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2019年10月21日 12:27:01 | 作者:百姓对话 | 来源:新华社
现在,年轻人的夜生活丰富多,各种各样的夜店可以让你彻夜狂欢。因此;泡夜店;也就成了常用的说法之一。那么,我们可以则样表达这个意思呢。今天,Rose为大家介绍一则英国口语用法;;A night on the tiles,;泡夜店或参加晚间派对;。Tile, 意思是;瓷砖;的意思。去掉a night, Be on the tiles 可以表达;寻欢作乐,花天酒地,纵情玩乐;的意思。我们来看一个小对话。A: Jack is still in bed? Jack还在睡觉呢?B: Yes. He came back at three this morning. You know, he thought that it was pleasant to go on the tiles a little. 他早上三点回来的。你知道的,在杰克看来,偶尔纵情欢乐一下,是一大快事。A: A little? Thatrsquo;s a lot. 偶尔?根本就是经常。更多例句:We got home at dawn after a night on the tiles. 我们纵情欢乐了一个晚上,黎明时回到了家里。If you have a cat it will enjoy life if it has good and warmth and opportunities for an accasional night on the tiles. 如果你有一只猫,它只要有东西吃,感到暖和,偶尔晚上得到机会去寻欢,它就会很快活。偶尔放松一下,打破已成定式的生活规律,会让我们获得不一样的感受。不过,日日笙歌,纵情玩乐,快乐的感觉也就会越来越稀薄。好了,a night on the tiles,;泡夜店;,本期内容,就介绍到这里吧。 /201202/172426今天我们来看一看“保不会发生了”怎么说:I guarantee you it will never happen again.还可以这么说:I promise it wont happen again. /201408/318622清晨的空气是如此清醒,做完晨练回来,又开始了充实而又忙碌的一天。大家好,欢迎收听《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师。今天的快乐英语之旅开始了。今天来学习一些用英语礼貌地提出你的想法的表达法:1. Id like + something 我想要点;;Id like a cup of instant coffee and a fashion magazine. 我要杯速溶咖啡和一本时尚杂志。Im hungry; Id like some fast food. 我饿了,我想吃一点速食。Id like a hamburger and some fries. 我要一个汉堡加薯条。2. Id like to do something 我想做某事Id like to ask you about something... 跟您打听一件事。Id like to have 100 sheets altogether. 我一共想要100张。Id like to make a deposit please. 我想存款,请给我办理一下。Id like to qualify my last statement. 我想修正一下最后一句话。3. May I have + something,May I do something... 我可以;;吗?May I have your latest catalogue and price list? 我可以拿一份你们的最新产品目录和价格表吗?May I have your name and business card? 我能知道你的名字,拿一张你的名片吗?May I smoke here? 这儿可以抽烟吗?May I turn on the music? 我可以打开音乐吗?May I have a look at your samples? 我能看看你们的样品吗?May I have a look at you, my students? You may send me your pictures.(我能看看你们吗?我的学生们,给我寄些你们的照片吧)。 /201202/170544

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Early this year, Governor Rick Snyder sent shock waves through Michigans mental health care community when his proposed 2017 budget included changes in who would control the purse strings.The Governor proposed taking much of the .4 billion mental health care system and switching that from public mental health organizations to private HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations).A workgroup made up of state officials, mental health advocates, insurance industry representatives, state mental health providers, and others were formed to look at the issue.Last week the group released a draft report that, in essence, saw the state reversing its course on shifting mental health funding, at least for now.Kevin Fischer, executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Michigan, joined Stateside to talk about the direction the state is taking when it comes to mental health care and the report that was drafted.The report was split into two parts and the first part that was submitted featured 69 recommendations on how the state of Michigan should manage and improve its mental health care system. The goal, according to Fischer, is ;protecting the rights of consumers and caregivers to make sure we maintain some sense of continuity of care.;Fischer pointed out that he was pleased that the effort to reform the states mental health system has progressed this far, but acknowledges there is a lot of work yet to be done. He is ;cautiously optimistic; that some of the 69 recommendations could turn into policy.Listen to the full interview above to hear more about the recommendations, why hes reluctant to turn over this system to traditional HMOs and what we can expect with part two of the report that is due to be released in March of 2017.201612/484903

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Yesterday, New York Magazine published an article that quickly went viral. Its entitled ;Experts Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States.;One of those swing states mentioned in the piece is Michigan, and one of the experts cited is J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society.Fred Woodhams from the Secretary of States office joined Stateside to discuss the likelihood of election hacking in Michigan.;Im a little confused with it,; Woodhams said of the New York Magazine article, which apparently contained some misinformation and prompted a clarification from Halderman.;The initial story in the magazine seemed to imply that theres different types of voting systems used in Michigan. There are not. We exclusively use optical scan paper ballot systems. So every voter in Michigan marked a paper ballot.;Woodhams went on to explain the process by which ballots are cast and counted in Michigan and how the tabulating machines are secured.201611/480258

喜欢旅行吗?和大自然零接触,一种心灵原始的回归。大家好,欢迎再一次来到我们这个快乐的英语大家庭,收听并学习《Faith口语课堂-天天学》,我是Faith老师,今天的英语课来一次大自然的浪漫旅行,如何呢。Traveling 旅行 以下是关于旅行话题的一些具有典型性的连读句子,请注意每个句子中的连读发音以及助动词,介词的弱读。a. Im⌒on vacation for⌒a week from my job, and were going to be going⌒up to Beidai river.我在休假一个星期,我们打算去北戴河。b. I like⌒in traveling⌒is seeing different parts⌒of the country, and meeting different people.我之所以喜欢旅行,是因为可以去看看不同的地方,见识不同的人。c. And this⌒is⌒a great place to meet lots of⌒different people.这是一个棒的地方,可以结识很多各种各样的人。d. We wanted to have⌒a look⌒at Summer Palace.我们一直想去参观一下颐和园。e. My parents took⌒us⌒a lot traveling, going to most⌒of China.我父母带我们旅行过很多地方,几乎走遍了大半个中国。f. Usually⌒I like to buy⌒a lot⌒of postcards that⌒I can carry home and to tell⌒other people⌒about, and show them pictures theyve never seen.我经常会买很多名信片带回家,给他们讲讲我到过的地方,让他们看看一些从未见过的照片。g. I planned from the days when⌒I was⌒in school studying history, I wanted to go to⌒every city⌒in the country, and⌒Ive⌒almost made⌒it now.当我还在学校读历史的时候就开始计划,想要去看祖国的每一个城市,而我现在基本上都做到了。h. It makes me feel great to see places Ive never seen and to meet people and just, all the whole bit.这种感觉很棒:去没有去过的地方,认识一些人,差不多就这些。i. Neither one of us has been to Europe yet at all, but were really looking forward to going.我们俩都没有去过欧洲,我们真的很想去一趟。How about you? Do you like travelling? Where have you been to? /201203/175399

I have no idea to this day what those two Italian ladies were singing about.直到今天我都没有搞懂那两个意大利女人在唱什么.I have no idea...:used to emphasiza that you don't know anything about sth (表示对某事一无所知)I had no idea Alex was coming this afternoon.我一点儿也不知道亚历克斯下午会来.'What's she talking about?' 'I've no idea.' "她在讲什么?""我一点也不了解."to this:day even now, when a lot of time has passed 直到如今;甚至现在To this day, I still don't understand why he did it. 我直到今天仍然不明白他当时为什么那样做.

网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。 本期节目的topic:安逸舒适的工作 bankers hours,banker是家。三十来年前开门营业的时间特别短,从早上十点到下午两、三点就结束了。这样看来家的上班时间每天只四、五个小时,可真让不少人眼红,于是人们就开始流行用bankers hours这个说法来指特别安逸舒适的工作了。 我们来听个例子,说话的人正在叫醒他的弟弟,因为今天是弟弟去一家加油站上任的第一天。这也是他有生以来的第一份工作。 Joe, come on and get out of bed! You wont be working bankers hours, you know - youve got to be there bright and early at seven am y to pump gas for the customers. Joe, 快快起床! 要知道你干的活儿可没那么轻松自在。每天一早七点你就得精神饱满地在那儿给顾客加油了。 这里的bankers hours是指上班时间短、工作轻松的职业。 家要是有机会就一定会为自己辩解。他们会告诉你实际上他们的上班时间丝毫不比一般人短,因为他们得在开门营业前就早早地来作业务准备,而在关门后,他们还得待在里面结完账再把一切都锁上才能回家。 而今天的为了在同行间激烈的竞争中求生存,也不得不延长每天的营业时间,甚至一周开门六天、七天,以方便顾客。但是bankers hours这个说法如今却仍然流行。 我们再听个例子。说话的人是在国会内代表他们州的那位议员。 Im sure most congressmen work as hard as I do. But this guy likes to keep bankers hours: he gets there at noon, eats lunch, sees a few people, and goes home at four or five PM. 我确信大多数议员都像我一样努力工作,但是代表我们州的那家伙却爱上班。他中午才到办公室,来了马上吃午饭,跟几个人会会面,然后四、五点钟就回家了。 这里的bankers hours还是指既短又舒的上班时间。 /201209/201566

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