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Victor Hugo Life is a flower of which love is the honey.维克多·雨果 生活是花,爱情如蜜. Oliver Wendell Holmes Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.奥利佛·文德尔·荷默斯 爱情是打开幸福之门的万能钥匙. Voltaire Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.伏尔泰 爱情是一副以天性为画布、用想象创作的油画. Fred Jacob True love is like a fine wine, the older the better.弗莱德·雅各布 真爱似美酒,愈老愈醇. Emerson Love is a perfume you cannot pour onto others without getting a few drops on yourself.爱默生 爱情像香水,你不可能洒在别人身上自己却得不到一丝一毫. Francois de la RochefoucauldTrue love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.拉罗什福科 真爱就像鬼魂,谈论的人多,见过的人少. Diane Ackerman Everyone admits that love is wonderful and necessary, yet no one agrees on just what it is.戴安·艾克曼 人人都承认爱情是美好的必须的,然而到底什么是爱从没有定论. Anonymous What would it be like to swing on a star, or walk on a cloud? Would it be anything like what I feel whenever you are near?佚名 在星星上荡秋千、云中漫步都是什么感觉呢?会像我感觉你在身边的一样吗? Josh Billings Marrying for love may be a bit risky, but it is so honest that God can#39;t help but smile on it.乔西·比林斯 为了爱情结婚也许有点冒险,但却让上帝除了微笑也无能为力. Patch Adams I love you without knowing how, why, or even from where...帕奇·亚当斯 我爱你,不知怎么爱上的你,没原因的爱,没来由的爱…… Zelda Fitzgerald I don#39;t want to live; I want to love first, and live incidentally.泽尔达·菲茨杰拉德 我不渴求生命我首先要爱情,然后顺便活着. /201608/459365

Your Spouse Or Partner你的配偶或伴侣If you’re sharing a life with someone, you’re likely sharing expenses, too. That can range from splitting the grocery bills to planning for long-term health care insurance and your children’s education.如果你与某个人共同生活,你们也可能会分担费用。那可能延伸至分摊杂货店账单的费用、到规划长期健康保险费、再到你孩子的教育经费。Experts recommend having a conversation about money as early as possible so both partners are able to clarify their financial goals as a couple. Both individuals need to be transparent about their spending histories and any debt they might be carrying.专家建议要尽早讨论一下钱的问题,这样双方就能一起理清财务目标。每个人都需要公开自己的消费历史记录以及他们可能会背负的任何债务。Gabrielle Clemens, a financial planner in Boston, suggests identifying values and goals rather than speaking solely about money.波士顿的一位理财规划师加布里埃尔·克莱门斯建议:我们明确价值和目标,而不是仅仅只谈钱的问题。Your Friends你的朋友It’s natural for friends to have different salaries or different approaches to spending, but that becomes less comfortable if you find yourself pressured to spend more than you can afford.朋友之间收入不同或者消费方式不同很正常,但如果你发现自己被强迫着进行你负担不起的消费,就变的不那么舒了。The reality is that some friends may be hurting your finances. “If a friend is encouraging you to indulgein bad financial habits, you need to have a conversation and be clear about your own financial goals,” said Laura Adams.现实就是有些朋友可能会让你的资金遭受损失。“如果一位朋友拉你下水,让你沉溺于乱花钱的坏习惯,你们之间就需要谈一谈了,你要清楚你自己的理财目标,”劳拉·亚当斯表示。Let your friend know why you’re not able to join them for certain outings, Adams added.让你的朋友知道你不能和他们一起参加某次郊游的原因,亚当斯补充道。Your Boss你的老板No matter where you are in your career, you want to make sure that you’re being paid what you deserve.不论你处于职业生涯的哪个阶段,你都想要确保你得到了应得的收入。That begins with your first job. A young employee can benefit a lot from negotiating — landing not only a higher annual salary, but also increased benefits and job flexibility in some cases.这始于你的第一份工作。一位年轻的职员可以从谈判中受益颇多——不仅仅会获得一份更高的年薪,而且在某些情况下会增加福利和工作的灵活性。It’s important to come to the table armed with information about the average pay range in your industry and a clear sense of the skills and experience you can offer the team. Plus, managers expect candidates to negotiate salary.开始谈判时,掌握有关你所处行业的平均薪资幅度的信息,并对你能为团队提供的技能和经验有清晰的认识是很重要的。而且,经理也期待着和候选人谈一下薪资。As you rise in the ranks or move on to a new job, it’s crucial to keep having those conversations about compensation. If you’re taking on more responsibility or are bringing in a desirable skill set, those are reasons to talk with your boss about getting paid accordingly.随着你升职或转到新的工作岗位上,继续进行关于薪酬的谈话也是重要的。如果你担负了更多的责任,或者身怀工作所需的技能,相应的——那些都是你跟老板协商薪酬的理由。Your Parents你的父母Parents can be supportive mentors when it comes to financial advice. They’ve aly been through the various life stages you’re going through, and you can ask them to share the things they wish they’d known about money when they were your age.谈到理财建议,父母会是持你的良师益友。他们已经经历过你正在经历的人生的不同阶段,你可以请他们与你分享他们在你这个年纪的时候,关于钱他们已知的希望得到的事物。Learn from their mistakes and their successes, but also make sure to think independently.从他们的错误和成功中学习,但也一定要独立地思考。 /201604/437696

If you were unsure if cultural differences still exist in modern society, all you have to do is look at the tweets sent by an American student about British people.如果你不确定在当代社会文化差异依然存在的话,你只需要看这名美国学生发布的关于英国人的推特动态就可以了。The teen went viral after launching into a Twitter tirade attacking everything from Brits#39; pale skin to their food choices and turn of phrase - and, naturally, Brits weren#39;t very happy about it.这个美国子在推特上发表的吐槽英国人的推文迅速火了起来。从英国人苍白的肤色、独特的品味到古怪的措词,都被喷了个遍。当然,英国人对此很不满。She began by introducing her rant, saying: ;im gonna do a th on weird things British people do; (sic).开篇她就说她要写一篇关于奇葩英国人的吐槽文章。Also on her hit list were red buses, the fact we call the underground #39;the tube#39; and phone boxes - because who needs a phonebox when you#39;ve got a #39;cellphone#39;?街上奔跑的巴士统一涂成红色,子表示无法理解英国人对“红色巴士”的执念。最奇怪的就是路边的红色电话亭了,在人手一部手机的年代,电话亭还有使命没有完成吗?To be fair, she might have a point on that one.说真的,有的地方这个子还是有点道理的。She asked everyone to #39;learn to take a joke#39; but it seems her opinions have really riled some people up.尽管她说这都只是个玩笑,但是这仍然激怒了一群人。Many started replying with #39;weird things Americans do#39;, or applying logic to the British traditions she mocks.于是愤愤不平的英国宝宝开始奋力回击他们眼中美国人的奇葩行为。 /201608/459372

China is home to diverse regional cuisines and a growing foreign food scene, but nothing tops the hotpot ritual of placing fresh ingredients into a boiling broth, according to a new survey.中国有着多种不同菜系,近年来异域美食热也开始日益上升,然而,根据一项最新调查显示,它们都不能超越火锅这种美食--即将多种新鲜的食材涮到滚烫的汤里。The survey, published by consulting firm OCC this week, found that hotpot is China#39;s favorite meal. A total of 2,600 people the firm surveyed in 21 Chinese cities in February also placed domestic hotpot chain Haidilao at the top of the list of the country#39;s 10 favorite restaurants.欧析企业管理咨询公司本周发布的报告指出,火锅是中国人气最高的美食。此外,该公司2月份对中国21个城市2600个消费者的调查报告也显示,国内的火锅连锁--海底捞在最受国人欢迎的TOP 10餐厅中高居榜首。Others that made the top 10 included foreign fast food chains KFC and McDonald#39;s as well as casual dining spots Pizza Hut and TGI Friday#39;s.其他进入前10的餐厅还包括外国快餐连锁肯德基和麦当劳,以及休闲餐厅必胜客和星期五餐厅。Hotpot was originally eaten to stave off the winter cold, but has become a favorite year-round food in China. Famous hotpot chains often have long lines of people waiting hours to get a table, even on scorching summer days.吃火锅原本是为了在冬天御寒,现在却成了一种四季皆宜、非常受欢迎的食物。在知名的火锅连锁店,食客经常得排队等候数小时,即便在炎炎夏日也是如此。Data from Euromonitor International showed that seven of China#39;s top 15 full-service restaurant chains specialize in hotpot.来自欧睿国际的数据显示,在中国TOP 15的全方位务连锁餐厅中,有7家都专营火锅。Stephen Dutton, an analyst with Euromonitor International, wrote in a recent research note that hotpot restaurants have become omnipresent nationwide, serving as go-to spots for social events and adapted for regional preferences. Much of hotpot#39;s popularity, Dutton said, comes from the participatory nature of the cooking process and time available for socializing.欧睿国际的分析师史蒂芬· 达顿在最近的一份研究报告中写道,火锅餐厅作为一个社交活动的好去处,在国内到处都是,同时它也根据区域饮食偏好进行了改善。达顿表示,火锅的高人气主要来源于它整个烹饪过程的参与性以及社交活动的时效性。OCC added that hotpot#39;s success also lies in the customer service at leading chains. Restaurant chains such as Haidilao provide attentive service to customers, including entertainment, such as a dance performance in which waiters fling dough to make noodles.此外,欧析还补充说明,火锅的成功还源于这些领先的连锁店的客户务。像海底捞这样的连锁餐厅还给食客们提供包括在内的贴心务。比如,在务员将面团制作成面条的过程中会伴随的舞蹈表演。 /201606/448504

Yang Liuqing New Year Pictures杨柳青年画One of China#39;s three famous folk New Year picture styles,Yang Liuqing New Year Pictures originated in Yang Liuqing Town,in the western suburbs of Tianjin City, in the early 17th century. Adopting the method of integrating block printing and hand-colored decoration,they are characterized by varied themes such as brightness, vivacity, happiness, auspiciousness and fascination. The pictures by the young people in Yang Liuqing have enjoyed a high reputation in China.在17世纪初,中国三大著名民间年画的风格之一的杨柳青年画起源于天津市西郊的杨柳青镇。采用集成雕版印刷和手工着色装饰的方法,它们的特点是有不同的主题,如明亮,活泼,快乐,吉祥和有魅力。做这些年画的杨柳青的年轻人在中国都享有很高的声誉。 /201608/461637

China#39;s average annual rise in sea level from 1980 to 2015 was 3 millimeters, higher than the global average, according to a report released by the State Oceanic Administration on Tuesday.国家海洋局周二发布的一份报告显示,自1980至2015年,中国沿海海平面上升速率为平均每年3毫米,高于全球平均水平。The decade between 2006 and 2015 saw the fastest rise of the past 30 years, with the mean sea level increasing by 32 millimeters and 66 millimeters, respectively, compared with the figures from the 1996-2005 period and 1986-1995 period, said the report.该报告称,在2006年到2015年期间,中国沿海平均海平面较1996年至2005年和1986年至1995年分别高了32毫米和66毫米,为近30年来上升速率最快的10年。The report stated that thermal expansion of seawater and the melting of glaciers and ice sheets on land due to global warming contribute to the accelerated rise in global sea level.该报告指出,全球海平面上升加速是由全球变暖导致的海水增温膨胀、陆源冰川和极地冰盖融化等因素造成的。China has seen its air and seawater temperatures increase due to climate change, along with lower air pressure in coastal regions, resulting in rising sea levels, according to the report.报告称,中国目前已经注意到了由于气候变化引起的空气及海水温度的升高,伴随着沿海地区的气压较低,进而导致了海平面上升。Statistics showed that China#39;s sea level drops during El Nino weather patterns. The sea level in 2015 was down by 21 millimeters from 2014 due to a strong El Nino that affected the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean.统计数据显示,在埃尔尼诺现象出现期间,中国海平面有所下降。由于影响赤道中东太平洋的强烈厄尔尼诺现象,2015年的海平面相比2014年下降了21毫米。The report also suggested authorities take sea-level rises into consideration when planning coastal cities to ensure safety and effective disaster prevention and relief efforts.该报告还建议,在进行沿海城市规划时应考虑海平面上升的影响,以保安全、有效防灾减灾。 /201603/433505

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