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福清正规妇科医院青口镇中医医院官网QQ福清有哪些医院治疗不孕不育 Donald Trump on Sunday defended his order to clamp down on people entering the US from seven predominantly Muslim countries in the face of protests and legal assaults at home and mounting hostility around the globe.唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)周日捍卫其限制七个穆斯林国家的人士入境美国的命令,不愿在国内的抗议和法律挑战以及全球各地不断升温的反对面前退却。Following a night of demonstrations at US airports and an order from a federal judge blocking his government from deporting Muslim migrants and refugees who had been detained, Mr Trump tweeted that the country needed “strong borders and extreme vetting NOW此前美国几个机场爆发彻夜示威,而一名联邦法官下令阻止他的政府驱逐已被拘留的穆斯林移民和难民。特朗普在Twitter上发帖称,美国现在就需要“强大的边界和极端审查”。“Look what is happening all over Europe and, indeed, the world a horrible mess,he wrote. The White House measure bars refugees from entry for 120 days and indefinitely prohibits entry for Syrian refugees. It also bars citizens from seven Muslim countries Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen from entering the US for 90 days.“看看欧洲乃至世界上发生的一切,一个可怕的烂摊子,”他写道。白宫出炉的措施20天禁止难民入境,并无限期禁止叙利亚难民进入。它还禁止七个以穆斯林为主的国家——叙利亚、伊拉克、伊朗、苏丹、利比亚、索马里和也门——的公民0天内入境美国。The restrictions provoked uproar from civil liberties campaigners, leaders of the tech industry and foreign governments. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder, said the US should be proud to be a nation of immigrants and focus on excluding only people who actually posed a threat. Leaders of Google, Apple, Netflix and Twitter, which recruit heavily overseas, joined the criticism.这些限制引发了民权活动人士、科技行业领袖和外国政府的强烈不满。Facebook创始人马克·扎克伯Mark Zuckerberg)表示,美国应该对自己是一个移民国家感到自豪,同时专注于拒绝实际构成威胁的人入境。在海外招聘大量人才的谷Google)、苹Apple)、Netflix和Twitter等公司的领导者也加入了批评行列。Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, on Sunday said it was no way to fight terrorism. Her spokesman Steffen Seibert said the chancellor “regretsthe move and had expressed Germany’s misgivings during her 45-minute phone call with Mr Trump the previous day.德国总理安格拉·默克尔周日表示,这不是打击恐怖主义的办法。她的发言人斯特芬?赛贝Steffen Seibert)周,总理对此举“感到遗憾”,并已在前一天同特朗普进5分钟电话通话期间表达了德方的不安。British prime minister Theresa May, who was initially wrong footed by the travel ban, signed hours after she left Washington on Friday after a warmly cordial meeting with Mr Trump, said on Sunday that the UK did not agree to such an approach.英国首相特里萨·梅(Theresa May)最初对特朗普针对穆斯林的旅行禁令感到措手不及;上周五她同特朗普进行了亲切友好的会晤,而这项行政命令是在她飞离华盛顿数小时后签署的。梅周日表示,英国不同意这种做法。On Saturday a New York judge ordered a temporary stay on deportations of some Muslim migrants and refugees after human rights groups sued Mr Trump on behalf of two Iraqi men who were detained on Friday after landing at New York’s JFK airport.上周六,一名纽约法官下令暂停驱逐一些穆斯林移民和难民,此前人权组织代表两个伊拉克男子对特朗普提起诉讼,这两人是上周五在纽约肯尼迪机场落地后被拘留的。Judge Ann Donnelly said the two Iraqi men and others in the same situation had a “strong likelihood of successof proving in court that their right to due process and equal protection had been violated.法官安·唐纳利(Ann Donnelly)称,这两个伊拉克男子——以及相同处境下的其他人——“很有可能成功地”在法庭上明,他们获得正当法律程序和平等保护的权利受到了侵犯。来 /201702/490264Gambia accused the International Criminal Court of ignoring “war crimesTuesday as it withdrew from the institution Tuesday, following in the footsteps of South Africa and Burundi, which withdrew from the court earlier this month.冈比亚星期二指责国际刑事法院无视“战争罪行”,因此要退出这个国际机构;成为继南非,布隆迪本月早些时候退出后,又一个退出国际刑事法院的非洲国家。Gambia’s Information Minister Sheriff Bojang accused the court system of being racist and unfairly targeting Africans for prosecution.冈比亚新闻部长江指责国际刑事法院种族歧视,以不公正的方式针对非洲人进行起诉。All but one of the 10 investigations launched so-far by the ICC have taken place in African countries, leading some in Gambia to believe it was ignoring crimes in other countries.国际刑事法院0项调项涉及非洲国家, 因此一些冈比亚人认为国际刑事法院无视其他国家发生的罪行;There are many Western countries, at least 30, that have committed heinous war crimes against independent sovereign states and their citizens since the creation of the ICC and not a single Western war criminal has been indicted,; the Gambian government said in a statement.冈比亚政府在声明中说,“自国际刑事法院成立以来,很多西方国家,至少0个,对其他独立主权国家和它们的公民犯下罪行,但是没有一个西方战争罪犯被起诉。”Earlier this week, Gambian President Yahya Jammeh asked the court to investigate African migrant deaths in the Mediterranean Sea. In its statement, Gambia said it asked the court to bring charges against the European Union over the migrant deaths, but received no response.冈比亚总统叶海#8729;贾梅本周早些时候要求国际法院调查非洲移民死于地中海的事件。冈比亚政府在声明中说,他们要求法院起诉欧洲联盟,但是未收到回复。来 /201610/475106福建省福清第二人民医院电话号码

一都镇人民医院妇科预约青口镇妇女医院门诊方便 A BuzzFeed News analysis has identified the 50 fake news stories that attracted the most engagement on Facebook this year. Together they totaled 21.5 million likes, comments, and shares. Of these stories, 23 were about US politics, two were about women using their vaginas as murder weapons, and one was about a clown doll that actually was a person the whole time.一个由BuzzFeed News(译者注:类似今日头条的新闻搜集网站)所做的分析揭示了本年度Facebook上流传最广的50条假新闻。他们加起来大约150万次的点赞、及分享。在这些新闻里,23条和美国政治相关条关于女人用她们的阴道作为谋杀用的凶器,还条关于一个小丑娃娃其实一直都是个真人。BuzzFeed News defined “fake newsas news that was verifiably 00 percent falseand drawn from a list of 96 websites purposely created to disseminate false information.BuzzFeed News将“假新闻”定义为已经被验00%是假的”,并且列出6家喜欢传播这些虚假信息的网站。You can the full list of stories, but here are the top five:你可以点击此处浏览全部的假新闻,这里列出的是排名前五的假新闻:;Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools Nationwide;“奥巴马签署行政令禁止学校读效忠宣言”;Woman arrested for defecating on bossdesk after winning the lottery;“女子中后在老板桌上排便被捕”;Pope Francis Shocks World, Endorses Donald Trump for President, Releases Statement;“教皇方济各公开宣称持特朗普”;Trump Offering Free One-Way Tickets to Africa amp; Mexico for Those Who Wanna Leave America;“特朗普为想要离开美国的公民提供非洲或墨西哥单程机票”;Cinnamon Roll Can Explodes Inside Man’s Butt During Shoplifting Incident;“肉桂卷会在人类屁股内爆炸”Notably, the domain name for the top fake news story of the year is “abcnews.com.co.In a November interview with The Verge, Professor Nicole A. Cooke of the University of IllinoisSchool of Information Sciences cited the slight modification of familiar domains as a particularly dangerous and common tactic for fake news sites. They make the source look reputable at first glance. The man who operates abcnews.com.co told The Washington Post that he believes his websites were a key factor in the election of Donald Trump.值得注意的是,本年度传播假消息之首的网站域名当属“abcnews.com.co.在十一月的一次Verge的采访中,伊利诺伊州大学信息科学学院的Nicole A. Cooke教授引用了一个假新闻网站上的消息,这个假新闻网站使用的是危险和普遍的策略,即域名和真网站看上去只有微小的区别。他们让消息源从第一眼看上去具备真实性。管理abcnews.com.co的人告诉华盛顿邮报,他相信他的网站在特朗普大选期间充当了一个重要的因素。And, at random, some other highlights from the list:我们再来看看名单里一些其他的亮点:;Florida man dies in meth-lab explosion after lighting farts on fire;“佛罗里达一男子在毒品实验室放屁引发火灾,后死于爆炸”;President Obama Confirms He Will Refuse To Leave Office If Trump Is Elected;“奥巴马总统实,如果特朗普当选他将拒绝离开白宫”Van Full Of Illegals Shows Up To Vote Clinton At SIX Polling Places, Still Think Voter Fraud Is A Myth?一群非法投票人在六个投票点出现给希拉里投票,你们还以为选民骗局是假的吗?;Man shoots off his own penis taking selfies with gun;“一男子持自拍时不小心把自己JJ射了”“Girl Infects 586 Men With HIV On Purpose, Plans On Infecting 2,000 More Before 2017 - TRENDING” “一艾滋病女子故意传播艾滋病86名男子,计划017年之前传000人以上”You might want to hope that people shared these articles as a joke. I want to hope that. But we can’t: the analysis points to a recent BuzzFeed and Ipsos Public Affairs poll which found that 75 percent of Americans (84 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of Democrats) were easily tricked by fake headlines. What a fantastic year for fact-checking and rational thought and Mark Zuckerberg’s self-awareness.你可能希望分享这些文章的人是出于开玩笑,我也是这么想的。但是我们不能:这个分析指出,通过一个近期的BuzzFeed和Ipsos的公众事务民调显示,75%的美国人4%的共和党人以1%的民主党人)很容易就被假新闻的标题所欺骗。这是关于真实性调查、理性思维、扎克伯格的自我意识的梦幻一年。来 /201701/487110福建省福清市城头镇人流多少钱全部删除

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