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福清康泰体检价目表阳下街道儿童医院的地址“一边儿玩去”在英语口语里能怎么说?初级口语:Go and play.高级口语:Go fly a kite.影视实例】 素材来源:《朱诺》剧情简介:16岁的高中生朱诺怀了,她从报纸上找了一对愿意收养她腹中婴儿的年轻夫妻,双方见面后朱诺同男主人马克相谈甚欢,成为了好朋友,不时造访交流音乐电影。对此她的后母有不同看法……【台词片段】Brenda:It doesn't work that way, kiddo. You don't know squat about the dynamics of marriage.Juno: You don't know anything about me.Brenda: I know enough.Juno: We don't even have a dog.Brenda: Yeah, we don't have a dog because you're allergic to their saliva. I have sacrificed a lot for you, Juno, and in a couple years, when you move out, I'm going to get Weimaraners.Juno: Oh, dream big。Brenda: Oh, go fly a kite!【台词翻译】布兰达:那样可不行,小毛孩。你可是一丁点儿都不了解婚姻这回事儿。朱诺:你还一丁点儿都不了解我呢。布兰达:我了解够多了。朱诺:我们连一条都没养。布兰达:没错,我们没养是因为你对它们的唾液过敏。朱诺,我为你牺牲了很多,再过个几年等你搬出去住我可要养个几条魏玛猎犬。朱诺:哼,想得美。布兰达:得了,一边儿玩去。【口语讲解】Go fly a kite的这是一个非正式的口语,当你觉得不耐烦、让别人别烦你的时候,你就能说“go fly a kite”——“一边儿放风筝去吧你,别来烦我!”或者更地道的汉语相应的口语其实是:“别理我!烦着呢!” /04/67925福建省中医院有哪些专家 1. You're a pal!(选自电影Presumed Innocent)你真够朋友/你真够哥们!短评:我看到电影字幕是“你是一个朋友”,这句译文是判断或阐述,而原文是抒情(属于“表达类”言语行为)。可见,好译文要翻译出原文的交际功能。 /11/89989丹尼尔和阿美在期中考试中都取得了好成绩,所以今天妈妈带他们俩来欢乐谷,他们玩得还挺开心的,一起来看看吧。 Listen Read LearnMay: Do you know how happy I am? The Ant Kingdom is a perfect world with colorful fairy tales. It seems like the air is fresh here.Daniel: Just kids like that.May: Come on baby, s trying to pretend like a man. If you go there, you are sure to like them.Daniel: Hurry up! Hurry up! What lovely caterpillars are over there!May: I said you are sure to like them. There is the Grand Parade Of Ants Carnival in a few minutes in the square. You will experience a dream of fantasy.Daniel: What's that?May: All kinds of insects dress themselves up. They drive straight their own Flower Cars along the Parade Avenue of Ants Kingdom.Daniel: That's splendid. Can you take three pictures of me with them?May: I thought you had grown out of such child practice.Daniel: Cut it out. Look at my smile, and it seems like the flowers in the spring. Right?May: Gross!Daniel: Hurry up! The smile is frozen on my face.听看学阿美:你知道我有多开心吗?蚂蚁王国是一个充满着多姿多童话的完美世界。连这里的空气都似乎新鲜了许多。丹尼尔:只有小孩子才喜欢这种地方。阿美:得了吧,小朋友,别老是装大人了。如果你到了那里,你一定会喜欢的。丹尼尔:快点!快点!看那边的毛毛虫多可爱啊!阿美:我就说你一定会喜欢它们吧。几分钟后在广场中会有蚂蚁狂欢大游行!你将会经历一个梦幻之旅。丹尼尔:那是什么?阿美:所以“昆虫”都盛装打扮起来。他们将架着自己的花车在蚂蚁王国的游行道径直地行进。丹尼尔:太棒了!能帮我和它们拍三张照片吗?阿美:我还以为你已经玩腻了这种小孩子的游戏了呢。丹尼尔:打住。看我笑得就跟春天里的花朵一样。是不是呀?阿美:恶心!丹尼尔:快点!我的笑容都僵了。经典背诵 RecitationMay: I like going to the Amusement Park very much. The Ant Kingdom is a perfect place with colorful fairy tales and I love it. But Daniel says only kids like that. But he is a kid himself too. Anyway each time we go there together we can experience a dream of fantasies.生词小结ant n. 蚂蚁kingdom n. 王国colorful adj. 多姿多的pretend vt. 假装caterpillar n. 毛毛虫parade n. 游行carnival n. 嘉年华会,狂欢会fantasy n. 幻想avenue n. 大道splendid adj. 极好的注释I thought you had grown out of such child practice. 我还以为你已经玩腻了这种小孩子的游戏了呢。其中grow out of 是指“因长大而不再做”。thought 用过去式表达的是“我过去以为你已经不再喜欢小孩子的游戏,可是现在却不这样认为了。”Cut it out. 别提了,打住。Dress … up 为……打扮语音小结 Pronunciation辅音(二)3组8个组合音发音小贴士:(1)第一个字母发得很快,很快过渡到下两个音节。(2)切忌在三个音节中加入元音1. /spr/ 与 /skw/ :spring sp square squash对比练习 /spr/与/skw/ spring and square sp and squeeze spray and squash2. /str/, /skr/ 与 /spl/ :straight street screen splendid对比练习 /str/, /skr/ 与/spl/ straight and scream and split street and screen and splendid strong and script and split3. /fl/, /fr/ 与/r/ :flower fresh three throw对比练习 /fl/, /fr/ 与 /r/ flee and free and three fly and fry and th flog and frog and throw /200804/36383福清无痛人流好医院

东瀚镇中心医院妇科(After the haircut)Kelly: Hmm. Not bad. I think I look younger with shorter hair.Eva: Yes, you do. The Hot Cap is back here in the corner. I think we're y to put the curlers in. What kind of perm would you like?Kelly: I just want a light wave. I look really silly if my hair is too curly.Eva: All right. What if we leave your bangs straight and just perm the sides and back?Kelly: Super. How long will I have to sit under the Hot Cap?Eva: Around 30 minutes. /201102/125513上迳镇妇女儿童医院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱 乘地铁上班,却因地铁故障;被迟到;,之后被老板扣钱,这样的悲剧相信很多北京上班族都遭遇过。相比之下,上海、广州地铁则比较贴心,若地铁晚点,则会向乘客发放;迟到卡;,很多人因此可避免被罚。市民呼吁北京地铁也推出此项务,地铁热线称,会向上反映。请看中国日报网的报道:Subway lines in the Shanghai municipality and Guangzhou will hand out ;late cards; to commuters affected by train delays and other traffic reasons so they can get exemption from punishment by employers such us wage deduction, Beijing Morning Post reported.据《北京晨报》报道,上海、广州地铁给受到地铁晚点和其他故障原因影响的乘客发放;迟到卡;,使其免受老板扣工资的惩罚。文中的late cards就是指;迟到卡;,是指上海和广州地铁提供的一项特殊务,每次地铁出故障或延误后向乘客发放;Apology Letter(致歉信);,上面印有到达站和当天日期。地铁出行已成为很多office worker(上班族)的第一选择,然而,force majeure factors(不可抗拒因素)屡屡发生,signal failure(信号故障)、列车故障、岔道故障、临时限流、全车清人、中途甩站;;这样的新闻屡见报端。由于正处rush hour(上班高峰期),上班族纷纷;被迟到;。而地铁公司发放的《致乘客信》成了明的;迟到卡;,替上班族向单位说明迟到原因,不少乘客表示地铁此举很;贴心;,但同时也希望地铁完善应急措施。北京地铁目前尚无该项务,不过对于该项建议,相关人员表示会记录在案向上级反映。 /201202/172430福清平潭县人民医院不孕不育

福清融强医院人流收费标准“埋头苦干”在英语口语里能怎么说?初级口语:work hard 高级口语:neck deep【影视实例】素材来源:《识骨寻踪》剧情简介:Angela敞开了衣裳以引起机场工作人员的注意好询问飞自危地马拉的飞机何时抵达。刚下飞机的Brennan正好撞见,哭笑不得,随即身为好友的Angela关切地询问Brennan有没有在危地马拉找乐子……【台词片段】Angela: Oooh. Are you exhausted? Was Guatemala awful? Was it horribly backward?Bones: And yet I was never reduced to flashing my boobs for information.Angela: Flash em for any fun reasons?Bones: I was literally neck deep in a mass grave. Not romantic.Angela: Y’know diving head first in a pit of cadavers is no way to handle a messy breakup.Bones: Angela, nothing Pete and I ever did was messy.Angela: Then you were not doing the right thing.【台词翻译】Angela: 哦。你累不累?在危地马拉的日子不好过吧?那儿是不是特落后?Bones: 再怎么着我也没落到问个事儿就要秀胸部的地步哈。Angela: 那有为找乐子秀过胸部没?(灭哈哈,Angela真是又直接又开放哈~~)Bones: 天地良心我可真的是在一个巨大的坟墓里头埋头苦干。点儿都不浪漫。Angela: 话说一头栽进死人堆可不能搞定分手后留下的烂摊子哟。Bones: Angela,我和Pete从来没什么烂摊子。Angela: 难怪你们俩行不通。(Angela的独到爱情理论~~)【口语讲解】neck deepneck deep等同于deeply involved,也就是“深深地涉足于”,和我们说的埋头的字面意义恰好相反,是被埋得只剩下一脑袋——看过《天下无双》吧?王菲和梁朝伟就被埋得neck deep了。不过neck deep和“埋头”的引申意义基本一致,你要是工作很忙,就能说I'm neck deep in my work;要是你忙着写论文,就是I'm neck deep in my essay.只不过这里的情况比较特殊,Bones是真的要跳到坟墓里面去检验尸体,一方面忙的不可开交,另一方面也的确是只露出一脑袋出地面的状态,所以她说了literally,强调了字面上的意思。 /04/68340 家庭里谁说了算?汇丰日前发布了一项针对未来退休生活的全球调查报告,本次调查涵盖全球17个国家和地区,受访者超过17000人,其中,中国受访者逾1000人。调查显示,中国有别于其他国家,有超过六成的家庭中女性担当着财务决策者,然而令人担心的是,随着国内家庭可配收入越来越多,仅有1%的女性了解专业的财务规划知识,专业程度在受访国家中排位最低。请看《中国日报》的报道:Sixty-three percent of female respondents on the Chinese mainland said they were in charge of household financing, while only 58 percent of male respondents said so, according to a latest global survey by HS.汇丰近日发布的一项全球调查显示,逾六成(63%)的中国内地女性受访者表示他们是家庭财务的决策者,高出男性受访者(58%)五个百分点。文中的household financing就是指;家庭理财;,household就是指;家庭(的);、;户;,比如household income (家庭收入)、household expenses (家庭开)、household appliances (家庭用具)等。此外,household还有;家喻户晓;的含义,比如a household name (家喻户晓的人)。Household financing (家庭理财)也可称作;family financing;、;family financial planning;。所谓household financing(家庭理财)从概念上讲,就是学会有效、合理地处理和运用钱财,让自己的花费发挥最大的效用,以达到最大限度地满足日常生活需要的目的。简而言之,household financing(家庭理财)就是利用enterprise financing(企业理财)和金融的方法对domestic economy(家庭经济),主要指family income and expenditure(家庭收入和出),进行计划和管理,增强家庭经济实力,提高抗风险能力,增大家庭效用。 /201111/161987福建省中医学院附属人民医院在哪里福清妇幼保健医院妇科



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