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B. Keywords. mixed, uncertainty, longer term. Vocabulary. blue-chips, rally, holiday-shortened week, edge, clouded, strategist. Listen to the second news report, complete the news summary and five statements according to what you hear. US stock prices were mixed on Monday with the blue-chips in a rally mode. But volume was only moderate after a holiday-shortened week last week, showing lingering uncertainty among investors. The Dow Jones Industrial Average went up 75 points, less than 1%, to ,56. The S and P 500 Index gained 7 points, but the NASDOQ composite backed off an early rally, taking a loss of almost one composite , on weakness in selected technology stocks. The Dow Industrials actually got a boost from their technology components. Shares of Intel traded higher, after an analyst said the sales growth at the leading computer-chip maker could be stronger than expected. Microsoft Stock also edged higher. Retail stocks gained on stronger than expected sales over the Thanks giving weekend as the holiday shopping season got underway. However, analysis caution the retail picture is still clouded because many stores offered bargains to attract shoppers. Expects worry that higher oil prices and interest rates will make this a less-than-Merry Christmas season US merchants. The latest on the US economy points to slower growth. Sales of existing homes fell a steep 3.9% in October, their second monthly decline. Many analysts think uncertainty over the economy makes it increasingly likely that the major stock averages will close lower the year. But investment strategist Alan Skrainka says the longer-term looks better. No one can guess what will happen to the market over the next month. But over the long term, we think the market looks very good. If youre a long-term investor, this a very good entry point getting in the market. Because this is what youre been waiting . All the fear and uncertainty in the marketplace is setting us up some very good values in the market. 7*Z3uT.E]R@QHIIq@pzk8L*1LKy1PWAZ(Bp;npm|z1bmt^sHis dad was ing one section of the newspaper. His mom was ing another section of the newspaper. His older sister was ing another section of the newspaper. He had the comics section of the newspaper. That was the best part of the newspaper. He didn’t understand the words. He wasn’t able to . But he liked the comics. He liked the drawings. They were all different. All the animals were different. All the people were different. All the drawings were black and white. He colored the drawings with his crayons. He showed the colored drawings to his mom. She liked them. “Those are beautiful colors,” his mom said. “Someday you will be a famous painter.”QtC-TQNKHe]~6%C_*fs@~oW!bxc9Il*]V+HO_g^[~mp)BBj)CwyUuyQ*, 396A Man with a Gun持男子Jerry watched gangster movies. He loved gangster movies. Gangsters were cool. They were rich. They had pretty girlfriends. They drove fast cars. They had guns. They shot enemies with their guns. They shot police with their guns. They shot each other with their guns. Jerry wasn’t rich. He didn’t have a pretty girlfriend. He didn’t have a fast car. But he had a gun. It was a small gun. It fit into his pocket. He walked around with his gun in his pocket. He liked to walk around with his gun in his pocket. That’s what gangsters did. One day Jerry was shopping at Wal-Mart. He put his hand into his pocket. He accidentally pulled the trigger. His gun fired. The bullet went into Jerry’s foot. The ambulance came. The police came. The ambulance took Jerry to the hospital. Then the police took Jerry to jail.杰里看黑帮电影他喜欢黑帮电影黑帮很酷他们很有钱还有许多漂亮的女朋友他们开快车手里有用打击敌人用射杀警察自相残杀杰里不富有也没有漂亮女朋友没有快车但是他有是把小正好装进口袋里他把随身带在口袋里他喜欢拿着四处游走这是黑帮做派一天,杰里在沃尔玛购物手伸进了口袋无意中扣动了扳机响了子弹打进了杰里的脚中急救车赶到警察来了救护车送杰里去了医院警察送杰里去了牢房译文属原创,,不得转载 579Wen:Um...where are my utensils?Clyde:You eat with your hands. Pick up the b and use it like a spoon to scoop up the food.Nikki:This dish, Zilbo, has lamb and potatoes.Wen:Mmm! This is really good! Can you pass the honey wine? So, Clyde, what do you study?Clyde:International law and business. My family runs its own firm.Nikki:Clyde wants to be the first black president.Clyde:WILL be the first black president. I take Ronald Reagan as my role model.参考译文:小 雯: 嗯……餐具在哪?克莱德:用手吃拿着那个面包,就像用汤匙般拿它来舀食物妮 琪: 兹尔这道菜是用羊肉和马铃薯做的小 雯: 嗯!真好吃!你可以把蜂蜜露递给我吗?欸,克莱德,你念什么的?克莱德:国际商业及法律我家有开公司妮 琪: 克莱德想当第一位黑人总统克莱德:一定会当上第一位黑人总统我将里根当成我的楷模重点词汇:scoop (v.)舀scoop up something是「将某物舀起来」这里用来舀食物的,是一种类似法国煎饼的扁圆面包Help me scoop up this mess.帮我把这个舀起来take someone as my role model将某人当成我的楷模Ronald Reagan隆纳里根,前美国总统,是典型的共和党员I take my mother as my role model.我以我妈妈为榜样utensil1 (n.)餐具(刀、叉、汤匙等)A: I need to buy James a birthday present.我得买个生日礼物送詹姆斯B: He a great cook—why dont you buy him some cooking utensils?他是个很棒的厨师——你何不送他一些烹饪用具?run (v.)经营firm (n.) 公司I dont know how to run a business.我不懂如何经营公司 37

Ask an American: The value of church services; outbreak versus break out; to pull off versus to pull over versus to pull in; to act sillyWords:investchurchsynagogueto overlookvaluepastorto commit suicidehalosacreddemonstrableimpactlocaloutbreakto break outto pull offto pull overto pull into act silly 3659

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