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Is it something we should be nervous aboutthe worlds second largest economy steaming to storm?还有什么比世界第二大经济体滑向世界经济的低迷风暴,更让人感到不安吗?Well, you think so Emily. And itdefinitely, its more proved thatChinas been impacted by the globalslowdown we’ve all talked about. For example, we saw the second quarter of GDPcome at 7.6%, that was its weakest level in more than 3 years. And just today,ChinasPMI came in at that 8 months low than you’d mentioned. Now take a look at thenumbers.Chinasofficial Purchasing Managers Index for July, PMI came in as 50.1%. Last monthit came in at this: 50.2%. So we’re not talking about the big drop right. Butthis is a drop nonetheless. The good news is thatChinahas been expanding for all ofthis year at least. Take a look at these, these numbers here. The bad news isthat it’s getting to that all important 50-mark and I raised that becauseanything below 50 indicates contraction. And last summer we saw that was backhere in November. Now still HSs chief economist Qu Hongbin, he was all thatimpressed about todays numbers. This is what he thought aboutChinasJuly data. He said this: This is far from inspiring, asChinas growth slowdown has notbeen reversed meaningfully, and he also added: and downside pressures persistwith external markets continuing to deteriorate. He also added we still alsoexpect Beijingto step up a policy easing in the coming month just support growth andemployment. But of the back of todays PMI data not all, not all that greatstill growing. Beijingdid pledge to keep economic growth stable and did cheering investigators to buyinto the stocks today and has mentioned earlier. The Shanghai Composite andHang Seng did both rise while all the other markets did end in the run. 哦,艾米莉,您是这样理解的。很显然,更多据表明,中国深受被人们天天挂在嘴边的全球经济衰退的影响。举例来说,数据显示第二季度GDP增长为7.6%,这是三年多来的最低水平。如您所说,就在今天,中国采购经理指数(PMI)滑向8个月来的最低点。现在让我们看一下这些数字,官方制造业采购经理指数(PMI)7月份下滑至50.1%,上个月还是50.2%。虽然这并不是最大幅度的下降,但是它下降了。如果说有好消息,那就是中国经济今年继续扩张。再看一下这些数据。坏消息是:一个非常重要的指数,汇丰(HS)制造业采购经理指数终值低于50点(荣枯分界线),我提请大家注意这一数值,因为低于50则意味着紧缩。去年夏天,及11月都曾低于50点以下。汇丰(HS) 首席经济师曲宏斌对今天的数值也很担忧。他是这样分析中国7月份的经济数据的,“情况不容乐观,中国经济下滑的趋势并没有显著回转。”他还补充道,“伴随着外部市场持续恶化,下滑压力继续存在”。他认为,“我们还是期待北京能够加速制定持增长和就业的政策,以缓解接下来几个月的压力。但是,今天的PMI数据没有这么糟糕,经济增长幅度不大,但仍在增长。北京曾保要保持经济稳定增长,并鼓励投资者买进股票。上海综合指数和恒生指数也都有所增长,但其他股票市场没有显示增长。201210/203968

Imagine youre camping deep in the woods on a summer night. The sun sinks below the horizon and the temperature begins to fall. You shiver, and as you pull your jacket around your shoulders, you wonder just how cold it really is. Heres a clever way for you to find out, and all you need is 1. Wrist watch 2. Your ears 3. A little of patience.设想一下,你在夏夜的树林深处露营。太阳落到地平线以下,温度开始下降,你不禁打了一个寒颤。于是你在肩上披上夹克,你想知道到底有多冷。有一个聪明的办法能帮你找到,你只需要三样东西:1. 手表;2.耳朵;3. 耐心。Start by listening for a chirping cricket. Male crickets around the world make this characteristic sound by rubbing their wings together. The edge of a male crickets right wing is covered with little ridges, like a file or a washboard. As he rubs his left wing cover across the uneven right wing, he produces an insect love song that female crickets find irresistible.首先,倾听鸣叫的蟋蟀。世界各地的雄性蟋蟀擦翅膀时都会发出一种独特的声音。雄性蟋蟀的右翼边缘上布满了小小的突起,就像文件和搓衣板一样。当它擦翅膀,左右翼交叉碰撞时就唱出了一种让雌性蟋蟀很难以抵抗的悦耳的情歌。Female crickets use this amorous chirping to find their perfect mate, listening with a pair of special ears located below the knees. Now you can use these same serenades to calculate the temperature.雌性蟋蟀凭这种多情的鸣叫来寻找完美的伴侣,它们可以用位于膝盖以下的特殊耳朵来聆听。现在你也能利用这些情歌来计算出温度。Most insects tend to be more active when its hot, and more sluggish in cooler weather. Crickets are no exception to this rule.天热时,大多数昆虫往往很活跃,天冷时则行动迟缓。蟋蟀也不例外。In cold weather, a cricket will do everything more slowly, and as the temperature drops, so does the tempo of his love song. By measuring how quickly he chirps, you can find out approximately how cold it is.天冷时,蟋蟀做所有的事情都更慢一点,因为温度下降,它们的情歌节奏也随之变慢。通过测量鸣叫的速度,你就能知道大概有多冷。Its easy to do: Simply count the number of chirps a single cricket makes in a fifteen second period, then add thirty seven. Although individual species might be a little faster or slower, this should give a fair approximation of the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.方法很简单:只要数一只蟋蟀每15秒钟鸣叫的次数,然后加上37就行了。尽管有时候会因个体差异而忽快忽慢,但计算结果仍然很接近华氏摄氏度的温度。Remember: fifteen seconds worth of chirps, plus thirty seven. Even if the chirping keeps you awake all night, at least youll know the temperature.记住:15秒内鸣叫的次数,加上37。尽管这种鸣叫会让你一夜难眠,但至少你能靠它计算出温度。原文译文属!201212/212257

In todays Tech Bytes, the worlds largest cellphone maker is said to release its first laptop in the US. Nokia starts taking orders on the booklet 3G beginning October 22th. It will run Microsofts new Windows 7 software, have a ten-inch screen and a GPS navigation chip and a 12-hour battery life. The computer will be sold at Best Buy stores and online. It costs 300 dollars with a 2-year broadband contract from ATamp;T or 600 dollars without that contract.欢迎收看今天的Tech Bytes,世界最大手机制造商宣布将在美国发售自己的首款上网本。诺基亚的这款上网本名叫boodlet 3G,将于10月22日发售。这款上网本运行win7系统,拥有10英寸高清显示屏,GPS导航芯片和12小时待机时间电池。该产品将在网上商城Best Buy销售。售价300美元,并附带为期两年的ATamp;T网络套餐,没有套餐的售价600美元。There is a new version of the popular pocket-size flip camera. The premium version of the MinoHD can record 2 hours of , double the previous model. It also has a larger screen and a port that lets users plug into an HDTV. The flip software now uploads movies directly to the Facebook in addition to Youtube and Myspace and it has a movie magic mode that automatically arranges clips into a movie. The camera costs 230 dollars.世界最小高清摄像机又出新款。这款高级版的MInoHDTV可录像长达2小时,是前一代产品的两倍。此外,它的屏幕更大,并且有高清电视接口。这款产品可以直接上传视频到脸谱网,优酷,我的空间,并且拥有视频编辑功能,能自动将拍摄视频转换成微电影。这款摄像机售价230美元。Well, it appears digital cameras cant kill the Polaroid after all. The instant film is making a comeback about 18 months after Polaroid said it would stop producing it. The companys new owners say that new cameras and film will go on sale some time next year. The film would say thanks in large part to a group of fans, entrepreneurs and former Polariod employees whove been working since last year to design new film for the instant camera.很明显,数码相机不能取代拍立得。生产这种即显胶片的生产商宣布将停止生产18个月。这家公司的刚刚易主,新主人表示新的照相机和胶片将于明年再进行发售。新出售的胶片将在很大程度上答谢广大粉丝,公司经营者,和相关工作人员,他们从去年就开始为立得拍相机设计新式胶卷。Finally, the fan is getting a high-tech makeover. The British inventor of the Bagless Vacuum has come up with a bladeless fan. The Dyson Air Multiplier works by drawing air into its base and enforcing the air out through that ring. Inventor James Dyson says it creates a smooth uninterrupted flow of cooling air unlike a traditional fan with blades that chop the air. But this kind of comfort does not come cheap, a 10-inch model costs 300 dollars.最后一则消息,风扇使用者的福音来了。英国一名研究真空的科学家发明了一种无刀片的风扇。这种戴森空气倍增器通过压缩空气进入风扇底部并使空气从圆环部分排出。发明者James Dyson表示这种风扇不像传统风扇搅乱空气流动,而是提供持续不间断的凉爽。但这种凉爽并不便宜,一款1-寸的风扇 售价300美元。For information of all these stories, log on the technology pages at the abcnews.com. Those are your Tech Byte, Im Jerremy Harberd.关注以上新闻的更多信息,请登录abcnews.com的科技板块。这就是今天的Tech Byte,我是Jerremy Harverd。MinoHD 世界上最小的高清摄像机premium version 改良版polaroid camera 波拉一步照相机;即显胶片照相机注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/193676

But its not completely finished. Paul and his team need Luis advice on a couple of issues.但是这还没有完全结束。保罗和他的团队需要路易斯在几个问题上的建议。There are several unknowns. And a complete tail has never been found.有些事是未知的。还有一条完整的尾巴没有找到。So on the older drawings that we have, theres maybe 53 tailbones but the newer thinking is that there is close to 43. Paleontology, most of it is soft science.在我们有的那些旧图上,有53个尾巴骨头,但是新的想法是只有43个左右的骨头。古生物学,大部分是软科学。So these theories change with new evidence that is found. 也就是说,随着新的据发现,这些理论会随着改变。One of the big questions about T-rex is what its surprisingly short arms were used for.有关Trex的一个重要问题是他那超级短的手臂是干嘛用的。They might have been used to hold on to prey or to push the body up from a sitting position. No one knows.它们可能会短手臂抓住猎物或者撑身体改变坐姿。没有人知道。And thats partly because each arm is anchored to the body by the shoulder blade or scapular.部分原因是每一个手臂固定在身体的肩胛骨或者肩胛那儿。And there is no easy way of telling exactly where that set.想要知道手臂的确切位置不是一件容易的事。With the scapular Ive seen, theyve gone up closer to the vertebra in the back bone.我看到的肩胛,向上接近脊柱上的脊椎部位。Ive also seen where they were lowered almost to where belly is.我还能看见向下接近腹部。There is a part of the front end of the scapular, the coccyx, and some people think they go together this much and some people think they go together this much.有一部分肩胛,尾椎的前端,有人认为手臂是和前者连在一起,有人认为是和后者连在一起。But that all has to do with how they, how everything hangs in the front end of this, and also how the hands were used. 但是这些都与它们,还有其他所有东西是如何连在一起的有关系,以及怎么用手。Those arms were just about the same size as we human arm. 这些手臂的大小和人类的接近。The difficulty in placing the scapular on Tomas is compounded by the fact that the bones were distorted over the millions of years that they spent buried underground.把肩胛安置在Tomas上,有一定的难度,并且由于骨头被埋在地下数百万年,早已变形,想要还原肩胛骨就更难了。They were flattened. And they dont really have the curvature that they must have had when the animal was alive before.它们被夷为平地。当恐龙还活着的时候,它的身体有些地方并不一定是弯曲的。It is really difficult to fit them on the sides of the ribcage. I guess thats the nature of the beast.恐龙两边胸腔的骨头也很难还原。我想这也许是野兽的本性。We are gonna have to find a compromise and well live with it.我们必须找到中和的方案,然后适应它。Back in L.A., there are two months to go before the exhibition opens. The 3 T-rexes are now installed.回到洛杉矶,离展览会很有两个月的时间。3个宝贝龙的骨架已经安装好了。201301/221300

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