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Inflation's real costAs the price of flour, milk and rice increases, Americans find that inflation forces them to dig deeper into their wallets.Welcome back Issue No. 1 here on CNN. You hear the word "inflation" all the time. Now here, my definition as what inflation is: It's a persistent substantial rise in the general level of price related to an increase in the volume of money and results in the loss of currency value. If you are still with me, that may be the book definition, but to you it really just means that times can be tougher and your wallet is a bit tighter now than it was a year ago, 'cause things cost more. Our senior correspondent and inflation expert Allan Chernoff is here with more and he comes up with increasingly creative ways to explain to us, how inflation affects us, Allan.Well, it's certainly we are getting squeezed, but it's much worse than what the government is telling us. The government is saying that the consumer price index has risen by four percent over the past 12 months. Well, let's have a look at some of the items that we buy very often in the grocery store. First of all, flour, over the past years, flour up by 14%, rice and pasta 13%, milk up 13% as well. The fact is when we go to the grocery store, we are paying increases that are much, much higher than the consumer price index is telling. And then, why is it that the government number of four percent, and I, I, if I had hair I'd pull it out every time I see this number because the bottom line is we know that the things are costing us more, why does the number not reflect this?The problem here the reason is that the way the consumer price index is calculated, these items that we buy almost everyday, flour, rice, they don't count for very much in this CPI. Let's have a look at some of these numbers. Flour accounts for less than one twentieth of one percent of the consumer price index. Rice and pasta one-tenths of one percent, milk three-tenths of one percent. It really doesn't add up to very much, in fact, food that we buy to bring into our own kitchens total accounts for less than 8% of the consumer price index.When in reality we spend more on that than we do you've pointed this out, computers haven’t increased in price as much, or apparel. But we don't, we, when time is too tight , you gotta buy the food, it is disproportionate depending on who you are and what's your spending patterns are, there are other things that have gone up a lot more and that also doesn't help the calculation. Totally, and this is very true for one area where we saw astronomical increases over the winter time. Fuel oil, people who have to heat their homes with fuel oil, the price for that for the past year up 48%, natural gas which is more prevalent, the increase was not quite as bad. Let's see how these are counted in the consumer price index if you look the percentage of the consumer price index, you see fuel oil where we had a huge increase accounts for only two-tenths of one percent of the CPI, virtually nothing. Natural gas, because so many more people use it, accounts for one percent of the CPI. Five times that, yeah. Yes, but the increase for natural gas as we saw was far lower than for fuel oil. That's why some people really feel the squeeze of inflation, others not quite as bad.Here in the northeast, for instance, we use fuel oil a lot for our heating in parts of the mid-west, other parts of the country the primary heating source for heating air-conditioning is natural gas. So it's a different effect it has on your budget. A really good topic! Thank you, Allan, for staying on top of that for us.02/61609McCain Looks to Regain Momentum in US Presidential Race奥巴马势不可挡?麦凯恩欲转乾坤  Republican presidential candidate John McCain campaigned in the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado Friday, hoping to turn his political fortunes around with only 10 days before Election Day. 共和党总统候选人约翰·麦凯恩星期五在落基山的科罗拉多州竞选,希望在大选举行前的十来天里能够扭转政治乾坤。At a rally in Denver, John McCain warned that the middle class would suffer economically if Barack Obama is elected president next month along with a Congress with an expanded Democratic majority. 在丹佛举行的竞选集会上,参议员麦凯恩警告说,如果奥巴马下个月当选总统,而同时民主党扩大在国会中的多数席位,美国的中产阶级将会受到经济上的损失。McCain also cited the prediction of Obama's vice presidential running mate, Senator Joe Biden, that Obama will be tested by an international crisis early in his term if he wins on November 4. 麦凯恩还援引奥巴马的副总统候选人,参议员拜登的预测说,如果奥巴马赢得11月4日的美国总统大选,他将在总统任期的初期就受到一场国际危机的考验。"I will not be a president that needs to be tested," he said. "I have been tested, and Senator Obama hasn't!" 麦凯恩说:“我不会成为一个需要经过检验的总统。我一直在经受检验,而参议员奥巴马却没有!”Protestors briefly interrupted McCain's speech. McCain responded that voters want Americans to stop shouting at each other. 示威者短暂地打断麦凯恩的讲话。麦凯恩回答说,选民希望美国人不要大声攻击对方。"You know, a lot of times the people come and yell, and they yell about the war in Iraq," he said. "I want to tell you, my friends, we will bring our troops home, but we will bring them home in honor and victory, we won't bring them home in defeat!" 麦凯恩说:“你知道,有很多次人们到这里来,大声喊叫。他们针对伊拉克战争大声叫嚷。我要告诉你们,我的朋友们,我们将会把我们的部队撤回来,但我们将让他们把荣誉和胜利带回家中,我们不会让他们把失败带回家中!”McCain is looking to regain momentum in Colorado and several other so-called swing or battleground states that will determine who wins the election. 麦凯恩正在科罗拉多州和其他几个所谓的摇摆不定或者竞争激烈的战场州恢复前进动力,这些州将决定哪位候选人入主白宫。Several recent polls suggest Obama has big leads over McCain in several important states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. 最近的一些民意调查显示奥巴马已经在若干大州领先于麦凯恩,包括宾夕法尼亚,俄亥俄,密西根和印第安纳州。Obama was off the campaign trail Friday, visiting his ailing grandmother in Hawaii. His wife, Michelle Obama, filled in for her husband during a campaign rally in Ohio. 奥巴马星期五中断了竞选,去夏威夷探望他生病的祖母。他的妻子米歇尔·奥巴马在俄亥俄州的一个竞选集会代替丈夫发表讲话。"I come here as a wife, who, first and foremost loves her husband, and I've watched him perform and grow, and I know, after being so close to him and seeing his abilities up close, I know in my heart, with absolutely no hesitation, that he will be an extraordinary president," she said. "That I know." 奥巴马夫人米歇尔说:“我以妻子的身份来到这里。我首先爱自己的丈夫,我亲眼目睹他的表现和成长,我知道,由于我如此接近他,能够在近距离看到他的能力,我从心底明白,并且毫不犹豫地认定,他将是一个非凡的总统。我对此一清二楚。”Obama leads McCain in the latest national polls by an average of seven points. But political experts have really taken notice of several recent state polls that seem to show Obama surging. 奥巴马在最新的全国民调中平均领先于麦凯恩7个百分点。政治专家们的确对最近几个州的民调显示奥巴马大受民众持感到印象深刻。"Right now, it is a near landslide for Barack Obama," said Allan Lichtman, a presidential scholar at American University in Washington. "A round of new polls have come out in battleground states showing Barack Obama with unstoppable leads in every state that John Kerry won in 2004, and very big leads in a lot of states that President Bush won in 2004." 李奇曼是美国首都华盛顿的美利坚大学的专门研究总统的学者。李奇曼说:“现在,对奥巴马来说,领先优势是压倒性的。从竞争激烈的几个州传来的最新一轮民调结果显示,奥巴马在克里2004年曾经赢得的几个州里的领先地位势不可挡。在美国总统布什2004年赢得的几个州里也大幅度领先。”But many analysts also caution that McCain could close the gap in the final days of the campaign, especially if something unexpected occurs either at home or abroad. 但许多分析家警告说,麦凯恩可能在最后几天的竞选活动中缩小差距,尤其在国内或者国外发生某种异常事件的情况下。"I continue to believe that some sort of unexpected global crisis in the last 10 days would certainly help McCain," said Tom DeFrank of the New York Daily News and a guest on VOA's Issues in the News program. "I don't think Russia is going to invade Poland or Georgia or the Czech Republic, but something like that, were it to happen, would remind voters, I think, that McCain has the overwhelming edge in experience in national security and foreign policy matters." 纽约“每日新闻”的德弗兰克作为嘉宾参加美国之音新闻节目的时候说:“我仍然认为,在最后十天发生某种意想不到的全球性危机将有助于麦凯恩。我并不认为俄罗斯会入侵波兰或格鲁吉亚或捷克共和国等,但类似的事件如果发生,我认为将会让选民想到,麦凯恩在国家安全和外交政策的经验方面具有压倒性的优势。”Both candidates will target a small group of undecided or so-called battleground states in the final days in hopes of securing the number of state-by-state electoral votes needed to win the presidency. 两位候选人在竞选的最后日子里,都将会把重点放在竞争激烈的州内一小批尚未拿定主意的选民身上,希望能够逐州争取当选总统所需要的选举人票。A candidate needs 270 electoral votes out of a total of 538 for victory. 在总统竞选中获胜需要538张选举人票中的270票。200810/53927French regulators are considering drastic steps to meet increasing worldwide demand for the region's bubbly beverage. It's said that children of this country are baptized Christian with water and French with a drop of champagne. But only in this part of east central France can you legally produce sparkling wine and bottle-light champagne. This land, just 83,000 acres in all, is a precious asset. For decades, the size and location of vineyards which can be used to produce champagne has been strictly controlled. But demand is increasing worldwide especially from Russia and China. So for the first time ever, the region's wine regulators have decided to reexamine exactly which fields can carry the appellation, the name "champagne".There is here a plot, a piece of land, which is not planted. And for a reason that I don't know, the owners haven't been allowed to plant. He has not the appellation. So the experts will go and visit this area and will probably decide to give the appellation to that plot.It's a classically French exercise. After all, the Pomerol, (柏美洛(Pomerol)该区产地约只占波尔多的百分之三左右,真是『物以稀为贵』。如果说『红酒巨钻』是罗曼尼.康帝,至于抢占第二宝座荣耀的应当属于法国波尔多的柏美洛(Pomerol)地区的代表作『彼德绿堡』(Chateau Petrus)。)the area where a certain vine is grown, still provokes local rivalry, and the decision to reclassify ordinary farmland here can be like striking gold.If a parcel of land meets 33 different physical and historical criteria, and that seize a law reasonable at believing that if you can grow champagne grapes here, you can't grow champagne grapes there. If a parcel of land like this one does meet all the criteria that need the increase in value could be phenomenal. According to some estimates, a piece of property like this might sell for 200 times its present worth.But this is a tale of two vintages. In the south of France they wish they had champagne dilemma. Here the problem for some winemakers is lots of wine and not such good quality, too much international competition and increasingly less wine consumption by their countrymen. So while a national governing board will not touch the grand cru, the top wines, it is recommending changes that may force thousands of acres of poor quality vineyards out of production. Someone could get hurt.I think that will happen but again, er, it’s better to have in the business, maybe less people that are very motivated, very concerned by the job, instead of having people that you must help until their retirement.In the village of Montesson near Bordeaux, everyone from the mayor on down is concerned about what they call here "the crisis". In the past few years, some winemakers have taken government payments to uproot their vines, and the mayor worries his community will change. His maps show how urban it is aly. And more empty land is a temptation to developers. He doesn't want his rural community to go the same way as others nearby. One of his concerns is the Chateau Peron Simon. The Simons have six acres of vineyards which have produced wine for three generations, but now the couple is getting close to retirement with only the hope their 14-year-old grandson might run the vineyard one day, but nothing is sure.If things were going well in the vineyards, it would probably be different.Of course, and there would be more people in the family wanting to take over.And so while some in champagne country may soon be toasting a good fortune elsewhere just finding a way to continue making wine in some of the lesser known vineyards is not easy.Jim Bittermann, CNN, Montesson, France.200812/58994

Afghan Officials Join US Review of War Strategy阿富汗官员将参加美对阿战略评估  Afghan President Hamid Karzai says his government will participate in President Barack Obama's strategic review of the war in Afghanistan. Mr. Karzai announced the agreement after meeting with U.S. envoy Richard Holbrooke. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊说,他的政府将参加美国总统奥巴马有关阿富汗战略评估的工作。卡尔扎伊在首都会见美国特使霍尔布鲁克以后,宣布了这项协议。Karzai described talks with ambassador Holbrooke as frank, detailed and fruitful and said he looks forward to working with President Obama on reviewing U.S. strategy in the region.  卡尔扎伊形容和霍尔布鲁克的会谈是诚挚、详尽和富有成果的,他还说盼望着和奥巴马总统合作,共同评估美国在这一地区的战略形势。"I am very thankful President Obama has accepted my proposal for Afghanistan joining the strategic review of the war against terrorism in the ed States and accordingly the Afghan delegation headed by the minister of foreign affairs Dr. Spanta will visit the ed States," Mr. Karzai said. “我很感谢奥巴马总统已经接受了我的提议,让阿富汗参与美国打击恐怖主义的战略评估,因此由外交部长斯潘塔率领的阿富汗代表团将访问美国。”Richard Holbrooke has been meeting with an array of lawmakers, officials and analysts in Pakistan and Afghanistan on what U.S. officials have described as a fact-finding trip. During his visit to Pakistan last week, officials there announced that they too would participate in the U.S. strategic review.  霍尔布鲁克在他这次美国官员所说的“考察”行程中已经和议会议员、政府官员以及巴基斯坦和阿富汗的分析人士进行了一连串的接触。他上星期访问巴基斯坦的时候,伊斯兰堡官员宣布他们也会参加美国的战略评估。Holbrooke's trip is expected to help shape recommendations for changing U.S. policies in Afghanistan and Pakistan that have failed to counter the Taliban or shore-up the two countries' U.S.-allied governments.  霍尔布鲁克的访问预计将对建议美国改变其阿富汗和巴基斯坦的政策产生影响。美国有关政策在对付塔利班和持这两个盟国政府方面都已经失败。Holbrooke's visit to Kabul also follows months of criticism that Afghanistan's problems are partly due to President Karzai's failure to stem government corruption and strengthen state institutions.  霍尔布鲁克对喀布尔访问前,阿富汗政府还受到了长达数月的批评,说卡尔扎伊总统在消除政府腐败以及加强国家机构能力方面的行动是失败的。The rampant government corruption has become a prominent issue as Afghanistan prepares for presidential elections. The polls had been expected to be held this spring, but last month election officials said they needed more time for preparation and scheduled the vote for late August. The announcement angered Mr. Karzai's political opponents who had lobbied for an earlier date.  投票选举预计在今年春天进行,但是上个月,选举官员说, 他们需要更多的时间来准备,并计划在8月举行选举。 这个决定激怒了卡尔扎伊总统的政治对手,他们曾游说要尽早进行投票选举。Under Afghanistan's constitution, Mr. Karzai's presidential term ends May 21st and his opponents say Mr. Karzai should step down as president after that date.  根据阿富汗宪法,卡尔扎伊总统任期将于5月21号结束,他的对手说,卡尔扎伊应该在这个日期之后下台。Ambassador Holbrooke endorsed the August election timetable without commenting on the controversy over Mr. Karzai's presidential term.  霍尔布鲁克特使赞同8月举行大选的时间表,但没有就卡尔扎伊总统任期的争议发表。"We stated our strong belief that the electoral commission's decision to have the election on August 20 was appropriate in the context of the conditions in Afghanistan today," Holbrooke said. 霍尔布鲁克说:“我们已经表示,我们深信选举委员会要在8月20号举行选举的决定是阿富汗今天条件下作出的一个恰当的决定。”During Sunday's appearance before reporters in Kabul, Mr. Karzai also praised a recent agreement between Afghanistan and the U.S. military that aims to increase the role of Afghan forces in conducting raids and house searches. The agreement is aimed at reducing civilian casualties, which have become a source of contention between Mr. Karzai and foreign troops. 卡尔扎伊总统在星期天对记者的谈话中,赞扬了最近阿富汗和美国军队之间达成的一项协议,旨在更大地发挥阿富汗军队在进行袭击和搜查任务中的作用。这项协议是为了减少平民伤亡。平民伤亡的问题已经成为卡尔扎伊和外国部队争论的根源之一。02/62437

As the number of swine flu cases in Australia soars past 4,500, new research indicates that indigenous people may be more susceptible to the contagious virus, compounding an array of existing health conditions. The findings have been detailed in the medical journal The Lancet. The authors have warned of a looming international public health catastrophe.07/76954

Liverpool and China利物浦与中国Here comes the yuan人民币驾到A city’s bid to revive its fortunes through the local and the global利物浦努力通过本地特色和全球投资重振其经济Sep 3rd 2011 | LIVERPOOL | from the print edition AT THE new Museum of Liverpool (above), a sleek limestone affair of Danish design, the city’s Chinese community, which began with an influx of sailors at the start of the 19th century, gets an exhibit to itself. The emphasis seems a little odd, until you consider the city’s regeneration strategy, which rests on a characteristically 21st-century mix of the local and the global. The aim is to use Liverpool’s storied past to attract investment from around the world—and from China in particular.在一座丹麦风格的优美石灰石建筑——新建的利物浦物馆里(上图),城市的华人社区开了一个展览会。利物浦的华人社区兴起于19世纪初期大量中国水手涌入城市之时。如此强调这件事,似乎有些奇怪,除非你仔细考虑过城市的复兴策略。利物浦的复兴策略的基础是一个典型的21世纪本地特色与全球投资的混合体。这个策略的目的在于:利用利物浦赫赫有名的历史吸引来自世界各地的投资,尤其是中国。Liverpool has been through tough times. Once an imperial entrepocirc;t, the city built its wealth on the exchange of slaves, cotton and commodities. But the end of empire, the rise of air travel and the advent of shipping containers slashed maritime employment after the 1960s. Manufacturing failed to compensate for the losses, even if a cultural efflorescence led by the Beatles accompanied the economic woes.利物浦曾经历艰难困苦的时期。从前,作为帝国的贸易中心,利物浦通过交换奴隶、棉布和日用品创造财富。但是在19世纪60年代之后,大英帝国的衰落、航空交通的兴起和集装箱船的出现这种种因素使航海业的员工被大幅裁员。即使披头士在经济萧条下引起了一场文化繁荣,制造业仍无法弥补这种损失。Many problems persist. A city that held 856,000 people in 1931 now houses just over half that number. In the suburb of Anfield, home to Liverpool Football Club, an aborted regeneration scheme has bequeathed row after blighted row of boarded-up houses; gardens are overgrown with weeds and poppies sprout on street corners. The proportion of people on state benefits is twice the national average, as is the proportion of Liverpudlians who lack formal qualifications. Health is poor and life expectancy is low. Only two-thirds of residents work—41% of them in the public sector, which puts the city at especial risk in an era of government austerity.很多问题继续存在。一个在1931年人口为85万6千的城市,如今的居住人数却只有那时的一半多一点。利物浦足球俱乐部的所在地安菲尔德郊区曾实行过一个复兴策略,但最终流产,遗留下来的是一排又一排门窗被木板钉住的房屋,景象一派衰颓;住宅的花园里野草丛生,街头角落处罂粟疯长。安菲尔德郊区领取政府救济的人数比例两倍于全国平均水平,利物浦没有正式文凭的市民比例也是如此。健康状况相当不堪,平均寿命也不高。只有三分之二的居民有工作——其中41%在政府部门上班,在政府采取紧缩财政措施的年代里,这种情形会使城市的处境特别危险。201109/152524

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