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我爱奥运(I Like the Olympic Games) --9 :8:30 来源: 我爱奥运(I Like the Olympic Games)The Olympic Games arebeing held in London now.It's a big news us that Chinese athletes won many golds.I like Olympic Games,and every night my father and i will stay late to watch the Olympic Games.I'm very excited when Chinese athletes get golds.The Olympic Games can motivate people to dosports more,it's good health.现在奥林匹克运动会正在伦敦举行对我们来说,中国运动员夺金是好消息我喜欢奥运会,每天晚上我都会和爸爸一起熬夜看奥运当看到中国运动员获得金牌的时候,我很激动奥运会可以促进人们做运动,这是有益于身体健康的My Friend' s Party -- ::5 来源: My Friend' s PartyI have a good friend. Her name is Emily. We are very friendly. Yesterday was her thirteenth birthday. Her friend and her parents held a party her.In the evening, all her friends came to Emily’s home. Each had a very nice present her. At the moment, Emily felt very happy. And so were her parents and her friends. Look! The meal was on the table. How delicious they were! There were all kinds of food: eggs, fish, fried chicken, dumplings, pork, beef and some fruits.After supper, Emily sang a song“ Happy Birthday to you!” She has a nice voice. Everybody said that she was a good singer. Then we celebrated Emily, “Happy Birthday to you! ” She said, “Thank you! ” After this, Emily’s mother took a birthday cake to the table. We gave presents to Emily and Emily began to blow candles. Everybody was very delighter.At last, we watched cartoon. What a good, nice birthday party.我最喜欢的照片(My favourite photo ) -- :19: 来源: 我最喜欢的照片(My favourite photo )  There is an Aoyu in the picture. The Aoyu has a green tail, two colorful horns and the silver skin. It’s a silver Aoyu.  It looks beautiful and lively. Aoyu dance is a traditional dance in Shawan Piaose. It means it can always get the first. It’s a good symbol. Everyone likes it very much.

北京十三陵英文导游词 --3 :5:7 来源: 北京十三陵英文导游词  At a distance of 50 km northwest of Beijing stands an arc-shaped cluster of hills fronted by a small plain. Here is where emperors of the Ming dynasty (68-) were buried, and the area is known as the Ming Tombs.  Construction of the tombs started in and ended with the fall of the Ming Dynasty in . In over 0 years tombs were built over an area of 0 square kilometres, which is surrounded by walls totalling 0 kilometres. Each tomb is located at the foot of a separate hill and is linked with the other tombs by a road called the Sacred Way. The stone archway at the southern end of the Sacred Way, built in 0, is metres high and 19 metres wide, and is decorated with designs of clouds, waves and divine animals.  Beijing served as the national capital during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. Unlike Ming and Qing rulers who all built massive tombs themselves, Yuan rulers left no similar burial grounds. Why the difference?   This has to do with people's different views on death. Beijing nomads came from the Mongolian steppe. Mongols who established the Yuan Dynasty held the belief that they had come from: earth. they adopted a simple funeral method: the dead was placed inside a hollowed nanmu tree, which was then buried under grassland. Growth of grass soon left no traces of the tombs.   By contrast, during the Ming Dynasty established by Han Chinese coming from an agricultural society in central China, people believed the existence of an after-world, where the dead "lived" a life similar to that of the living. Ming emperor, theree, has grand mausoleums built themselves. Qing rulers did likewise.   The stone archway at the southern end of the Sacred Way, built in 0, is metres high and 19 metres wide, and is decorated with designs of clouds, waves and divine animals. Well-proportioned and finely carved, the archway is one of the best preserved specimens of its kink in the Ming Dynasty. It is also the largest ancient stone archway in China.   The Stele Pavilion, not far from the Great Palace Gate, is actually a pavilion with a double-eaved roof. On the back of the stele is carvedpoetry written by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty when he visited the Ming Tombs.  The Sacred Way inside the gate of the Ming Tomb is lined with 18 pairs of stone human figures and animals. These include four each of three types of officials: civil, military and meritorious officials, symbolizing those who assist the emperor in the administration of the state, plus four each of six iypes of animals: lion, griffin, camel, elephant, unicorn and horse. Yongling, built in 36, is the tomb Emperor Shizong, Zhu Houcong (-66). He stayed in power 5 years.  The Dingling Tomb is the tomb of Emperor Wanli (reigned 73-19), the th emperor of the Ming Dynasty, whose personal name was Zhu Yijun, and of his two empresses, Xiao Duan and Xiao Jing. The tomb was completed in six years (8-90), it occupies a total area of 1,195 square meters at the foot of Dayu Mountain southwest of the Changling Tomb.  Emperor Xianzong, Zhu Jianshen, and his three empresses are entombed within Maoling. Zhu Jianshen (7-87) was the first son of Emperor Yingzong. He stayed in power years.   We have covered some of the most significant tombs of the Ming tombs in the tour. If you are also interested in the other tombs, the best way is to come and experience yourself.   Changling is the tomb of emperor Yongle (reigned -), the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty whose personal name was Zhu Di, and of his empress. Built in , the mausoleum extends over an area of 0,000 square metres. The soul tower, which tells people whose tomb it is, rests on a circular wall called the "city of treasures" which surrounds the burial mound. The "city of treasures" at Changling has a length of more than a kilometre.  The underground palace at Dingling Tomb consists of an antechamber, a ceniral chamber and a rear chamber plus the left and right annexes. One of the pictures shows the central chamber where the sacrificial utensils are on display. Two marble doors are made of single slabs and carved with life-size human figures, flowers and birds. More than 3,000 s have been unearthed from the tumulus, the most precious being the golden crowns of the emperor and his queen. 北京十三陵英文导游词

Four Seasons -- 3:55:30 来源: Four Seasons there are four seasons in a year. they are spring、summer、fall and winter.I like spring. It is warm. It often rains. I can plant trees and flowers in spring. the spring is GREen.Summer is very hot. I can swim in the river.Fall is a good season. It is nice. I can fly kites in fall. I can eat many apples too.Winter is cold. I wish I can play snow and make a snowman in Beijing someday. Because it does not snow in Xinxing.I love all the seasons, because they are nice.

我有一个坏习惯 I Have a Bad Habit -- :: 来源: I have many bad habits, but there is one always makes me upset. I like nodding off in class. Nearly everyone will have this bad habit in summer. But I will nod off in every class and every season. Usually, I will nod off when the class begins about ten minutes. I hate this. I have tried my best to correct it. But I failed in the end. This habit troubles me lot.我有很多的坏习惯,但有一个让我一直都很心烦我喜欢在课堂上打瞌睡在夏天几乎每个人都会有这种坏习惯但是,一年四季每一堂课我都会在课堂上打瞌睡通常,开始上课十分钟左右我就会打瞌睡了我很讨厌这一点我也曾努力改正过但最后我还是失败了这个习惯让我很心烦

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