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unit 571探望同事dialogue 英语情景对话A:Excuse me. Could you give me the room number of Mr. Thomas?A:劳驾,请问托马斯先生住在那个病房?C:Just a moment. He is in Room 307.C:稍等,他在307号病房。A:How are you feeling?A:你现在感觉怎样阿?B:Much better. Thank you for coming to see me.B:好多了。谢谢你来看我。A:I hear that it was appendicitis. I hope its nothing serious. I wanted to come earlier.A:我听说你得了阑尾炎,希望不是很严重。我早就想来看你了。B:Take a seat.B:请坐。A:How is the operation?A:手术怎么样?B:Everything turned out for the best. It didnt hurt at all. But when the anesthetic wore off, I began to feel some pain.B:一切都很顺利,一点都不疼。但是麻药过去之后,我觉得有点疼。A:Youd better take things easy for a while. Just a little patience. What does the doctor say?A:你最好暂时不要动,忍耐一下。医生怎么说的?B:He says I am doing fine. I might be able to leave the hospital in couple of days.B:他说我表现很好,大概过一两天就可以出院了。A:I am glad to hear that. I bring these flowers for you. Hurry up and get well.A:真是太好了,我买了些花给你,希望你能快点好起来。B:I sure appreciate your token of friendship. Since the operation, I have been taking only liquid food. Thatsure takes away my appetite.B:感谢有你!自从开刀之后,我只能吃流质的食物,都吃得倒胃口了。A:Yes, youd better stay away from solid food, until the doctor gives the word.A:是的,你最好不要吃硬的食物,直到医生批准为止。B:I do hate to be confined in bed. How are things in office?B:我真的很厌倦待在床上了。公司怎么样?A:Just as usual, but everyone misses you.A:没什么变化,但我们大家都很想念你。B:I feel the same way as you people too.B:我也是,很想念你们。A:They send you their best wishes.A:他们托我祝你早日康复。B:Please give them mine. I certainly miss everyone.B:也请替我问候他们。我也很想念他们每一个人。 /201610/464703

5.Applying for a loan Dialogue5.贷款 对话Steven wants to buy a car but his money is not enough, so he decides to ask the bank for help.史蒂文想买一辆车,但他的钱不够,所以他不得不求助于。Bank Clerk: Good morning, what can I do for you?职员:早上好,您需要办理什么业务?Steven: I want to buy a car to facilitate my life. But I dont have enough money. Could you supply a loan to me?史蒂文:我想买辆车使我的生活更加便利,但我现在还没有足够的钱。贵行能否给我提供一笔贷款?Bank Clerk: Oh, I see. Would you mind telling me your monthly salary?职员:哦,我明白了。你能告诉我您的月薪是多少吗?Steven: Sure. 7,000 yuan per month.史蒂文:当然可以。每月7000元。Bank Clerk: OK. We can supply you a loan. How much do you want to loan?职员:好的,我们可以给您提供贷款。你想要贷款多少?Steven: 200,000 yuan. By the way, what about the interest rate?史蒂文:20万吧。顺便问一下,利率是多少啊?Bank Clerk: Its only 4.5% for one-year loan. Do you want to apply now?职员:一年贷款利率仅4.5%。您想现在就申请吗?Steven: Yes, I think so.史蒂文:是的。Bank Clerk: OK. Please fill out this loan application. 职员:好的,请填写这份贷款申请表。Steven: All right. Thank you.史蒂文:好。谢谢。Bank Clerk: My pleasure.职员:很乐意为您效劳。 /201602/426332

讲解文本: insecure 不安全的,不稳定的,不牢靠的I dont know why. I just feel insecure all the time.也不知道为什么,我总是都没有安全感。secure 安全的,安心的,有把握的Mary felt secure and protected when she was with Mike.和Mike在一起的时候,Mary有安全感,有被保护的感觉。 疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201706/51389517. Ground Transportation 17.地面交通A: I need to get into downtown as quickly as possible.A:我需要尽快进入市区。B: We have many ground transportation options.B:我们有很多地面交通选择。A: I dont want to have to share a car with anyone.A:我不想与任何人共享一辆车。B: Then a taxi would probably be the best option.B:那一辆出租车可能是最好的选择。A: Where can I get a taxi?A:我在哪里可以打到出租车?B: There is a special taxi line right outside the revolving doors.B:有一个特别的出租车线就在旋转门外面。A: How much is that going to cost me?A:这要花我多少钱?B: The city taxis have a meter so you pay by the mile.B:城市出租车按英里计,所以要看你走了多少英里。A: Does the fare include the tip?A:票价包括小费吗?B: No, How much you tip is up to you.B:不,给多少小费取决于你。A: Does the taxi take credit cards?A:出租车可以用信用卡吗?B: No. Taxis here are cash only. B:不。这里的出租车只收现金。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201603/42992153 Renting A Video(3)第53课 租录影带(3)The customers are asking the clerk to recommend some s.顾客正请店员推荐一些录像带。C1: Excuse me. Weve decided to get one action film and one comedy.顾客甲:抱歉,我们决定要租一部动作片和一部喜剧片。S: What format do you want them in: , LD, or DVD?店员:您要哪一种格式的?录像带、LD还是DVD?C1:Video.顾客甲:录像带。S: Lets see. This new movie is our most popular rental right now.店员:让我瞧瞧。这部新的电影是我们现在最受欢迎的。C1: The sci-fi one? ( To Customer2 ) What do you think?顾客甲:这部科幻片?(转向顾客乙)你觉得如何?C2: Fine with me. Youre the one who insisted on an action film; you decide.顾客乙:我无所谓。你是坚持看动作片的人,你决定吧。C1: Okay, well take it.顾客甲:好的,我们要租这部。 /201505/367653

9. Expressing Concern 9.表达关心A: I heard that your brother is in the hospital.A: 听说你哥哥住院了。B: Yeah. Hes been there since last week.B:是的,上周住院的。A: Oh, no. What happened? Is he alright?A: 怎么会这样?他还好吗?B: He got in a car accident. He should be alright.B:出车祸了,他会没事的。A: The doctors told you he would be alright?A: 医生说他会没事吗?B: Yes, but they need to keep him for further tests.B:是的,还需要留院观察。A: Oh, okay. I was so worried when I heard this.A: 听到这个消息,我很担心他。B: Thanks, but everything should be fine. He was lucky.B:谢谢,一切都会好起来的,他一直很幸运。A: Really lucky. Did anyone else get injured?A: 是啊,还有其他人受伤吗?B: His girlfriend broke her arm, but thats all.B:他女友伤到了胳膊,但不严重。A: Oh, thats not good. Is she at the hospital?A: 那就好,她也在医院吗?B: Yes, she is taking care of my brother. B:是的,她在照顾我哥哥。 /201511/406542Not yet还没A:Are you y?你准备好了吗?B:Not yet.还没。I have not yet found their key.我还没有发现他们的钥匙。A:Have you finished your homework?你完成你的家庭作业了吗?B:Not yet,just half of it.how about you?没呢,才完成了一半,你呢?背景音乐:La La land更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号:Emily_aiyingyu /201602/42650313. Operating a Dryer 13.操作一个烘干机A: Put your wet clothes into the dryer, please!A:请把你的湿衣放进烘干机,!B: How long should I put them in for?B:我应该把它们放在里面多长时间?A: Put them on low heat for thirty minutes.A:在低温档放三十分钟。B: Why low heat?B:为什么是低温档?A: If the air is too hot, the clothes will shrink.A:如果空气太热,衣将会收缩。B: I need to wash another load of laundry.B:我需要洗另一桶衣。A: If theyre colored, wash them in cold water.A:如果他们有颜色,用冷水洗。B: Does warm water make them fade?B:温水会让他们褪色吗?A: Yes. Put the detergent here, and dont use bleach.A:是的。使用这里的洗涤剂,不要使用漂白剂。B: Oh, thats where to put the detergent.B:哦,那就是放洗涤剂的地方。A: Dont forget to add fabric softener after the first rinse.A:不要忘记在第一次冲洗后添加织物柔软剂。B: Okay, I wont. Thanks. B:好的,不会忘记的。谢谢。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201509/400851

你有没有觉得一头雾水的时候?今天我们要讲的美国习惯用语就可以用来形容这种感受:Cant make heads or tails of. Head是头的意思,tail是尾巴的意思,cant make heads or tails of头尾都分不清,引伸讲就是完全搞不明白。现在很多年轻人都喜欢听rap说唱音乐。但是这种喋喋不休的歌曲却让很多父母感到不解。让我们听听为什么。例句-1:When I was younger, I used to listen to a lot of disco. These days my kids listen to rap. I like its rhythm, but dont understand what the lyrics are about at all. Frankly, I cant make heads or tails of them.这个父亲说:我年轻的时候,听的都是迪斯科disco。现在我的孩子喜欢听rap说唱音乐。我很喜欢说唱音乐的节奏,但是却不知道歌里唱的是什么。说老实话,我完全听不懂歌词。我也有同感。I cant make heads or tails of the lyrics neither. 昨天下班路上,有个拉美裔的男子向我问路,他一口的西班牙语,我完全听不懂,you couldnt make heads or tails of what he was saying. ******我刚来美国的时候,对美式橄榄球一窍不通,你想啊,一堆人扎在一起,你拉我扯的,有什么好看? 我真是没办法 make heads of tails of it. 但是,后来懂了比赛规则,就开始越看越上瘾。还有就是菜谱,尤其是欧洲菜,I cant make heads of tails of these recipes. 好的,让我们看看下面这两个一起开公司的小伙子最近遇到了什么难题。例句-2:My business partner and I thought wed save some money on furniture for our home office. So we bought a desk, a set of drawers, and some shelving that required assembly. The directions explaining how to put the pieces together looked easy to follow, but we couldnt make heads or tails of them. We finally had to call a store assistant for help.他说:我跟合伙人原以为能省点儿钱,所以买了一个桌子,几个抽屉,外加一些架子,准备自己装起来。组装说明看上去好像也是一目了然,但是我们却完全没办法按照说明把它们装起来。最后只好打电话向商店里的人求助。我的动手能力也特别差,组装指南对我开说就象是天书。其实,学习英语习惯用语也是一样,第一次看到或是听到别人用,也许cant make heads or tails of them,但是明白意思之后,就会逐渐运用自如。 /201503/366397

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