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,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Learn from life生活教会我们成长Initiate主动Sometimes, you cant wait someone to do things you. If you feel like something has to be done about something, then it probably time that you step up. 有时你不能等别人替你把事情做好如果你觉得某件事必须搞定,那就自己动手Be the instigator of the change you want to see. Yes, you cant be alone when you want to make a difference. But who said that little differences dont matter?主动去做你想要的改变的确,你不可能单匹马作出改变,但谁能说小变化没有意义呢?There are so much more to learn, especially now that were virtually connected to everyone in the world. 要学的东西实在太多了——尤其是处在这个人与人紧密联系的社会As a student of life, it really up to you to use all your resources and make it into something enriching.作为生活的学徒,能否利用身边资源并创造丰富生活,主动权完全在于你自己step up 走上; (使)增加; (使)加快速度; 走上前去例句:The teacher called Dabao to step up the platm.老师叫大宝走上讲台[本节目属] 76977

【主题】We've learnt a way of telling someone to keep a secret which is " keep your mouth shut " . Today I would like to share a new one with you. It means something isn't private. It's like saying " Please don't tell anyone else ." what's it? Let's listen to a simple situational dialogue and find it. A : Keep this to yourself. I'm planning to retire. B : But the company needs you to run things. 【答疑解惑】It is " Keep this to yourself ". It’s similar to saying in Chinese:这是秘密,你一个人知道就行了,不要对任何人说【即学即用】And now let's put it into practice in class. Please translate the following sentences into English. 1 在我们解决这个问题期间,这件事只能你一个人知道 这可是个秘密,不要透露半个字我们也不会再提起,明白了吗Think them hard and the answers will be given later. 1 You keep this to yourself while we work it out. You keep this to yourself . Not a word. We don't speak of this again. You understand. The above two sentences are from hit American films. Here are some tips. “Work out ”是解决的意思Not a word. 就是我们中文说的“半个字也不要透露”的意思“Speak of”是提及,谈到的意思【小题大作】Next let's do some listening exercises. Please write down the key phrases while listening to the recording. A : Keep this to yourself. I'm planning to retire. B : But the company needs you to run things. 【短语积累】The following phrases should be underlined. 1 plan to do something 打算做某事,计划做某事 need somebody to do something 需要某人做某事3 run things 管理事务【听透美语】Please listen to me to the dialogue to see differences between my pronunciation and one of the recording. Be careful , here we go. A : Keep this to yourself. I'm planning to retire. B : But the company needs you to run things. We should pay attention to the following places. 1 Keep this to yourself【点拨】keep 以爆破音 [p] 结尾,this 以 辅音 [e] 开头,当[p] 遇到 [e] 是就失去爆破To 在美国人的真正发音是 [d?]. But the 【点拨】but 以爆破音[ t]结尾 , the 以 辅音 [e] 开头,当[t] 遇到 [e] 是就失去爆破 3 needs you [ 'ni:dzju:]【点拨】needs 以辅音 [dz] 结尾,you 以半元音 [ju:] 开头,辅音和元音进行连读【关键句子】Now let's come to the sentences study in the dialogue. I'm planning to retire. 【翻译】我准备退休【要点】In this sentence there is a key words which is "retire" . It means "to stop doing your job, especially because you've reached a particular age or because you are ill . example: She was ced to retire early from teaching because of ill health. 他由于身体不好而被迫早早的离开利教学岗位He has no plans to retire as an editor of the magazine. 他还没有打算从杂志的编辑位子上退下来From the above two sentences the meaning of two phrases which are:" retire from" and "retire as" is the same. 意思是:从某个工作岗位退休What's more,the above tow sentences are written in active tense. Let's look at a sentence which is written in passive voice: He was retired on the medical grounds. 他由于健康问题被安排退休Here retire means "to tell somebody he must stop working ". 意思是:(使)退休,(令)退职如果用主动语态的话,是表示这个字自己自愿的退下工作岗位,而用被动语态就是被安排退休,不由得你愿不愿意But the company needs you here to run things. 【翻译】但是公司需要留住你在这里管理事务【要点】1 The key word in this sentence is run. It means "to be in charge of business, etc." example: He has no idea how to run a business. 他丝毫不懂企业管理 Stop trying to run my life. 别老是操纵我的生活 to run things 是动词不定式, 在句中做宾语成分而我们今天的经典句子中: Keep it to yourself中也有个动词不定式 to yourself 做的是it 的补足语3 我们来仔细的看这个句子 here 作为副词作状语,通常放在句尾,可是这里却放到了动词不定时前,是有一中强调的意味在里面,强调的是“还需你在公司工作,有一种缺你不可,你是公司的骨干分子”的意味在里面,放于句尾则没有,这个要靠我们的语感去品味 80


    Mariah Yeater — who accused Justin Bieber of being the father of her three-month-old son Trystan — dismissed her paternity lawsuit sometime last week, according to TMZ. More proof her claims were totally false! The site also reports that her lawyers have officially dropped her as a client. An exclusive statement from Justin Bieber’s team responded to the dismissal of her paternity suit. Here it is:“As we’ve said from the beginning, it’s sad that someone would fabricate such a malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claim. We’ll continue to consider all of our options to protect Justin.”



  On social media, people show off the food they eat, the vacation they take. And parents of course the kids they create.But now, the generation of social media natives is rising up against mom and dad. Is it the parent right to show off or the kid right to privacy? Who should win this digital or social war? 790【本阶段复习总结】We've learnt ways of telling someone to keep a secret recently. And today let's have a summary. 1 Keep your mouth shut. 跟任何人说都不行 Not a word. 什么多别说不要再提3 My lips are sealed. 我会管好自己的嘴巴的 I'm not one to kiss and tell. 我不是个泄露秘密(背信弃义)的人5 Mum's word. 别对任何人说6 Just between us. 这是我们之间的秘密7 Don't tell a soul. 别传出去别声张8 Could you keep a secrete? 你能守住秘密吗?9 It's safe with me. 我会替你保密的 I won't say a word. 我一定会保密的 Keep this to yourself. 你一个人知道就行了In addition, we've learned tow sentences which means something private is told by somebody and many people know it . They are: 1 The cat's out of the bag. 秘密别揭穿了 Let's get this out in the open. 敞开了说吧我们将之公布于众吧 986

  While the signing of Anelka may signal an upswing the sport in the country, Chinese soccer has lurched from crisis to crisis in recent years and disaffected fans have turned away from the game amid corruption scandals, match-fixing and violence on and off the pitch.

  ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Be Happy 开心起来Dont give up不要放弃 Dont ever give up on happiness. Despite how difficult life may get, it is still a precious gift. 不要放弃追求幸福尽管生活中会有很多困难,那也是上天赐给我们的珍贵礼物Even if living gets tough, happiness is just a choice away. 即使生活很困难,幸福也只是一种选择Always smile and know that you are in fact, the master of your joy!总是面带微笑,了解你自己,把握好自己的幸福master vt.精通,熟练;作为主人,做…的主人;征;使干燥(染过的物品)例句:My master ordered me not to deliver the message except in private.我的主人命令我务必私下里传递消息更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 379973




  ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 simplify and streamline your life.精简生活小招Give your computer a cleanse清理电脑Clutter can appear in many different ms on your computer. 电脑会产生各种各样垃圾Consider clearing out files from your desktop screen(file items or delete them), cleaning out or emptying your computer trash or recycle bin, defragmenting your drive, or getting rid of applications and programs you no longer use. 请处理掉(存档或删除)桌面屏幕上的文件,清空回收站,整理磁盘碎片,并删掉不再使用的应用程序Finish things off by wiping down your computer screen and keyboard with an appropriate computer cleansing solution and cloth to clear off dirt and germs.最后用清洁液清理干净电脑屏幕和键盘上的污垢和细菌defragmenting 磁盘整理例句:Drive %1 is %%% fragmented. Defragmenting this drive could improve its permance.驱动器%1有%%%的碎片整理该驱动器会改进性能[本节目属] 9

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