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呼和浩特专业去除刺青医院呼和浩特哪里做双眼皮比较好The concept of “bitchy resting face” may have started off as a joke, but ever since the fake PSA went live – garnering more than 2 million hits on the comedy site Funny or Die and YouTube – scores of women have come forward to own up to the “disorder.”刚开始出现“天生臭脸”一词时大多都是开玩笑,但当仿美摄影协会的这段视频公布在网上时,许多女性都发现自己患有这种“疾病”。现在在YouTube和喜剧网站Funny or Die上,这段视频有超过200万的点击量。Actress Anna Paquin of True Blood bemoaned her “BRF” during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, saying that despite being happy and satisfied with her life, her default face makes her look like she “wants to kill people.”上周,《真爱如血》女演员安娜-帕奎因在吉米·坎尔秀上吐槽说,虽然她很幸福,对生活很满意,但自己的“天生臭脸”使她看上去“总像是想杀人”。“I need to print this on business cards so I can hand it out to people who stop me and ask why I’m unhappy or angry or tell me to smile on a daily basis,” one commenter wrote in response to the .有位网友在视频下面道:“我应该把这个印在名片上发出去,省得别人总是问我为什么生气不开心,或者叫我每天都要微笑面对生活了。”Written by journalist and comedian Taylor Orci, the short was created as a parody of commercials for seemingly pseudo medical disorders. But does bitchy resting face – and its male equivalent, “asshole resting face” -- actually exist?这段录像由记者兼喜剧演员泰勒-奥茨制作,是来模仿为一些看起来像假的身体疾病拍摄的广告。但这个男女都有的“天生臭脸”病真的存在吗?Absolutely, says Michigan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn.“当然存在的。” 来自密歇根的整容手术师安东尼-杨回答道。“Bitchy resting face is a definite phenomenon that plastic surgeons like myself have described, just never with that term,” he says. “Basically many of us have features that we inherit and/or develop with age that can make us look unpleasant, grumpy, or even, yes, bitchy.”他说:“我们这些整形师常会遇到‘天生臭脸’,只不过我们有专门术语。大体来说,许多人天生就是,或是随着年龄增长会看起来苦大仇深、脾气暴躁,有一张犯贱的臭脸。”Youn says many plastic surgeons perform what he calls “expression surgeries,” procedures meant to improve resting facial expressions.但杨医生说,许多称为“表情手术”的整形术能改善这种“天生臭脸”。 /201307/246287内蒙古自治区第一附属医院激光祛痘手术多少钱 内蒙古自治区妇幼保健院整形

呼和浩特鼻子整形呼市附属自治区医院修眉多少钱 Open water swimming: how to stay safe露天游泳如何确保安全?Taking the plunge in open water can be dangerous but there are ways to minimise the risks, Kate Rew, the founder of the Outdoor Swimming Society, tells us.在自然水域游泳戏水往往是很危险的,但是如果我们有一定的常识就可以减小这些危险性。户外游泳协会的创始人凯特.德鲁告诉我们。Rew was speaking as news emerged that at least 17 Britons had lost their lives as a result of swimming in quarries and other open water spots during the current heatwave.德鲁女士告诉我们,炎热的天气,人们喜欢前往自然水域游泳,根据最新数据,最近已经有17个英国人因为到自然水域游泳而溺水死亡。And it followed a spate of warnings about the dangers of open water swimming issued by police and the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS).这些事故发生以后,警察局和皇家救生协会向市民们发出一连串的警告,警示市民在自然水域游泳应该注意人生安全。Rew urged all those wishing to take the plunge in outdoor swim spots to follow clear safety guidelines and make sure they were informed about the places they wanted to swim in.德鲁女士呼吁所有喜欢到自然水域游泳戏水的人必须遵循游泳安全指导,确保所去的水域是允许游泳的安全水域。But she said that with water temperatures much warmer than usual, this was a wonderful time to explore Britain#39;s many lakes, rivers and the sea.;Like many sports such as hiking and snowboarding, open water swimming carries risks, but there are many ways in which these can be minimised,; Rew said.德鲁女士表示,夏季气温升高,在英国的自然湖泊、河流或是大海里游泳是很美好的。“和其他户外活动,比如徒步、滑雪一样,在自然水域游泳也是有一定危险性的,但是只要我们遵循一些基本常识,就可以将危险最小化。”;With swimming there are tides and currents and water temperatures that have to be considered and you have to learn about your ability to function with those things.;“自然水域有很多特质,比如潮汐的涨落、水流的急缓以及水温的高低。这些特质你必须知晓,同时要知道自己是否有能力驾驭自然水域的这些特质。”;Like many other sports, open water swimming can be done on different levels. There are safe ways of doing it that entail no more danger than swimming in an outdoor swimming pool.;“和其它运动一样,在自然水域游泳可以分不同等级,只要把握好自己的尺度,在自然水域游泳也可以很安全,甚至比在游泳池里更安全。” Rew had the following advice for would-be open water swimmers:德鲁女士为想去自然水域里享受清凉的人们提出几点建议:* Don’t swim when drunk*醉酒不能下水游泳* Don’t jump in without knowing depth of water*不能再不知道深浅的水域里跳水* Make sure you know about currents*明确水流的湍急与否后下水* Find out about the swimming place before you get in – both by speaking with people who live locally and checking the Outdoor Swimming Society map*对你所去的水域先行了解,再下水——可以向当地人打听或是查看可游泳自然水域分布图* Before going into the water, make sure you know where you are going to get out下水前先明确你要从什么地方起水* Swim close to the shore沿着岸边游泳* Swim with someone else有同伴伴随* Start off swimming modest distances and then build up先在浅水区游泳,慢慢进入深水区Rew said that a lot of difficulties associated with open water swimming came about because water temperatures in lakes, rivers and the sea tended to be considerably lower than in heated swimming pools.德鲁女士强调,自然水域游泳出现的问题往往是因为在自然湖泊、河流和大海里,水温通常会比人工加热的游泳池低。;Plenty of people don#39;t appreciate that when the water is cold the blood rushes to the core and at a certain point your arms and legs become useless and you can#39;t swim out of danger. That can cause deaths.;“很多人不明白这一点,因为下水后,水温太低,你的血液会迅速回流到心脏,这时候,手臂和腿会因为供血不足而无法控制,这样会很危险,可能造成死亡。”;Even when the water is relatively warm, such as now, it can still be colder than that in heated swimming pools and people who are not used to it can still find it slightly shocking.;“也许你觉得自然水域的水很暖和了,其实温度相对人工加热的游泳池还是很低的,所以,下水时,你还是会会觉得不适应。”Open water – or wild swimming as it is also known - has surged in popularity as more and more Britons want to reconnect with nature and swim in beautiful settings free from the constraints of indoor chlorine-filled swimming pools.愿意在自然水域畅游的人越来越多,相比在受约束的充满氯气的人工游泳池,英国人更愿意在无拘无束的自然水域享受一丝清凉。Not only is it invigorating and inspiring, done with due caution, it is good for you – as the Prime Minister David Cameron demonstrated last month when ahead of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland he let it be known that he had taken a 6am dip in Loch Erne.在自然水域游泳,只要注意安全,你可以尽情享受那份清凉和水带给你的灵感,对你的身心都有益。正如首相卡梅伦形容自己对自然水域的热爱——上月在北爱召开八国集团首脑会议时,他早上六点就在厄恩湖里畅游了。Membership of the Outdoor Swimming Society has grown considerably since it was founded by Rew in 2006. Included on its website is a comprehensive interactive map highlighting the many outdoor places in Britain where it is possible to swim with practical information contributed by those who have tested them out.英国户外游泳协会从2006年成立以来在不断壮大,在户外游泳协会的官网上,可以查询到有关安全自然水域的综合地图,这些都是经过测试的安全水域。;Of course there are risks, but life is a risk-filled activity,; said Rew.;You can#39;t keep people out of the water when it is hot and with water temperatures in many places currently at between 16 and 20 degrees, this is an ideal time to explore outdoor swimming.;If you do want to explore, start off by finding an inland beach on a lake or a river pool where water runs to shallow, find somewhere safe and family-friendly.“自然水域游泳虽然有一定危险性,然而我们的人生就是这样一个充满危险的环境。”“在英国,很多地方的水温已经达到16——20度时,这是享受自然水域的绝佳温度,你不能阻止大家下水的热情。”;Have a look at our wild swimming map and see where people recommend. Give it a go: even if you find it a bit bracing, you might enjoy it.;“到我们的网站上搜索一下,看看哪一片水域是大家一致推荐的,去游泳吧,虽然水可能有点凉,但是你会乐在其中的。” /201307/249029清水河县开内眼角的费用

呼和浩特激光脱毛那里有 1. Your Daily Activities1. 你的日常活动All of your conversations don’t have to be earth shattering. Spend time talking about your day-to-day activities. Discuss what time you woke up, what you ate for lunch, or what you discussed with a co-worker and help your partner understand what happens when you’re apart.不需要所有的谈话都轰动世界,花点时间谈一谈你的日常活动吧。谈一下你醒来的时间,你吃午饭的时间,或者讨论一下你和你同事讨论了什么,你还可以让你的另一半知道你独处的时候发生了什么。2. Money2.财富Talk about your budget. Discuss your saving and spending habits. If you combine your finances, set some financial goals and discuss strategies to help you reach those goals.谈一下你的预算。讲一下你省钱和花钱的习惯。结合你的财政状况,可以设定一些财政目标以及实现这些目标的策略。3. Places You Want to Explore3. 你想去的地方Start a conversation about the places you’d like to visit. Whether you want to travel to your grandmother’s house or you want to go on a cruise around the world, a discussion about travel can spark a lot of new conversation.开始一个谈论你想去的地方的话题。不管你是想去你祖母的老屋还是想去周游世界,一个关于旅游的话题总能迸发出更多话题的火花。4. Emotional Growth4. 情绪管理Share some information about your emotional growth. If you notice you’ve become wiser, less reactive, or more compassionate, share that with your partner. Point out the emotional growth you see in your partner as well.分享一些关于你情绪管理的信息。如果你意识到自己变得更加睿智,少了点浮躁,多了点同情心,那么和你的另一半分享吧,同时也要指出你眼中的另一半的情绪管理。5. Individual Goals5. 个人目标It’s healthy to have individual goals. Whether you want to lose weight, learn how to prepare Chinese food, or learn how to line dance, set some goals for yourself and discuss those goals with your partner.拥有个人目标是一件很值得提倡的事情。不管你是想要减肥,学习如何做中国菜或者学习如何排舞,给自己定一些目标,并且和另一半讨论你的这些目标。6. Spiritual Beliefs6. 精神信仰Start conversations about your spiritual beliefs. Be willing to listen to your partner’s beliefs and be open to talking about the similarities and differences in your beliefs.开始关于信仰的话题。要愿意去听另一半的信仰,并且可以讨论和你的信仰的相似点和不同点。7. What You’re Watching on TV7. 你看的电视节目Although watching TV isn’t an active way to grow together as a couple, discussing what you’re watching can help you learn something new about one another.尽管看电视并不是两个人共同成长的好方法,但是通过你看的电视节目可以了解对方更多。8. Politics8. 政治You don’t have to agree on politics in order to have a discussion about it. You can learn a lot about your partner if you have a conversation about politics. Any healthy relationship should allow each partner to feel respected enough to share an opinion, even if it opposes the other partner’s opinion.你不必为了讨论政治而去相信某种政治观点。如果你们讨论政治,是一个很好的了解另一半的窗口。任何一种健康的人际关系应该允许任何一个人去表达任何一种观点,尽管那个观点和其他人的相反。9. Goals to Address as a Couple9. 组建家庭的目标Discuss the goals you want to reach together as a couple. All healthy relationships should include shared goals for the future. Whether your goal is to volunteer at a homeless shelter together or save enough money for a new car, working together to reach your goal can help you stay close as a couple.讨论一下组建一个家庭需要达到的目标。所有健康的关系里面都应该包含对未来的目标。不管你的目标是在一个无家可归者的庇护所里面当一个志愿者,还是攒足够的钱去买车,一起努力去实现目标可以使你们更加亲密。10. Your Past10. 你的过去Your partner doesn’t need to know every skeleton in your closet. However, sharing information about your past can be very helpful. Talk about your childhood, past experiences, or obstacles you’ve overcome. You can also share how much you’ve learned and changed over the years.你的另一半不需要知道你过去所有的丑事。但是,分享一些你过去的事情非常有必要。可以说一下你的童年,小时候的经历,或者你克的阻碍困难。你也可以分享一下你在过去几年里学到和改变的东西。11. Your Values11. 你的价值观It’s important to share your values with one another. Talk about your priorities in life. It’s important for your partner to know how you feel about work, family, education, friends, and leisure time. Let your partner know what types of things you value the most and what changes you may want to make to ensure that you’re living according to your values.和别人分享你的价值观非常重要。谈论一下你生活中重要的事情。让你的另一半知道你对工作,家庭,教育,朋友以及闲暇时间的看法很重要。要让你的另一半知道,什么事情对你而言最重要,你想要做什么改变以确保遵循自己的价值观而活。12. Your Dreams12. 你的梦想Daydreaming together can be a great activity in any healthy relationship. Discuss dreams you had as a child, dreams you’ve let go, and dreams you still hold onto.在一段健康的关系中,一起做白日梦是很好的“活动”。讨论一下儿童时期的梦想,梦里你去过的地方,还有你现在仍然怀有的梦想。13. Your Feelings13. 你的感觉Of course, talking about your feelings is an important part of communication. Be willing to share your joys and sorrows with your partner. Also, be willing to talk about what makes you feel angry, when you’re disappointment, and when you feel embarrassed or hurt.当然,谈你的感受是交谈中很重要的一个部分。要和你的另一半分享你的喜悦和伤心。当然,还有你生气的时候,你失望的时候,你不好意思的时候,或者受伤的时候。14. Family14. 家庭Whether you’ve got a close relationship with your family or not, talking about family can be important. It can give your partner an inside look at what type of childhood you had as well as what type of relationship you have with your family members. Discuss how you want your family to be different from your family of origin, as well as which aspects you want to replicate.不管你和你的家人关系是否亲密,谈论你的家庭非常重要。它可以向你的另一半展示你的童年,以及你和你的家庭成员之间的关系。谈谈你想让你的家庭和原来有什么不同,以及你想保留的方面。15. Your Relationship15. 你的人际关系Discuss the aspects of your relationship that are working well and make sure to also discuss problematic areas. Talking openly about your relationship can ensure your relationship stays fresh and exciting.谈谈你人际关系中好的方面,对有疑问的地方进行讨论。畅谈你的人际关系可以让你们的关系保持新鲜,充满。 /201312/268212武川县去痤疮多少钱赛罕区彩光祛斑的价格




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