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For most suicidal folks,or those contemplating suicide,they wouldnt think of hurting another person. 对于大多数试图自杀者,或考虑自杀的人,他们不会想到会伤害到另一个人,They just want their own pain to end.他们就是想结束自己的痛苦。Typically, this is accomplished in just three ways:通常,只有三种方法可以实现:sleep, drugs or alcohol, or death.睡觉,毒品或酒精,或是死亡。In my career, Ive responded to and been involved in hundreds of mental illness and suicide calls around the bridge.在我的职业生涯中,我参与了数百起大桥附近的精神疾病和自杀报案。大桥附近的精神疾病和自杀报案。Of those incidents Ive been directly involved with,Ive only lost two,but thats two too many.其中我直接参与的事件里,我只失去了两个,但两个实在太多了。One was Jason.一个是杰森。The other was a man I spoke to for about an hour.另外一个是名男子,我和他谈了大约一个小时。During that time, he shook my hand on three occasions.在那一小时里,他三次与我握手。On that final handshake,he looked at me, and he said,Kevin, Im sorry, but I have to go. 最后一次握手时,他看着我说,凯文,我很抱歉,我得走了。And he leapt.他一跃而下。Horrible, absolutely horrible.太可怕了,真的太可怕了。I do want to tell you, though,the vast majority of folks that we do get to contact on that bridge do not commit suicide.但我真的想告诉你们,绝大多数我们在桥上与之有过接触的人都没有自杀。Additionally, that very few who have jumped off the bridge and lived and can talk about it,that one to two percent,most of those folks have said that the second that they let go of that rail,they knew that they had made a mistake and they wanted to live. 另外,那些跳下桥并且幸存的极少数,那些能说起这件事的人,那百分之一、二的人,其中多数人都说,他们放开护栏的一瞬间,他们知道了自己犯下了一个错误,他们想活。I tell people, the bridge not only connects Marin to San Francisco,but people together also.我告诉人们,金门大桥连接的不仅是马林县与旧金山,也连接着人与人之间。That connection, or bridge that we make,is something that each and every one of us should strive to do.这种连接,或者我们所建的这座桥,代表着我们每一个人应当为之而努力的东西。Suicide is preventable.自杀是可以避免的。There is help. There is hope.有帮助,也有希望。Thank you very much.非常感谢大家。201506/380831When we think of games, theres all kinds of things.当我们提起游戏时,脑海中会浮现很多回忆。Maybe youre ticked off, or maybe youre looking forward to a new game.或许你被某个游戏折磨得够呛,或许你正在期待着一款新游戏,Youve been up too late playing a game.或许你为了玩游戏而熬夜。All these things happen to me.所有这些都发生在我身上。But when we think about games, a lot of times we think about stuff like this:但是大部分时候,当我们想到“游戏”通常想到的是:first-person shooters, or the big, what we would call AAA games,第一人称射击游戏,或者大型的我们称之为3A级的游戏,or maybe youre a Facebook game player.或者,你喜欢玩Facebook里的小游戏。This is one my partner and I worked on.这是我跟搭档一起设计的一款游戏。Maybe you play Facebook games, and thats what were making right now.如果你玩Facebook游戏,这就是我们现在正在设计的游戏。This is a lighter form of game.这是一种小型的游戏。Maybe you think about the tragically boring board games that hold us hostage in Thanksgiving situations.或许你想到的是那些极为无聊的棋盘游戏,那些我们在感恩节时不得不玩的游戏。This would be one of those tragically boring board games that you can figure out.这个游戏就是那些你能想到的非常无聊的棋盘游戏之一。Or maybe youre in your living room, you know,又或许你在客厅里,playing with the Wii with the kids, or something like that,与孩子们一起玩Wii或者类似的游戏。and, you know, theres this whole range of games, and thats very much what I think about.另外,还有各种各样的游戏,这差不多就是我所能想到的游戏种类。I make my living from games.我以设计游戏为生。Ive been lucky enough to do this since I was 15,我很幸运能够15岁就从事这行,which also qualifies as Ive never really had a real job.另一方面这也意味着我从没有过一份真正的工作。But we think about games as fun, and thats completely reasonable, but lets just think about this.人们认为游戏是有趣的,这是完全合理的,但让我们从另一个角度来想一想。So this one here, this is the 1980 Olympics.请看这张照片,这是1980年的奥运会。Now I dont know where you guys were, but I was in my living room.我不清楚你们当时在什么地方,当时我在我家的客厅里。It was practically a religious event.这场比赛实际上是一次意识形态的对抗。And this is when the Americans beat the Russians,照片上就是美国队击败苏联队的瞬间,and this was -- yes, it was technically a game.这是——是的,从技术上讲仍是一种游戏。Hockey is a game. But really, was this a game?曲棍球是一种游戏。但说真的,这场比赛算是“游戏”吗?I mean, people cried.我的意思是,有人因此哭泣。Ive never seen my mother cry like that at the end of Monopoly.我从没见过我母亲在玩完《大富翁》之后会哭成那样。And so this was just an amazing experience.所以这只是一次“绝妙的体验”。Or, you know, if anybody here is from Boston --或者,如果这里有谁是从波士顿来的So when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series after,当波士顿红袜队再次赢得世界冠军,I believe, 351 years, when they won the World Series, it was amazing.我想,距上次夺冠应该有351年了,当他们赢得了世界冠军,这真令人惊叹。I happened to be living in Springfield at the time,当时我刚好住在斯普林菲尔德and the best part of it was -- is that --最精的部分是——you would close the womens door in the bathroom, and I remember seeing ;Go Sox,; and I thought, really?如果你到女厕所,关上门,我记得看到门上写着;加油,红袜队;,我当时想,不是吧?Or the houses, youd come out, because every game,另外大家都会从屋子里跑出来,因为每一场比赛,well, I think almost every game, went into overtime, right?嗯,我记得几乎每一场比赛都会进入加时赛,对吗?So wed be outside, and all the other lights are on, on the whole block所以我们会到户外,周围所有的灯都亮着,整个街区都亮着,and kids, like, the attendance was down in school, and kids werent going to school.而孩子们逃课变得比较普遍,他们都不怎么去上学了。But its okay, its the Red Sox, right?但这没什么,因为是红袜队,对吧?I mean, theres education, and then theres the Red Sox,我的意思是,一方面是上学,然后一方面是红袜队,and we know where theyre stacked.我们知道它们孰轻孰重。So this was an amazing experience, and again, yes,所以这是一种“绝妙的体验”,而且再一次——是的,it was a game, but they didnt write newspaper articles,这是一场游戏,但他们没在报纸上写文章,people didnt say -- you know, really, ;I can die now because the Red Sox won.; And many people did.因为人们不会说——你知道,真的,“我现在感觉快死了,因为红袜队赢了比赛。”其实很多人那样说了。So games, it means something more to us.所以“游戏”对我们而言有更多的意义。It absolutely means something more.它绝对拥有更多的意义。201601/424337You know,你知道,as a parent with the privilege作为一名有着抚养女儿of raising a daughter义务的父亲,like all of you who are doing the same thing,我跟你们所有为人父母的人一样,we find this world and this statistic very alarming对这个统计数字和这个世界存在危机感,and we want to prepare them.我们要做好防范。We have tools at our disposal like ;girl power,;我们创造了一些类似“少女超人”的角色,and we hope that that will help,希望能够有所帮助,but I gotta wonder, is girl power going to protect them但是我担心,“女性力量”能否保护她们,if, at the same time, actively or passively,同时, 有意无意地,we are training our sons to maintain their boy power?我们培养我们的儿子们要有英勇气概?I mean, I think the Netflix queue我的意思是,我觉得 Netflix Queue(一种看电影的务)is one way that we can do something very important,可以成为非常重要的一种方式,and Im talking mainly to the dads here.我主要是针对父亲说的。I think we have got to show our sons我认为我们应该为我们的男孩子们a new definition of manhood.展示一种新的男子气概。The definition of manhood is aly turning upside down.现在的男子气概的定义已经本末倒置了。Youve about how the new economy你已经知道新的经济环境is changing the roles of caregiver and wage earner.正在改变女性在家男性养家胡口的角色。Theyre throwing it up in the air.他们正逐渐被替代。So our sons are going to have to find some way我们的儿子需要能够适应这些改变,of adapting to this, some new relationship with each other,适应相互之间的新关系,and I think we really have to show them, and model for them,我认为我们需要身先士卒,展示如何成为how a real man一个真正的男人,is someone who trusts his sisters他会信任他的and respects them, and wants to be on their team,尊重她们,希望与她们为伍,and stands up against the real bad guys,对抗真正的坏蛋,who are the men who want to abuse the women.那些虐待妇女的大坏蛋。And I think our job in the Netflix queue而且我认为我们需要在 Netflix Queue 中is to look out for those movies that pass the Bechdel Test,寻找符合贝尔德尔测试的电影,if we can find them, and to seek out the heroines找到之后,再找出电影中的who are there,女英雄们,who show real courage, who bring people together,她们英勇无比,把大家团结起来,and to nudge our sons to identify with those heroines并且鼓励我们的儿子认识到这些女主人公的英勇and to say, ;I want to be on their team,;并且说:“我想加入她的队伍。”because theyre going to be on their team.因为他们将来需要与她们合作。When I asked my daughter who her favorite character was in ;Star Wars,;当我问我的女儿最喜欢《星球大战》中的哪个角色,do you know what she said?你猜她说谁?Obi-Wan.欧比-旺(Obi-Wan)Obi-Wan Kenobi and Glinda.欧比-旺·克诺比和葛琳达What do these two have in common?他们有什么共同点?Maybe its not just the sparkly dress.或许跟漂亮的衣没有关系。I think these people are experts.我认为他们都是专家。I think these are the two people in the movie两个人在各自的电影中who know more than anybody else,都拥有比别人更多的知识,and they love sharing their knowledge with other people并且乐意与他人分享他们的知识to help them reach their potential.帮助他人挖掘潜能。Now, they are leaders.现在,他们是领袖。I like that kind of quest for my daughter,我希望自己的女儿有这样的追求,and I like that kind of quest for my son.也希望自己的儿子有这样的追求。I want more quests like that.我希望这样的追求越多越好。I want fewer quests where my son is told,我希望我的儿子不要被教育成;Go out and fight it alone,;“冲出去一个人战斗”and more quests where he sees that its his job to join a team,而是主动的融入一个团队,maybe a team led by women,或许由一个女性来指挥,to help other people become better帮助其他人成就自己,and be better people,变得更好,like the Wizard of Oz.就像奥兹仙女一样。Thank you.谢谢。201510/404895

纽约当地时间9月21日,马云在哥伦比亚大学商学院发表演讲,向在场的学生和校友介绍了阿里巴巴集团业务及创立和发展的历程,做电商及外贸者必看。马云,阿里巴巴集团主要创始人之一。现任阿里巴巴集团主席和首席执行官,他是《福布斯》杂志创办50多年来成为封面人物的首位大陆企业家,曾获选为未来全球领袖。此为中国电子商务开拓者的马云先生在美国哥伦比亚大学商学院的精演讲。英语演讲视频附中文字幕,暂无文本,有文本后小编会第一时间提供。视频有中文字幕,所以听不懂英文的同学可以看字幕^_^Mr. Ning:任何一个在苦心思索自己人生的意义以及自己的职业梦想的申请人,都应该从头至尾认真听听马云的演讲。首先,这是英文演讲,可以提供很多可供学习的素材;其次,里面有很多的说法,可以让一些只会在商言商,看不到金钱之外的价值的人大开眼界。就主看来,马云是为数不多的能够用英语的思维来表达自己中文思想的成功企业家和领导者!结合马云在斯坦福以及哥伦比亚的演讲,我们可以全面地了解马云是如何做的,如何说的。希望大家好好听、认真想,不要酸溜溜地说什么马云会神侃之类的屁话,好好挖掘人家传递的有意义的信息,这才是重要的。学习,学习,在学习。以下为CBS配发的演讲文本相关的英语文章,节选了马云一些简单经典的话:Alibaba Makes Internet MagicTopics:EntrepreneurshipLeadershipMedia and TechnologyWorld BusinessPrint this story E-mail this storyBookmark and shareYou may not have heard of the Alibaba Group, but investors, competitors and business leaders around the world are paying close attention. Formed 11 years ago by high school teacher Jack Ma, Alibaba.com is Chinas largest B2B Internet marketplace for small- and medium-sized companies. Other holdings include Alipay, an online payment service similar to PayPal; Alibaba Cloud Computing; and Taobao, a social networking and shopping site that Mr. Ma describes as a mash-up of Amazon, eBay and Facebook. But its the flagship company, Alibaba.com, that has been the incubator for his sometimes-unorthodox ideas on management and product development.;We dont think about making money,; Mr. Ma said in September during the Sir Gordon Wu Distinguished Speakers Forum at Columbia Business School, sponsored by the Chazen Institute for International Business. ;We think about creating value for society, for the people, and for the customer. And because we dont think about making money, we make money.;That might sound flippant coming from someone whose website raised .5 billion in 2007, making it the second largest Internet IPO in history (only Googles, at .67 billion, was larger). Today, market capitalization for Alibaba.com is nearly billion, and Taobao has mushroomed into Chinas largest retailer by some measures. Thats all the more remarkable considering that Mr. Ma operates in a country with some of the most restrictive Internet censorship policies in the world. Still, he has succeeded by adhering to one simple six-word tenet: customers first, employees second, shareholders third.The Early DaysDressed casually in canvas shoes and a white windbreaker, Mr. Ma recounted for the audience his childhood in Hangzhou, a major city in Chinas Yangtze River delta. He was, he said, a fan of wu xia (martial arts) novels, and often got into fistfights as a young boy. He picked up English on his own by acting as a tour guide for foreign visitors in exchange for language lessons, but because he had difficulty with math, he twice failed his general college entrance exams. On the third try, he was admitted to the languages program at the local university, after which he began a career teaching high school English.But along the way, the entrepreneurial bug bit. He launched a translation service and was hired by an American businessman, who was bankrolling construction of a local highway, to translate negotiations with Chinese municipal authorities. Part of the deal-making called for him to travel to Las Vegas to meet some investors, and it was there, in 1995, that he first heard the word ;Internet.; He then travelled on his own to Seattle to visit VPN, a small Internet service provider with five employees. There he got his first look at the technology that would, within a decade, make him one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world.Fee or Free?A key to his success, Mr. Ma said, was having a business model so simple that any customer could instantly understand it. Unlike eBay, which has a sliding scale of fees, plus commission if the item sells, Alibaba.com charges nothing for up to 50 product listings. ;Chinese SMEs [small and medium enterprises] want to sell their products abroad,; he said. ;We help them create revenue.; But what about Alibabas revenue? That comes largely from annual membership fees that sellers pay to upgrade to ;Gold Supplier; status, which gives them access to more buyers and an online storefront.;A membership fee is something all SMEs understand,; he said. ;If you talk about transaction [charges], our P/E [price to earnings ratio] would go up, but customers wouldnt understand us. Our business model should be simple and easy enough for customers to understand.; Taobao, meanwhile, has also steadfastly adhered to the ;no transaction fee; philosophy, which caused it to leak money for several years. Recently, though, it began selling ad space on the site. Revenues have been high enough to push Taobao into the black, Mr. Ma said.For the first five years of Alibaba.com, Mr. Ma was the sites chief quality control officer. Every feature of the site was put to one test: if he couldnt figure out how to use on his own, without explanations or manuals, it didnt get implemented. ;Im not a high-tech guy,; he said. ;My wife bought me an iPad and I still dont know how to use it.; The sites design is deliberately no-frills: Clicking on the ;categories; tab, for example, pulls up an easy-to-scan alphabetical list of items for sale, everything from fresh garlic to pipe fittings. New requests from buyers are prominently displayed and constantly updated. And for buyers who cringe at the thought of racking up a phone bill, theres a list of Chinese suppliers with toll-free numbers.Whats ahead for the Alibaba Group? Dont expect a foray into online gaming any time soon. ;I dont believe in online gaming,; he said, noting that his son and his friends spend hours after school glued to a computer screen. ;We could make a lot of money on gaming, but I just dont want my kids to be focused online,; he said. Instead, he said, the next big thing in China will be B2C commerce.“The world is changing,” he said. “With so many consumers, they can say ‘I want my products tailor-made.’ This will fundamentally change the Internet.”201310/258859

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