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江西人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱南昌市第五医院隆鼻多少钱The Monday before Thanksgiving, we all came to work. Some people had turned on their computers and were working. At around 8:15 a.m., that black screen of death came on.感恩节之前的那个星期一,我们都照常上班。有些同事来到公司,打开电脑开始工作。大约在上午8点15分,电脑突然黑屏死机。They shut down the entire network. We couldn’t really work the rest of the week, which seemed OK because it was a holiday week. But as Tuesday and Wednesday progressed, it became clear that this wasn’t a simple hack.黑客让整个网络陷入了瘫痪状态,那周剩余的几天,我们基本上都无法工作。不过由于那个星期是假期,这倒也没有太大影响。但事情进展到星期二和星期三的时候,人们已渐渐明白:这并不是一起单纯的黑客行为。Over Thanksgiving, I joked about it. We all thought it might take a while to get our work life back—files, things we have to do before the end of the year.在感恩节期间,我还拿这件事开玩笑来着。大家都以为过段时间工作就能恢复正常,我们还有许多文件要处理,年底之前还有很多工作要完成。It wasn’t until Monday or Tuesday of the following week when we realized the extent of it. That’s when we got word that it might take weeks to get back up. Things became more clear when it was revealed what information was released. Around Wednesday or Thursday, people started saying: call your bank, change your passwords, set up a new checking account.直到第二周的周一周二,我们才意识到事情的严重性。我们被告知,电脑可能需要几个星期才能修复。随着遭窃密的信息被披露,一切就更加明白无疑了。到了周三周四的时候,公司的人开始说:赶快通知、修改你的密码、开一个新的票账户。I was completely irate. Once it got personal, it was just, are you kidding me? Seeing the faces of colleagues with families—they’re worried about their life savings, their retirement funds, their kids.我怒不可遏。一旦涉及到个人,这感觉就不一样了:开什么玩笑?周围那些有家室的同事脸上写满了担心,这关系到他们一生的积蓄、养老金和孩子们的未来。And the blogs were the ones giving us all the information. We got more information from blogs and websites than we did from Michael [Lynton, CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment] and Amy [Pascal, co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment].所有这些信息我们都是通过外界客、网站这些渠道获知的。迈克尔(索尼影业首席执行官)和艾米(公司联席主席)提供的信息反而不多。The company provided us with All Clear ID, which is a security monitoring firm, but some people said that LifeLock was the way to go, and I decided to get it. There’s a reason you pay [.99 a month] for it.公司给每个员工配备了身份保护务All Clear ID,这是一家安防监控公司的产品,但有些人说LifeLock的保护务更好,于是我决定自己买一个。每月务费要29.99美元,但这个钱非花不可。That weekend, I set up alerts on all my bank accounts and credit cards. I get a text message about every transaction, and the [smartphone] apps send me notifications on my home screen anytime there’s a charge.那个周末,我给自己所有的账户、信用卡都设置了警报系统,每笔交易后我都会收到短信,每当要付费时,那些手机应用都会在屏幕上给我推送通知。I changed every single password. Five for banking and credit cards. Then for my 401(k), health insurance, three email accounts, and Facebook. I changed them for Amazon, eBay, PayPal, and other shopping sites. In all, it was probably 25 to 30.我把所有和信用卡的密码都换了,一共五个,然后是401(k)退休金账户、医疗保险账户、三个电邮账号和Facebook。还有亚马逊、eBay、PayPal和其他购物网站的密码。加起来大概有25到30个。A few days later, we were on loaner laptops, pen and paper, recreating PowerPoints, re-creating databases. All the things you’d need when you’re working on any kind of business deal. Word documents, contracts, PDFs. We chugged along. We did as much as we could. But there were certain days that people had to leave the office to do what they had to do personally.几天后,我们用借来的笔记本电脑、笔和纸重新创建PPT和数据库。几乎做生意要用到的一切都得重做:各种Word文档、合同、PDF文件。我们不停手地尽可能做着补救工作。但尽管如此,人们总有几天需要离开办公室处理私人事务。Going forward, I want to know that I won’t get a random 0 charge. I decided that I’m never going to access any of my financial accounts on my work computer ever again. If I need to do something urgently, I’ll use my smartphone, or I’ll go home and do it. It’s not worth the risk.继而,我还想确保自己不会被莫名扣掉500块钱。我已经决定再也不用公司电脑登陆自己的理财账户。如果要处理某些紧急事情,我会用自己的手机或者回家完成。不值得去冒那个险。Some people have gone a little overboard, changing their passports and things like that. For me, money and keeping my finances secure is most important.还有些同事有点反应过度,他们甚至更换了自己的护照什么的。对我来说,钱和财产安全是最重要的。It’s taken a toll, mentally—do I have to worry about someone getting a random medical procedure with my benefits? And there’s the frustration at the way the top top brass handled the situation. Why didn’t they provide more for the employees? Why didn’t they bring in security consultants?这件事给我敲了一记警钟——我用不用担心有人会盗用我的医保账户?还有,公司高层对于事情的处理令人失望。他们为什么不为员工提供更多的帮助?为什么不聘用网络安全顾问?You all these reports about morale being low. I wouldn’t say it’s low. You chug along. But it is like, wow, you always have to look over your shoulder. This is forever.所有关于此事的新闻报道里,你都能读到公司员工士气低落,我不想这么说。工作还得继续,但是这件事给人们提了个醒:你该时时注意身后,小心驶得万年船。(财富中文网) /201412/350640南昌同济医院治疗青春痘多少钱 南昌县安义县进贤县去除腋毛多少钱

南昌同济医疗整形美容医院激光祛痘手术多少钱NEW DELHI — A woman was raped late Friday by a driver for Uber, the hail-a-ride service, who diverted from the intended route and switched off his cellphone so that he was untraceable during the ride, police officials in New Delhi said.新德里——新德里的警察表示,周五夜间,一名女子遭Uber司机强奸。Uber是一个用车务公司。这名司机从预定路线改道,并关掉了手机,所以无法在行驶过程中对他进行追踪。The authorities arrested the accused driver, identified as Shiv Kumar Yadav, 32, on Sunday evening in his native city, around 90 miles southeast of New Delhi. Officials intend to bring civil or criminal charges against the ride-sharing service, said Madhur Verma, the deputy commissioner of the police for the northern district of New Delhi.现已确定,这名司机是32岁的希夫·库马尔·亚达夫(Shiv Kumar Yadav)。周日晚间,官方在他家乡所在的城市将其逮捕,这里位于新德里东南方向约90英里(约合145公里)。新德里北部地区的警察局副局长马德胡尔·维尔马(Madhur Verma)表示,官方打算对这个搭车务公司提起民事或刑事指控。The woman, 26, who works at a finance company, was returning from a dinner engagement and used the mobile app for Uber to hail a car to drive her home to Gurgaon, outside New Delhi, Mr. Verma said. The rape case was reported to the police about 1:25 a.m. on Saturday. Mr. Verma said the woman had been physically examined and showed signs of a “fierce sexual assault and rape.”维尔马说,遭强奸的女子今年26岁,在一家金融公司工作。当时,她刚刚结束一个晚餐约会,然后用Uber的移动应用叫了一辆车送她回家,她家位于新德里之外的古尔冈。周六凌晨1点25分,警方接到报案。维尔马称,该女子已接受身体检查,结果显示,她遭到了“猛烈的性侵犯和强奸”。The police in Delhi said Mr. Yadav, who migrated to the capital from the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh, lived in a rented one-room house and had no criminal history.德里警方表示,亚达夫是从旁边的北方邦搬来新德里的,他住在一间租来的一居室里,没有犯罪记录。In a public statement, Uber said it had suspended the driver’s account.Uber在公开声明中表示,它已暂时关闭了亚达夫的账户。“Our thoughts are with the victim of this terrible crime, and we are working with the police as they investigate. We will assist them in any way we can,” said the statement, which was posted on Uber’s blog.发布在Uber客上的声明称,“我们的心与这个可怕罪行的受害者在一起,我们正在配合警方调查。我们将竭尽所能地为他们提供协助。”Mr. Verma said Uber could face civil or criminal charges.维尔马表示,Uber可能面临着民事或刑事指控。Evelyn Tay, a spokeswoman for the company, said that in India, Uber works “with licensed driver-partners to provide a safe transportation option, with layers of safeguards such as driver and vehicle information” to ensure “accountability and traceability of all trips that occur on the Uber platform.”该公司女发言人埃韦林·塔伊(Evelyn Tay)称,在印度,“为了给乘客提供一种安全的交通选择”,Uber的合作伙伴“都是获得许可的司机,而且还拥有司机或车辆信息等多层保护措施”,以保“Uber平台上所有行程的可靠性和可追踪性”。According to Mr. Verma, the woman fell asleep during the ride. When she awoke, she found that the driver had taken her to a secluded area. He then stopped the car and assaulted her. Mr. Verma said the driver threatened to kill the woman if she reported the assault to the police, and then drove her home.维尔马称,这名女子在乘车过程中睡着了。当她醒来时,发现司机已经把她带到了一处僻静的地方。然后,他停下车,侵犯了她。维尔马说,这名司机曾威胁这名女子,如果向警方报案,就杀了她。随后,他开车把她送回了家。“She was alert and smart enough to get a picture of the cab with the number plate on her mobile,” Mr. Verma said.维尔马说,“她很机警,也足够聪明,用手机给这辆车拍了照,照片显示了车牌号。” /201412/347250南昌县人民医院整形 The First Recoverable Remote Sensing Satellite第一颗返回式遥感卫星On November 26, 1975, China launched a recoverable remote sensing satellite on a Long March launch vehicle. After three days of operation, the satellite returned as planned, making China becoming the 3rd country to have successfully developed satellite recoverable technology after the U. S and the former Soviet Union. Ever since then, information from the satellite has played a vital role in exploring resources, predicting disasters and mapping topography.1975年11月26日,中国利用“长征号”火箭成功地发射了第一颗返回式遥感卫星。3天后,卫星按预定计划返回地面。至此,中国成为继美国、苏联之后世界上第三个掌握卫星返回技术的国家。自那以后,从卫星上传回的信息在中国资源调查、灾害预测、地图测绘研究方面扮演着至关重要的角色。 /201602/419399江西省南昌同济医院美容整形科

南昌第三人民医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱China’s own satellite navigation system has won a stamp of approval from an international maritime body, an important step toward its goal of global acceptance for its answer to the ed States’ Global Positioning System (GPS).中国自己开发的卫星导航系统获得了一个国际海事机构的批准,这是朝着其全球目标迈出的重要一步。该系统是对美国“全球定位系统(GPS)”的回应,中国希望它在全球范围内能获得广泛接受。The Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization, a ed Nations body that sets standards for international shipping, formally included Beidou in the World-Wide Radionavigation System during its Nov. 17-21 meeting. This means that the Chinese system has become the third system, after GPS and Russia’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), recognized by the ed Nations body for operations at sea.国际海事组织(International Maritime Organization--IMO)的海上安全委员会(Maritime Safety Committee),是负责在制定国际航运标准的联合国机构。该委员会在11月17日至21日的会议上,正式把中国的北斗系统列入全球无线电导航系统(World-Wide Radionavigation System, WWRNS)。这意味着,北斗已经成为继GPS和俄罗斯全球导航卫星系统(GLONASS)之后,获得海上安全委员会认可的第三个海上作业系统。The inclusion of Beidou “is a recognition that Beidou can provide positioning data of adequate accuracy for its coverage area,” said Kevin Pollpeter, who focuses on China’s space program and information warfare issues at the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of California, San Diego.列入北斗“是因为它能够在覆盖区域内,提供足够精确的定位数据,”凯文·波尔彼得(Kevin Pollpeter)表示。他在加州大学圣迭戈分校(University of California, San Diego)全球冲突与合作研究所(Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation)研究中国的太空计划和信息战问题。China first tested the Beidou system in 2000 and has since invested billions in its development to compete with and lower the country’s dependence on GPS. It has mandated the use of the domestic system in government departments including public security, disaster relief and tourism. In January 2013, the country’s transportation authority ordered all tour buses, long-distance buses and vehicles transporting “dangerous articles” in nine provinces to install the system. New heavy trucks manufactured in the nine provinces must install the system or they will not receive transportation permits, the vice minister of transport said. The country has also installed the navigation system in more than 50,000 Chinese fishing boats, including those plying the waters of the disputed South China Sea.中国第一次测试北斗系统是在2000年,此后该国投入数以十亿计的美元来开发它,以便与与GPS抗衡,降低该国对GPS的依赖。中国规定公安、抢险救灾和旅游等政府部门使用国产系统。2013年1月,交通运输部责令九个省为所有旅游大巴、长途客车和运送“危险物品”的车辆安装北斗系统。这九个省制造的新重型卡车必须安装该系统,否则无法获得交通运输许可,交通运输部副部长说。该国还把这种导航系统安装在5万多艘中国渔船上,其中包括那些在有争议的南海海域作业的渔船。But Beidou is not yet a mature system and is hardly poised to rival GPS globally, analysts say. Currently, GPS holds 95 percent of China’s navigation market.但北斗还不是一个成熟系统,尚未做好在全球范围内和GPS竞争的准备,分析师说。目前,GPS在中国导航市场上占有95%的份额。“I would not expect this announcement to result in an upsurge of demand for Beidou,” Mr. Pollpeter said, citing such factors as the decades-long proven reliability of GPS, its accuracy and cheaper receiver cost.“我觉得北斗成为全球无线电导航系统的消息,不会导致人们对它的需求高涨,”波尔彼得说,因为GPS的可靠性经过了数十年的考验,它有很高的准确性,而且GPS接收器也更便宜。However, what the Beidou system does have is strong backing from the Chinese government. In 2012, the vice chairman of the country’s top military body, the Central Military Commission, urged the country’s researchers to improve the system’s capacity to prevent interference, calling the system a “milestone” for the country and military, the state news agency Xinhua reported. The following year, the country’s powerful National Development and Reform Commission drew up a national development plan for Beidou.然而,北斗系统得到了中国政府的大力持。据中国官方通讯社新华社报道,2012年,该国最高军事机构中央军事委员会副主席敦促中国研究人员提高该系统的抗干扰能力,他还称该系统为国家和军队树立了一个“里程碑”。次年,中国强大的发改委为北斗制定了全国性发展计划。Not content with the system’s adoption within China, the government has also set the goal of providing global coverage with 35 geostationary and non-geostationary orbit satellites by 2020. To promote the system’s adoption by other Asian countries, China has been offering civilian use of the service free, the director of the Beidou Satellite System Application Center told Xinhua last year.中国政府不满足于国内对北斗系统的采用,还设立目标,决心到2020年,用35个对地静止和非静止轨道的卫星提供覆盖全球的信号。去年,北斗卫星系统应用中心的主任告诉记者,为了促进其他亚洲国家对该系统的采用,中国免费用它提供民用务。The government says the system is being tested across the region, from taxi-dispatching services in Cambodia to land-use management in Myanmar.政府说,从柬埔寨的出租车调度务,到缅甸的土地使用管理,该系统正在亚洲各地进行测试。“China sees development of Beidou as critical to its military and economic security and has designated it as part of its national infrastructure,” Mr. Pollpeter said.“中国认为北斗系统的开发是其军事和经济安全的关键要素,并将其作为国家级基础设施来建设,”波尔彼得说。Beijing wants to reduce its dependence on GPS because it is concerned the ed States “could disable or degrade the GPS signal to China and thus render its precision-guided smart weapons dumb,” he said. In addition, loss of navigation could also affect sectors as wide-ranging as banking and power transmission.中国政府希望减少对GPS的依赖,因为它担心美国“屏蔽或减少传送到中国的GPS信号,导致中国的精确制导智能武器无法发挥作用,”他说。此外,失去导航信号可能会给很多部门带来影响,比如和电力传输部门。In addition to security concerns, there are economic factors behind the promotion of Beidou.除了安全问题之外,推广北斗系统也有经济上的考量。“The market for satellite navigation products and services in China is estimated to reach to 400 billion renminbi,” about billion, by 2020 and China wants Beidou to capture 70 to 80 percent market share, Mr. Pollpeter said.到2020年,“中国的卫星导航产品和务市场规模可达4千亿人民币,”中国希望北斗系统能够占据70%至80%的市场份额,波尔彼得说。The Chinese Ministry of Transportation sent a delegation to the Maritime Safety Committee meeting, held in London, to introduce the Chinese system. Beidou is the Chinese name for the Big Dipper constellation, one of the brightest clusters of stars in the solar system, which long served as a crucial navigational tool for travelers.中国交通部的代表团参加了海上安全委员会在伦敦举行的会议,并对北斗系统做了介绍。北斗是Big Dipper的中文名字,从太阳系中看去,它是最明亮的星群,长期以来都是旅行者的重要导航标志。What China has been able to do in recent years is overtake Europe’s efforts with its Galileo system, said Todd E. Humphreys, assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering. Galileo has not yet been included in the World-Wide Radionavigation System.欧洲也在开发伽利略(Galileo)系统,最近几年,中国赶超了他们,德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校科克雷尔工程学校(University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering)的助理教授托德·E·汉弗莱斯(Todd E. Humphreys)说。伽利略尚未被列入全球无线电导航系统。“It’s interesting that BDS” — Beidou — “began in earnest after Galileo, but has by now outpaced Galileo in establishing itself as a global system,” Mr. Humphreys said. “The Europeans are hampered by too many committees.”“有趣的是,BDS(即北斗)比伽利略后发而先至,已经成为了一个全球性系统,”汉弗莱斯说。“欧洲的委员会太多,阻碍了他们的步伐。” /201412/347002 SAN FRANCISCO — It took six years for Apple to persuade China’s largest wireless carrier, China Mobile, to sell the iPhone. Apple’s chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, made repeated trips to China to meet with top government officials and executives to woo them personally.旧金山——苹果公司(Apple)用了六年时间才说了中国最大的无线运营商中国移动销售iPhone。苹果公司首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)曾多次去中国与政府官员和企业高管会面,亲自争取他们的持。The persistence paid off. In 2013, China Mobile relented, a moment Mr. Cook later described as “a watershed day” for Apple.这种坚持得到了回报。2013年,中国移动松口了。库克后来称,对苹果来说那是“有划时代意义的一天”。Today, China is Apple’s second-largest market after the ed States — Chinese consumers spent billion on Apple products in the last fiscal year — and the iPhone, the company’s top seller, has become both a status symbol and a form of personal security, given how difficult the device is to break into in a country where people increasingly worry about hacking and cybercrime.如今,中国是苹果仅次于美国的第二大市场。过去的一个财年里,中国消费者在购买苹果产品上花了590亿美元。公司最热销的产品iPhone已经成了一种地位的象征。考虑到在中国,人们越来越担心黑客入侵和网络犯罪,而iPhone又很难侵入,它也成了一种实现个人安全的方式。Apple’s success in China helps explain why it is now in a standoff with the ed States government over whether to help officials gain access to the encrypted iPhone of one of the attackers in the San Bernardino, Calif., mass shooting last December.苹果在中国的成功,有助于解释为什么在是否帮助政府进入一部加密iPhone一事上,该公司与美国政府陷入了僵持。那部手机的主人,是去年12月制造了加利福尼亚州圣贝纳迪诺那起大规模击案的袭击者之一。The company is playing the long game with its business. Privacy and security have become part of its brand, especially internationally, where it reaps almost two-thirds of its almost 4 billion a year in sales. And if it cooperates with one government, the thinking goes, it will have to cooperate with all of them.苹果正在为自己的业务从长计议。隐私和安全已经成了其品牌的一部分,特别是在国际市场上。苹果一年将近2340亿美元的销售额中,近三分之二来自国际市场。他们的想法是,如果和美国政府合作,苹果将不得不和所有政府合作。“Tim Cook is leveraging his personal brand and Apple’s to stand on the side of consumer privacy in this environment,” said Mark Bartholomew, a law professor at the University at Buffalo who studies encryption and cyberlaw. “He is taking the long view.” “蒂莫西·库克正在利用他个人以及苹果公司的品牌,在这种环境下把立场放在消费者隐私一边,”在布法罗大学(University at Buffalo)研究网络加密与立法的法学教授马克·巴塞洛缪(Mark Bartholomew)说。“他是在从长远考虑。”Mr. Cook, who has called privacy a civic duty, said as much in a letter to Apple customers on Tuesday. He described how the ed States government was asking for a special tool to break into the San Bernardino attacker’s iPhone and said, “The government suggests this tool could only be used once, on one phone. But that’s simply not true. Once created, the technique could be used over and over again, on any number of devices.”库克曾把隐私称为一种公民义务,在上周二写给苹果用户的信中,他也用了这种说法。他在信中描述了美国政府在如何要求获得一种专门工具,以破解圣贝纳迪诺袭击者使用过的iPhone,库克写道:“政府表示,这个工具只会被使用一次,只用在一部手机上。但是,这根本不是真的。工具一旦制造出来,该技术可以被一次又一次地使用,用在各种各样的设备上。”An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment beyond the remarks in Mr. Cook’s letter.苹果公司发言人拒绝发表超出库克信中言论的。The business advantage Apple may get from privacy has given critics an opening to attack the company. In a court filing on Friday, the Justice Department said Apple’s opposition to helping law enforcement appeared “to be based on its concern for its business model and public brand marketing strategy.”苹果从保护隐私中可能获得的业务优势为批评者攻击公司打开一个缺口。美国司法部在上周五提交给法庭的一份文件中表示,苹果反对帮助执法部门看来“是基于对公司商业模式及其大众品牌营销战略的考虑。”Apple senior executives responded that their defiance was not a business choice. They said there had not been any business fallout and that Mr. Cook had received supportive emails from customers across the country.苹果高管回应说,他们的违抗不是一种商业选择。他们说,还没有看到任何对业务的影响,库克已经收到了全国各地客户发来的表示持的电子信。In fact, Apple has not made a point of advertising data security and privacy. The company has quietly built privacy features into its mobile operating system, known as iOS, over time. By late 2013, when Apple released its iOS 7 system, the company was encrypting by default all third-party data stored on customers’ phones. And iOS8, which became available in 2014, made it basically impossible for the company’s engineers to extract any data from mobile phones and tablets.事实上,苹果并没有把数据安全和隐私作为广告宣传的重点。公司不声不响地把保护隐私的功能添加到iOS的移动操作系统中已有一段时间了。2013年底,苹果发布其iOS 7系统时,公司默认设置对用户手机上存放在所有第三方数据加密。2014年发布的iOS 8已基本上把公司的工程师从移动手机和平板机上提取任何数据变得不可能。Mr. Cook has also been vocal about how Apple is pro-privacy, a message that he discussed more widely after revelations from the former intelligence contractor Edward J. Snowden about government surveillance. Mr. Cook argued that the company sold hardware — phones, tablets and laptops — and did not depend on the mass collection of consumer data as some Silicon Valley behemoths, such as Google and Facebook, do for their advertising-oriented businesses.库克也一直对苹果如何拥护隐私直言不讳,在前情报承包商雇员爱德华·J·斯诺登(Edward J. Snowden)披露了政府监听监视工作之后,库克在更大范围里讨论隐私问题。库克认为,公司主要出售手机、平板机、笔记本电脑等硬件,不像谷歌和Facebook等其他硅谷巨头的业务以广告为主那样,苹果不依赖于海量消费者数据。At a conference in October, Mr. Cook called privacy a “key value” at Apple and said, “We think that it will become increasingly important to more and more people over time as they realize that intimate parts of their lives are sort of in the open and being used for all sorts of things.”在去年10月的一次会议上,库克称隐私是苹果公司的一个“关键价值”,他说,“我们觉得,随着时间的推移,人们意识到,他们生活中隐秘的部分似乎处于公开状态,而且被各种各样的东西利用,因此,隐私对越来越多的人将有日益重要的意义。”For Apple, cooperating with the ed States government now could quickly lead to murkier situations internationally.对苹果来说,现在与美国政府合作可能很快会让公司在国际上面临更加模糊的情况。In China, for example, Apple — like any other foreign company selling smartphones — hands over devices for import checks by Chinese regulators. Apple also maintains server computers in China, but Apple has previously said that Beijing cannot view the data and that the keys to the servers are not stored in China. In practice and according to Chinese law, Beijing typically has access to any data stored in China.比如在中国,苹果与任何其他在那里出售智能手机的外国公司一样,要把进口设备交给中国监管机构检查。苹果在中国也放有作为务器的计算机,但苹果此前曾表示,北京不能查看计算机上的数据,因为务器的密钥并不存放在中国。实际上,按照中国法律,北京通常对任何存放在中国的数据拥有访问权。If Apple accedes to American law enforcement demands for opening the iPhone in the San Bernardino case and Beijing asks for a similar tool, it is unlikely Apple would be able to control China’s use of it. Yet if Apple were to refuse Beijing, it would potentially face a battery of penalties.如果苹果同意美国执法部门破解涉及圣贝纳迪诺案iPhone的要求,而北京要求得到一个类似工具,苹果不太可能能控制中国对该工具的使用。如果苹果拒绝北京的要求,它可能会面临一系列的处罚。Analysts said Chinese officials were pushing for greater control over the encryption and security of computers and phones sold in the country, though Beijing last year backed off on some proposals that would have required foreign companies to provide encryption keys for devices sold in the country after facing pressure from foreign trade groups.分析人士表示,中国官员正在争取得到对国内销售电脑和手机的加密和安全的更大控制权,尽管去年在国外贸易团体的压力下,北京在一些要求外国公司提供其在中国销售设备的加密密钥的提案上做出了让步。“People tend to forget the global impact of this,” said Raman Jit Singh Chima, policy director at Access Now, a nonprofit that works for Internet freedoms. “The reality is the damage done when a democratic government does something like this is massive. It’s even more negative in places where there are fewer freedoms.”“人们往往没有想到这个问题的全球影响,”致力于互联网自由的非盈利组织Access Now的政策主任拉曼·吉特·辛格·奇玛(Raman Jit Singh Chima)说。“现实情况是,一个民主政府干这种事情所带来的危害是非常严重的。在自由更少的地方,其影响甚至是更加负面的。”Governments in Russia, Britain and Israel also have robust surveillance operations. Some governments have tried to use technology to gather intelligence on citizens at home and abroad.俄罗斯、英国和以色列政府也有强大的监听监视工作。一些国家的政府已试图用技术手段来搜集国内公民的情报。Apple’s resistance to the ed States government’s demand has been polarizing. Apple supporters have held protests in cities like San Francisco in recent days to show their support of the company and have used hashtags on social media like #freeapple and #beatthecase.苹果公司抵制美国政府要求的做法在人们中引起极为不同反响。苹果的持者们在最近几天已在旧金山等城市举行抗议以示他们对公司的持,他们还在社交媒体上建立了#freeapple和#beatthecase等话题标签。“We’re fighting to maintain even the assumption that companies should protect us,” said Evan Greer, the campaign director at Fight for the Future, a civil liberties group that is organizing protests nationwide on Tuesday to support Apple. “Apple is doing what every company should be doing.”“我们仅仅是在为维持一个假设而战,那就是公司应该保护我们,”公民自由组织Fight for the Future的活动主管埃文·格里尔(Evan Greer)说,这个团体正在组织周二的持苹果的全国抗议活动。“苹果正在做每家公司都应该做的事情。”Others, including the Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump, have criticized Apple, and Mr. Trump has suggested boycotting its products.其他人则批评苹果的做法,包括共和党总统候选人唐纳德·J·特朗普(Donald J. Trump),特朗普已暗示要抵制苹果产品。Around the world, people are aware of the impasse but many say it does not affect their decision to buy iPhones and the company’s other products. In Rome on Friday, Simone Farelli, a 34-year-old history teacher who was browsing for a new iPhone at an Apple Store, said she “didn’t see why” the company’s standoff with the Federal Bureau of Investigation “would change my mind about buying a new phone.”在世界其他地方,人们对这场僵局有所了解,但许多人认为此事不影响他们购买iPhone及其他苹果产品的决定。上周五在罗马,34岁的历史教师西蒙娜·法瑞里(Simone Farelli)正在一家苹果商店里随便看着新iPhone,她说,她“看不出来有什么理由”会让苹果与联邦调查局的僵持“改变我购买一部新手机的主意。”In China, the iPhone continues to hold a special place as a symbol of middle-class status.在中国,iPhone继续保持着其作为中产阶级身份象征的特殊地位。Wen Shuyue, a 35-year-old consultant, who on Friday was waiting outside the Apple Store in Beijing’s upscale Sanlitun district, is one of Apple’s millions of Chinese users. He said he liked the iPhone because it was simply better than models made by Chinese companies such as Xiaomi and Huawei.上周五在北京三里屯高档小区的苹果商店外面等待开门的35岁咨询顾问温树跃(音)是苹果数以百万计的中国用户之一。他说他喜欢iPhone,只是因为它比小米和华为等中国公司制造的国产品牌好得多。“I’ve never used Xiaomi or Huawei, because I think their designs are rough and not all that personal,” he said.“我从来没用过小米或华为,因为我觉得它们设计粗糙,而且不那么个性化,”他说。Apple’s shareholders have so far been quiet. In the past, investors who complained that some of Apple’s socially driven initiatives were superfluous to the company’s core business were quickly subdued. At a 2014 shareholders’ meeting, Mr. Cook told investors that if they wanted him to make decisions based only on the bottom line, “then you should get out of the stock.”苹果公司的股东们迄今对此事尚未发声。以前,一些曾抱怨苹果以推动社会为目的措施对公司核心业务来说多余的投资者很快变得默不作声了。在2014年的股东大会上,库克对投资者说,如果他们想让他只出于公司最终盈利的考虑作决定的话,“那么你们应该把股票卖掉。”But data privacy may eventually motivate investors — and ultimately more customers — to vote with their wallets because “it’s an issue that speaks directly to the business,” said Michael Cusumano, a professor at the M.I.T. Sloan School of Management. “Right now people buy phones regardless of encryption issues, but we have to wait and see how bloody this fight gets.”但是,数据隐私可能最终会促使投资者,并终将促使更多的客户用他们的钱包做出表决,因为“这是一个直接涉及公司业务的问题”,麻省理工学院斯隆管理学院(M.I.T. Sloan School of Management)教授迈克尔·库苏马诺(Michael Cusumano)说。“目前来看,人们购买手机时并不考虑加密的问题,但我们需要等着瞧,看这场斗争会变得如何激烈。” /201602/428200萍乡上栗县芦溪县治疗狐臭多少钱南昌武警总队医院祛疤多少钱



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