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A little before nine o#39;clock on Tuesday night, Antonio Gutiérrez found himself facing a welcome dilemma. Might he, a waitress asked, have room for a second helping of pudding?1日晚上快9点时,一位女员询问安东尼奥.古铁雷斯还需要第二份布丁吗?这样的热情让他无所适从。By day, the Robin Hood restaurant, which sits on a side street near the centre of Madrid, is a typical Spanish bar.罗宾汉餐厅坐落在马德里市中心附近的一条小巷中,白天这里是一家典型的西班牙酒吧。But at night, it transforms itself into a pioneering place where homeless people such as Gutiérrez, 40, from Extremadura, can dine, free of charge, at tables set with flowers, metal cutlery and proper glasses.但是在晚上这里就变身为流浪者餐厅,这着实是创举。今年40岁的古铁雷斯来自埃斯特雷马杜拉,像他这样的流浪汉可以在餐厅里摆着鲜花、金属餐具以及精致杯子的餐桌上免费用餐。The restaurant is the latest initiative from the charity Mensajeros de la Paz - meaning messengers of peace - which was founded 54 years ago by Father ángel García Rodríguez.这间餐厅是“和平使者”慈善组织的最新计划。54年前,安吉.加西亚.罗德里格斯神父创建了该组织。Its business model - using breakfast and lunch takings from paying customers to fund free evening meals for the homeless - is simple enough. Its aim, however, is a little more ambitious.罗宾汉餐厅的经营模式很简单,就是靠从付费顾客身上赚取的早午餐收入为流浪者提供免费的晚餐。不过,它的目标却更有雄心。;The inspiration came from Pope Francis, who#39;s spoken again and again about the importance of giving people dignity, whether it#39;s through b or through work,; said Father ángel.安吉神父说:“教皇弗朗西斯一世启发了我们,他反复强调,不论是借助面包还是工作,重要的是给予别人尊严。”;So we thought, why not open a restaurant with tablecloths and proper cutlery and waiters? People with nothing can come and eat here in the restaurant and get the same treatment as everyone else. It#39;s just common sense.;“因此,我们认为不如开一间铺着桌布、摆着精致餐具、拥有务员的餐厅,一无所有的人可以来这吃饭,享受和所有人一样的对待。这是常识。”Like many Spanish charities, Mensajeros de la Paz is still dealing with the human consequences of the country#39;s financial crisis, which has left the overall unemployment rate close to 20% and youth unemployment among Europe#39;s highest at 42%.金融危机使西班牙的整体失业率逼近20%,青年失业率为42%,位居欧洲之首。和西班牙众多的慈善组织一样,和平组织也在解决金融危机给人们带来的影响。Each day, Father ángel#39;s nearby church-cum-social centre provides 200 homeless people with breakfast and lunch. In the evening, the new restaurant will feed 100 homeless people in two sittings.每天白天,安吉神父在附近的教会社会务中心为200位流浪者提供早餐和午餐。晚上,新开业的罗宾汉餐厅分两批招待100位流浪者。If the initiative proves successful, the NGO plans to extend the scheme and hopes it will attract famous chefs who will give up the odd evening to come to cook in the kitchen.如果这项计划成功的话,这家非政府组织打算将其扩大,并且希望能够吸引知名主厨偶尔来为他们餐厅做饭。The priest acknowledges that there may be something a little provocative in naming the restaurant after a figure who redistributed wealth at the tip of an arrow and the point of a sword. But the idea is less to rob the rich than to encourage them to share their good fortune.安吉神父承认,用一个使用弓箭与刀剑劫富济贫的人物的名字命名这间餐厅可能有些激进。但是,与其说是劫富,不如说这个创意是为了鼓励富人分享他们的财富。;The name is just to spice it up a bit and to get people to notice.;“用这个名字不过是为了有趣一点,好引起人们的注意。”Around the packed tables of the restaurant on Tuesday for its opening night, the talk was less of legendary outlaws and more about the excellent fish course.1日晚上开业时,在这间塞满餐桌的餐厅中,人们的对话更多是关于一道美味的鱼类菜品,而不是那位传奇的绿林好汉。;The food here is great and very elegant,; said Ramón Luis. ;I#39;d give it loads of stars and I#39;ll be back tomorrow.;拉蒙.路易斯说:“这里的食物很好吃还非常漂亮,我想给它打很多星星,明天我还会来的。”Gutiérrez, who has been homeless for a decade, had not eaten in such a restaurant for four or five years - except when Father ángel had taken him out.古铁雷斯流浪了十年,除了安吉神父的邀请外,他已经有4、5年没有在这样的餐厅吃过东西了。;If you don#39;t have anything, this means a lot,; he said.他说:“如果你一无所有,那么这对你来说有很大意义。”After a few seconds#39; deliberation, he ordered another piece of cake.细思了一会儿,他又点了一块儿蛋糕。 /201612/481886伦教治疗包皮包茎多少钱佛山顺德医院电话号码是多少Snobby city firms are refusing to hire talent from poor backgrounds because they do not follow tradition, a report says.一项报告指出,势利的城市公司正在拒绝采用来自贫困家庭的人才,因为他们不能遵守所谓的;传统;。Managers can often place as much importance on speech, accent, dress and behavior as on skills and qualifications.经理们常常会注重候选人的口才、口音、穿着和举止,他们认为这些品质与专业技能和资质一样重要。Firms are also recruiting from a small pool of elite universities and hire those who ;fit in; while ignoring talented but less advantaged candidates, according to Social Mobility Commission research.根据社会流动性委员会的调查显示,这些公司只在小范围的精英大学中招揽人才,他们往往忽略候选人的天赋,而聘用那些;穿着更加得体;、但相对来说优势较小的人。Its report says: ;Relatively opaque codes of conduct extend to dress.;这份报告写道:;这些相对模糊的行为守则已经延伸到了穿着上。;To provide one example, for men, wearing brown shoes with a business suit is generally considered unacceptable within investment banking and corporate finance.举一个例子,男性在投资工作或者担任公司财务的话,穿西装配棕鞋一般被认为是难以接受的。;Issues relating to dress may seem superficial and relatively simple for individuals to adopt. But interviewees suggested they do play a material role in the selection process as demonstration of #39;fit#39;.;;有些人也许会认为这些对穿着的要求看起来是肤浅的、相对用人草率的行为。但面试者通常都会认为,他们在面试过程中展示的#39;穿着得体#39;的能力起着重要的作用。;Banks mostly hire from an only select handful of universities, including Oxbridge and the London School of Economics.大部分只在一些经过精心筛选的大学里招人,这里面就包括了剑桥大学、牛津大学和伦敦经济学院。And the report warned the requirement to do work experience or internships benefits those with ;informal networks; and erects a further barrier to entry.并且,报道中还提示:一些招聘信息里对于实习、工作经验的要求有利于那些有过;非正式网络工作;经历的应聘者,这无疑又竖起了另一道门槛。Alan Milburn, Commission chairman, said: ;Bright, working-class kids are being systematically locked out of top jobs in investment banking because they may not attend elite universities or understand arcane culture rules.社会流动性委员会主席阿兰·米尔本表示:;仅仅因为没有进入精英大学学习或者熟悉晦涩难懂的文化规则,这些聪慧的、工人阶级家庭的孩子们就要从系统层面被关上了通往高端工作,譬如投行里的职位的大门。;;It is shocking that some investment banks still judge candidates on whether they wear brown shoes.;;令人震惊的是,一些投行现在仍然依据候选人有没有穿棕色鞋子来评判他们。; /201609/465737佛山最好的泌尿科医院

佛山市第二人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱佛山医院早泄Reebok Classics is offering free sneakers to New Balance owners who have begun trashing their own shoes over brand#39;s #39;white supremacy#39; controversy.因为新百伦公司被卷入持“白人至上”的非议中,一些该品牌的购买者开始丢弃他们的鞋子,而锐步公司正为这些人免费提供运动鞋。New Balance shoe owners began throwing away their sneakers or lighting them on fire last week, to protest after the company reportedly voiced support for President-elect Donald Trump.有报道称,新百伦公司发声持刚当选总统的特朗普。为了对此表示抗议,上周,新百伦运动鞋的购买者纷纷把自己的运动鞋丢掉或点燃。Things got worse for the Boston-based brand after the alt-right website The Daily Stormer proclaimed New Balance the #39;Official Shoes of White People#39;.右翼网站The Daily Stormer宣称新百伦是“白人专用鞋”后,这家波士顿公司的处境便雪上加霜。New Balance have since tried to distance itself from its white supremacist support and released a statement on Monday saying it #39;does not tolerate bigotry or hate in any form.#39;此后,新百伦一直试图澄清自己并不持白人至上主义,并在14日发表声明称“不会容忍任何形式的偏见和仇恨”。But that hasn#39;t stopped furious New Balance customers trashing their shoes in protest against the athletic company#39;s election stance.但这并不能平息新百伦顾客的愤怒,他们继续丢弃自己的运动鞋来抗议该公司的选举立场。A Twitter user posted a quick of their shoes engulfed in flames while on a sidewalk and wrote, #39;good to know. I made a little bonfire tonight...#39;一位推特用户发布了一段短片,并且配文“好消息,我今晚点了一小堆篝火……”。视频中,他们的鞋子在一条人行道上燃烧。Other users on social media opted to post s of them either throwing their shoes in trash cans or tossing them forcefully out of the window.其他社交媒体用户发出来的视频,要么是把自己的鞋子扔进垃圾桶,要么是直接把鞋丢出窗外。Now it appears rival brand Reebook Classic are also getting in on the action.现在看来,新百伦的竞争品牌锐步也行动起来了。The firm has been offering free sneakers to New Balance owners posting s of themselves flushing their shoes or throwing them away.该公司开始免费赠鞋给那些发布了用马桶冲走鞋或丢鞋视频的新百伦购买者。In one tweet, in response to a of someone, unsuccessfully, trying to flush their New Balances down the toilet, Reebok Classics posted: #39;Since it looks like your toilet may be clogged, shoot us a DM amp; we#39;ll send you some kicks to walk to the closest bathroom.#39;在一段推特视频中,有人尝试用马桶冲走自己的新百伦运动鞋,但是没有成功。锐步在这条推特下回复,“因为你的马桶看起来堵住了,请私信我们,我们会送去鞋子好让你能走到最近的厕所。”Another, in response to a of New Balance sneakers being thrown in the trash, Reebok Classics tweets: #39;Hey Jared, looks like you#39;re down a pair of kicks! Shoot us a DM, we#39;ve got you covered.#39;锐步在另一段把新百伦运动鞋丢进垃圾桶的视频下回复,“嘿,贾里德,你好像少了一双鞋,私信我,我们补给你。”This is not the first time Reebok has got political.这不是锐步第一次涉足政治。In the run up to the election, the brand imagined Hillary Clinton#39;s iconic pantsuit with a Reebok twist.在大选初期,锐步设想用该公司的面料制作希拉里标志性的长裤套装。Meanwhile the controversy against New Balance continues to rage.与此同时,关于新百伦的争议持续发酵。Several former customers insisted on social media they won#39;t be buying the brand any longer following its allegiance to Trump.一些原新百伦顾客在社交媒体上坚称,他们不会再购买这个拥护特朗普的品牌的任何产品。After Trump#39;s stunning victory, a spokesman for the company told Wall Street Journal on Wednesday: #39;Frankly w/ Pres-Elect Trump we feel things are going to move in the right direction.#39;特朗普意外胜出后,新百伦发言人16日对《华尔街日报》表示“坦白讲,特朗普当选总统让我们觉得事情将往正确的方向发展。”The brief statement was picked up by popular sneaker site, Sole Collector, and was met with outrage by countless fans of the brand.热门运动鞋网站Sole Collector转载了这段简短的声明,该声明激起了无数新百伦粉丝的怒火。Numerous users pointed out Trump#39;s history of sexist, xenophobic and racist statements that he#39;s made throughout the years.众多网友细数了特朗普这些年来的性别歧视、排外和种族歧视言论。The company told Buzzfeed last week that the #39;right direction#39; e was only in reference to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, and not any other policies Trump stands by.上周,新百伦对BuzzFeed表示,“正确的方向”仅仅是指特朗普对《跨太平洋伙伴关系协议》(TPP)的立场,不代表其他任何他持的政策。Their support of Trump originated from the billionaire businessman#39;s opposition to the TPP trade deal that was promoted by President Obama, as a company spokesman said he #39;turned a deaf ear.#39;他们持特朗普是因为这位富商反对奥巴马持的TPP贸易协定,该公司一位发言人称奥巴马对民众的声音无动于衷。 /201611/478989顺德区第二人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱佛山泌尿外科哪个医院最好

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