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鲤城区妇幼保健医院可以刷医保卡吗泉州哪里查妇科好Finance and Economics;Inflation around the world;Parsing prices;财经;全球通胀;价格分析Rising inflation is not as worrisome as it appears, at least for now.通胀没有看上去那么可怕,至少现在如此。Inflation is back. Despite a weak recovery in much of the world, the threat of rising prices preoccupies policymakers and the public. Concerns are greatest in emerging markets. Inflation stands at 4.6% in China and 5.9% in Brazil; in India it is almost 10%, if below last years high. But it is on the rich worlds agenda, too (see chart).通胀回来了。尽管世界上大部分地区有略微的恢复,但是价格上涨的威胁仍萦绕在政策制定者和公众的心头。这种焦虑在新兴市场最为严重。中国通胀率维持在4.6%,巴西是5.9%,在印度,如果说通胀率比去年最高点低的话也达到了近10%。但是,通胀也提上了富国的议事日程。(见图)Euro-area inflation hit 2.4% in January, according to data out this week. Jean-Claude Trichet, the president of the European Central Bank, has been talking tough, recalling the ECBs July 2008 rate rise when concern over inflation trumped a wobbling economy. In Britain inflation has been above its 2% target since December and stood at 3.7% in December. Mervyn King, the governor of the Bank of England, gave warning in January that it will soon climb to 4-5%. Even in America, where inflation has been at historic lows, it jumped to 1.5% at the end of last year.根据本周发布的数据,欧元区1月份的通胀率达2.4%。欧洲中央行长让-克罗德·特里谢(Jean-Claude Trichet)回忆起欧洲央行2008年7月上调利率,那时通胀的忧虑超过了了摇摇欲坠的经济。在英国,通胀从年12月起通胀已超过其2%的目标,2010年12月保持在3.7%。英国央行行长默文·金(Mervyn King)1月警告通胀率很快就会攀升至4-5%。甚至在通胀率一直位于历史最低点的美国去年年底也上涨到1.5%。Much of the surge in inflation reflects dearer commodities. As well as oil and food, metals prices have been soaring: the price of copper hit a series of record highs this week. More expensive raw materials will work their way through the supply chain over the coming months, pushing up on inflation. Another part of the story in Europe is the effort to plug fiscal gaps by increasing VAT, a consumption tax. A hike in VAT at the start of the year will have driven prices higher in Britain in January.通胀的急剧上升反映出商品的日益昂贵。金属、油和食品价格一直飞涨:本周铜价创一系列历史最高。在未来几月,更多的昂贵的原材料会通过供应链推高通胀率。欧洲正增加增值税(一种消费税)以填补财政赤字。伦敦新年伊始增值税的增长将推动1月价格水平上涨。A rise in commodity prices or taxes has only a temporary effect on inflation, however, with the price rise dropping out of annual comparisons after a year. The stuff of nightmares for central bankers is that this leads to a more pernicious type of inflation. Price rises change expectations of inflation, leading workers to bid for wage increases that preserve their buying power and firms to push through price increases, generating a vicious spiral.然而,商品价格或税收的增长只能暂时影响通胀,因为一年后价格上涨将不具可比性。让央行行长们夜不能寐的是这将导致一种更恶性的通胀。价格上涨改变通胀预期,致使工人为维持购买力而要求涨工资,企业推动价格上涨,从而产生一个恶性工资——价格螺旋。These “second-round effects” are worth losing sleep over, but only when there is aly inflationary pressure in the wider economy, from a tight labour market and firms running factories at full pelt. Such overheating seems some way off for advanced economies. The unemployment rate is in double digits in the euro area, above 9% in America and 7.9% in Britain. Wage growth has been weak, running below 1% in the euro zone and at around 2% in America and Britain.只有劳动力市场紧缩,企业利用全部产能,致使在更大范围的经济已经存在通胀压力时,这些“第二轮效应”才值得人们为之辗转反侧。这种过热似乎对发达国家来说遥不可及。欧元区失业率达两位数,在美国超过9%,在英国超过7.9%。工资涨幅不大,欧元区不到1%,而美国和英国在2%左右。Inflation expectations have edged up a little in recent months. But even if workers expected inflation to let rip, they would be in a bind. Karen Ward of HS reckons anxious employees wont ask for more pay for fear that they will end up getting the sack instead.通胀预期在最近几个月已经略微加强。但是即使工人预期通胀会失控,他们仍无能为力。汇丰的Karen Ward估计,焦急的员工因为害怕被解雇而不会要求加薪。Rich-world economies are also running well below capacity. According to the OECD, in 2010 the G7 economies were anywhere between 2.4% (Japan) and 4.7% (Italy) below potential output. Such estimates are notoriously imprecise. But if the recovery had aly eliminated excess capacity they would be in the wrong city, not just the wrong ballpark.发达国家经济经济资源远未达到充分利用。根据经济合作发展组织(OECD),2010年七国集团经济实际产出低于潜在产出,差额为2.4%(日本)至4.7%(意大利)之间。那类估计十分不准确。但是如果复苏已经消除过剩产能,则错误之处就不仅是细枝末节而是大前提就错了。The story is very different in emerging economies. Many of these got back to their pre-crisis levels of output in . With capacity constraints starting to bite, underlying inflation is on the up. Households inflation expectations are also rising. In China they are at their highest for over a decade and there are signs of growing wage pressure. Higher wages are not, by themselves, a bad thing, especially in a country like China where pay has for years failed to keep pace with rapid productivity growth. The danger comes when loose monetary conditions and an overheating economy mean prices and wages chase each other upward.新兴市场的情况大为不同。很多新型经济体于年恢复到危机前的产出水平。产能水平开始起限制作用,通胀开始上升。居民的通胀预期也在增长。中国通胀已达十多年来最高水平出现工资上涨压力的迹象。更高工资本身并不是件坏事,尤其是在中国这样一个多年工资增长赶不上生产力增长的国家。但宽松的货币状况和过热的经济意味着价格和工资彼此追赶螺旋上升时,危险就来了。To prevent that, central bankers have been fighting back with higher interest rates and higher reserve requirements. The Brazilian and Indian central banks raised rates last month; in total, they have now hiked their policy rates by 2.5 and 1.75 percentage points respectively. Chinas central bank recently raised reserve requirements for the seventh time in a year.为了控制工资——价格螺旋上升,央行的家们一直通过加息和上调准备金率予以回击。上月巴西和印度央行上调利率;现在他们已经分别上调2.5个百分点和1.75个百分点。中国央行最近进行了年内第七次上调准备金率。For all that, monetary conditions remain extraordinarily loose. According to JPMorgan Chase, real policy rates in emerging economies—the official interest rate minus core consumer-price inflation—are at their lowest level since 2000. Core consumer-price inflation (which excludes food and energy prices) remains below its 2008 levels. But vigilance is needed. A continuation of booming growth and cheap money will cause trouble in the end.尽管有上述一切措施,货币状况依然十分宽松,根大通表示,新兴市场的实际利率(名义利率减核心消费价格通胀率)达到2000年以来的最低点。核心消费价格通胀率(不包括食品和能源价格)保持在2008年水平以下。但是警惕是需要的。最终,持续的经济过热和货币贬值将造成麻烦。 /201302/225122泉州双阳哪有妇科医院 Cnet.com/live is the way to find your favourite CNet tech shows, from the hottest gadgets to the latest tech news. We stream live 5 days a week at Cnet.com/live.Cnet.com的live频道帮你找到你最爱的科技资讯,从最热单品到最新科技,所有信息应有尽有,每周五期,尽在Cnet.com的live频道。Its Thursday, May 5th. Im Mark Licea. And its time to get loaded. You can now tune in Pandora to get your laughs. The Internet raido service is adding 10,000 comedy clips from more than 700 comedians into its library. Big names like Bill Cusby, Bob Newhart, Jerry Sanfield, and George Collin are a few on the list. The company says adding comedians to the library has been a long time requests from users. Similar to listening the music, comedy beats would be spliced in with audio Ads.今天是5月5日,周三。我是Mark Licea。是时候了解今天的最新资讯了。现在你可以收听Pandora来找点儿乐子。这项网络广播务精选了700多部戏剧,添加了其中的1万个喜剧片段。喜剧大师Bill Cusby,Bob Newhart,Jerry Sanfield和George Collin都只是其中一部分。这家公司表示,长久以来用户一直要求听到喜剧片段。和收听音乐的方式相近,喜剧片段中间也会插播广告。Google and Facebook are flirting with buying skype, business insider says Facebook Excs are considering a buyout or joint venture. This would give Facebook a fully fledged vedio products to build into their service. Google aly has a voice and vedio chat service. So their reasoning is less clear. Skype delayed its IPO earlier this year, and its rumored to be considering a buyout for three to four billion.谷歌和脸谱网正在竞争购买skype,内部人士透露脸谱网高层考虑全部买下或是注资skype。skype的加入会帮助脸谱网构建出一套成熟的视频产品以完善脸谱网目前的务。谷歌现已有语音和视频聊天的功能。因此,谷歌收购skype的意图并不明确。Skype推迟了今年首次公开募股的日期,有传言称skype将以30到40亿的价格出售。Warner Brothers is acquiring Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes. This comes just after Warner Brothers announced a digital everywhere app, slated to roll out in the summer. The app will let users organize and access to the vedio content from one place and Flixster Rotten Tomatoes could possiblely be part of the service. Warner Brothers insists that both Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster will continue to operate independantly.华纳兄弟电影公司正在收购Flixster和烂番茄网站。这正是在华纳兄弟宣布在今年夏天全面推广其电子应用后的一大举动。这款应用将允许用户轻松获取视频,而Flixster和烂番茄会是其中的一项务。华纳兄弟将坚持独立运行这两家网站。If you see links to vedios and photos of Osama Bin Ladens death, you aly know not to click on them. They are spam and clicking will download viruses onto your computer that will steal personal information. Now, hackers are using Osama Bin Ladens death to allure victims into click on these malicious links. But you know better.如果你看到了奥萨马·本·拉登之死的视频和图片链接,你一定知道不要去点击它。它们只是垃圾邮件,一旦点击,病毒就会自动下载到你的电脑中并盗取你的个人信息。现在,黑客利用本·拉登之死诱惑受害者点击这些恶意链接。但我们已经知道这个小把戏了。Buzz Noble is planning to release a new E-er at the end of the month. The Wall Street Journal got wind of an SEC filing speculating that the new device may be a tablet e-er hybrid, possiblely running Horneycom Android 3.0. But Cnets own David Cornell is saying that the most likely scenario is that the company will upgrade their lower priced E-N crater. And that the look colour wont get refreshed until the fall. We will know in a few weeks.Buzz Noble计划在本月末发售最新的电子阅读器。《华尔街日报》得到消息,新产品可能是平板电脑和电子阅读器的混合体,它有可能运行Horneycom Android 3.0系统。但Cnet的David Cornell表示,这家公司只是升级了其低价产品E-N crater。直到秋天为止,这家公司将不会更新产品颜色。不过几周后我们就会知道真相了。You may not have to plug in your iphone to update any longer, thats the latest rumor from 925 mac. Theyre reporting that Apple is working with Verizon to offer over-the-air updates similar to Android phones. No word on if this is happening with ATamp;T.你可能不用再插线更新iPhone了,这是来自925mac的最新消息。925mac称,苹果和威瑞森联手将推出和安卓手机相近的无线更新功能。不知道将来Atamp;T会不会也推出类似功能。Thats your news for the day. And that wraps up your week of getting loaded, remember we dont have a show on Fridays any more, So, well see you on Monday. Im Mark Licea with Cnet.com. And Youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的科技资讯。你已经了解到本周的最新资讯,周五我们将不再更新节目。我们周一见。我是Cnet.com的Mark Licea,感谢您的收看。CNet.com/live is the place to find your favourite Cnet tech shows from the hottest gadgets to the latest tech news. We stream live 5 days a week at Cnet.com/live.Cnet.com的live频道帮你找到你最爱的科技资讯,从最热单品到最新科技,所有信息应有尽有,每周五期,尽在Cnet.com的live频道。slate 预定,规划注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/209970泉州哪家做人流比较好

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泉州打胎比较佳期 Business商业Corporate fraud公司欺诈行为Mind your language谨言慎行How linguistic software helps companies catch crooks语言识别软件帮助公司擒获不法之徒IN THE film ;Superman 3;, a lowly computer programmer (played by Richard Pryor, pictured) embezzles a fat wad of money from his employer.在电影《超人3》中,一位地位低的电脑程序员(上图,理查德?普莱尔[Richard Pryor]饰演)盗走雇主一大笔钱。The boss laments that it will be hard to catch the thief, because ;he wont do a thing to call attention to himself. Unless, of course, he is a complete and utter moron.;老板悲伤至极,哀嚎着抓住窃贼可不容易,因为;窃贼可不会显露自己的踪迹,除非他完全是个十足的傻瓜。;Just then the thief screeches into the car park in a brand new red sports car, radio blaring.就在此时,窃贼溜到停车场,钻进一辆全新的红色跑车中,广播大声响起。In the real world, embezzlers are seldom so obvious.现实世界中,盗贼很少如此名目张胆。The traditional way to snare them is to hire an accountant to scrutinise accounts for anomalies.要抓到他们的传统方法就是雇佣一位会计,审查账户不正常交易。But this is like looking for a contact lens in a snowdrift.但是这就像是在飘雪中找寻隐形眼镜(大海捞针)。So firms are turning to linguistic software to narrow the search.因此,公司就借助语言识别软件来缩小搜查范围。Rip-offs tend to occur in what gumshoes call the ;fraud triangle;: where incentive, rationalisation and opportunity meet.盗窃常常出现于侦探所说的;诈骗三因素;,即动机、理由及机会三者相满足的时候。To spot staff with the incentive to steal (over and above the obvious fact that money is quite useful), anti-fraud software scans e-mails for evidence of money troubles.(除了找到急需用钱的明显事实外)为了识别有偷窃动机的员工,反欺诈侦破软件搜寻邮件寻找有财务问题的据。Phrases like ;under the gun; and ;make sales a; can indicate that an employee is desperate for a bit extra.或许像;债台高筑;与;限额销售;会表明有雇员急需一笔意外之财。Spotting rationalisation is harder.要找到合理的理由就更难。One technique is to identify those who seem unhappy about their jobs, since some may rationalise wrongdoing by telling themselves that their employer is an evil corporation that deserves to be ripped off.一种技巧就是找到似乎对自己的工作不满意的员工,因为有些人可能会告诉自己雇主是家品行不端的公司,遭到窃取利索应当,以此为自己的犯罪行为找到理由。Ernst amp; Young (Eamp;Y), a consultancy, offers software that purports to show an employees emotional state over time: spikes in trend-lines ing ;confused;, ;secretive; or ;angry; help investigators know whose e-mail to check, and when.安永会计师事务所多提供的软件据称可追踪雇员不同时间内的情绪变化:趋势线中的峰值显示;困惑;,;秘密;或;愤怒;,帮助调查者知道该检查谁的电子邮件,何时检查。Other software can help firms find potential malefactors moronic enough to gripe online, says Jean-Fran?ois Legault of Deloitte, another consultancy.还有其他软件可以帮助公司发现在网上抱怨的笨蛋,识别潜在罪犯,另一会计师事务所德勤的Jean-Fran?ois Legault说。To work well, linguistic software must adjust to the way different people talk.为了产生效果,语言识别软件必须根据不同人群的交谈方式调整侦测。For example, when software gurus at Eamp;Y looked at e-mails among financial traders, their first impression was that ;these guys hair is on fire,; recalls Vincent Walden, a fraudbuster at the firm. The e-mails were packed solid with swear-words.例如,安永公司的软件专家检查金融交易员彼此的电子邮件时,他们的第一反应就是;这些小伙子火气很大;,该公司的反欺诈专员文森特?瓦尔登(Vincent Walden)说。But this is how traders normally talk.这些电子邮件中特别多的污言秽语。It is when they go quiet that the software must prick up its electronic ears.但交易员通常就是这么讲话。反倒是在交易员安静无声的时候,该软件必须保持警惕。Dick Oehrle, the chief linguist on the project, explains how it works.该项目的首席语言学家Dick Oehrle特别讲解了该软件的工作原理。First, the algorithm digests a big bundle of e-mails to get used to employees language.首先,计算程序中输入众多电子邮件,以熟悉雇员的语言。Then human lawyers code the same e-mails, sorting things as irrelevant, relevant or serious.然后由人类律师将同类邮件分为;无关;,;相关;或;严重;等级别。The human feedback and the computers results are then reconciled, so the system gets smarter.人类反馈与电脑结果达成一致,那么这个系统就会变得灵巧。Mr Oehrle says the lawyers also learn from the computers (presumably such things as empathy and the difference between right and wrong).Oehrle先生说,律师也可通过电脑学习东西(例如移情、对错的区别这些都有可能)。To find employees with the opportunity to steal, the software looks for what snoops call ;out of band; events: messages such as ;call my mobile; or ;come by my office; suggest a desire to talk without being overheard.为了找到有盗窃机会的雇员,该软件搜寻侦探所说的;域外;情形:例如;打我电话;或;来我办公室;这类信息就表明不想谈话被听到。E-mails between an employee and an outsider that contain the words ;beer;, ;Facebook; or ;evening; can suggest a personal relationship.雇员与公司外的人之间的电子邮件含有;啤酒;、;Facebook;或;晚上;这类词汇就表明私交过密。Your e-mails may be aired in court您的电子邮件有可能作为成堂供物Financial Tracking Technologies, a firm based in Connecticut, goes a step further, making software that can go through calendar apps and travel-expense claims to determine who has come into contact with certain outside investors.总部位于康涅狄格州的金融追踪技术公司(Financial Tracking Technologies)跟进一步,做出的软件可以搜寻日历应用程序及出差报销单,以确认哪位成与某个外部投资商联系。This can be married with information about the timing of trades: for example, a short sale before the public release of bad news, says Tony Turner, the companys boss.该软件可与交易时机有关的信息联系到一起:如在坏消息公开之前抛售。该公司所有者托尼?特纳(Tony Turner)说。Or consider a broker who e-mails someone a question about the trading volume at which a certain stock would be likely to rise (or fall).或者审核交易员向某人发送邮件询问可能影响某只股票升(或跌)的交易数量。This might indicate an interest in manipulating the price.这就有可能表明有操纵价格的倾向。So the software will sift through other data to see if the broker would benefit, even indirectly, perhaps by increasing the value of a derivative in his personal portfolio, says Frederic Boulier, a Paris-based director of NICE Actimize, an American firm.因此该软件要过滤其他数据,以确定该交易员是否有可能(甚至是间接)通过增加个人投资组合中一个衍生品的价值来获利,总部位于巴黎的美国公司NICE Actimize的经理Frederic Boulier说。Employers without such technology are ;operating blind;, says Alton Sizemore, a former fraud detective at Americas FBI.侦测人员没有此类技术的协助就会;盲目操作;,一位前美国联邦调查局反欺诈探员奥尔顿?希斯莫尔(Alton Sizemore)说。They often pursue costly investigations based on hunches, which are usually wrong, he says.根据直觉进行的调查通常是错误的,而且耗费很高,他说。Mr Sizemore, who now works for Forensic/Strategic Solutions, an anti-fraud consultancy in Alabama, reckons that nearly all giant financial firms now run anti-fraud linguistic software, but fewer than half of medium-sized or small financial firms do.希斯莫尔先生先任职于总部位于阿拉巴马州的反欺诈咨询公司法庭/战略解决方案公司(Forensic/Strategic Solutions),他认为几乎所有大型金融公司现在都有反欺诈语言识别软件,但是投入力度仍不及中小型金融公司的一半。So there is plenty of room for growth.因此,此类软件还有很大的增长空间。NICE Actimize says its revenues are steadily rising, though it declines to give figures.NICE Actimize说该公司的收益逐年上升,但其拒绝提供数据。Prospective users typically pay for a single ;snapshot; search of 12 months of company records, according to APEX Analytix, a developer of the software in Greensboro, North Carolina.据位于北开罗莱纳州格林斯罗的软件开发商APEX Analytix称,潜在用户特别会购买公司全年12月数据;快照;搜寻的单一务。For a company with 10,000 employees, this costs about ,000.对一间有万名员工的公司来说,此项花费约4.5万美元。Unless a company is very small, evidence of fraud almost always surfaces, convincing clients to sign up for a yearly package that costs three or four times as much as a spot-check, says John Brocar of APEX Analytix.除非公司规模很小,使用软件欺诈的据总会查到,APEX Analytix公司的约翰?罗卡(John Brocar)意图说客户签购要比抽查贵两到三倍的全年软件包时说。Why spend the money?为什么要花这笔钱?Partly because no one likes to be ripped off.部分原因是没有公司愿意被窃取资产。But also because laws on bribery (which is harder to spot than theft) have grown tougher.而且也因为贿赂(这要比偷窃更难监察)监管法律越来越严厉。American bosses can in theory be jailed if their underlings grease palms.如果美国公司的老总们的下属有贿赂行为,理论上他们也会受刑。Jonas Dischl-Luell of AWK Group, a Swiss firm, sells software that scans e-mail addresses to see if any employees are in contact, even indirectly, with officials in corrupt governments.瑞士AKW集团的Jonas Dischl-Luell销售搜寻电子邮件地址,查看是否有员工与腐败政府的官员有往来,甚至是间接往来。If a company shows it has systems in place to detect this kind of thing, and starts investigating before outsiders do, it may have an easier time in court.如果一间公司明已安装侦查此类行为的系统,并在外部进行调查前已先行展开调查,那么在法庭上便有据可出,从容应对。 /201210/206854泉州新阳光妇科医院治疗宫颈炎好吗惠安县妇女儿童医院有四维彩超吗



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