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湖州曙光整形美容湖州私处整形哪家好To understand the way in which lawlessness,violence and chaos did make an impact要理解无法律约束 暴力和混乱on the not-so-rosy world of 15th-century England,对于十五世纪的英格兰所产生的影响we have something incomparably richer than the list of battlefields and barons,kings and kingmakers.我们掌握了比战役和贵族 君主以及拥立国王者的名单 更加详实丰富的资料We have, in the letters of the Paston family of Norfolk,the very first private correspondence in English,来自于诺福克的帕斯顿家族通信 是最早的英文私人信件the authentic voice of middling folk farmers, lawyers, would-be gentry, social climbers.真正反映了中层民众的心声 包括农民 律师 想成为绅士和攀龙附凤的人Like many an anxious wife and mother,the Wars of the Roses worried Margaret Paston如同其他焦虑的妻子与母亲 玫瑰战争令玛格丽特·帕斯顿担忧不已because they were making England a bad place to make and keep a little fortune.因为战争使得英格兰的人们 无法获取和积攒财富God, for his mercy, give grace,for I never heard say of so much robbery and manslaughter in this country as is now.仁慈的上帝 请赐予我们恩典 因为在这个国家 我从未像现在这般 目睹这么猖狂的抢劫与杀戮And as for gathering of money, I never saw a worse season.这绝非积累财富的好时节 Seen through Margarets eyes,The Kingdom for England might be up for grabs,but the real disaster was shopping.在玛格丽特眼中 英格兰王国到处烧杀掠夺 但真正的灾难在于物资短缺As for cloth for my gown,I pray you that you will buy for me three yards and a quarter of such as it pleaseth you that I should have.用作晚礼的布料 我希望你能够买足3.25码 并且布料任我选For a good favor I have done all the drapery shop in this town,and here is right feeble choice.我已寻遍镇上所有布店 无甚收获 /201612/482753湖州中心医院祛眼袋多少钱 When I came into the oil industry, there was chaos.当初我进入石油业的时候 场面混乱I brought order.我带来了秩序I took a second rate, inefficient market and built an industry.我在一个二流的低效的市场中建立起一个产业It was done the way it was because thats the way it had to be done.之所以采取一些手段是因为别无选择No one complained when I brought light into every home.当我将光明带给千家万户时没人抱怨No one complained when I provided thousands ofjobs, or millions of dollars from exports.当我提供成千上万的就业机会 或者数百万美元的外汇时也没人抱怨Oil is what this country runs on.国家的运行靠的就是石油You call it monopoly, I call it enterprise.你们说是垄断 我说这是事业Now, you tell me, why am I here?告诉我 你们凭什么告我As the court adjourns to deliberate Rockefeller can only await his companys fate.法庭休庭考虑时 洛克菲勒也只能等待对他公司命运的宣判Hundreds of miles away a new kind of businessman, Henry Ford, also waits.数百英里之外的新型商人 亨利·福特也在等待A panel of federal judges will decide whether Ford can continue to freely manufacture and sell his model A car.联邦法官组成的小组将决定福特是否可以继续自由地制造出售他的A型车The association of licensed automobile manufacturers is suing Ford for a royalty on every car he sells.授权汽车制造商协会起诉福特 要求他卖的每一辆车 都要付特许权使用费Ford knows those royalties would drive up the cost of his car putting it out of the reach for the average consumer.福特知道这些费用会抬高成本 那样的话 普通消费者就买不起他的车了For most early car makers, the lawsuit would be a devastating setback, but for Ford its something different--an opportunity.对于大多数早期的汽车制造商 这样的诉讼是一场毁灭性的打击 但对于福特却是一个机会201607/455027Just use these welding rods as a trigger.用焊条来作引发器Welding rods are made of soft metals that bend easily and retain their shape.焊条由软金属制成 容易弯折 还能保持形状And this wedges in very delicately.Wont take much to trigger it.正好能无缝插入 轻轻一碰就会触发它And then just using final welding rod to make a hoop.再用最后一根焊条 做个钢圈Its gonna be the ramp for the rat to go across.这就是老鼠 要过的陷阱And then if anything comes along and stands on that,its gonna trigger it.要是什么东西走过来 站在那上面就会掉下来Okay, set this and get out of here.好了 摆好了就撤No rats are gonna go near my trap while Im in the area,我在附近 老鼠就不敢靠近我的陷阱so I want to get well away to give it the best chance of success.所以我要尽快远离 提高成功机率So, this is a good time to look for a place to make camp.现在是寻找宿营地的好时机Old vehicles can be easier to secure and insulate than old buildings but should always be treated with caution.旧汽车比老建筑更安全 更保暖 但也一定要小心对待You need to be a bit careful with cars turned upside down theyre not leaking gasoline and oil everywhere.你要注意翻转的汽车 确保周围没有汽油漏得到处都是But actually no reason why I shouldnt patch this up a bit and shelter in here.可实际上 我完全能改造一下然后凑合一晚上You know, theres good padding in the roofing to lie on, all this upholstery.车顶有很好的填充材料 可以垫着 都是垫衬物At least some of the windows are in, as well.Okay.至少一些窗户还在 好吧201610/469270湖州第三医院割双眼皮手术多少钱

湖州市九八医院去疤多少钱原味人文风情:Think of all the hundreds of things I could do with my time if Im not thinking about clothes.想想我可以拿我的时间去做的好几百件事,如果我不用思考要穿什么衣的话。Steve Jobs had, you know, his famous black turtleneck and his jeans, his mom jeans.史提夫·贾伯斯穿,你知道,他著名的黑色高领跟牛仔裤,他的老妈裤。For Mark Zuckerburg, its a cardigan and a T-shirt.马克·祖克柏的话,就是一件开襟毛衣和一件 T 恤。Yeah, maybe thats the right idea.对啊,或许那才是对的想法。Yeah! A work uniform.对!一套工作制。I would describe my work uniform as ;business lady who can get things done.;我会形容我的工作制为「可以完成事情的上班女郎」。I would call my style ;PJ-businesslike-ish.;我会称我的造型为「上班睡衣风」。Its very ;ninjaesque-power; outfit.那是非常「忍者力量般」的穿著。Im really digging the work uniform.我真的非常喜欢我的工作制。I spent a good part of my day just pulling down my skirt, hoping it doesnt ride up.我光整理裙子就花掉一天大半时间,希望它不要一直往上跑。I have two of the same outfit.我有两套同样的衣。I wear each one for two days and then throw it in the wash.我每一套穿两天后就把它丢去洗。No one said anything to me; no ones noticed anything. I have no complaints.没有人跟我说什么;没有人注意到任何不同。我没有抱怨。Ive also been switching up the cardigan, which gives me a little bit of a change.我有换外面那件开襟毛衣,这样给我一点点改变的感觉。I have definitely been able to focus on other things, especially in the mornings.我肯定能专注于其它事情,尤其是早上的时间。Im getting a little tired of this outfit, but so far, so good. Jeanie has turned this into a challenge now.我有一点厌倦这套穿着,但目前都还好。珍妮已经把这变成一个挑战了。Its not just one week—were gonna see who can go the longest without changing their outfit. Um...and I think Ill win.这不只是一个礼拜而已--我们要看谁能撑最久不换衣。嗯...我觉得我会赢。I think, um, Justine is gonna lose.我觉得,嗯,贾丝汀会输。Because I havent been doing this in the most hygienic fashion, I havent been washing my shirt every single day...因为我不是以最卫生的方式在参加这个挑战,我没有每天洗衣...It is getting a little bit uncomfortable.这开始让人有点不舒了。I use deodorant, so B.O. hasnt been that big of an issue. But it is something Im worried about.我用体香剂,所以体味不是那么严重的问题。但那是件我满担心的事情。You can ask any of your Asian friends, but we dont really sweat that much in our armpits. And we dont have to wear deodorant.你可以问你任何一个亚洲朋友,不过我们的腋下不会留那么多汗。我们也就不需用体香剂。My boyfriend likes my smell, so he hasnt been complaining about that.我男友喜欢我的味道,所以他没有抱怨这点。Men can wear the same thing to work every day—no one really notices or cares.男人可以每天穿一样去上班--没有人真的注意到或在意。But women have something different expected of them.但对女人就有不同期待。I feel like women are expected to spend more time on what theyre wearing and on their makeup and on their hair.我觉得女人好像被期待要花更多时间去想要穿什么跟化妆还有发型。Its Day 5, and I am totally sick of this outfit.今天是第五天,我已经完全厌倦这身装。I just looked at what I have, and it was stinky and gross. And I didnt wanna put it on.我刚刚看我有什么可以穿,都又臭又恶心。我根本不想穿它。I actually really like wearing one outfit all the time.我其实很喜欢一直穿同样的衣。I dont care if people are starting to notice that Im wearing the same thing every day.我不在乎别人是否开始注意到我每天都穿一样。So I won the Work Uniform Challenge by a day.所以我以一天之差赢得「工作制挑战」。Congratulations. I think that this is, like, a concept that could actually potentially catch on as long as people are accepting of people wearing the same thing every day.恭喜。我觉得这像是一个确实有潜力会流行起来的概念,只要人们能接受大家每天都穿一样。201611/477399湖州医院光子脱毛多少钱 You are thinking what is that?you can see how this is looking.禁不住会问 到底是什么 看看肉质如何The smell was so bad, it was just telling you, it stinks.散发出恶臭就是为了不被吃掉I take a personal enjoyment when he has to eat in the scene.当他不得不吃时 我恶整了一下贝尔Youre just keepingthe camera running on him and not letting himeither spit it out摄像头一直对着他拍摄 不让他有机会吐出来He got to swallow them. He does give him his dues everytime he swallows, but he didnt want to eat that at all.他不得不吞下去 他每次都吞下去了 但是其实他一点也不想吃slow...someone is got your stayed,rubbed it in dog feces,and then popped it in your mouth.Gorblimey!就像有人控制住你 不停地往你嘴里放入屎 然后那味道在嘴巴里散开 真够难吃的If you want to eat in the wild, you are gonna have to hunt dinner.在野外想吃东西就必须自己搜寻食物And the old ways are often the best.In Louisiana, the locals used to fish using themselves as bait.越传统的方法越好 在路易斯安那州 当地人通常用自己来做诱饵They would look around under the water line,in little holes where these catfish would be,and sticking their hands in there.他们查看水面下的情况 看哪里的小洞里有鲶鱼 然后把手留在洞口当诱饵And then the catfish would grab the hand,and youd pull it out,and there you got a catfish, which is good to eat.鲶鱼就会咬住手 你就可以把鲶鱼拽出来 一条好吃的鲶鱼就到手了Unfortunately, catfish arent the only creatures lurking under the water.倒霉的是 鲶鱼不是唯一潜伏在水下的生物Its everything else around there you know, the deadly snakes, the alligators, the snapper turtles,which can bite your hand off.这里什么都可能有 像死蛇 短吻鳄 咬人龟 这些都会把手给咬掉The suspense is, you know, worse than the best horror film,这种悬念比最可怕的恐怖电影还吓人with Bear sticking his hand in these muddy holes,wondering whats gonna bite on the end of his hand,which hes using as bait.贝尔把当做诱饵的手伸进这些泥泞的洞里 想知道到底什么 咬了他的手201611/476194长兴县泗安皮肤病防治站做隆胸手术多少钱

安吉县中医院激光祛痣多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/478383 In this American English pronunciation , were going to talk about how to reduce and link the word to and the together, in a sentence, like this: to the. (loop four times)在这节美式英语发音视频中,我们将要学习如何在句子中略读和连读单词“to”和“the”,就像这样,“to the”(循环四次)。Ive spent quite a bit of time in my s talking about reduction and linking.我在视频中已经花了一些时间来讲如何略读和连读。And today, I want to take this specific case of linking the words to and the,今天,我想要利用连读“to”和“the”的特例and talk about how to simplify the mouth movement when were reducing these words, linking them, and making them very, very fast.来讲讲略读、连读单词时如何简化嘴部动作以及如何快速发音。The first thing I want to point out, is that there doesnt have to be any movement in the lips or the jaw:我想指出的第一点是,我们不需要移动嘴唇或者下巴,we can articulate this with just the tongue. To the. (loop seven times)仅需舌头就可以发这个音。“to the”(循环七次)。So, what are we doing here?所以我们应该怎么做呢?The word to will reduce to either the true T-schwa sound, or the flap T-schwa sound. But for both of them, the tongue position will be the same.单词“to”应该略读为清音弱读音或是闪音弱读音。但不管是哪种,舌头的位置都是一样的。So the tongue tip is up at the roof of the mouth, ttt, with the jaw quite closed and the teeth pretty much together: tt, dd, tt, dd.所以舌尖抵住上颚,ttt,下巴闭合,牙齿几乎在一起,tt,dd,tt,dd。And I can make that sound just by moving the tongue, the jaw doesnt have to move: t, d, t, d.然后我可以只靠移动舌头而不移动下巴来发音,t,d,t,d。Now, to make the TH for the word the. I do not need to bring the tongue all the way through the teeth.对于单词“the”中的th,不需要把舌头一直伸出牙齿。I can just bring it down, so its touching just behind, where the teeth come together. To, the (loop three times). To the (loop seven times).舌头可以放下来,放在牙齿咬合处后面,“to”,“the”(循环3次),“to the”(循环7次)。Lets look at this up close and in slow motion. To the (loop nine times).我们离近了往上看,看一下慢语速的动作。“to the”(循环9次)。The word T-H-E is pronounced with the EE vowel when the next word begins with a vowel or diphthong.当后面的单词以元音或者双元音开头时,单词“the”的发音是元音EE。For example, to the other side, to the east. In these cases as well, all the articulation will happen with the tongue.例如,“to the other side”,“to the east”。在这些例子中,发音也是仅需要舌头移动。It will probably take a good bit of time and drilling to get this new way of saying to the into your habit. But it is worth doing.可能需要一段时间和训练才会习惯这种说“to the”的新方式,但这是值得的。Because when we simplify the mouth movement, it means its going to be easier to say it quickly in speech.因为当我们简化了嘴唇移动,意味着我们能够更简单地在演讲中快速发音。And when we reduce and pronounce these unstressed words very quickly like this,而当我们略读或者用这种方式快速说出这些非重读单词时,it provides a nice contrast for the stressed words, which are much longer, and have a lot more shape.会与那些更长更多形状的重读单词形成对比。As you drill these two words, put them into sentence fragments, and eventually sentences. To the (loop three times). To the store (loop three times).练习这两个单词时,把它们放到句子片段中,然后放到整个句子中。“to the”(循环3次)。“to the store ”(循环3次)。To the restaurant (loop three times). Im going to the restaurant (loop two times). It will really help you to integrate that into your everyday speech.“to the restaurant”(循环3次)。Im going to the restaurant(循环2次)。这真的会帮助你将其融入到你的日常讲话中。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201706/514195湖州做文眉手术多少钱安吉县治黄褐斑多少钱



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