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First question – why would you want fish-flavoured Oreos?问题1——为啥有人会想要鱼味的奥利奥啊??!!!Second question – why do said fish need to be specifically from a Scandinavian nation?问题2——为啥这鱼还特地要用来自斯堪的纳维亚国家的鱼?Ok, hold your horses.别着急,我们慢慢来解答这些问题。Turns out there’s a popular sweet, a bit like a cherry-flavoured wine gum, in the US called a Swedish Fish.是这样的,在美国,有种名叫瑞典小鱼的软糖,人气很高,吃起来有点像樱桃味的酒胶糖。Said sweets are also sold in Sweden, where they are called ‘pastellfiskar’.这种糖在瑞典也有卖,不过他们管它叫pastellfiskar。So Swedish Fish-flavoured Oreos, rather than tasting like a chocolate and sardine sandwich, apparently taste like a gummy sweet.所以瑞典小鱼味的奥利奥吃起来明显是橡皮糖口味,而不是像巧克力和沙丁鱼三明治的结合体。The usual Oreo biscuits sandwich a centre that is blood red and tastes of cherry.这款奥利奥中间的夹心是鲜红色的樱桃口味。 Japan: Yogurt Pepsi日本:酸奶味百事可乐(看着像加了漂白粉的水……)Japan: Wasabi KitKat日本:芥末味奇巧巧克力(巧克力或者芥末,我选择只吃一种)China: Dry pork and seaweed donuts中国:海苔肉松甜甜圈(老外觉得很暗黑吗?吃过的表示其实还不错的……)Canada: pizza and spaghetti slushee加拿大:披萨味和意面味的冰沙(有人会买吗……)Japan: spaghetti popsicle日本:意面味冰棒(同上,丧心病狂)Russia: cappuccino flavored Pepsi俄罗斯:卡布奇诺味百事可乐(这个还有点莫名的小期待是咋回事)Japan: raw horse meat ice cream日本:生马肉味冰淇淋(你们是跟冰淇淋有仇吗?)New Zealand: beef chocolate新西兰:牛肉巧克力 /201608/461267。

Chopsticks Dance筷子舞Wide sp in Inner Mongolia, the Chopsticks Dance is often seen on festive or celebrative feasts with only one man as the dancer. Holding a bunch of chopsticks in one hand or two hands, the dancer remains on the same spot, shaking his shoulders quickly, along with the bending and stretching of legs and rocking of body. In a relaxed and smooth manner, the dancer clapping his own hands, shoulders, waist and legs,etc. By chopsticks and then proceeds in a circle or goes forward and backward in a straight line. The dance#39;s posture and movements are unrestrained and nimble;the ways of clapping chopsticks are flexible and varied. Reaching the climax, the dancer will be shouting while he is dancing to add to the fun.筷子舞在内蒙古广泛流行,经常在节日或庆祝宴会上看到,只有一个人的表演的舞蹈。用一只手或两只手拿着一堆筷子,舞者保持在同一地点,很快摇动肩膀,随着腿弯曲和伸展摆动身体。以在轻松平稳的方式,舞者自己轻轻拍手,肩,腰,腿等。通过筷子然后前进一圈或直线前进和后退。舞蹈的姿势和动作奔放和灵活;拍筷子的方式是灵活多样的。到达高潮时,舞者会呐喊,为跳舞助兴。 /201608/460076。

Many homeowners get muddled down in the debate between granite and marble countertops, forgetting that there#39;s another great option: butcher block. These wooden countertops, made by laminating wood blocks together, not only look beautiful, but also provide other advantages as well. Keep ing to discover the benefits of butcher block countertops.很多房主在讨论是买花岗岩台面还是买大理石台面的时候都很困惑,别想那些了有另一个好的选择:木质台面。这些木质台面是由多层木块拼接在一起的,不仅美观而且也有其它的优势。继续往下读了解木质台面的好处。Affordable价格实惠Compared to pricey marble or granite, wooden countertops are surprisingly affordable. The price is dependent on upon the type of wood, thickness, construction, and finish, but on average costs from - a square foot.与昂贵的大理石和花岗岩相比,木质台面价格非常实惠。价格取决于木材的种类、厚度、构造以及光洁度,但是平均价格为每平方英尺40到60美元之间。Simple to Install便于安装While solid stone slabs can be finicky and fragile during install, requiring special training, wooden blocks are easy to put in place. DIYers can even save money by doing the install themselves.安装一块坚硬的石质台面工序繁琐、易碎并且需要经过专门的培训,而木质台面非常便于安装。自己动手来安装甚至可以省钱。Surprisingly Sanitary清洁度很高Studies have shown that wooden cutting boards are actually cleaner than plastic ones. Applying the same logic to wooden countertops - and considering that butcher blocks have been used safely for years - the concern about bacteria surviving seems untrue. It#39;s still necessary, however, to clean all surfaces after preparing food on them to avoid contaminants.研究显示木质砧板确实比塑料的更干净。同样的道理运用到木质台面上--想到木质台面已经放心使用了很多年--不用担心滋生细菌。但是准备完食材之后仍然有必要清洗整个表面避免被污染。Gentle比较柔软Knock over a wine glass on a stone surface and you#39;ll have shards of glass flying everywhere. Do the same thing on a softer wood surface, and you might only have to clean up the spilled wine. Wooden countertops are easier on dishes and glassware, which means less breakage and chipping.在石质台面上打翻一个红酒杯玻璃碎片到处都是。如果是在一个柔软的木质表面上,你可能只需要清理溢出的红酒就可以了。木质台面对餐具和玻璃器皿起到了保护作用,这意味着将减少破损。Durable耐用When properly maintained, a butcher block countertop can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Unlike fragile marble, which stains and scuffs easily, wood is a hearty surface. If scratch marks don#39;t bother you, you can even do your food chopping right on them.经过适当的保养,一个木质台面耐磨碎性很强。不像脆弱的大理石,很容易沾染污渍或磨损,木材有一个很暖心的表面。如果有了划痕你不用担心,你仍然可以在上面切菜。译文属 /201607/453732。

Here is an exclusive list of bad bathroom habits that finally answers the question: Am I showering wrong?这里有一份独家的关于浴室中的坏习惯清单,它能够彻底地回答这个为题:我淋浴做的不对吗?Bad Habit #1: Skipping The Foot Scrub坏习惯1:不擦洗足部If you want to avoid foot fungus or nasty foot bacteria, you may just want to give your feet a scrub while you are in the shower.如果你想避免足部真菌或讨厌的足部细菌滋生,在你淋浴的时候,你可能恰好需要为你的足部好好擦洗一番。Wash and thoroughly dry your feet every day. Use mild soap, and wash between the toes.每天彻底地清洗足部并彻底烘干。使用温和的肥皂并把脚趾之间也清洗干净。Bad Habit #2: Leaving Your Loofah In The Shower坏习惯2:把丝瓜络放在淋浴室中You might just hang up your loofah when you are done with it, but if your loofah isn#39;t completely dry, it can cause all sorts of nasty stuff to start growing.当你把丝瓜络挂起来的时候,你可能只是把它挂起来,但是如果它还没有完全干燥的话,就会滋生各种讨厌的东西。Make sure to wash the loofah thoroughly and ring it dry. Store it in a dry place.一定要彻底洗好丝瓜络并把它烘干,然后存放在干燥的地方。Bad Habit #3: Drying Yourself Too Roughly坏习惯3:粗略地擦干身体Rubbing yourself roughly with a towel further aggravates delicate skin, while air drying can lead to chapping.用毛巾粗略地擦干身体会进一步伤害你的娇嫩肌肤,而干燥的空气会使皮肤皴裂。Use a fluffy towel to lightly pat, not scrub or rub, your body.用松软的毛巾轻轻地拍打身体,而不是用力擦净。Bad Habit #4: Washing Your Hair Every Day坏习惯4:每天洗头You may have heard that washing your hair everyday is bad for you. But how often is too often?你可能听说过每天洗头不好。但是多长时间一次就是太频繁呢?No more than two times a week should help maintain the natural oil production, while achieving moisture balance.一周不超过两次有利于维持天然油脂的生成,同时保持水分均衡。Bad Habit #5: Delaying The Moisturizing Process坏习惯5:耽搁保湿After a shower, you might just want to watch some TV. But if you don#39;t moisturize right away, you can be doing your skin a great disservice.淋浴结束后,你可能只想看看电视。但是如果你不立刻保湿,就会给皮肤造成极大的伤害。It is important to moisturize your skin while it is still damp. It is recommended that pat-drying the skin with a towel and then applying moisturizer immediately after.在皮肤仍潮湿的时候为皮肤保湿很重要。建议用毛巾拍干皮肤,然后,立即进行保湿。Bad Habit #6: Skipping A Post-Workout Shower坏习惯6:锻炼后不冲澡After a workout, you might think that the only reason for a shower would be the smell. But that#39;s not all.一次锻炼之后,你可能以为要洗澡的唯一原因是气味。但那不是全部的原因。In fact, perspiration left behind on your skin allows bacteria to proliferate, and that can lead to rashes and breakouts.事实上,留在皮肤上的汗水会使细菌增殖,而这会引起皮疹。Bad Habit #7: Taking Long Showers坏习惯7:淋浴很长时间A long shower can remove much-needed moisture from the skin. This can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy.长时间的淋浴会带走皮肤需要的大量水分。这会使你的皮肤干燥、发痒。You shouldn#39;t shower for more than 5 to 10 minutes. Shorter is better.淋浴不应该超过5到10分钟。越短越好。Bad Habit #8: Conditioning Above The Crown Of Your Head坏习惯8:把护发素抹到头顶You might be in the habit of applying conditioner to all of your hair, but this can actually have a negative effect.你可能习惯把护发素抹满头发,但实际上,这会给你的头发带来负面影响。The worst thing you can do is place conditioner above your crown line. This will lead to grease and unnecessary oil production.你最不应该做的就是把护发素抹到头顶。这会产生不必要的油脂。Instead, focus on your roots first. This is the area that requires the most moisture and attention.作为替代,从发根抹起。这是最需要水分和保养的地方。Bad Habit #9: Skipping A Final Blast Of Cold Water坏习惯9:最后不冲一下冷水Right before you turn off the water, crank it to freezing cold for 30 seconds.在你关掉水阀之前,转到冷水处,冲30秒。Cold water immersion has been linked to increased tolerance to stress, a stronger immune system, increased fat burning, and anti-depressant effects.冲冷水能增加你对压力的耐受性,增强免疫能力,增加脂肪消耗并有抗抑郁的效果。Bad Habit #10: Wrapping Your Long Hair In A Towel坏习惯10:把长发裹在毛巾中Wrapping your hair tightly with a towel causes the most stress and damage to your hair. Instead, gently squeeze out excess moisture on a dry towel — and pat, don#39;t rub (rubbing causes knots).用毛巾紧紧地裹住头发会给头发带来太多压力,并会损伤头发。作为替代,用干毛巾轻轻地挤出过量的水分,并轻轻拍打,而不是用力擦干(用力擦干会使头发打结)。 /201605/444405。

Can#39;t be bothered to paint your toenails or simply don#39;t have the time?懒得画或根本没有时间涂脚趾甲?Well good news, because now you don#39;t have to thanks to skin-colored pre-painted toenail stockings.好消息!多亏了预先涂色的肉色分趾袜,现在你不必为此烦恼了。The stockings have taken social media by storm of late, with thousands sharing the strange creations on Facebook and Instagram.近日,这种长筒袜席卷社交媒体,成千上万的人在脸书和Instagram上分享这种奇特的发明。Invented in Japan by Belle Maison, the stockings come with a variety of pre-painted colors and nail art patterns.由日本倍美丛公司发明的这种长筒袜有各种预涂颜色和美甲图案。You can even change them throughout the day to select the colors that best suit your mood! From stripes and polka dots to tiny hearts and shells, the only limit is your imagination.你甚至可以在一天中不断更换,以选择适合心情的颜色。从条纹、波点到小爱心和贝壳的图案,只有你想不到的,没有他们给不出的图案。So next time you#39;re thinking of decorating your toenails, leave the polish on the shelf and pick up a pair of pre-painted tights instead.所以下次你打算装饰你的脚趾甲的时候,还是把指甲油放在架子上,拿起这种分趾袜吧!They#39;re cheaper than a pedicure and they last longer too. They#39;ll also make you the talking point of parties and social events.它们比足部美甲更便宜,并且保持的更久。它们也会让你成为聚会和社交活动的焦点. /201605/441449。