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They arived as larvae,swept in from the oacean by the tide.它们在幼体时期被海浪从大洋中带进来。Then as the tiny fish grow, they hop from one refuge to the next across the floor of lagoon to reach their final destination,back on the barrier reef itself.然后随着小鱼成长,它们在环礁湖底从一个避难所跳到另一个避难所,直到最终目的地外堡礁。As long as they hide amongst the corals and sea weed, they are relatively safe, the danger comes when they break cover.只要藏在珊瑚和海草中,它们就相对安全,如果从隐藏处中跑出来,危险就会来临。This baby Queensland Groper,may just be few cms long now, but one day hell weigh half a ton.这只幼年鞍带石斑鱼也许只有几厘米长,但迟早有一天它会长到半吨重。That if he lives that long, he cant stay hiding forever.前提是能活到那一天,它不能永远东躲西藏。Its dangers like this camouflaged Stone fish that forces all the lifes down here to find somewhere to hide.像伪装的石头鱼这样的危险掠食者迫使这里所有的生物都得找地方躲藏。The floor of lagoon is relatively flat and free of killers, like the plains in the dersert.环礁湖的海底相对平坦而没有特点,就像沙漠中的小平原。But every now and there you get a little oasis of the life,on this gong here is being heavily colonized by these ferthery stars, and its provides a vital kind of cover for junvile fish on their journey,both to the reef and their journey to the adulthood.但偶尔会看到小生命的绿洲,这块海绵已经变成海羽星的殖民地了,它为幼鱼在去往珊瑚礁的路途及成长的道路上提供了至关重要的保护。And that journey includes stopover of allmost anything that sticks out above sand,like this tube dewelling sea Anemone.这段旅程包括在任何高出沙子的地方做中途停留,就像这只管居千手佛。A carpet Anemone became a wellcoming road house...地毯海葵成为非常受欢迎的旅馆。201501/355101

Its so much more than being a good singer. Theres a whole package things that goes with it.只唱歌好远远不够 要考虑的是一个整体形象And thats not just about looks either. You know what I mean?其实也不是外貌的问题 懂我的意思吧Theres a vibe, theres a style, theres a point of view.You know, artists have a real message most of the time.是那些气场 台风 还有思想 好的艺人是有自己的信息要传递的They have something that they wanna tell the world.Theres something that they wanna say.他们想跟全世界分享的东西 想要倾诉的东西Um, some of them can write, some of them cant.You know, some of them play instruments.有些人能写歌 有些不能 还有人借助乐器So theres a whole bunch of things that go along with it.所以是各方各面都要看重Do you think you have seen the...you think you know who the winner is? Or at least like the top10?你有感觉谁会赢 或者至少会进十强吗NO,Its hard this year, we have like um...Theres just so many talented people, theres so many没 很难判断 我们大概有... 有天赋的选手实在太多了I just feel like it can go anyway.Because theres their such great voices.我只是感觉一切皆有可能 因为他们的声音都非常强大Its hard to say which...who its gonna be.who Americans gonna respond with实在不好说会是谁 美国观众会对哪个比较有感At the end of the day you guys pick who the winner is, so...Right, and what about the girl that fell?Oh god.毕竟最后都是你们来决定谁做冠军 说得对 那么那个摔台的女孩怎么样了 天呐I mean didnt you all see? She looked like she was stumbling.你们都没看出来吗 她已经都跌跌撞撞的了Yeah, no its funny when I watched it, I thought to myself right off the back she was like是啊 其实 我后来看电视才回想起来 唱之前在后台 他就说she said Im..sitting on..Im gonna sing..singing on the lock of the bay她说 我 要坐在 我要唱 唱在海滩上Like she didnt say it right.And I was like, I didnt notice that when she first did it.她好像就没说对 但当时 我完全没注意到And you saw her poor thing, she was hanging on so...much.And then she just...It was terrifying.And she sang fine.现在才发现她在上面 挣扎了那么久 然后就... 太可怕了真是 她唱得还不错啊yeah, by the way, one of the most beautiful tones.That was gonna be my comment to her.就是啊 还是非常突出的好声音呢 本来我的评语就打算说的Like, Woow, you have the most beautiful tones and yeah.Its really a shame.Um, Im glad you came back.天呐 你的声音太美妙了 结果 哎 真是遗憾 不过我很高兴你继续做了And I know there was a minute there you were thinking...我知道你一度考虑过...you know,cause it is hard, and Im glad you came back. Thank you.毕竟确实很辛苦 但真的很高兴你回来了 谢谢 /201604/439978

The bulk of her heavy body presses down on all her vital organs.身体的绝大部分重量都压在所有重要器官上。Shes beautifully adapted to a life at sea, but ill-equipped to move about on land.海龟在海里游刃有余,可到陆地上就显得捉襟见肘了。Her progress is slow and probably painful.她爬得很慢而且极可能很痛苦。Its quite common for 5,000 turtles to emerge in one summer evening, but tonight is anything but ordinary.一个夏天的夜晚,有5000只海龟一齐出现是件很寻常的事情,但今晚却非比寻常。26,000 turtles are coming up the island from all sides, a world record.26000只海龟正同时从四面八方涌向小岛。这是一项世界纪录。Its going to be a long night.今晚将会是个漫漫长夜。These green turtles are only one of their many visitors to the reef.这些绿海龟只是大堡礁众多访客中的一员。Another ocean voyager is heard before its seen.另一位海洋来访者则是未见其人先闻其声。201507/386554


  Any land animals cut off from the mainland, had to adapt to perish, and on this island, one species has done so well, its positively flourished.而被隔绝的大陆动物如果不能适应就只好灭亡。在这个小岛上有一种动物就适应得很好,种群欣欣向荣。This is a yellow spotted monitor lizard,goanna,a few from this neck of woods,and its a very successful in abundant animal on this island,这是一只黄点砂巨蜥。当地人叫它goanna, 它成功地适应了岛上的环境,大量繁衍。And it made really impressional Captain Cook when he came here in 1770, to the degree when they sunk down to think about a name for the island,当库克船长1770年来到这里时,巨蜥给他留下了深刻印象。当他坐下来为这个岛想一个名字的时候,not to be a too long process I think, he thought its a island, and its covered in lizards, got it, lizard island, which is rather clever I think, you see why he did that.我觉得一定没费多长时间。他想这是个岛而且到处都是蜥蜴,有了,蜥蜴岛。我觉得这个名字很贴切。你看到它在这里做了什么呢?When hunting, the goanna is alert to any movement,if the grasshopper remains still, it has a chance of escaping the goannas attention.当猎食的时候,巨蜥对任何移动物体都相当敏感,如果蚱蜢不动,它就有机会逃脱。 201502/358570。

  Oh,have a seat,thank you for being here and back at you all the energy请坐啊 非常感谢你们能来这里 所有的热情我悉数奉还I sent it right smack back at you,thanks排山倒海送还热情于你们 谢谢are you in good mood,me too,me too你们心情好吗 我心情也很好呐We are still in our first week of our new season and its exactly as I planned it现在仍是新一季艾伦秀的首周 和我计划的完全一致Its going perfectly.So far Ashton Kutcher has flashed me and my house got struck by lightning进展得非常好 目前为止只有Ashton Kutcher亮瞎了我的眼 还有我的房子不幸被闪电击到It could only go up from here,so what we start this week但只要在这儿 一切都会变得更好 这周开始我们做些什么呢This is exciting,here is what I want to talk about today今天在这里我要说的事情 让我无比激动A few weeks ago,It was announced that Chaz Bono is going to be on the new season of Dancing with the Stars,have you heard几个星期前 有人宣称Chaz Bono 将会参加新一季的《与星共舞》节目 你们听说了吗Actually Im sure you heard,because its everywhere,its all over the news事实上 我相信你们也听说了 因为到处都是这则消息 满天飞Literally everyone is talking about it,here are just a few examples真的是每个人都在谈论 这里有一些例子Apparently,a lot of people upset about Chaz Bono, Chaz Bono...Chaz dancing,Chaz used to be Chastity很明显 有好多人都在谈论Chaz Bono Chaz Bono...Chaz过去可是ChastityThats right.these clips are just from the last seven minutes that I pulled说的没错 我整的这些片段 只是剪自于最后的七分钟而已So I mean theres been all this controversy about Chaz Bono我看到有许多的争论围绕着Chaz Bonoand here is what I have to say,really,really.I mean theres a lot of stuff goint on in the world right now有些话我不得不说 真的吗 真要这样吗 就现在 世界上有很多事情正在发生Is this the most important thing that we should be talking about,I mean,really这就是我们要探讨的最重要的事情吗 真要这样吗 /201610/473003

  Britain and immigration英国和他的移民们Keep open the gates打开大门The Conservatives should not risk Britains future prosperity on a flawed bid to cut immigration保守党不应该将英国未来的繁荣错误的在削减移民上。WHEN David Cameron declared his intention last year to hold a referendum on Britains membership of the European Union, this newspaper gave a cautious cheer. Although we felt there was a risk the Conservative prime minister was bending too far to the Eurosceptics in his party, who happily ignore the enormous economic cost Britain would incur by leaving the union, the issue had become so divisive that we believed Britons should get a say on the subject. We were also encouraged that Mr Cameron made a rousing case for Britains EU membership, which he vowed to fortify and improve by campaigning for badly needed EU-wide reforms ahead of the promised vote. He needs to restate that commitment, because the recent talk from Number 10 about curbing immigration from the EU risks giving the opposite impression: of a weak and unprincipled ruling party that is prepared to gamble Britains national interest on a policy shaped by populists.当去年戴维卡梅伦宣布英国加入欧盟的公民全投意图时,本表发表了谨慎的乐观态度。虽然我们觉得仍然有风险,在党内保守党首相还不算是欧洲怀疑论者,他愉快地忽视了英国脱离联邦会导致的巨大经济成本,这个问题已经意见不一,我们认为英国人对于这件事应该得到一个说法。我们也鼓励卡梅伦先生对英国的欧盟成员国做了一个激动人心的示范,他发誓要在承诺的投票前以竞选的方式加强和改进迫切需要的欧盟改革。他需要重申此承诺,因为最近来自10号关于控制移民以及欧盟风险的话题产生了反面印象:一个弱势的,没有原则的执政党准备把英国的国家利益押注在民粹主义形成的政策上。Britains contradictory feelings towards immigration reflect the peculiarities of its history. On the one hand, the countrys success is rooted in openness—in exploration, conquest and trade. Most Britons are not racist, which makes their country especially appealing to the millions of immigrants who have created much of its wealth. On the other hand, Britain is a bristling island nation, with a deep-seated fear of invasion. Its people worry inordinately about the economic and cultural side-effects of immigration—and are prone to scaremongers, a role which the increasingly formidable UK Independence Party (UKIP) is now filling. Its two main causes are leaving the European Union and reducing immigration.英国对移民矛盾感情反映了其历史特点。一方面,这个国家的成功的基石是开放,探索,征和贸易。大多数英国人都不是种族主义者,这让他们的国家特别吸引数以百万为英国创造巨大财富的移民。另一方面,英国是一个岛国,对入侵有着根深蒂固的恐惧。人们极其担心那些移民在经济和文化反面的副作用并且很容易受到蛊惑。日益强大的英国独立党现在正填充。这就是将要离开欧盟和减少移民的两个主要原因。Mr Cameron has lost one by-election to UKIP and faces the prospect of losing another in a few weeks and seeing his base eroded in a general election next spring, so it is hardly surprising that he has moved to the right. But the jump has been large and rapid. Last year, when he unveiled his EU reform strategy, Mr Cameron did not mention immigration as an area of concern. His target was red tape, not the liberal migration regime that is one of the unions main strengths. Since then the Tories have said they want to restrict benefits to immigrants and make citizens from future EU member countries wait longer before they are allowed to work in Britain. Now Mr Cameron is talking about “fixing” immigration to Britain from the EU, while his advisers have floated the idea of an “emergency brake” on immigration beyond a certain level from even existing EU members. All will be revealed in a speech soon.卡梅伦先生已经失去了一个通过选举来的英国独立党,在接下来的几周可能会失去另一个,他的根基在明年春季大选也逐渐在被侵蚀,因此他转移到右派是不足为奇的。但这是一次大规模、快速的跳跃。去年,当他揭开了欧盟的改革策略面纱时,卡梅伦先生没有提到移民这一个令人关注的领域。他的目标就是官僚主义,而不是作为工会主要优势之一的自由迁移制度。自那时以来,保守党表示,他们希望限制移民利益,让来自未来欧盟成员国家的公民等待更长的时间才被允许在英国工作。现在卡梅伦先生在欧盟提到“固定”英国移民,而他的顾问们对远远超出规定数量的移民提出了一个“紧急制动”的主意,甚至针对现有欧盟成员。这都将在不久的一次演讲中揭开谜底。An emergency brake would be foolish in two ways. First, it is unlikely to succeed in its primary aim—fixing UKIP. A few voters may be tempted back to the Tory fold, but UKIP will always be able to outgun its rivals on promises to keep out foreigners. And most of the fears about immigration are a proxy for wider, especially economic, disgruntlements—as differences in attitudes between different bits of the country suggest. London, the city most changed by immigration, is generally relaxed about it, while several of the areas most determined to keep out immigrants, such as north-east England, have hardly seen any. An emergency brake will not assuage the anxiety in such places even if Mr Cameron could introduce it, which he probably cannot.紧急刹车是愚蠢的行为,具体表现在两个方面。首先,对它的首要目标是不可能成功的—固定英国独立党。一些选民可能会回到保守党阵营,但英国独立党总是能够在承诺赶出外国人方面击败竞争对手。大多数移民带来的恐惧是广泛的,特别是经济和不同国家之间的差异态度等方面的不满。伦敦,移民改变了这座城市,一般情况下的政策是宽松的,而一些最坚定的赶走移民的地区,如英格兰东北部,几乎没有看到任何移民。紧急刹车不会减轻这些地方的焦虑,即使卡梅伦先生介绍,也不可能。This is the second problem with his tactic. Free movement of labour is one of the EUs four core freedoms. There is vanishingly little chance that other member states will concede it. And if Mr Cameron promises British voters concessions he cannot deliver, he risks not just exacerbating anti-EU feeling, but also cornering himself into a position from which he has to campaign for withdrawal from the union.这是他策略的第二个问题。劳动力的自由流动是欧盟的四大核心自由之一。是其他的成员国无法比拟的。如果卡梅伦先生承诺英国选民作出让步,但他不能实现,不仅加剧了反欧盟的感觉,也威胁到了他自己的地位,他就不得不从欧盟退出竞选。Mr Cameron started with an admirable reform agenda, which would help the whole EU. If he makes demands that will never be met he will set that agenda up for failure—and also raise the chances that vexed Britons will end up voting to leave the EU. That is a high price to pay for a few UKIP votes.卡梅伦先生最开始提出的是一个令人钦佩的将有助于整个欧盟的改革议程。但如果他提出的是将永远不会被满足的要求,这个议程最终会因他以失败告终,并且加大英国人最终会投票离开欧盟的机会。这是为了几个英国独立党选票的高的代价。译者:黄梅译文属译生译世 /201411/342124Bello贝略The travails of ALBA玻利维亚替代计划隐隐作痛The more successful of Latin Americas populists have become more pragmatic拉美民粹者身居上游,更为脚踏实地ON THE night of October 12th, after comfortably winning a third term as the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales was in full rhetorical flow. Having dedicated his victory to Cubas Fidel Castro and the late Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, he went on: “How much longer will we continue to be subjected to the North American empire or the capitalist system? This triumph is a triumph for anti-imperialists and anti-colonialists.”10月12日晚玻利维亚总统连任三届的胜利手到擒来后,埃沃·莫拉莱斯大放厥词,他将他的光荣归功于古巴的卡斯特罗及委内瑞拉上届总统查韦斯,他称,我们受北美帝国和资本主义制度的束缚之日还有多久,我们的胜利是反帝国主义和殖民化的胜利。So far, so reminiscent of 2007. That was when Chavezs anti-yanqui continental alliance, known as the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), hit its zenith. It had gained two new recruits with the election of Rafael Correa in Ecuador and of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Having won a new term by a 26-point margin, Chavez pledged himself to “21st-century socialism”. A year earlier Mr Morales, a socialist coca-growers leader of Amerindian descent, had won Bolivias presidency proclaiming that he was “the ed Statess worst nightmare”. In Argentina the election in 2007 of Cristina Fernandez, an ALBA fellow-traveller, prolonged the regime of her husband and predecessor, Nestor Kirchner.回想2007年,当时正值查韦斯的反美联盟美洲玻利维亚替代计划热火朝天,拉斐尔和丹尼尔在尼加拉瓜成功当选后,他们便又多了两名战友,查韦斯以领先26个百分点的成绩开启新的任期,他宣称要音量21世纪的社会主义,就在一年前,美洲印第安人莫拉莱斯以社会主义者,古柯种植领袖的身份当选玻利瓦尔的总统,称它将是美国最恐怖的噩梦,2007年在阿根廷,美洲玻利维亚计划成员克里斯蒂娜的成功当选延续了她丈夫萨洛德的政权。Analysts lumped these leaders together as radical populists, for want of a better term. Yet despite a shared bent for autocracy, there were always differences among them, not least because of their countries differing circumstances. Seven years on, their fates are distinct. In Venezuela Chavez bequeathed a toxic economic legacy to his lacklustre successor, Nicolas Maduro. A country that claims the worlds biggest oil reserves has been so badly mismanaged that it is scraping around for dollars. As for Ms Fernandez, having plunged Argentina into stagflation, she is down and almost out, despite her last-gasp effort to turn her argument over debt with a New York court into a nationalist epic.分析者将这些领导人归结为激进的民粹主义者,期望实现更好的领导,即使他们都推行专制,但之间也有所不同,其中的原因也不仅仅在于不同国家的具体国情,7年之后,他们的命运也有所不同,在委内瑞拉,查韦斯将有毒经济财富的烂摊子丢给老气横秋的继任者,这个国家声称赋予世界上最大的石油储备,国内的管理却混乱不堪,落得到处借钱的下场,克里斯蒂娜将该国推入了滞胀的深渊,虽然她竭力在纽约法庭的争论中赢得主动,尽展民族主义气节,却仍不得不下台,差点退出政坛。Their difficulties are in sharp contrast with Mr Moraless continuing popularity. True, he has been in power for a shorter period. But his success has recently owed less to “anti-capitalism” and much more to his accommodation with economic orthodoxy and local capitalists. After a turbulent early period when he pushed through a new constitution, quashed the opposition and nationalised foreign-owned oil and gas producers and utilities, he has presided over several years of political stability and economic growth. And he has made his peace with private business.这张窘境与莫拉莱斯的扶摇直上形成了鲜明的对比,不错,他当政的时间确实是短,但他的成功很大程度上是得益于他迎合经济正统学说和本地资本家的口味,受反资本主义的之风影响较小,在经过了他早先推出新宪法时的动荡之后,他横扫反对者,将外国所有的石油天然气生产设备国有化,在他的7年任期内,全国政治稳定,经济增长,他和私有企业也是关系融洽。The ALBA presidents all claim to be leading durable “revolutions”, not just any old government. In practice, all of them (save Mr Ortega) built their popularity on recycling a huge increase in rents from the commodity boom into subsidies for the poor and expanded social provision. But Mr Morales has been much less wasteful than Chavez and the Kirchners, having run a fiscal surplus every year since 2005.所有ALBA的领导人都宣称要持续推陈出新,而不是墨守成规,事实上,他们所有人都因为将由商品经济发展造成的房屋租金上涨,扭转为对穷人补助的增加和社会福利的完善而饱受欢,但与萨洛德和查韦斯相比,莫拉莱斯铺张现象更少,自从2005年全国就一直呈财政盈余的景象。Mr Correa, like Mr Morales, is becoming more pragmatic. He has invested his oil windfall in roads, schools and hospitals. He recently negotiated a trade agreement with the European Union and has restored normal ties with the IMF. Last month he watered down a new banking law under which the state was to dictate the destination of private bank loans. As for Mr Ortega, who has long been chummy with private businessmen, his espousal of a quixotic, Chinese-backed and environmentally damaging scheme for a trans-Isthmian canal looks like a search for elusive rents to sustain his familys grip on power.克里拉和莫拉莱斯一样越来越务实,他已经将石油收入投入到道路,学校和医院的建设中,最近,他和欧盟协商达成了贸易协定,也实现了与IMF之间的关系重新走上正常化,上个月,他取缔了一项新的法律,该法律规定私有的贷款将来自于国家,而对于与私人企业一直交情不浅的奥尔加来说,他最近的一项空想式的跨地峡计划似乎也旨在保障他家族大权的财力来源,这个破坏环境的计划也在私有部门和中国的持下进行的。Mr Morales and Mr Correa, who won re-election last year, may be riding high now. But there are clouds on the horizon for their “revolutions”, too. Despite the rhetoric, these do not include the ed States: Barack Obamas response to ALBA has been to yawn. Their first problem is the end of the commodity boom. Three-quarters of Bolivias exports are of natural gas or minerals, whose prices are falling. Ecuador invests much more than Bolivia. Mr Correa has boosted non-oil exports. He has done more than Mr Morales to try to diversify his countrys economy, with so far uncertain results. But his “citizens revolution” is showing signs of financial strain. Ecuador is heading for a fiscal deficit of up to 7% of GDP this year. And the oil price is crashing.莫拉莱斯和去年再次当选的克里拉现在名声大噪,但他们和明德雄心壮志上也笼罩着一些徐徐成形的阴云,即使他们大放阙词,但美国总统奥巴马对他们一直没多大兴趣,他们的第一个问题是商品经济繁荣的结束,玻利维亚出口的四分之三都是天然气和矿石,而他们的价格却在持续下降,厄瓜多尔的驼子远超玻利维亚,克里拉已经增加了非石油的进口,他为促进经济多元化的努力远胜于莫拉莱斯,但至今的结果仍不明朗,他的公民革命却呈现出经济紧缩的迹象,厄瓜多尔几年财政赤字在GDP中占到了7%,石油价格仍在下降。 译文属译生译世 /201410/337075In 1973, a plant owned by Velsicol Chemical made a mistake and shipped a toxic flame retardant chemical to a livestock feed plant. The chemical is called polybrominated biphenyl, or PBB. It took about a year to discover the accident. Millions of Michiganders ate contaminated beef, chicken, pork, milk and eggs.All these years later, researchers are finding that PBB exposure is linked to health problems.Michele Marcus is a professor of epidemiology, environmental health and pediatrics at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health and Emory University School of Medicine.Shes in Michigan this week to talk about her latest research findings at a conference at Alma College.PBB sticks around in your bodyMarcus says over the past two years, her team has tested more than 800 people across the state.;We have found that six out of 10 of the people that we tested still have levels that are elevated as a result of the PBB accident,; she says. ;We compared the levels of PBB in the people that we tested in Michigan to levels that were measured ten years ago on a random sample of the U.S. population.;She says six out of 10 Michiganders had PBB levels higher than 95% of the U.S. population.;It means that the PBB is still lingering in peoples bodies and thats a very long time. Its 40 years later. And we are concerned that the health effects we have found are continuing among the people who were exposed themselves, but also among their children and grandchildren,; she says.Health effects over multiple generationsShe says her team has found that among the women who were exposed to high levels of PBB, there are slightly more breast cancer cases than they expected.;Among girls, the daughters of women who were highly exposed, we found that they experienced their first menstrual periods a full year earlier than girls who were unexposed, and now that these girls are adults, we find that they have a very high rate of miscarriages. And that the rate of miscarriages is proportional to the PBB exposure that they experienced,; says Marcus.Marcus says at the conference, shes presenting preliminary data on the potential for epigenetic changes that are associated with PBB exposure. Those are changes in how genes are expressed.;That really sets the stage for our just-funded research,; she says. ;We will be recruiting multi-generational families where the father was exposed but not the mother, and looking at the children and the grandchildren so we can see if these epigenetic changes are passed along in the absence of actual PBB exposure.;She says her new research project has three goals. One is to determine whether epigenetic marks are being transmitted across generations.Theyre also going to test a substance that may be able to help speed elimination of PBB from the body.;When the results are in, we will let people know if weve been able to successfully help people eliminate PBB from their bodies. Because PBB is very slowly eliminated. It takes about 15 years for you to eliminate about half of the PBB in your body. So we are going to try an intervention that we think may help speed the elimination,; she says.She says the third goal is to educate the public and doctors so they understand that people who have been exposed to PBB in Michigan may have a higher risk of breast cancer, pregnancy problems and thyroid problems, so they can be monitored.You can learn more about Emorys PBB registry for people who were exposed to the chemical here, and you can learn more in our special series on the PBB mix-up and legacy of pollution in St. Louis, Michigan here.201604/440351


  what do you have in your rider?Theres water你巡演都随身带些社么东西 水When I was on tour they would stand up我巡演的时候都得站着My rider first started like that,just water,thats all I needed我刚开始也是带水就足够了Then it developed into a hammock.You should ask for hammock.How do you suspend that后来慢慢的 我开始带吊床 你也应问他们要一个吊床 你要怎么把它吊起来Well you have people do it,Taylor.You dont do it,you know你得让别人去做Taylor 你不用自己动手 你懂的or you can have two really strong guys just hold it and rock you generally like a baby或者你也可以让两个猛男撑着它 就像摇摇篮那样Also this,its a ice scrlpture of a swan还有这个 它是一座天鹅冰雕If you dont have some kind of demand that people are gonna talk about,you are nobody如果你总是不向别人提要求 让他们谈论你 那你就只能是无名小卒what do you do with it?well just end that in melt and you go to your next venue这东西要怎么处理呀 你就等它自己融化了 然后继续巡演到下一站呗The next night you just forget about it到了第二天晚上 你就忘了它就行了What about for the cold?It wouldnt be good for my throat.Well you dont lick it.What are you thinking about?Right.它温度这么低 这对我嗓子不好吧 你又不舔它 你在想什么呢 对哦I dont know what your thoughts were just now,but lets not,were gonna edit that out,guys,ok我不知道你刚才在想什么 我们别 我们把刚才那段剪掉 好吗Lets not let anybody see that part of her.我们不能让任何人看到那一面的她Out of the way everyone.American sweetheart is coming through and Taylor Swift is with me大家都让一让 美国甜心来啦 Taylor Swift也跟我一起哦We can rehearse the Jason Mraz song.Lets rehearse the Jason Mraz song我们可以排练那首Jason Mraz的歌 我们一起排练Jason Mraz的歌吧Not a good turn out.I know,I know.we are working on it,sorry.I mean you should have more fans in this感觉不太好 我知道 我知道 抱歉了 我们正在解决这个问题 我是说你应该让更多的歌迷进来 /201610/471491

  Were back,heres Sir patrick Stewart.You have embraced social media,我们回来了 这是帕特里克·斯图尔特爵士 你接受了社交媒体and you have a great sense of humor about it,and seem to enjoy sending out tweet pics and we have on here,而且你在网上很幽默 你似乎很喜欢发推特照片 我们这里有一张For example,great way to announce your marriage.I love that picture.比如 这是宣布婚事的好办法 我喜欢这张照片Are you in a Chucky cheese by any chance.Never been in a Chuck cheese,no.你是在查克芝士儿童餐厅吗 我从没去过查克芝士 没有We are in a friends ball pit.What are you.Seriously,please,sir Patrick.我们在朋友的球坑里 你会 我是说真的 别调皮了 帕特里克爵士For a friend who has everything,you give them a ball pit.如果你的朋友什么都有 就给他一个球坑Ok,some kind of crazy slang.here you are,You claim youre eating your fist slice of pizza,好的 真是古怪的俚语 你宣传这是你吃的第一块披萨That cant be true.You had pizza before this.Oh,yes.There was a big misunderstanding about this.这不可能是真的 你以前吃过披萨的 是的 人们对此有很大的误解Of course I had pizza,but that was my first slice.I had never gone into a pizza restaurant before and asked for a slice.我当然吃过披萨 但是这是我的第一块 我从没去过披萨店点过一块披萨I didnt know such a thing existed.And by the way.How do you mean you dont know a slice existed.我都不知道存在着一块披萨 顺便说句 你说你不知道存在着一块披萨是什么意思You order a pizza,you get it this size or this size and you eat most of it.你点一份披萨 有这么大或这么大的 然后你会吃掉大部分First of all,this is how you and I differ.Oh really?I eat all of it and get another one.首先 这就是我们的不同 真的吗 我全吃完 然后再点一份But you,you,didnt it come presliced,how are you eating this pizza,dont tell me youre using a knife and fork all these years?但是你的不是事先切好的吗 不然你怎么吃披萨啊 别告诉我你这么多年一直在用刀叉吃Well yeah,this is embarrassing and it certainly enrages my wife是的 这很尴尬 而且让我的妻子很生气Because I do eat pizza with a knife and fork and I know that is a social abhorrence in the ed States.Im going very angry right now.因为我的确用刀叉吃披萨 而且我知道在美国 人们深恶痛绝这种事 观众现在变得很生气了201609/467260。



  I didnt really enjoy Dallas and one of the things I didnt like about it was Dallas,there was no basements in Dallas我不喜欢达拉斯 我不喜欢达拉斯的一点是 那里没有地下室And so I would go other places when I was a kid.我小时候会去其他城市Like go to Cleveland and in Cleveland people had basements.我会去克利夫兰 那里人们有地下室They like finish them out and turn them into fancy like theater rooms or workout rooms.他们装修好地下室 把它们变成华丽丽的地方 像是影音室或者健身房Play ping-pong or whatever.yeah,you cant do that in Dallas.So,打乒乓球什么的 是啊 在达拉斯你没法这么做My main complaint with Dallas was no basements.所以我主要对达拉斯不满意的就是没有地下室So you actually grew up thinking I wish I could live in Cleveland?Yes你长大的时候真的想着 我希望我能住在克利夫兰吗 是的Yeah, I loved Cleveland.I was like oh,this is the city for me.我爱克利夫兰 我觉得那就是适合我住的城市This place,cowtown but that place,Cleveland has basements.这地方 牛城 但那里 克利夫兰有地下室what about New York?New Yorks gotta be incredibly fantastic for you.那纽约呢 你一定觉得纽约特别好Yeah,well,there are a lot of basements,which is nice.是啊 纽约有很多地下室 挺不错的You have to get a criteria other than basements.你的标准不能只是地下室啊Well, heres a thing I will say thats the tough thing now as an adult man whos single.有件事 作为一个成年单身男子 我觉得这有点难办Its very difficult for me to go look for an apartment and be like,whats your basement situation like?我很难去看一间公寓 然后问 你家的地下室是什么情况I got some stuff I got to do.I got some stuff I got to do.Can you hear yelling from inside the apartment.我要做一些事情 在公寓里能听到从那里传来喊声吗Can anyone get out of the basement?how about ventilation?人们能逃出地下室吗 通风情况怎么样I like living in Brooklyn.I live in a brownstone.I have a stoop我喜欢住在布鲁克林 我住在褐砂石房屋里 我有个小门廊and I like to sit on a stoop and thats fun because you can watch people go by.我喜欢坐在小门廊上 因为你可以看着人们经过Its nice.I try every now and again to see if I can start a barbershop quartet or something.It doesnt really work out.那挺好的 我经常尝试 看看我能不能搞一个理发店四重唱 并不行201607/453294

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