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Subject:The phone was out of whack. 迷你对话A: Hello! Is that Jane?您好,您是Jane吗?B: Yes. Oh, it is Shirley. You have not connected me for a whole month.是的,你是Shirley。你已经整整一个月没有联系了。A: My phone was out of whack. I just had it mended a few minutes ago.我的电话坏了,几分钟前刚刚修好。 地道表达 out of whack 1. 解词释义此语用来形容“不正常、不对劲”的情形,所以下次发现有什么不对劲的情况,除了用something wrong、out of order之外,你还可以说的更地道:out of whack。 2. 拓展例句e.g. The television report on the weather is always out of whack with the weather we actually get.电视台的天气预报总与实际的天气情况不一致。e.g. Youre acting out of whack!你的行为真是不正常!e.g. Dont bother trying to call me on my mobile.Its out of whack again. 不要打我的手机,它又出问题了。e.g. The ecosystem will be thrown out of whack. 生态系统将会失去平衡。 /201407/309713。

  • This is an urgent message from the department of sanitation.这是一则来自卫生部的紧急讯息we are facing a crisis brought on by improper disposal of a virtually inedible Easter candy.我们正面临由于不当丢弃不可食复活节糖果而引发的危机Im talking,of course,about peeps.Every year at easter,millions of peeps are left uneaten.我说的就是 动物棉花糖 每年复活节 数百万的动物棉花糖无人食用These peeps,which are not biodegradeable,accumulate Fland fills and wash down storm drains,resulting to great harm to local wildlife.这些棉花糖不可降解 会逐渐堆积 冲下下水系统 并对当地野生动物造成严重伤害Thats why this year we are urging people to recycle uneaten peeps.所以今年我们敦促人们回收不可食动物棉花糖Peeps are made from a versatile material that has many uses including,leveling tables.动物棉花糖的材料是可爱而多用途的材料 它有很多用处 比如 垫桌子Scrubbing caked-on grease,a great substitute for packing peanuts,Peep nuts if you will.刷粘锅油脂 代替缓冲泡沫 可以称为缓冲棉花糖Protective sporting gear.Medical implants as a BPA Free plastic.Home insulation,its slightly less toxic it than asbestos.做保护性体育工具 当做医疗植入物 隔音 比石棉的毒性稍稍小一些Military training.Watch out,ISIS.And our long-term plan,sending peeps to space,so man can eventually set up a colony on planet peep.军队训练 小心哦 伊斯兰国 长期计划是 将棉花糖送入太空 让人类最终能在棉花糖星球建立殖民地So think before you throw those peeps away.You can make a difference,from my peeps to yours.所以扔掉棉花糖之前三思啊 你可以做出改变 就像我这样What else is going on?I heard something interesting.I heard that guy Robert dirst was indicted for illegal possession of a gun.Thats the latest news.还有什么 我听说件有趣的事 我听说那个罗伯特·德斯特被控非法持械 这是最新消息Oh,yeah,that creepy guy from that HBO documentary ;The Jinx;?Thats right,hes a weird,old millionaire.就是那个纪录片《厄运》里很吓人的那个家伙吧 没错 怪异的老百万富翁A lot of news about him.hes been connected with three different murders,maybe even more.He gives everyone the willies.新闻对他有很多报道 他与三起不同的凶案相关 甚至可能更多 他让人十分胆寒Every time I think about him,I get the willies.I think hes really creepy.每次想到他 就禁不住胆寒 我觉得他好吓人201611/480495。
  • Subject: She is showing her true colors. 迷你对话 A: Terry, you see, that lady is quarreling with others in dirty words. But she is usually gentlewomanly.Terry,你看,那位女士满口脏话骂人,她一直都很淑女啊。B: Ben, she is showing her true colors. I know her quiet well.Ben,她原形毕露了,我非常了解她。 地道表达 show one’s true colors 1. 解词释义 Show one’s true colors的意思是“终于看清某人的真面目”“某人露出真面目而显露本性”。True color的意思是“真正的你”。True是“真实的”的意思,color可以指“色,人的内在,人的心情”,先出真正的色,也就是显示其本性。Show one’s true color的意思即为:露出真面目,露出真实的品质或性格。还有一个意思是“宣布或表明立场或观点或计划或打算”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. This experience will make me show my true colors.这种经历将使我暴露我的本性。e.g. He have a good disguise, but as soon as he speaks he will show his true colors.他伪装得很好,可是一说话就原形毕露了。e.g. We always regard him as a friend, but he showed his colors in the current emergency.我们一贯把他看作朋友, 但在当前的紧急关头中, 他原形毕露了。 Ps :in dirty words:用脏话 quarrel with sb.:和......吵架 /201407/314394。
  • Subject: Hang in there. 迷你对话A: Boss, I don’t want to go on business. It’s too tiresome.老板,我不想出差了,太累了。B: Hang in there.再忍耐一下吧。 地道表达 hang in 1. 解词释义Hang in的字面意思是“用力抓住(不要掉下去)”,比喻为“坚持下去不要放弃”“(在困难时候)再忍一下,撑一下”的意思。相当于“Persevere and don’t give up.”“Keep trying.”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Hang in there and you never know what you might achieve. 坚持下去,你永远都无法预料会有什么样的收获。 e.g. We must hang in whenever we come across difficulties.我们遇到困难时一定要坚持不懈。 e.g. Hang in there, baby. You can pass the university entrance exam! 宝贝,不要泄气, 坚持下去. 你一定能通过大学入学考试! Ps :on business的意思是“出差办事”,go on business表示“去出差”。例如: Government officials who travel on business are given traveling allowances. 因公出差的政府官员享有出差补贴。Under the pretext of travelling on business, ( some cadres ) go holidaying and waste public money. 以出差为名, 游山玩水,给国家造成浪费。 Ps 2:tiresome的意思是“无聊的,厌烦的”。例如: I developed a tiresome cough that kept me awake all night.我那令人讨厌的咳嗽越来越厉害,使得我整夜不眠。The children were being very tiresome.这孩子非常令人讨厌。Buying a house can be a very tiresome business.买房子会是件很麻烦的事情。 /201410/333428。
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