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It was during a daily tussle with his three business partners over a flask of home-made aam panna — a traditional Indian drink concocted from raw green mangos — that Neeraj Kakkar had an inspiration that led to the creation of Paper Boat drinks.过去尼拉杰#8226;卡卡尔(Neeraj Kakkar)每天都和3个商业伙伴争抢一瓶自制的aam panna——一种用生的青芒果制作的传统印度饮料。正是在一次争抢中,他获得了灵感,最终创立了饮料品牌Paper Boat。A former Coca-Cola India manager, Mr Kakkar had set up his own drinks company two years earlier in 2010. But Hector Beverages was drifting. Its energy drink, Tzinga, was selling only moderately. Launching a western-inspired “vitamin water” seemed the next logical move. Until James Nuttall, Mr Kakkar’s American partner, asked where to buy aam panna — the distinctive sweet-and-sour mango cooler, made by the mother of one of the partners — for his own visiting parents.卡卡尔过去在可口可乐印度公司(Coca-Cola India)任经理,在Paper Boat问世前两年,也就是2010年,他就创立了自己的饮料公司Hector Beverages。但公司发展比较缓慢,旗下的能量饮料Tzinga销量一般。下一步似乎理应推出一款跟风西方的“维他命水”。直到卡卡尔的美国商业伙伴詹姆斯#8226;纳托尔(James Nuttall)问在哪里能买到aam panna,他想给自己过来探望的父母买一些。这种有独特酸甜口味的冷饮正是其中一位合作伙伴的母亲制作的。“We were flummoxed,” Mr Kakkar says. “We thought about it for some time and realised there is no aam panna available in this country. Talk of blind spots. You have been living here, working in the beverage industry, and the aam panna, which you like and which you fight over every day — nobody is making it, and it is available nowhere.”“我们当时非常迷惑,”卡卡尔说,“我们想了一段时间,然后意识到这个国家根本买不到aam panna。这就是所谓的盲点。你在这里生活,在饮料行业工作,而你爱喝的,并且每天争抢的aam panna——没有人制作,哪儿都买不到。”That was the origin of Paper Boat — Hector Beverages’ brand of traditional Indian drinks, which have been lapped up by affluent, urban Indian consumers since their launch in August 2013. Sold in sleek, single-serving flexible packaging — squashy bottles — Paper Boat drinks are available in 10 varieties — from the aam paana and jal jeera (cumin water) of north India, to the kokum, or wild mangosteen juice, popular in the southwestern coastal region.这就是Hector Beverages旗下传统印度饮料品牌Paper Boat的缘起——自2013年8月上市以来,Paper Boat便受到了富裕的印度城市消费者的热切欢迎。Paper Boat使用时尚的流线型一次性按压式软袋包装,从印度北部的aam paana和jal jeera(茴香水),到印度东南沿海地区流行的kokum(野山竹汁),共有10种口味可供选择。The indigenous beverages are reminders of a not-so-distant time when life in India was slower and less affected by globalisation. “We have hit on something,” says the ebullient Mr Kakkar, speaking in the lobby of a hotel in Gurgaon, on his way to his factory in rural Haryana. “The brand has some resonance with the people, the product has a lot of resonance with people, and there is a huge pipeline [of potential flavours] that is still untouched.”这些本土饮料勾起了人们对并不遥远的过去的回忆,那时全球化还没有对印度人的生活产生如此巨大的影响,人们的生活节奏更慢。“我们击中了某个点,”卡卡尔在古尔冈(Gurgaon)一家酒店的大堂里兴高采烈地说,他正要到位于哈里亚纳邦(Haryana)农村的工厂去,“这个牌子引起了人们的一些共鸣,这些饮料则引起了人们更多的共鸣,还有一大堆(口味)没开发呢。”India’s diverse culinary heritage inc#173;ludes many cooling drinks made from local fruits, spices, flowers and even pulses. Two decades ago, these drinks were everywhere: made at home, or by informal vendors, whose recipes were fiercely guarded. Today, they are rare treats. The vendors have disappeared, casualties of concerns about hyg#173;iene and the on#173;slaught of modern packaged drinks. Women, once the ones to make them at home, are today too busy — or don’t know how. “All these drinks are dying and they are dying at a very fast pace. But we can revive them,” he says.印度丰富多样的传统饮食包括很多用当地水果、香料、花朵甚至豆子制作的冷饮。20年前,这种饮料到处都有:家中可以自制,路边小贩也有售卖,配方都是密不外传的。如今,这些饮料都很稀罕了。人们对卫生问题的担忧,以及现代包装饮品的冲击,让那些小贩纷纷销声匿迹。以前女性会在家中制作这些饮料,现在她们则忙得无暇顾及——或者也不知道怎么制作了。“所有这些饮料都在消逝,而且速度非常快。但我们可以重振它们,”卡卡尔说。Traditional beverages were the last thing on his mind when he re#173;turned to India from Wharton business school in the US, in 2010. Once, he hoped his MBA would speed his rise at Coca-Cola. By now, he had a thirst for enterprise. But his ideas of what to sell were heavily influenced by his western experience.当他2010年从美国沃顿商学院(Wharton business school)回到印度时,从来没有考虑过传统饮料。他一度曾希望自己的MBA学历能够加速他在可口可乐公司的晋升。而这时,他对创业已有了浓厚的兴趣,但对于卖什么,他的想法却严重受到西方留学经历的影响。His first partner was former Coke colleague Suhas Misra, whose moth#173;er fatefully provided aam panna for his lunch. Their initial product, funded by savings, was a soya-based protein powder, which they peddled at gyms. “The hypothesis was: India is a large country, a vegetarian country with lots of malnutrition, so let’s start a protein powder,” Mr Kakkar says. “But nobody was buying it.”卡卡尔的第一位合作伙伴是之前在可口可乐公司的同事苏哈斯#8226;米斯拉(Suhas Misra)。犹如宿命一般,米斯拉的母亲在他的午餐里准备了aam panna。他们用自己的积蓄推出了第一款产品,是一款以大豆为主料的蛋白粉,在体育馆里推销。“当初的设想是:印度是一个大国,一个以素食为主的国家,营养不良的人非常多,所以咱们卖蛋白粉吧,”卡卡尔说,“但是没人买账。”Then at his Wharton graduation in May 2010 Mr Kakkar caught up with Mr Nuttall, who had worked on flexible pack#173;aging. Mr Kak#173;kar persuaded his old classmate to join Hector Beverages. The plan was to launch energy drinks, the world’s fastest-growing drink category, in flexible packaging.随后,2010年5月,在沃顿商学院的毕业典礼上,卡卡尔找到了在软包装领域工作的纳托尔。卡卡尔说了这位老同学加入Hector Beverages。他们计划推出软包装功能饮料,而功能饮料是世界上增长最快的饮料品种。By September 2010, Hector had rais#173;ed its first outside funds: m from Catamaran Ventures, the venture capital fund of Infosys founder NR Narayana Murthy, and from Footprint Ventures — both in Bangalore where Hector Beverages is now based. They had also brought in fourth partner Neeraj Biyani, also from Coke, for his strength in sales.到2010年9月,Hector已经募集到了第一笔外部资金:从Infosys创始人NR#8226;纳拉亚纳#8226;穆尔蒂(NR Narayana Murthy)创立的风险投资基金Catamaran Ventures,和Footprint Ventures募得了300万美元——这两家机构和Hector Beverages现在的总部都设在班加罗尔。他们还带来了同样来自可口可乐公司的第四位合作伙伴——长于销售的尼拉杰#8226;比亚尼(Neeraj Biyani)。Tzinga launched in March 2011, but uptake was slow. A year later, Mr Kak#173;kar had his aam panna epiphany. He began working with branding and des#173;ign consultancies to create the Paper Boat brand, with its evocative tagline “drinks and memories”, and its stylish packaging and website. The project was aided by m from a funding round led by Sequoia Capital in late 2012.2011年3月Tzinga上市,但推广缓慢。一年后,卡卡尔获得了aam panna的灵感。他开始同品牌和设计顾问合作打造Paper Boat这一品牌,设计了动人心弦的广告语“饮料与回忆”以及时尚的包装与网站。2012年底,该项目在红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)牵头的一轮融资中募得了800万美元,获得又一助力。But making the aam panna itself prov#173;ed tougher, as large amounts of green mangos were not commercially available, nor did Indian processors have the cap#173;acity to handle the hard green fruit. “Green mangos were available on the trees, but nobody was taking it from the tree. They are letting them ripen,” Mr Kakkar says.但是,事实明制作aam panna本身更加困难。因为无处买到大量的青芒果,印度的加工商也无法加工这种坚硬的青芒果。“树上倒是有青芒果,但是没人摘。他们要等果子成熟,” 卡卡尔说。So Paper Boat started with jal jeera, a mix of lemon juice and spices, and aamras, a ripe-mango smoothie. Test marketing began in 2013 in Delhi and Bangalore, and sales of the single-serving, Rs30 (Life#39;s pretty good these days for French economist Thomas Piketty, who spent Wednesday evening having his book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, lavishly praised by two of the world#39;s most famous economists -- Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz -- who just happen to own three Nobel Prizes between them.法国经济学家托马斯·皮凯蒂这些天来过得相当舒。上周三晚上,经济学家保罗·克鲁格曼和约瑟夫·斯蒂格利茨都高度评价了皮凯蒂撰写的《21世纪的资本》(Capital in the Twenty-First Century)——两人都属于全球经济学界最知名的群体,一共获得过三次诺贝尔经济学奖。Piketty would probably prefer that the book that is garnering him such attention were the bearer of better news. But economists don#39;t tend to gain renown by assuring the public that everything is A-Okay. That is certainly not the message of Capital, a 600-plus page work that convincingly warns ers that rising global wealth and income inequality over the past generation is actually the norm for capitalist economies, and that we should expect that trend to continue in the years to come.也许,皮凯蒂更愿意看到这本让他这么受关注的书给人们带来好一点儿的消息。但经济学家成名的原因往往不是告诉公众一切安好。这本600多页的书当然也不会传递出这样的信息——它以令人信的方式告诫读者,过去几十年中,全球财富和收入差距扩大的局面实际上就是资本主义经济的常态,而且今后这种趋势还会继续下去。The title of the book is an allusion to Karl Marx#39;s famous critique of capitalism, and Piketty#39;s analysis shows that Marx was right to believe that wealth concentration would inexorably increase in capitalist societies. Piketty draws upon work he and colleagues like Anthony Atkinson of Oxford and Emmanuel Saez of Berkeley have done in recent years to show that income and wealth inequality are increasing in the rich world, and to argue that the more egalitarian economic distribution seen after World War II was an anomaly that we can#39;t expect to return to unless we implement government policies to bring it about.这本书的题目效仿了卡尔o马克思著名的资本主义批判理论。马克思认为,资本主义社会的财富集中无可避免,皮凯蒂的分析明了这条思路的正确性。皮凯蒂采用了最近几年自己和同行们的研究成果,这些同行包括牛津(Oxford)大学教授安东尼o阿特金森和加州大学伯克利(Berkeley)分校教授艾曼努尔o赛斯。皮凯蒂用这些研究成果表明,富裕国家的收入和贫富差距正在拉大。他还指出,二战后经济领域的分配情况较为平均是一种反常现象,除非政府出台相关政策,否则这种局面就不会再次出现。A debate on Wednesday evening at CUNY#39;s The Graduate Center featuring Piketty, Krugman, Stiglitz, and University of Wisconsin economist Steven Durlauf helped distill some of the ideas presented in Capital, and to critique its weaker points.上周三晚上,纽约市立大学(CUNY)毕业生中心举行了一场辩论会,出席者包括皮凯蒂、克鲁格曼、斯蒂格利茨以及威斯康星大学(University of Wisconsin)经济学家史蒂文o杜尔拉夫。他们对《21世纪的资本》(Capital)中的部分观点进行了提炼,同时指出了它的不足之处。Piketty#39;s colleagues were quick to praise the book. Krugman lauded it as a ;unified field theory; of economics which joins together the study of economic growth, the distribution of income between capital and labor, and income inequality. Stiglitz was equally taken by the work, arguing that Americans would not be bothered by increased inequality if it were based on merit within a society that enables class mobility. But the U.S. is near the bottom when it comes to social mobility.皮凯蒂的同事们都积极评价这本书。克鲁格曼把它誉为经济学领域的“统一场理论”,并称其中的研究融合了经济增长、资本和劳动力之间的收入分配以及收入差距。斯蒂格利茨对这本书也持同样的观点。他说,美国实现了人们在各个阶层之间的流动,如果这本书以美国社会的这个优点为基础,就无法让美国人注意到贫富差距正在扩大。但美国的社会流动性接近全球最低水平。Durlauf played the role of the critic in the debate, poking holes in some of the more technical aspects of Piketty#39;s argument, like his dismissal of the ;marginal product theory; of wages (which basically asserts that a worker is paid based on his marginal contribution to a commercial enterprise) without suggesting some theory to replace it. He also suggested that Piketty should spend more time thinking about whether technology could be the reason, rather than capitalism itself, for growing disparities in wealth and income.杜尔拉夫充当了辩论会上的批评者,他从更为技术性的层面指出了皮凯蒂论述中的漏洞,比如皮凯蒂不同意工资的“边际产品理论”(这项理论的基本内容是,工人得到的报酬取决于他们对商业企业的边际贡献),但他没有提出其他理论来予以替代。杜尔拉夫还说,皮凯蒂应该花更多的时间来探讨造成贫富和收入差距拉大的原因是否应该是技术,而不是资本主义本身。This critique, like those that have been offered by conservative economists Greg Mankiw and Kevin Hassett, doesn#39;t do anything to challenge the evidence that pre-tax income and wealth inequality is growing very quickly in the rich world. Mankiw, for instance, has argued that things like government subsidies, social security, and welfare have increased people#39;s after-tax income, so Piketty#39;s evidence of rising inequality shouldn#39;t be taken seriously. But such programs just show that the government is aly responding to increased inequality by redistributing wealth.和保守派经济学家格雷格·曼昆以及凯文·哈西特提出的观点一样,杜尔拉夫的意见丝毫不能改变这样一个事实,那就是,富裕国家的税前收入和贫富差距正在迅速扩大。举例来说,曼昆认为政府补贴、社会保障和福利等因素提高了人们的税后收入,因此,皮凯蒂列举的贫富差距拉大据不应该受到重视。但这些因素恰恰表明,政府已经开始通过重新分配财富来解决贫富差距扩大的问题。The most interesting argument against Piketty#39;s idea that a global wealth tax is needed to combat inequality comes from Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute. He points out that the rise in inequality in the wealthy world over the past generation has been matched by similarly striking reductions in global inequality, and if we are studying this issue on a global scale, this reduction in inequality makes the need for a global wealth tax seem unnecessary. Hassett also believes it#39;s important for those of us in the developed world to not take a self-centered view of global capitalism, and that we should be hesitant to mess with a system that has brought so many people out of poverty over the past 30 years.皮凯蒂认为,需要通过在全球范围内征收财富税来缩小贫富差距。对此,来自美国企业研究所(American Enterprise Institute)的凯文o哈西特提出了最有意思的反驳意见。哈西特指出,过去二、三十年来,全球贫富差距缩小的幅度和富裕国家贫富差距拉大的幅度相仿,如果在全球范围内研究这个问题,那么在贫富差距缩小的情况下似乎没有必要征收财富税。哈西特还认为,要点在于,发达国家的人们不要以自身为中心来观察整个资本主义世界,他们不应该忽视这样一个事实,那就是30年来资本主义体制让如此之多的人摆脱了贫困。But none of Piketty#39;s critics have been able to disprove the rise in pre-tax wealth and income inequality on a national level. Capital, in other words, has shifted the debate from the question of whether inequality is a problem to what exactly we should do about it.但对皮凯蒂的所有批评都没能明各个国家的税前收入和贫富差距没有扩大。换句话说,这本书已经让争论的焦点从贫富差距是否带来了问题发生了转变,变成了我们究竟应该怎么应对贫富差距。 /201405/301278.5), drinks have been rising in big Indian cities ever since: “Within a few months, we realised we are sitting on a good thing,” says Mr Kakkar, who declines to reveal turnover.因此,Paper Boat以用柠檬汁混着香料的jal jeera(茴香水)和用熟芒果汁调制的aamras起步,于2013年在德里和班加罗尔试卖,每袋售价30卢比(合0.5美元)。此后Paper Boat饮料在印度大城市的销量一路攀升:“只过了几个月,我们就认识到自己坐在一座金矿上,”卡卡尔说。他拒绝透露销售额。In 2014, Paper Boat was able to launch aam panna, using 150 tons of the raw fruit. But the struggle was an early taste of the biggest challenge facing the business: the supply chain management of sourcing ingredients.2014年,Paper Boat使用150吨生芒果推出了第一批aam panna。但这次努力让他们首次感受到Paper Boat面临的最大挑战:原料采购的供应链管理。Each traditional drink uses different ingredients, including fruits that grow wild, such as kokum and jamun. By working with fruit processors, and issuing forward contracts, Hector Beverages has persuaded some farmers to cultivate the fruits to ensure a stable supply.每一种传统饮料的原料都不同,其中包括野生水果,比如野山竹和堇宝莲果(jamun)。通过与水果加工商合作,签订远期合同,Hector Beverages说了一些农民培育这些水果,来保稳定的供应。“Every product has its own challenge in terms of the supply chain,” Mr Kakkar says, adding that young staff have been able to tackle these seemingly impossible challenges. “If you give it to young people, they do not understand what is possible, and what is not.”卡卡尔说:“就供应链而言,每一款产品都有各自的挑战。”他补充道,年轻的员工解决了这些看上去不可能解决的挑战,“如果你交给年轻人,他们不知道什么是可能,什么是不可能。”Hector Beverages, which has about 300 employees, up from 150 before the Paper Boat brand launched, struggled to keep pace with demand for its new drinks last year, says Mr Kakkar. Until this month, it had just one factory, capable of making 2m units a month. But it is now starting production at a new .6m factory that can turn out an additional 6m drink packs a month.在推出Paper Boat品牌之前,Hector Beverages有150名员工,现在员工人数增长到300名。去年,公司曾难以跟上其新饮料的需求增长步伐。直到本月,Hector Beverages只有一家工厂,每月能生产200万袋饮料。但现在,投入360万美元的新工厂开始生产,每月能多生产600万袋饮料。Of the founding quartet, two have exited the venture: Mr Nuttall returned to the US for family reasons, and Mr Misra left last year to pursue a higher degree. Mr Kakkar remains as the driving force focused on expanding in India, and perhaps to other countries with indigenous beverage traditions threatened by globalisation.四位创始人中,有两位已经离开:纳托尔由于家庭原因返回了美国,米斯拉去年离开去攻读更高的学位。卡卡尔依然是驱动力,专注于在印度市场做大,也许将来还会拓展到其他本土饮料传统受全球化威胁的国家。“Right now we are Paper Boat drinks and memories of India,” he says. “But at some stage, we can be Paper Boat drinks and memories of the world.”“目前,我们是Paper Boat饮料、印度的回忆,”他说,“但在某天,我们可能成为Paper Boat饮料、世界的回忆。” /201503/364016SAVANNAH, GA.佐治亚州萨凡纳市(SAVANNAH, GA.)WHAT: A riverfront contemporary with three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms待售房产:一栋带有三间卧室和三间半浴室的河滨当代住宅HOW MUCH: ,975,000价格:197.5万美元(约合人民币1226万元)SIZE: 6,364 square feet大小:6364平方英尺(约591平方米)PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT: 0每平方英尺单价:310美元(每平方米约合人民币2.1万元)SETTING: This house is on Modena Island, about 20 miles from downtown Savannah. According to the listing agent, the community is gated and has about 20 houses sited amid live oaks and saltwater marshes. Modena Island is a part of Skidaway Island, which has an oceanography research facility operated by the University of Georgia and a large state park.周边环境:这栋房屋坐落在德纳岛(Modena Island),距萨凡纳市中心大约20英里(约32公里)。据该房源的代理人说,该社区设有门禁,在栎树丛与咸水湿地之间坐落着大约20栋房屋。德纳岛是斯基达韦岛(Skidaway Island)的一部分,岛上有一座由佐治亚大学的海洋学研究所和一座大型州立公园。INDOORS: The two-story stucco contemporary was built in 2005. The interior is an airy open space; white walls contrast with red tile floors. Walls of sliding glass doors face live oaks and marshland on the Wilmington River.室内环境:这栋灰泥粉饰的两层楼当代住宅建于2005年。屋内是通风的开敞式空间设计;白色墙壁与红色瓷砖地面形成了对比。屋内有几扇推拉门正对着威尔明顿河(Wilmington River)边的栎树林和湿地。Common areas include two living rooms, both with walls of glass opening to a patio and an in-ground pool. Ceilings rise as high as 28 feet; doors throughout are Spanish cedar. Among the stainless-steel kitchen appliances are a Fisher amp; Paykel range and two Sub-Zero refrigerators, as well as steel cabinets and sinks. A breakfast bar separates the kitchen from the dining area, which also opens to the patio and pool.屋内的公共区域包括了两间起居室,室内有几面玻璃墙,可通往一处露台和一座入地式游泳池。房屋中天花板的高度为28英尺(约8.5米);所有房门都是用西班牙雪松木做的。厨房里的不锈钢电器包括一台斐雪派克(Fisher amp; Paykel)的炉灶和两台Sub-Zero的冰箱,还有不锈钢的橱柜和水槽。厨房与进餐区之间由一个早餐吧台分开,这间餐厅也通往露台和游泳池。Bedrooms are up a curving staircase. A loft-like library overlooks the central atrium. Walls of glass in the master suite and its en-suite bathroom take in acres of marshland. The suite opens to a sun deck on the water side of the house. Both other bedrooms also have en-suite bathrooms. The lower level is finished as a gym, with a half bath and a garage with space for several cars.走上一段旋转楼梯就是几间卧室。中间有一处阁楼式的书房俯瞰着中庭。主卧套间和配套的浴室内有几面玻璃墙可以观赏数英亩湿地的景色。这个套间通往该房屋临水一侧的一个阳光平台。另外两间卧室也带有配套的浴室。底层已全部装修,用作健身房,并带有一间无洗浴功能的卫生间和一间可停放几辆车的车库。OUTDOOR SPACE: The property is just shy of an acre and a half.户外空间:该房产占地面积接近1.5英亩(约6070平方米)。TAXES: Approximately ,866 in 2014税:2014年约为16866美元(约合人民币10.8万元)CONTACT: Staci Donegan and Peter Westley, Celia Dunn Sotheby’s International Realty, (912) 247-2052 / (912) 660-5169; celiadunnsir.com联系方式:Staci Donegan and Peter Westley, Celia Dunn Sotheby’s International Realty, (912) 247-2052 / (912) 660-5169; celiadunnsir.comSTONINGTON, CONN.康涅狄格州斯托宁顿(STONINGTON, CONN.)WHAT: A Greek Revival with four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms待售房产:一栋带有四间卧室与四间半浴室的希腊复兴式房屋HOW MUCH: ,050,000价格:205万美元(约合人民币1312万元)SIZE: 3,073 square feet大小:3073平方英尺(约286平方米)PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT: 7每平方英尺单价:667美元(每平方米约合人民币4.6万元)SETTING: Stonington is on Little Narragansett Bay in southeastern Connecticut, about an hour by car from Hartford and Providence, R.I., and three hours from New York City. Once a busy harbor with a long maritime history, the town remains home to a commercial fishing fleet, several historic districts of Colonial and Federal houses and a healthy sailing community. There’s a small public beach at the tip of town and another, much larger one in Watch Hill, R.I., about a 20-minute drive away. This Greek Revival house, with the requisite Ionic columns and a fan window in its pediment, is in the center of town.周边环境:斯托宁顿位于康涅狄格州东南部的小纳拉甘西特湾(Little Narragansett Bay),从哈特福特(Hartford)和罗德岛的普罗维登斯(Providence, R.I.)开车约1小时可达,从纽约市开车约3小时。这里曾是一个具有悠久历史的繁忙港口,至今仍然保留着一商业船队,有几个分布着殖民式和联邦式建筑的历史区,以及一个繁荣的航海社区。在该镇的一端有个小型的公共海滩,而在另一端罗德岛的沃奇·希尔(Watch Hill)则有个大得多的海滩,开车大约20分钟可到。这栋希腊复兴式房屋带有此类建筑必不可少的爱奥尼亚柱和山形墙上的扇骨半圆窗,房屋就坐落在市镇中心。INDOORS: This house was completed around 1848 and last updated in 2008. The front door has a transom and sidelights of red glass etched with a leaf motif. The first floor has a large living room with crown molding and two fireplaces, one of which warms the formal dining area. Off the living room is a family room with raised wall paneling, a wet bar and another dining area. French doors open to a slate patio. Several rooms have views of Little Narragansett Bay.室内环境:这栋房屋在1848年前后建成,上次翻修是在2008年。房屋前门上方有一扇气窗,侧灯的红色玻璃上蚀刻有叶形花纹。屋内一楼有一间带有顶冠装饰板条和两座壁炉的大客厅,其中的一座壁炉给这间正式的餐厅区供暖。客厅外是一间家庭室,内有凸起的护壁板、一个带有水槽的吧台和另一处餐厅区。那扇法式双开门通往一处铺着石板的露台。有些房间可观赏小纳拉甘西特湾的景观。Also on the first floor is a library with dark paneling, as well as a fireplace. The kitchen is outfitted with granite countertops, tile surrounds, stainless-steel appliances and a checkered floor. French doors open to a patio.一楼还有一间书房,这间房有黑色的护壁板,还有一座壁炉。厨房里有花岗岩台面,四周墙面贴有瓷砖,并配了一些不锈钢的电器,地上铺着方格地板。这里的法式双开门通往一处露台。Two bedrooms are on the second floor, including the master, which is part of a suite with a fireplace, a walk-in closet and a balcony overlooking the bay. An office down the hall also opens to the balcony. The other bedrooms are on the third floor. One overlooks the bay through the pediment’s fan window.两间卧室位于二楼,其中包括主卧,该卧室是一个大套间的一部分,这个套间里还有一座壁炉、一间步入式衣帽间和一座可俯瞰海湾的阳台。走廊边的一间办公室也通往这座阳台。其他的卧室都在三楼。其中有一间可通过山墙上的扇骨半圆窗俯瞰海湾。OUTDOOR SPACE: Steps down from the patio is a walled garden with a lawn and a fountain. The property is 0.10 acre.户外空间:从这座露台往下走几步就是一座带有草坪和喷泉、围着围墙的花园。这处房产面积0.10英亩(约405平方米)。TAXES: Approximately ,036 a year税:每年大约18036美元(约合人民币11.5万元)。CONTACT: Kathy Michalove, Seaboard Properties, (860) 535-8364; seaboardpropertiesre.com联系方式:Kathy Michalove, Seaboard Properties, (860) 535-8364; seaboardpropertiesre.comMINNEAPOLIS明尼阿波利斯(MINNEAPOLIS)WHAT: A house with three bedrooms, two full bathrooms and two half-bathrooms待售房产:一栋带有三间卧室、两间全功能浴室和两间半功能浴室的房屋HOW MUCH: ,975,000价格:197.5万元(约合人民币1264万元)SIZE: 5,003 square feet total大小:5003平方英尺(约465平方米)PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT: 5每平方英尺单价:395美元(每平方米约合人民币2.7万元)SETTING: This house is in Kenwood, a neighborhood of 19th- and 20th-century Tudors, Mediterraneans, Victorians and colonial-style houses between Cedar Lake and Lake of the Isles, in the city’s Chain of Lakes. Roads are curving; sidewalks are lined with maple and ash trees. According to the listing agent, many of the neighborhood’s older houses have been restored, while houses built within the last 30 years have been torn down and replaced.周边环境:这栋房屋位于Kenwood社区,该社区分布着19至20世纪的都铎式、地中海式、维多利亚式和殖民地风格的建筑,在明尼阿波利斯市湖链区(Chain of Lakes)的锡达湖(Cedar Lake)与群岛湖(Lake of the Isles)之间。这里的道路蜿蜒曲折;人行道两边排列着枫树和白蜡树。据该房源的代理说,该社区许多较老的房屋都已翻修过,而近30年内建造的房屋都推倒重建了。A network of walking and biking trails leads to other lakeside neighborhoods and to downtown, which is about 15 minutes by bicycle and 10 by car. The Walker Art Center and other museums are nearby. Hockey and skating are popular on the lakes in winter; canoeing, swimming and fishing in the summer.这里有一些散步和骑行的小径可通往其他的湖滨社区以及市中心,骑车去市中心15分钟可达,开车10分钟。附近有步行者艺术中心(Walker Art Center)和几座物馆。冬天湖上很多人玩冰球和滑冰运动;夏天则流行划独木舟、游泳和钓鱼。INDOORS: The two-story house, of brick and stucco with a ceramic tile roof, was designed by Dorr amp; Dorr, completed in 1916 and renovated over the last 15 years. The style is part Prairie, part Arts and Crafts, employing clean lines, open space, elegant woodwork and colored glass. Renovations were done by Joseph Metzler of Sala Architects in Minneapolis.室内环境:这栋砖砌结构、灰泥粉饰并铺着瓷砖屋顶的两层楼房屋由Dorr amp; Dorr公司设计,于1916年完工,近15年内曾经翻修。该房屋采用了半牧场、半工匠艺术的设计风格,运用了简洁的线条、开敞式空间、典雅的木制品和色玻璃等设计。翻修工程由明尼阿波利斯市Sala建筑公司的约瑟夫·麦茨勒(Joseph Metzler)完成。The house is on a slight hill above the street. Its entry is a large glassed porch with a brick floor and walls of windows facing the lake. The renovation preserved coffered ceilings and the abundant use of wood in the original part of the house. The floor plan is open, and nearly every room has views of the lake through picture windows.这栋房屋坐落在街道上的一处小山丘上。房屋的入口处是一个大玻璃门廊,有砖砌的地面和对着湖的玻璃窗墙。翻修工程保留了花格镶板的天花板和原建筑部分大量运用的木材。其布局规划是开敞式设计,几乎每个房间都可以从观景窗看见湖景。The kitchen addition, about 40 feet long, was designed to be in keeping with the original house, with intricate ceiling woodwork and several colored-glass panels by Century Studios, a Minneapolis company that secured its glass from the Chicago manufacturer used by Frank Lloyd Wright. Stainless-steel appliances include a five-foot-wide range and a Sub-Zero refrigerator. The dining area opens to a back patio through 10-foot-tall glass doors.这间增加的厨房大约40英尺长(约12米),风格与原建筑保持一致,内有复杂的天花板木制结构和几处由世纪工作室(Century Studios)设计的色玻璃板,该工作室是明尼阿波利斯市的一家公司,其玻璃确保来自弗兰克·劳埃德·赖特(Frank Lloyd Wright)曾指定的那家芝加哥制造商。厨房里的不锈钢电器包括一台五英尺宽(约1.5米)的炉灶和一台Sub-zero的冰箱。餐厅区经由10英尺高(约3米)的玻璃门通往屋后的一处露台。Also downstairs, there’s an octagonal den with a barrel-vaulted ceiling, walls of glass and a built-in bench seat. The room is wired for surround sound. The three bedrooms are upstairs; all have lake views.楼下还有一间八边形的小房间,内有筒形穹顶天花板,几面玻璃墙和一条嵌壁式长凳座椅。这个房间配备了环绕立体声。三间卧室都在楼上,全都带有湖景。OUTDOOR SPACE: The house is on a fifth of an acre, landscaped by the New York firm Landgarden. The Japanese-style gardens in front make use of native plants. There’s also a back patio and yard, with a second Japanese garden.户外空间:这栋房屋占地面积五分之一英亩(约809平方米)由纽约公司Landgarden负责景观设计。房屋前面的这座日式花园中采用了当地的植物。这栋房屋后面还有一处露台和院子,那里还有一座日式花园。TAXES: Approximately ,684 a year税:每年大约41684美元(约26.7万元)CONTACT: Debbie McNally, Lakes Sotheby’s International Realty, (612) 388-1790; debbiemcnally.com联系方式:Debbie McNally, Lakes Sotheby’s International Realty, (612) 388-1790; debbiemcnally.com /201509/397252

Tomalley may be harmful蟹黄有可能对人身体有害Tomalley of crabs, favored by Chinese Americans, may be harmful to health because of industrial contamination, according to New York State Department of Health.纽约州卫生部表示,受工业污染影响,华裔最爱的蟹黄可能损害健康。The department released a Blue Crab Cooking amp; Eating Guide, which advises crab lovers to remove the tomalley of crabs before eating, because this is where PCBs , dioxin and heavy metals concentrate. Do not reuse the cooking liquid for sauces, soups or stews; roughly 80% of the PCBs found in crabs move into the cooking liquid during steaming/boiling, said the guide.纽约州卫生部近日发布了一份;蓝蟹烹饪和食用指南;,其中建议爱吃蟹的人在吃之前要去掉蟹黄,因为蟹黄是氯联苯(PCB)、二恶英和重金属的富集处。该指南还指出,蟹子中约80%的PCB会在蒸煮过程中进入汤汁,所以不要再把这些汤汁重复用于酱汁调味、做汤或炖煮中。 /201506/379097

  For years, French, Italian and American luxury brands have thrived as China’s middle class developed a taste for high-end fashion and jewelry.这几年,随着中国中产阶层逐渐迷上高档时装和珠宝,来自法国、意大利和美国的众多奢侈品牌在中国发展得红红火火。But that sales boom is ebbing based on the disappointing results many Western luxury retailers have reported of late, though much suggests this slowdown will be short-lived.但这种销售热潮正在消减,近来多家西方奢侈品零售商发布的令人失望的业绩就是明。尽管也有很多迹象表明,这种放缓只是暂时的。Last year, Chinese luxury sales fell 1% compared to 2013 at 115 billion RMB (.5 billion at current rates), according to a report by Bain amp; Co. A slowing Chinese economy and a government crackdown on graft and gift-giving that was particularly brutal on the watch industry is mostly to blame.据贝恩咨询公司统计,去年中国的奢侈品销售额比2013年下降了1%,跌至1150亿元人民币。中国经济放缓以及政府打击贪污腐败和送礼之风对手表行业的影响尤其明显,也是奢侈品销量走低的主要原因所在。French luxury brand Hermès said watch sales fell 11% in large part because of China, and the company is expecting overall growth this year to remain slow compared to recent averages. Meanwhile, Prada said it expects the tough times for luxury to continue after its China sales fell 4% in 2014.法国奢侈品牌爱马仕表示,其腕表部门销售业绩去年下滑了11%,很大程度上受中国奢侈品市场萎缩影响。该公司预计,与近年平均水平相比,2015年的整体增长将依然缓慢。普拉达2014年中国市场的销售业绩则下滑了4%,其预计今年奢侈品牌依旧面临艰难处境。At the same time, Hermès, known for its highly coveted Birkin bags and horse-themed silk scarves that go for thousands of dollars each, has continued to expand its stores in China. That includes its flagship Maison Hermès in Shanghai a few months ago.然而,以铂金包和丝巾等闻名的爱马仕一直在中国持续增设门店,就在几个月前,它在上海的新旗舰店——爱马仕之家开张。Why? Because there is ample data to suggest that luxury’s current slowdown in China is but a speed bump.这一切是为什么?因为有充分数据表明,当前中国的奢侈品销售只是遇到了一个“减速带”。According to a new report by the Economic Intelligence sponsored by Citigroup, China’s wealthy will have double the assets of their U.S counterpart within five years. By 2020, the financial assets of Chinese worth 0,000 to million will reach trillion, compared to trillion in the ed States, according to the report.由花旗委托经济学人智库完成一份新研究报告称,五年内,中国富人拥有的资产将是美国富人的两倍。该报告指出,到2020年,身家在10万到200万美元的中国人拥有的金融资产总额将达53万亿美元,而美国仅为27万亿美元。That means a lot of people will be wanting to shop at Prada, Gucci and Tiffany amp; Co TIF 0.35% and buying expensive Estée Lauder EL 0.58% beauty products. And such companies are happy to oblige.也就是说,有很多人会想去普拉达、Gucci和蒂芙尼店里去购物,以及购买昂贵的雅诗兰黛美妆产品。这些公司对此乐意之至。Fashion company Michael Kors KORS -0.25% , which is just getting started with its China expansion, recently said sales there are “starting to take hold.” Kors’ archrival Coach COH 0.17% , which plans several new stores in China, saw its sales there rise 13% in its most recent quarter. Tiffany is full steam ahead with its China expansion despite disappointing numbers over the holidays at its Hong Kong stores, a favorite haunt of mainland customers.刚着手在中国扩张业务的时装公司Michael Kors最近表示,其在华销售业绩“开始稳定下来”。这家公司的劲敌Coach则计划在中国新开几家门店,它最新一个季度的在华销售额增长了13%。另外,尽管深受内地游客喜爱的蒂芙尼香港门店的假期销售数字未达到预期,但它依然在全速推进在华扩张计划。Other Western companies, including non-luxury brands, also have big plans for China. Gap Inc GPS -0.58% , whose brands include Old Navy, plans to open 40 new stores in China this year, while Ralph Lauren RL -0.10% sees China as one of its “greatest” markets on the back of double-digit sales growth last year.其他一些非奢侈品牌的西方公司也准备在中国大展拳脚。拥有Old Navy等品牌的Gap公司计划今年在中国新开40家门店。拉尔夫o劳伦去年在中国实现了两位数的销售增长,眼下将中国视为其“最至关重要”的市场之一。So it’s clear that any Chinese slowdown is seen by luxury and retail executives as a blip.显然,对奢侈品牌和零售业高层来说,中国市场放缓只是一个暂时的变化。“China’s prestige beauty growth remains at high single digits, and we see widesp opportunity to enter additional cities, doors and channels, and launch more brands,” Estée Lauder CEO Fabrizio Freda said last month.雅诗兰黛首席执行官法布里吉奥o弗里达上个月说,“中国高档美容产品市场仍保持着高单位数增长,我们看到这里遍布机会,可以进入更多的城市,建立新的门店和销售渠道,并推出更多品牌。” /201504/367998

  Are you addicted to your smartphone?你对你的手机上瘾吗A new study from Iowa State University has identified some of the central aspects of nomophobia - that#39;s ;no mobile phone; phobia.爱荷华州立大学最近总结出;无手机恐惧症;的主要特点。The four basic symptoms of nomophobia are: not being able to communicate, losing connectedness, not being able to access information and giving up convenience.;无手机恐惧症;的四个主要担忧是:不能交流、与世界失去联系、不能获取资讯以及不能享用智能手机带来的便利。;iPhones are capable of becoming an extension of our selves such that when separated, we experience a lessening of #39;self#39; and a negative physiological state,; Russell Clayton, a doctoral candidate and the study#39;s lead author, said in a statement.本次研究的主要负责人、在读士罗素·克莱顿在声明中表示:;我们已经把iPhone视为身体的延伸,一旦与它分开,我们会觉得#39;自我#39;少了一部分,感到生理不适。; /201505/377723。

  Cynics earn less愤世嫉俗者赚钱少People who take a dim view of the world and those around them earn less, research shows.一项研究发现,对于世界和周围人们持悲观看法的人,赚的钱更少。The difference is far from insubstantial, with the most cynical taking home 5 a month less, on average, than the most trusting types.这一区别非常明显:那些最愤世嫉俗的人,比最信任他人的人平均月薪少305美元(约合1892元人民币)。Employees who believe others to be exploitative and dishonest are likely to avoid collaborative projects and to forgo the related opportunities, said a psychologist at the University of Cologne in Germany.德国科隆大学一位心理学家表示:那些认为别人会利用自己、别人都不可靠的雇员,倾向于避开合作项目,从而放弃相关机会。People who hold a more benevolent view of human nature, in contrast, are more likely to benefit from joining forces with others, he said.相比之下,对人性看法更乐观的人们,则更容易在与他人的合作过程中获益。 /201506/379307

  There is no shortage of critics who confidently attribute China’s rise to the forceful intervention of the state in the economy. But the ranks of policy makers and commentators decrying Beijing’s brand of state capitalism are wrong – and, worse, they risk provoking short-sighted and counterproductive responses.坚信中国崛起缘于国家强势干预经济的批评人士为数不少,由政策制定者和员们组成的这些批评者强烈谴责北京奉行的国家资本主义。但他们的观点是错误的,而更糟的是,他们可能引发短视和毫无建设性的回应。The reality is that China’s rapid economic ascent is the result of the expanding role of the market and the rise of private businesses. Private companies now account for more than two-thirds of output, up from nothing when reform began in 1978, in an economy that has expanded 25 times in real terms. They account for almost all employment growth in the same period. Private companies are also increasingly the leading contributors to export growth.现实情况是,中国经济快速崛起是市场角色不断扩大和私营企业壮大的结果。在一个实际规模扩大了25倍的经济体中,私营企业贡献的产出比例,从1978年中国开始改革时的零,升至如今的逾三分之二。同期几乎所有的就业增长均来自私营企业。私营企业还日益成为出口增长的主要贡献因素。State companies’ shrinking role has been particularly rapid in manufacturing, which opened up to competition from private businesses in the 1980s. State enterprises’ share of output in the sector is now only a fifth, compared with four-fifths in 1978. Conventional wisdom says state industrial companies have enjoyed a resurgence since the onset of the global financial crisis. In fact, the growth in output of private businesses since 2008 has averaged 18 per cent, twice the pace of expansion of state businesses.中国国有企业的角色,在制造业收缩得尤其快——中国的制造业在上世纪80年代向私营企业放开了竞争。国企在制造业所占产出份额现在只有五分之一,而在1978年则有五分之四。人们普遍认为,自全球金融危机爆发以来,中国国有工业企业如今已经复兴。实际上,自2008年以来私营企业产出年均增长18%,是国企扩张速度的两倍。Underlying the relatively poor performance of state industrial companies is low productivity. Most investment is financed with retained earnings – so private industrial businesses, with a return on assets more than twice that of state companies, can expand more rapidly. This is reinforced by the increasingly commercial behaviour of mostly state-owned banks: in recent years they have lent almost twice as much to private as to state companies.国有工业企业相对疲弱表现的深层根源在于生产率低下。大多数投资资金来自留存利润,因此资产回报率是国企两倍多的私营工业企业能够更为迅速地扩张。大多数国有的行为日益商业化,让私企更加如鱼得水:在最近几年里,它们向私企发放的贷款几乎是发放给国企的两倍。China’s industrial policy is perhaps exemplified best by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, created in 2003 to oversee the largest state-owned non-financial enterprises. Critics say it favours state companies in an attempt to create national champions that are larger, more powerful and more profitable. But this has failed: the return on assets of Sasac’s companies has plummeted since 2007, and is now below half their cost of capital.创建于2003年、监督各大国有非金融企业的中国国有资产监督管理委员会(SASAC)或许是中国工业政策的最佳体现。批评人士称,国资委青睐大型国企,力图创建更大、更强、更加盈利丰厚的国家冠军企业。但这种努力失败了:自2007年以来国资委监督企业的资产回报率大幅下降,现在还不到其资本成本的一半。The disparity between state and private companies is evident even in the steel industry, identified by Sasac as one industry in which Beijing was to maintain relatively strong control. This seemed an easy task in the mid-2000s, when state companies produced half of all steel output and their efficiency matched that of private companies. But when the annual growth in output fell to an average of just 9 per cent after 2006, compared with its average pace of more than 20 per cent earlier in the decade, state companies’ returns fell sharply. By 2012 they were in the red, and their share of production had fallen below a third. In contrast, the return on assets of private steel companies rose after 2006, reaching a peak of over 10 per cent in 2011 before declining slightly. With private steel companies investing more than twice as much as their state counterparts, their rising output share will continue.即便在被国资委确认为北京要保持相对强有力控制的钢铁行业,也体现出国企和私企之间的差距。在2005年,这似乎是一个轻松的任务:当时全国一半的钢铁由国企生产,它们的效率与私企相当。但是在2006年以后的几年里,年均产出增长率降至9%(该十年的头几年平均增长率超过20%),国企回报率大幅下降。到2012年,它们出现了亏损,产量份额下降至三分之一以下。相比之下,私营钢铁企业的资产回报率在2006年之后出现上升,在2011年达到逾10%的峰值后略有下降。由于私营钢企的投资是国企的两倍,它们的产量份额仍会继续上升。The exception to the rise of private business is in finance, telecoms and other high-tech business services, as well as in upstream oil and gas. In manufacturing, private companies now account for seven times more investment than state ones. But in services the share of state companies’ investment exceeds that of private companies and has declined only very slightly in recent years. Yet the productivity differential favours private service providers by a margin of two to one over state enterprises, suggesting a substantial misallocation of capital.私营企业兴起的例外是在金融、电信、其他高科技商业务行业,以及油气行业的上游领域。在制造业,私企现在的投资份额是国企的7倍。但在务业,国企投资份额超过私企,近几年只是略有下降。然而,私营务提供商的生产率比国企高出一倍,这表明资本配置严重不当。The footprint of state companies is shrinking but, because they earn far less than their cost of capital, they remain a drag on growth. If China enacts economic reforms announced last year – particularly eliminating all but natural monopolies such as power distribution – and making the market the decisive factor in the allocation of resources, private businesses will displace state enterprises in services. That would allow China to sustain a relatively high rate of growth and thus to continue its role as a leading driver of global growth. Those who make policies and predictions based on a fundamental misunderstanding of China’s ascent are likely to miss out.中国国企的地盘正在缩小,但因为它们的利润远低于资本成本,它们依然拖累了增长。如果中国实施去年宣布的经济改革(尤其是打破除电网等自然垄断业务以外的一切垄断),让市场成为资源配置的决定性因素,私企将取代国企在务业的角色。这将让中国保持相对高速的经济增长,从而继续其作为全球增长主要驱动因素的角色。那些对中国崛起有着根本性误解并据此制定政策和作出预测的人很可能错失机遇。The writer is a fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and#8201;author of ‘Markets over Mao: The Rise of Private Business in China’注:本文作者是彼得森国际经济研究所(Peterson Institute)研究员,著有《市场高于毛泽东:中国私营企业的崛起》(Markets over Mao, the Rise of Private Business in China)一书。 /201409/328354

  After decades of decline, the share of mothers who stay home with their children has steadily risen over the last several years, a new report has found. 一项新的报告发现,经过了几十年的下降之后,过去几年待在家中照顾孩子的妈妈所占的比例在稳步上升。In 2012, 29% of all mothers with children under age 18 stayed at home, a figure that has steadily risen since 1999 when 23% of mothers were stay-at-home, the Pew Research Center reported Tuesday. The share of stay-at-home moms had been dropping since 1967, when about half of all moms stayed home. Associated PressPew Research Center周二发布的这份报告显示,2012年,在家有18岁以下孩子的所有妈妈中,有29%的妈妈待在家中照顾孩子,这一比例较1999年的23%有稳步上升。在1967年,全职妈妈所占的比例大约为50%,此后该比例一直在下降。Pew attributed the rise of stay-at-home mothers to a mix of demographic, economic and societal factors. The vast majority of married stay-at-home mothers, 85%, say they are doing so by choice in order to care for their families. That rate is much lower for single stay-at-home mothers, at 41%, and cohabitating mothers, at 64%. Pew将全职妈妈占比上升归因于人口结构、经济和社会等多种因素。在已婚的全职妈妈中,称自己是为了照顾家庭而选择待在家中的全职妈妈占了绝大多数,比例为85%,而在单亲全职妈妈和同居的全职妈妈中,这一比例要低得多,分别为41%和64%。The report also found a drop in women working because of the recession, a trend that has lingered as the economy recovers. Pew cited an increase in immigrant families, for whom it is more common to have a mother stay at home with her children, and an increase in the number of women who said they were disabled and unable to work. 该报告还发现经济衰退导致参加工作的女性减少,这一趋势在经济复苏期间仍在持续。Pew将这归因于移民家庭的增加,在这样的家庭中,妈妈留在家中照顾孩子更为普遍。Pew认为,这还因为自称有残疾和无法工作的女性在增加。A companion public opinion survey by Pew, from 2013, found that mothers are much more likely than fathers to have reduced work hours, take a significant amount of time off, quit a job or, by a small margin, turn down a promotion in order to care for a child or family member. Pew said 42% of mothers said they had reduced their work hours to care for a child or family member, versus 28% of fathers. Pew在2013年同时进行的一项民意调查发现,和爸爸相比,妈妈减少工作时间、请长假以及离职的可能性要大得多,妈妈也比爸爸更有可能(尽管差距不是很大)为了照顾孩子或家庭成员而拒绝升职。Pew称,42%的妈妈说,她们为了照顾孩子或家庭成员而减少了工作时间,而这样做的爸爸只占28%。A second Pew survey, taken this year, found most in the general public think that children are better off with a parent at home: 60% said children are better off with a parent at home, versus 35% who said kids are just as well off when parents work. Pew在今年进行的第二项调查发现,公众大多认为父母有一方待在家中的孩子过得更好:持这一观点的公众占到了60%,但35%的公众认为父母都外出工作的孩子过得同样好。The survey of 3,341 people was conducted in January and February. Groups most likely to say kids are better off with a parent at home include Hispanics, people with a high school degree or less and evangelical Christians, the report said. 这项针对3,341名受访者的调查是在1、2月份进行的。该报告称,最有可能认为父母有一方待在家中的孩子过得更好的群体包括西班牙裔、学历仅为高中或更低的人群以及福音派基督教徒。The Pew analysis of trends for stay-at-home moms is based on an analysis of data from the Census Bureau#39;s Current Population Survey. It defines stay-at-home mothers as those who say they are staying home in order to care for their children, as well as those who are not able to find work, are disabled or are enrolled in school. Pew依据对美国人口普查局当期人口调查(Current Population Survey)的数据进行的分析来全职妈妈的趋势。Pew对全职妈妈的定义为自称是为了照顾孩子而待在家中以及找不到工作、残疾或在校就读的妈妈。#39;This has important implications for the day to day lives of children,#39; said D#39;Vera Cohn, the report#39;s author. 该报告的作者科恩(D#39;Vera Cohn)表示,全职妈妈的趋势对孩子的日常生活有重要意义。The share of stay-at-home mothers is now higher than it was during the recession in 2008, when it reached 26%. About 6% of moms say they are home because they can#39;t find a job, up from just 1% in 2000. 目前全职妈妈所占的比例已高于2008年经济衰退时的26%。约有6%的妈妈称,她们待在家里是因为找不到工作,而在2000年,这一比例只有1%。The report didn#39;t find lots more college-educated mothers dropping out of the workforce to spend time with their kids. In 2000, 20% of college-educated mothers were at home, compared to 2012 when it was 21%. Ms. Cohn said college-educated workers have done much better in the economy, helping to explain why they might stay in the workforce. 该报告发现为照顾孩子放弃工作的受过高等教育的妈妈并没有大幅增加。2000年,有20%的受过高等教育的妈妈待在家中,而2012年,该比例为21%。科恩表示,受过高等教育的职工更能适应经济形势,这也帮助解释了这些职工为何可能留在职场。The report also looked at how stay-at-home versus working moms use their time. Those at home spend more time on housework (23 hours per week versus 14 for working mothers), child care (18 hours vs. 11), leisure (31 hours vs. 22) and sleep (63 hours vs. 58 for working mothers). 该报告还研究了全职妈妈和有工作的妈妈是如何利用时间的。全职妈妈在家务事、照顾孩子、休闲和睡眠上花的时间更多。全职妈妈每周在家务事上花的时间为23个小时,有工作的妈妈则为14个小时。全职妈妈和有工作的妈妈每周在照顾孩子上花的时间分别为18和11个小时,二者在休闲上的时间分别为31和22个小时,用于睡眠的时间分别为63和58个小时。 /201404/292059




  Award-winning CBS News correspondent Bob Simon, who covered many of the world#39;s major conflict zones over a five-decade career, was killed Wednesday night in a car crash in New York City. He was 73 years old.美国哥伦比亚广播公司(CBS)资深记者鲍勃#8226;西蒙星期三晚上在纽约市死于车祸,终年73岁。西蒙在50多年的新闻生涯中,曾在世界各地做过大量战地报道,并多次获奖。Authorities say Simon was a passenger in a car that struck another vehicle, then veered into metal barriers separating traffic lanes.纽约警方说,西蒙当时乘坐的一辆轿车冲撞了另一辆车后,转向撞上了金属交通隔离栏。Simon joined CBS News in 1967, covering campus demonstrations and inner city riots. His time as a war correspondent began in 1971, when he was sent to Saigon at the height of the Vietnam War, and was on one of the last helicopters to leave the besieged city as the U.S. withdrew in 1975.西蒙1967年加入哥伦比亚广播公司,曾报道过校园抗议和内城骚乱等重要事件。1971年,他在越南战争期间,作为战地记者前往西贡。1975年美军从越南撤离时,他乘坐最后一架直升机离开被围困的西贡。Simon spent 20 years as CBS News#39; chief Middle East correspondent beginning in 1987. He and three of his colleagues were captured by Iraqi forces at the start of the Persian Gulf War in January 1991, and spent 40 days in captivity. He also covered conflicts in Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia and Portugal.自1987年起,西蒙在20年间任CBS驻中东首席记者。1991年1月海湾战争刚刚爆发时,他与3名同事被伊拉克军方扣押了40天。他还报道过北爱尔兰、南斯拉夫和葡萄牙的冲突事件。He later became a regular correspondent for the network#39;s news magazine show ;60 Minutes; and its short-lived spinoff, ;60 Minutes II.; Simon won numerous prestigious journalism awards during his career, including 27 Emmys.他后来成为CBS新闻杂志节目《60分钟》及其时间不长的续集《60分钟II》的常任记者。西蒙在其新闻生涯中获得过大量奖项,其中包括27项艾美奖。 /201502/360365


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