision. 贝克和克里斯托弗主导的委员会所提出的议案要求在派遣部队上战场之前一个多星期,务必与国会协商。这一立法将设立一个由参、众两院议员组成的国会协商联合委员会。克里斯托弗说,这样做能够在做出重大决定的时候让国会参与。"This statute gives Congress a seat at the table, in deciding whether or not to go to war - not just a seat at the table, but one with a permanent staff, a permanent professional staff, and access to all the available intelligence information," said Warren Christopher. 他说:“这个条款给予国会一个桌旁的席位,从而参与决定是否参战,这还不仅是一个桌旁的座位,还包括配备常任职员,常任专业人员,以及接触所有的相关情报信息。”The commission's proposal would also call for Congress to approve or disapprove any "significant armed conflict" within 30 days. 这个委员会的提议也要求国会在30天内作出定夺:是否批准参与重大武装冲突。 Baker said the plan is not directed toward any particular conflict in which the U.S. has been involved. 贝克说,有关计划并非针对美国已经参与的任何特定战争。Former Republican Congressman Lee Hamilton, a commission member, says the group hopes the legislation can be passed by Congress and signed by the president next year. 前共和党议员汉密尔顿是这个委员会的成员之一。他说,委员会希望国会能通过这项立法,也希望总统签署这项立法。"We think it would be a marvelous piece of legislation for the next president and the next Congress to enact early on, as a signal of bipartisanship in this country, on a national security issue," said Lee Hamilton. 他说:“我们认为下届总统和下届国会在上任初期就立刻执行这项立法将是件了不起的好事,因为这显示在国家安全问题上两党的协作立场。”A new opinion poll shows 79 percent of Americans think the president should be required to have approval from Congress before sending troops into combat outside the ed States. 最近进行的一次民意调查结果显示,79%的美国人认为,应当要求总统在向国外战场派兵前先征得国会的批准。200807/43679厦门医院哪个整形较好

厦门打瘦脸针多少钱探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 06When the results came down from the telescope he saw something that was completely unexpected. The picture from the active galaxy where he hoped to find a black hole was unable. NGC 1068 was just too far away for the telescope to get a clear picture. The surprise came from Andromeda, the quiet, normal galaxy right next to us.I was astonished when I found what I was looking for, but not where I was looking for it. This jog in this dark band shows that on one side the stars are moving very rapidly away from us at 150 kilometers a second which is 500,000 kilometers an hour.Dressler thought there could only be one thing that would cause the stars to move this fast: a supermassive black hole and he wasn't alone. Fellow Nuker John Kormendy had found exactly the same thing.The moment I could see that wiggle, so I knew essentially instantly that there was a very good chance this would be a supermassive black hole. When you see something like that, you know you are on to something.They'd found evidence of the most terrifying force in nature. But worryingly it wasn't in some far-off active galaxy. This supermassive black hole was in the very ordinary galaxy right next door to us.Andromeda seemed to have a black hole but no bright quasar.If there was a supermassive black hole, why wasn't it shining? That suggested that there was not stuff falling in. Maybe lots of galaxies could have a dormant phase where they had a supermassive black hole but they weren't being fed so they weren't shining.A few theorists had predicted this very thing: supermassive black holes could exist in two states.wiggle: move with short movements up and down or from side to side.be on to something: have an idea that is likely to lead to an important discoverydormant: temporarily inactive200807/45205厦门激光祛斑手术哪家好 集美区怎样去眼袋

厦门儿童医院要预约吗hovel ------ 小屋(名词)英文释义(noun) A small, dirty, and extremely unpleasant cottage or similar dwelling.例句Many years ago my grandparents were very poor and lived in a one-room hovel that was never heated properly in the winter.很多年前,我的祖父母非常穷,生活在只有一间房的小屋里,到了冬天一点也不暖和。 /201611/471225 Pope Ends US Visit With Mass at Yankee Stadium教皇在体育场主持弥撒 群情振奋  Pope Benedict XVI ended his six-day visit to the ed States with a jubilant mass at the 57,000-seat Yankee Stadium. The leader of the world's one billion Catholics praised the ed States' tradition of religious freedom at the service. 罗马天主教皇本笃在拥有5万7千个观众席的洋基体育场主持了一场洋溢着兴奋之情的弥撒,以此结束了对美国的六天访问。这位全世界10亿天主教徒的领导人赞扬美国在宗教崇拜方面实行宗教自由的传统。 On his arrival, the pontiff circled the packed stadium in his popemobile. The crowds waved handkerchiefs of white and yellow, the Vatican colors, and roared their approval with the sort of noisy enthusiasm that is usually reserved for rock concerts.  教皇在抵达洋基体育场的时候,乘坐教皇专车在挤得密不透风的体育场里绕场一周。人们挥舞着代表梵蒂冈的黄白两色的手绢,欢声雷动,表达他们对教皇的赞赏。这种现象通常只有在摇滚音乐会上才能见到。During his homily, Pope Benedict addressed the issue of unity, which has been a theme of his visit. He also celebrated the bicentennial of Catholic dioceses in Baltimore, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Louisville, Kentucky and the tradition of religious freedom in the ed States, which, he said, allowed successive waves of immigrants to build networks of strong churches and institutions. 教皇在布道时谈到团结问题,这是他此行的一个主题。他还对巴尔的、波士顿、纽约、费城、和肯塔基的路易斯维尔的天主教教区成立两百周年,和美国宗教自由的传统表示祝贺。他说,这种传统使移民源源不断而来,建立了强大的教会和各种机构的网络。"In this land of religious liberty, Catholics found freedom not only to practice their faith but also to participate fully in civic life, bringing the deepest moral convictions to the public square and cooperating with their neighbors in shaping a vibrant, democratic society," said Pope Benedict XVI. 他说:“在这个实行宗教自由的国度,天主教徒不仅找到信仰他们宗教的自由,也找到充分参与公民生活的自由,把最深刻的道德信条带到公共广场上,与他们的邻居共同建造一个充满活力的民主社会。”The pontiff also delivered comments in Spanish, recognizing a growing Catholic population in the ed States.  教皇还用西班牙语进行了,对美国天主教徒的人数不断增加表示肯定。More than 550 priests were on hand to distribute communion to the participants. 一共有550多位神父到场向与会者分发圣餐。Just before the mass began hundreds of doves were released at the end of a two-hour Concert of Hope that enlisted the participation of such major entertainment figures as tenor Ronan Tynan, Jose Feliciano, opera star Marcello Giord and Harry Connick Junior. 在弥撒开始前,先举行了两个钟头的希望音乐会,著名演艺界人士男高音歌手逖南、费里夏诺、歌剧明星吉奥德和科尼克都进行了表演。演出后会场上放飞数百只鸽子。Many political figures were also in attendance, including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He said that Benedict's visit raised his profile, especially his willingness to address tough issues such as the sexual abuse scandal that has wracked the American Catholic Church in recent years. 许多政界人士参加了这次弥撒,包括纽约市长布隆伯格。这位市长说,教皇本笃的来访提升了教皇的地位,特别是凸显了教皇愿意应对一些艰难的问题,比如性侵犯丑闻。这些丑闻近年来损害了美国天主教会的声誉。布隆伯格市长说:"He is somebody who nobody knew a lot about before and I think his speeches have really gone a long way towards endearing himself to New Yorkers and Americans," said Michael Bloomberg. "He did not walk away from some bad things from the past. He addressed them, he pointed them out and he said we have to fix them, make sure it does not happen again, carry forward."  “过去,大家对教皇都不很了解。我认为,教皇的演讲让纽约人和美国人对他感到亲近。他并不回避过去的某些丑恶的事情。他处理这些事情。他指出这些丑事,并且表示,我们必须解决这些问题,确保它不再发生。然后大家继续向前走。”The mass marked the third - and last - time that a Pope has led religious services at the legendary Yankee Stadium. The stadium is being replaced at the end of the 2008 baseball season with a new facility.  这次弥撒是第三次,也是最后一次由一位教皇在传奇的洋基体育场主持宗教仪式。这个体育场将在2008年美国职业棒球赛季结束后被一个新的体育场所取代。 200804/35847漳州玻尿酸隆鼻医院厦门注射隆鼻技术较好的医院



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