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Atrial fibrillation is a cardiac arrhythmia that often produces very disruptive palpitations, fatigue, and even shortness of breath. Worse, atrial fibrillation can substantially increase your risk of stroke. If you have atrial fibrillation there is little question of whether you need treatment. The question is: Which approach to treatment is the right one for you?心颤指的是一种心律失常,它经常产生破坏性的心悸、疲劳、甚至呼吸急促。更糟糕的是心颤可以大大增加你患中风的风险。如果你患有心颤,就需要治疗。问题是:哪种治疗方法对你来说是合适的?The reason this question is often a difficult one to answer is because there is no treatment for atrial fibrillation that, in a majority of patients, is both safe and effective at getting rid of the arrhythmia and restoring a normal rhythm.这个问题的病因通常很难回答,因为对大多数患者来说,没有治疗心颤的既安全又有效的办法,来消除心律失常及恢复正常的心跳节奏。Deciding on the ;right; treatment for any individual with atrial fibrillation is most often a compromise.决定任何个人治疗心颤的“正确”方法通常是妥协。If it were easy and safe to restore and maintain a normal heart rhythm, then the goal of treating atrial fibrillation would be to do just that—to get your heart rhythm back to normal and keep it there. This approach to therapy is called the rhythm-control approach. And while this indeed turns out to be the right approach for many patients, in others it is a treatment goal that is simply not achievable at an acceptable level of risk.如果很容易并安全的恢复和维持一个正常的心律,那么治疗心颤的目标就做到了-让你的心律恢复正常并保持正常。这种治疗方法称为心率控制法。对于许多患者来说,虽然这的确是正确的方法,但在其他的治疗目标中,不仅仅是可以在一个可接受的风险水平上是可实现的。For many people with atrial fibrillation, an alternative approach to therapy—one that can be more effective and safer—is to allow the atrial fibrillation to persist, while taking measures to eliminate symptoms and reduce the risk of stroke. This second approach to therapy, often called the rate-control approach, means conceding that atrial fibrillation is the ;new normal; and working toward controlling the heart rate (to diminish symptoms) and using anticoagulation therapy (blood thinners) or aspirin to reduce the risk of stroke.对于许多患有心颤的人来说,一种变换治疗的方法是,当采取措施消除症状和减少中风风险时,这种方法可更有效和更安全的允许心颤持续下去。第二种治疗方法通常称为速率控制法,这意味着承认心颤是“新常态”、致力于控制心率(减少症状)和使用抗凝治疗(血液稀释剂)或阿司匹林降低中风的危险。While this rate-control approach may at first glance seem less desirable than rhythm control, there are compelling reasons to use it in many patients with atrial fibrillation.虽然这种控制速率法乍一看可能不如心率控制法需求大,但是用到一些心颤患者的身上有时很有必要。译文属 /201610/473655

China released its annual characters and words of 2016 recently, with 规(rule) and 小目标(small goal) winning out among the candidate characters and words.近日,中国公布了2016年年度汉字及词汇。“规”和“小目标”成为最热词。The annual character on Chinese issues goes to 规(rule), and the annual character on international issues goes to 变(change). 小目标(small goal) was selected as the annual word on Chinese issues, while 一带一路(the belt and road) became the annual word on international issues.“规”当选国内热点问题“年度汉字”,“变”当选国际热点问题年度汉字。“小目标”是国内年度热词,而“一带一路”是国际年度热词。Meanwhile, the Buzz Word of the Year, the New Word of the Year and the Cyber Word of the Year were also released.同时,年度流行语,年度新词及年度网络流行词也提取出来。The top 10 Buzz Words of the Year include Long March spirit,Two Studies, One Action, Hangzhou G20 summit, South China Sea, Rio Olympics, exit from the EU, US presidential election, confidante#39;s intervention, Tiangong II, AlphaG.十大年度流行语包括长征精神、两学一做、杭州G20峰会、南海、里约奥运会、脱欧、美国大选、亲信干政、天宫二号、阿尔法围棋。The top 10 New Words of the Year go to Two Studies, One Action, moveable property, emoji package, prehistoric power, AlphaGo, online big movie, mobike, fake social organizations, the people who are kept in the dark, Choi-gate.十大新词分别是:两学一做、动产、表情包、洪荒之力、阿尔法围棋、网络大电影、拜单车、山寨社团、吃瓜群众、闺蜜门。The top 10 Cyber Words of the Year include prehistoric power, the ship of friendship, set a small goal, the people who are kept in the dark, Hard on the eyes, It#39;s all tricks,veteran netizen, My brother, you#39;re wonderful!.十大流行网络用语包括洪荒之力、友谊的小船、定个小目标、吃瓜群众、辣眼睛、全是套路、老司机、厉害了我的哥。The National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center, the Commercial Press and People#39;s Daily Online published an online poll in late November for voters to choose from the candidates of the words of the year. The event started in 2006 and aims to describe today#39;s China and world with one character or word, to reflect the social changes and the variety of the world in Chinese people#39;s eyes.国家语言资源监测与研究中心、商务印书馆、人民网于11月末在网上发起投票,选择年度热词。此举始于2006年,旨在用一个字或词语描述中国和世界。反映社会变迁及中国人眼中的多样性世界。This year, in several Asian countries where Chinese characters are widely used, such as Malaysia, Japan and Singapore, people were also enthusiastic in voting for the most representative characters of the year, which shows the cultural charm of Chinese characters.今年,在一些中文广泛使用的亚洲国家(如马来西亚、日本及新加坡),年度汉字评选活动热度只增不减,这反映出汉字文化的魅力。;Corruption; was chosen as the 2016 Chinese character in Malaysia, ;change; in Singapore while ;gold; was voted as Japan#39;s Chinese character of the year 2016.“贪”字是2016年马来西亚年度汉字,“变”字是新加坡年度汉字,而日本则是“金”。 /201612/486361

A 25-year-old Chinese woman named Youyou has become an Internet sensation aftercooking 99 roses into petal jam, Qianjiang Evening News reported.据《钱江晚报》报道,25岁的中国姑娘悠悠成为了网络红人,原因是她把99朵玫瑰花做成了玫瑰酱。Youyou and her fiancée got engaged on Dec.9, after he surprised her with 99 roses. She took the flowers home and put them into a vase.悠悠和未婚夫于12月9日订婚,准老公送给她了99朵玫瑰花想给她个惊喜。随后悠悠把花儿捧回家插在了花瓶里。Several days later, many of the roses had withered, and some petals began to fall off. Youyou thought it was a pity to throw away the flowers, and an idea flashed into her mind: Why not make the flowers into jam?几天之后,有许多玫瑰花都蔫了,有些花瓣开始凋落,悠悠想着如果将落败的花朵扔掉太可惜了,突然,她灵光一闪,心想:为什么不做个玫瑰花酱试试呢!Youyou crushed the cleaned petals and put them in a pan with water and sugar. She cooked them for about five minutes.随后悠悠将洗干净的玫瑰花瓣碾碎,倒进平底锅里,加上水和糖,熬了五分钟。Her fiancée was at work, so Youyou sent him a sharing her project. She received three words in response: cannot be eaten.正好那天未婚夫在加班,悠悠就将熬制成果拍成小视频传给了他,没想到就收到三个字:不能吃。Youyou#39;s mother also raised doubts when she saw the ;jam.; ;Are the roses edible?; she asked her daughter.悠悠的妈妈看到这些“花酱”时也怀疑不能吃,她问女儿:“这个到底能不能吃呀?”Youyou turned to popular science periodical Bowu Magazine to find out. However, her question attracted a flood of netizens before she got an answer.悠悠只能转向科普期刊《物杂志》求助。不过在问题还未得到解决之前就已被网友大军们关注。As a foodie, most of Youyou#39;s posts are related to food. The ;jam; was ultimately thrownaway by her father. But the question still remains: Was Youyou#39;s rose jam edible?作为一枚吃货,悠悠的大部分文都和吃有关。这次玫瑰花酱最终被她的爸爸倒掉了。但问题仍存在:“悠悠做的玫瑰花酱到底能吃么?”The official Weibo of Bowu Magazine offered a response: It cannot be eaten. First, the flowers were not cultivated to be eaten, and therefore contained pesticide. Secondly, the flowers Youyou used were modern Chinese roses rather than real roses. The Chinese rose has no sweet smell.《物杂志》官方微给出了回答:“不能吃。首先这不是当做食物来种植的,所以农药多。第二这是现代月季,只是商品名叫#39;玫瑰#39;,并没有真正玫瑰的独特香味。” /201701/487133

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