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泉州医院可以做药流么泉州第一市整形医院QQSo, you can either choose to use those opportunities 你可以选择使用这些机会to continue fighting the fights that weve been locked in for decades 继续数十年来人类之间持续的冲突和斗争or you can choose to reject those old divisions 你也可以选择摒弃这些旧的分化and embrace folks with a different point of view 拥抱具有不同见解的人们And if you do that, the latter 如果你按照后面那种做法做了who knows where it might take you 可以预计 你被引往何方more importantly, where it might take our country更重要的 我们的国家会被引往何方So, those are my three questions 这就是我的三个问题Who do you want to be? 你想成为谁How will you serve others? 你将如何务他人And who will you include in your lives? 以及你生命中将包含谁And let me just share just a little secret before I end 在结束演讲之前 请允许我分享一点秘籍As someone who has hired and managed hundreds of young people over the course of my career作为曾经招募并管理过成百上千位年轻人的人the answers to those questions, believe 我负责任地告诉你们 以上问题的me are far more important than you can ever imagine 肯定比你们想象的要重要得多Whether it was during my time as a lawyer, as an administrator at a University 不管我是作为律师 作为学校管理者a nonprofit manager, even now as First Lady作为非盈利机构管理者 还是现在作为第一夫人I have never once ask someone I was interviewing 我从来就没要求过我所面试的人to explain a test score or a grade in a class 解释一次考试的分数或一门课的成绩Never从未有过201603/433597南安人民医院时间作息 For years, I had resisted medication, making many, many efforts to get off.这些年来,我一直反对用药,为此会付出一切。I felt that if I could manage without medication,我感觉到我不用药物也可以保持I could prove that, after all, I wasnt really mentally ill, it was some terrible mistake.我想要明,毕竟我精神上没问题,只不过是诊断上犯得错误而已My motto was the less medicine, the less defective.我的理念是药越少,瑕疵就越少My L.A. analyst, Dr. Kaplan, was urging me just to stay on medication and get on with my life,我的分析师Kaplan士,当时劝我坚持药并且就这样生活下去but I decided I wanted to make one last college try to get off.但是我决定我想要最最后一次尝试Quoting from the text:从文中引用:;I started the reduction of my meds, and within a short time I began feeling the effects.;我开始减少我的用药量,而在短时间之内,我就感觉到了一些变化After returning from a trip to Oxford, I marched into Kaplans office,在从牛津旅行回来后,我冲进了Kaplan的办公室,headed straight for the corner, crouched down, covered my face, and began shaking.冲向角落,蹲了下来,捂住我的脸,开始颤抖All around me I sensed evil beings poised with daggers.在我周围我感觉到了拿了匕首的恶魔Theyd slice me up in thin slices or make me swallow hot coals.他们把我切成了碎片,或者让我吞下滚烫的煤球Kaplan would later describe me as writhing in agony.Kaplan后来把我当时情景描述为;在撕心裂肺的痛苦中蠕动;Even in this state, what he accurately described as acutely and forwardly psychotic,即使在这个状态下,他准确地描述为急性神经病I refused to take more medication.我拒绝用更多的药物The mission is not yet complete.因为任务还没有完成Immediately after the appointment with Kaplan,在与Kaplan的面会结束后,I went to see Dr. Marder, a schizophrenia expert who was following me for medication side effects.我去看了Marder医生,一位精神分裂症专家,他是负责观察我用药的副作用的He was under the impression that I had a mild psychotic illness.他觉得我可能有一定程度上的精神分裂Once in his office, I sat on his couch, folded over, and began muttering.一次在他的办公室,我坐在沙发上,蜷缩起来,然后开始喃喃自语Head explosions and people trying to kill.;头破血流,人们试图杀戮,Is it okay if I totally trash your office?我能不能把你的办公室彻底当垃圾处理?;You need to leave if you think youre going to do that, said Marder.;如果你那么想的话,你需要现在离开.; Marder说Okay. Small. Fire on ice. Tell them not to kill me. ;好吧.小一点.在冰上的火.告诉他们不要杀我.Tell them not to kill me. What have I done wrong?告诉他们不要杀我.我做错什么了?Hundreds of thousands with thoughts, interdiction.成百上千个想法被封锁Elyn, do you feel like youre dangerous to yourself or others?Elyn,你是不是觉得你对自己或他人很危险?I think you need to be in the hospital.我认为你应该待在医院里I could get you admitted right away, and the whole thing could be very discrete.我可以现在就让你被容纳进来,整个事情会变得十分分散.;Ha, ha, ha. Youre offering to put me in hospitals?哈哈哈,你想把我放在医院里?Hospitals are bad, theyre mad, theyre sad.医院是不好的,它们都疯了,它们都十分难过One must stay away. Im God, or I used to be.任何一个人都得远离医院.我就是上帝,或者我以前是.At that point in the text, where I said ;Im God, or I used to be,;在那个情况下,当我说;我是上帝,或者我以前是;的时候,my husband made a marginal note.我的丈夫在边上记了一笔He said, ;Did you quit or were you fired?;他问:;那你是退出了还是被开除了?;;I give life and I take it away.;我创造生命然后我拿走他们,Forgive me, for I know not what I do.原谅我吧,因为我不知道该做什么.;Eventually, I broke down in front of friends, and everybody convinced me to take more medication.最后,我在朋友面前倒塌了,然后每个人都想说我去继续用药物I could no longer deny the truth, and I could not change it.我再也不能否定事实了,而且我无法改变这样一个事实The wall that kept me, Elyn, Professor Saks,那堵隔离我,Elyn还有Saks教授的墙separate from that insane woman hospitalized years past, lay smashed and in ruins.;与那个疯女人住院的年头所隔离,在废墟中倒塌.;201603/433222福建妇幼保健医院男科医生

石狮市医院子宫肥大That was me in front of our house in Monson, Massachusetts last June.那个就是我,在麻省的Monson,我们的房子前面,After an EF3 tornado ripped straight through our town and took parts of our roof off,一股EF3级龙卷风袭击了这里,掀翻了我们的屋顶I decided to stay in Massachusetts instead of pursuing the masters program我决定留在麻省,而不是去读硕士I had moved my boxes home that afternoon for.那个下午我已把经箱子搬回了家So, on June 1st we werent disaster experts, but on June 3rd we started faking it.6月1号时我们还不是灾难专家,但从3号我们就假装是了This experience changed our lives.这段经历改变了我们的生活And now were trying to change the experience.现在我们要努力去改变它So tornadoes dont happen in Massachusetts.龙卷风一般不会袭击麻省And I was cleverly standing in the front yard when one came over the hill.当时我正灵巧地站在前院,一个龙卷风从山丘上刮来After a lamppost flew by, my family and I sprinted into the basement.一个路灯杆在身边飞过,我和家人迅速冲进了地下室Trees were thrown against the house, the windows exploded.树木呗吹向房子,砸碎玻璃When we finally got out the back door, transformers were burning in the street.当我们终于从后门出去的时候,一些多变压器在街上燃烧So I was here in Boston.我当时就在波士顿Im a PhD student at MIT, and I happen to study atmospheric science.我是一个MIT的士生,我碰巧是学大气环境科学的Actually it gets weirder.巧合还不止这些So I was in the museum of science at the time the tornado hit, playing with the tornado display.龙卷风来袭的时候,我在科学物馆玩模拟龙卷风的仪器So I missed her call.所以我没接到她的电话So I get the call from Caitria, I hear the news,Caitria给我打来电话,告诉了我消息,and I start tracking the radar online to call the family back when another supercell was forming in their area.于是我开始在网上观察雷达图像,当又一个漏斗云形成的时候,叫家里人回去And I drove home late that night with batteries and ice.之后我带着电池和冰块连夜开车回家We live across the street from an historic church that had lost its very iconic steeple in the storm.我家对面是一个老教堂,它标志性的尖顶被大风吹走了It had become a community gathering place overnight.一夜之间成了附近居民的避难所The town hall and the police department had also suffered direct hits,市政厅和警察局也遭到破坏and so people wanting to help or needing information went to the church.因此需要帮助和消息的人们去了教堂We walked up to the church because we heard that they had hot meals,我们去了教堂,因为听说他们没饭吃but when we arrived we found problems.不过到了那儿却发现些问题There were a couple large, sweaty men with chainsaws standing in the center of the church,有几个汗津津的壮汉拿着电锯,站在教堂中间but nobody knew where to send them because no one knew the extent of the damage yet.但是没人知道让他们去哪里,因为还不知道破坏有多严重And as we watched, they became frustrated and left to go find somebody to help on their own.我们看着他们很沮丧地离开了,去找一些他们可以帮助的人So we started organizing.于是我们开始组织大家Why? It had to be done. We found Pastor Bob and offered to give the response some infrastructure.因为总得有人去做。我们找到了Pastor Bob,他主动去帮助修复基础设施And then armed with just two laptops and one AirCard, we built a recovery machine.之后带着两个笔记本电脑和一张AirCard (注:AirCard是一种无线网卡),我们组建了一个重建机器That was a tornado, and everyones heading to the church to drop things off and volunteer.那是个龙卷风,每个人都去教堂去放下些物资,志愿帮助大家Everyones donating clothing.每个人都在捐衣We should really inventory the donations that are piling up here.我们应该把这些捐来的东西储存起来Yeah, and we need a hotline. Can you make a Google Voice number?没错,我们需要一条热线。你能不能弄个谷歌电话的号码Yeah, sure. And we need to tell people what not to bring.没问题。我们还需要告诉人们不该带什么Ill make a Facebook account. Can you print fliers for the neighborhoods?我去创建一个Facebook帐户,你能把那些传单打印出来吗?Yeah, but we dont even know what houses are accepting help at this point.好。不过我们不知到现在哪些房子会接受帮助We need to canvas and send out volunteers.我们需要做个调查,然后派出志愿者We need to tell people what not to bring.我们需要告诉人们不要带什么Hey, theres a news truck. Ill tell them.看,那儿有个新闻车,我去告诉他们You got my number off the news?你是从新闻上看到我号码的?We dont need any more freezers.我们的冷柜已经够用了The insurance wont cover it? You need a crew to tar your roof? Six packs of juice boxes arriving in one hour?保险公司不赔偿这个? 你需要一队人去重新刷你的房顶? 六箱果汁还有一小时就到?Someone get me Post-its!谁帮我把便利贴拿来!And then the rest of the community figured out that we had answers.后来其余的邻居们发现我们心里有数I can donate three water heaters, but someone needs to come pick them up.我可以捐3个热水器,不过需要有人来把它们拿走My car is in my living room.我的车在客厅里My boyscout troop would like to rebuild 12 mailboxes.我的童子军能做12个邮箱The puppys missing, and insurance just doesnt cover the chimneys.有只小不见了,保险公司不担保烟囱My church group of 50 would like housing and meals for a week while we repair properties.我50人的教堂小队能在大家重建家园时,提供一周的住所和食物You sent me to that place on Washington Street yesterday, and now Im covered in poison ivy.你昨天把我送到华盛顿街的那个地方,现在我浑身都是毒葛So this is what filled our days.这些充实了我们的日子We had to learn how to answer questions quickly and to solve problems in about a minute or less,我们必须学会如和快速找到方法,然后在1分钟内解决问题because otherwise something more urgent would come up, and it just wouldnt get done.否则会出现更紧急的情况,于是问题永远解决不了201605/443864晋江人民医院治疗妇科怎么样 【中文这样说】我喜欢绿颜色【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style: I like green color.American Style: I like green.因为 green 就能表示绿色的意思所以不能再加上color /200604/6472泉州人流医院哪个最好

泉州哪个医院做卵巢囊肿手术比较好 Well, we chose the second option, and language is the result.我们选了第二条路,语言就是产物Language evolved to solve the crisis of visual theft.语言的进化解决了观察性窃取的危机Language is a piece of social technology for enhancing the benefits of cooperation语言是社会技术用于加强合作的益处for reaching agreements, for striking deals and for coordinating our activities.达成共识,买卖交易以及协调活动And you can see that, in a developing society that was beginning to acquire language,你可以看到,处于发展中形态的社会刚刚开始习得语言not having language would be a like a bird without wings.还没有完全掌握就像一个没有翅膀的鸟儿Just as wings open up this sphere of air for birds to exploit,就像翅膀之于鸟儿扇动空气去探索天空language opened up the sphere of cooperation for humans to exploit.语言之于人类开启合作来探索未来And we take this utterly for granted, because were a species that is so at home with language,我们以为这是理所当然,因为我们是纯熟掌握语言的物种but you have to realize that even the simplest acts of exchange that we engage in are utterly dependent upon language.但是你应当意识到,甚至我们最简单的交换行为也完全依赖于语言And to see why, consider two scenarios from early in our evolution.为了弄清为什么,请假想进化早期的两个场景Lets imagine that you are really good at making arrowheads,假设你擅长制造箭头but youre hopeless at making the wooden shafts with the flight feathers attached.但是完全不会制造嵌着飞羽的箭杆Two other people you know are very good at making the wooden shafts,你知道另外两人擅长制箭杆but theyre hopeless at making the arrowheads.但他们不会造箭头So what you do is -- one of those people has not really acquired language yet.那么,那两人中一个还没真正学会使用语言And lets pretend the other one is good at language skills.另外一个熟练语言技巧So what you do one day is you take a pile of arrowheads,有一天你带了一堆箭头and you walk up to the one that cant speak very well,去找那个不太会说话的人and you put the arrowheads down in front of him,你把箭头放在他面前hoping that hell get the idea that you want to trade your arrowheads for finished arrows.希望他明白你想用箭头交换做好的箭But he looks at the pile of arrowheads, thinks theyre a gift, picks them up, smiles and walks off.但他看着一堆箭头,以为是礼物,就捡起来冲你一笑就走了Now you pursue this guy, gesticulating.你追上他连比带划地解释A scuffle ensues and you get stabbed with one of your own arrowheads.结果打起来了,被他用你自己的箭头捅伤了Okay, now replay this scene now, and youre approaching the one who has language.好的,现在再重复这个场景,你去找有语言的那个人You put down your arrowheads and say, ;Id like to trade these arrowheads for finished arrows. Ill split you 50/50.;你放下箭头说,“我想用这些跟你交换做好的箭,我们对半分”The other one says, ;Fine. Looks good to me. Well do that.; Now the job is done.那人说:“没问题。就这么办。”交易做成了。201701/489554泉州市妇幼保健医院几点上下班泉州新阳光医院看病好不好



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