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Corban Festival古尔邦节Corban Festival is an important Muslim festival,which lasts three days from the 10th of the 12th month according to the Islam calendar.古尔邦节是一个重要的穆斯林节日,这将持续三天,根据伊斯兰历,从12月的10日起。Just before the festival all Muslim families sweep their houses, fry dough rings,toast pancakes and slaughter sheep or cattle,to mark the occasion. Early on each morning of the festival days Muslims bathe, dress neatly and go to mosques for services. When they meet there amid clarion and melodious music, they shake hands, embrace and exchange words. Then they follow an imam into the mosque hall while chanting along,where they are to hold the festive rite, watch the sacrificial animal slaughter and listen to the mam chanting Koran. After the rite, better-off families each slaughter a sheep,one head of cattle or a camel. The custom has it that part of the animal meat is to be offered to imams and other Muslim leaders, the rest is to be offered to relatives or friends,and the bones and blood are to be buried to keep them sacred.在节日之前,所有穆斯林家庭打扫他们的房子,炸面圈,面包煎饼和屠宰牛羊,以示庆祝。在节日的每天早晨祭穆斯林洗澡,打扮整齐,去清真寺务。当他们听到有嘹亮和悠扬的音乐时,他们握手,拥抱并交换祝福语。然后,他们跟随伊玛目进入清真寺大殿诵经,在那里他们举行了喜庆的仪式,观看了祭祀动物的屠宰,并听妈妈诵古兰经。仪式结束后,每一个富裕的家庭宰一只羊,牛或骆驼。部分动物的肉的是提供给阿訇和其他穆斯林领袖,剩下的就是提供给亲戚或朋友,骨骼和血液都被埋葬,以保持它们的神圣。During the festival Muslims usually visit their relatives or friends,presenting gifts,while the hosts treat them to mutton,deep-fired cakes,and fruit. Both parties cordially exchange blessings while they take the foods.节日期间,穆斯林通常拜访他们的亲戚或朋友,馈赠礼物,而主人将用羊肉,点心,水果招待他们。双方亲切交流和祝福,当他们吃东西时。Young Muslims sing and dance in courtyards or on grounds,late into night.年青的穆斯林在庭院或空地唱歌跳舞到很晚。 /201608/457366。

Online shoppers in China are cashing in on falls in the British pound to buy expensive foreign luxury goods after the UK voted to leave the European Union.英国投票脱欧后英镑贬值,中国的网购族正乘机购买昂贵的外国奢侈商品。The pound plunged to a three-decade low after Britons voted to leave the bloc, making the country#39;s goods and services cheaper for overseas buyers. The pound has dropped by more than 10 percent against the renminbi since the referendum.在英国人投票离开欧盟之后,英镑暴跌至三十年来新低,使该国的商品和务对海外买家来说更加便宜。自公投以来,人民币对英镑已升值超过10%。Some Chinese online shoppers bought goods on UK e-commerce sites or asked overseas shopping agents to help them with purchases in brick-and-mortar stores and to ship the packages to China.一些中国网络购物者在英国电商网站上购买商品或找代购帮助他们在实体店购物后寄到中国。Evonne Shen, a white-collar worker in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, bought a handbag for 3,000 yuan (0) from a British online shopping site, saving more than 300 yuan compared with the price a week ago.浙江省杭州市一名名叫Evonne Shen的白领阶层,从英国一家网上购物网站买了一个价值3000元(折合450美元)的手提包,这一价格相比1周前要节省了300元。According to ymatou.com, a cross-border e-commerce site in China, daily sales of European products have doubled since the UK referendum, mostly driven by sales of British products.国内跨境电商网站洋码头表示,英国公投以来,欧洲商品日销量较平时翻倍,其中英国商品贡献了大部分销量。The company, based in Shanghai, said: ;Shopping malls in Europe are now holding their annual summer sales. Combined with the fall in the pound, it couldn#39;t be a better time to buy British products.;这家总部位于上海的公司表示:“欧洲的购物中心现在正在进行一年一度的夏季折扣。结合英镑的贬值,这是购买英国产品的最好时机了。”High-end products with prices ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 yuan are among the best-sellers on ymatou.com. About 70 percent of the online buyers bought luxury handbags, including a Hermes Kelly bag costing 98,000 yuan.4000-6000元的高端商品在洋码头网站上最为热销。约70%的网络买家选购了能保值的奢侈品手袋,包括一款售价9.8万元的爱马仕凯莉包。 /201607/453711。

Scientists have unravelled one of the secrets of a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine.科学家解开了传统中药中一种植物的奥秘.The Chinese skullcap - known as Huang-Qin - is traditionally used for fever, liver and lung problems.中国黄芩传统上用于治疗发烧,肝病和肺病.Scientists have discovered that the plant uses a special pathway to make chemicals with potential cancer-fighting properties. They say it is a step towards being able to scale up production to make new drugs.科学家发现,这种植物用特殊途径合成具有抗癌潜力的化学物质. 科学家表示, 这朝着规模化生产新药迈进了一步.Prof Cathie Martin, of the John Innes Centre in Norwich, is lead researcher of the study, published in Science Advances. Working in collaboration with Chinese scientists, her team deduced how the plant, Scutellaria baicalensi, synthesises the chemicals, known as flavones.诺维奇约翰英纳斯中心的凯茜.马丁教授, 是这项研究的首席研究员, 该研究发表在《科学进展》上. 她的团队与中国科学家合作, 推断出黄芩是如何合成黄酮这种化学物质的.Flavones are found widely in the plant kingdom, giving some plants vivid blue flowers.黄酮广泛见于植物王国, 让一些植物开出鲜艳的蓝花.Understanding the pathway should help us to produce these special flavones in large quantities, which will enable further research into their potential medicinal uses, said Prof Martin.“理解黄酮的生成途径, 有助于我们大量生产这些特殊物质, 有利于进一步探索它们潜在的药用价值.”Previous lab research suggests that flavones have anti-cancer properties, offering hope that they may one day lead to effective cancer treatments.之前的实验室研究表明,黄酮具有抗癌特性, 为有朝一日或可用于有效的癌症治疗提供了希望.Commenting on the study, Dr Alan Worsley of Cancer Research UK, said: ;This paper answers a very interesting biological question about how these plants are able to make particular molecules, but the study doesn#39;t look at whether the molecules can be used to treat cancer.英国癌症研究中心的沃斯利士对该研究说: “这篇论文回答了这些植物如何能够合成特定分子这个非常有趣的生物学问题, 但研究并没有探讨特定分子能否用于治疗癌症.”This herb is a member of the mint family and native to China. In traditional Chinese medicine, the root was used in combination with other plants to treat fever and other ailments.黄酮属于薄荷科,是中国本土植物. 传统中药中,这种根茎类植物和其它植物结合使用,治疗发烧和其它病痛.There is increasing scientific interest in ancient medicinal plants. In 2015, Tu Youyou was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for her work on artemisinin, an antimalarial drug derived from the sweet wormwood plant, Artemisia annua.对古老药用植物的科学兴趣正在与日俱增. 2015年, 屠呦呦因其在青蒿素方面的工作被授予诺贝尔医学奖. 青嵩素是从青嵩中提取的抗疟药. /201604/437139。

Temporary tattoos have been around for a long time, but as any inking enthusiast would agree, they#39;re nothing compared to the real deal. And yet, there are times when tattoos don#39;t end up like you wanted them to, or you just get bored with them after a while. In such cases, getting a tattoo removed involves laser treatments that are both expensive and painful. But not anymore. It might soon be possible to temporarily get a permanent tattoo, thanks to this new type of tattoo ink developed by a group of engineering students.很早以前就有临时纹身这个东西了,但是正如墨水纹身爱好者所言,比起真正的纹身,临时纹身根本不值一提。然而,有时候你的纹身不是你想要的样子,或者过了一阵子你对它感到厌烦了。在这些情况下,用激光去除纹身既昂贵又痛苦。但这即将成为历史。而且,可以像临时纹身一样迅速消除的永久可见纹身或许将很快成为现实,这都得益于几个工程学专业学生所发明的新型纹身墨水。The special ink has a huge advantage over regular tattoo ink – it can be removed from your skin through an extraordinarily simple and inexpensive process. You simply visit your tattoo artist and have them trace over the tattoo with a removal solution. Voila! It#39;s all gone. Or, you can just erase the part of it that you don#39;t like and turn it into a whole new artwork. The choice is yours.这种特殊墨水相较普通纹身墨水有个很大的优点:它可通过极其简单且成本不高的方法消除你皮肤上的纹身。你只需去找纹身艺术家,让他们在你的纹身上涂上纹身消除溶液。瞧!你的纹身就会消失得一干二净。又或者,你可以选择消除你不喜欢的纹身部分,然后把纹身改造成一个全新的艺术作品。随你怎么选择。The product is named #39;Ephemeral#39;, after the team of Chemical and Biomolecular engineering students who took part in the recent 0,000 Entrepreneurs Challenge held by NYU Stern#39;s Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The team comprised of five School of Engineering students and a sixth one from Stern won the grand prize of ,000 for their unique invention.这种产品名叫Ephemeral,是一组化学与生物分子工程学的学生参加一次创业挑战赛的参赛作品,该挑战赛由纽约大学商学院的伯克利创业与创新研究中心主办,奖金20万美元。该团队是由五个工程学院的学生和一个来自商学院的学生组成,他们因为此项独特的发明而获得75000美元的大奖。;Ephemeral was born through a personal experience of mine,; said Seung Shin, one of the team members. ;Ever since I was young, I was always interested in tattoos but my parents were extremely against it mostly because of its permanence.; Shin later went on to get a tattoo anyway, but eventually had it removed as well. ;It was the worst experience of my life,; he said. ;It was extremely painful, ineffective, and costly.; The experience got him thinking about simpler methods of tattoo removal, and ultimately brought the idea to fruition during the competition. The trick was to reduce the size of the ink molecules, making it easier to simply wipe away.团队成员宋欣(音)表示:“Ephemeral来源于我的一段个人经历。我从小就一直很喜欢纹身,但我父母因为纹身的永久性而极力反对我纹身。”但尽管如此,宋欣之后还是继续纹身,不过最终他把纹身消除了。他说:“这是我人生中最糟糕的经历,因为这种去除纹身的方法太痛苦了,而且不仅无效还很贵。”这段经历让他思考是否有更简单的纹身去除法,最终在创业比赛中他把这个想法变成了现实。而其中的诀窍就是将墨水分子减小,使其变得容易擦除。;Tattoo inks today are permanent because of the fact that the dye molecules are too big for your body#39;s immune system to take away,; explained Anthony Lam, another team member. ;By using smaller molecules, we#39;ve encapsulated them inside this spherical structure that#39;s big enough that your immune system doesn#39;t take it away. But when you remove it, it essentially eats away one of the components and the dye molecules are flushed out.;另一团队成员安东尼#8226;拉姆解释说:“如今的纹身墨水之所以是永久性的,就是因为其染料分子太大,导致人体免疫系统无法将其去除。通过使用更小分子的染料,我们将其封装在一个足够大的球状结构中,大到不会被免疫系统去除。当去除纹身的时候,染料分子会破坏球状结构,从中流出,进而被洗除。”The team spent eight months developing the product, competing against 249 other teams from seven other NYU schools. Starting with initial idea pitches, they worked their way through elimination rounds, coaching sessions, and a Qamp;A before a panel of judges on May 1. After presenting a three-minute pitch and explaining their concept, Ephemeral was voted the winner in the #39;Technology Venture Competition#39;, securing the ,000 grand prize.该团队花了八个月时间研制出这种产品,打败了其他249组来自纽约大学七个学院的团队。他们一开始先是展示了自己的初创想法,接着一路过关斩将,晋级淘汰赛、通过培训环节,并在5月1号的评委问答环节胜出。在三分钟的初步展示和视频讲解理念后,Ephemeral被选为“技术创业大赛”的优胜者,获高额奖金75000美元。Ephemeral is currently being tested – first on cells, then on pigs – and Shin says that they hope to release the product commercially by fall next year. They#39;re also planning to start accepting seed funds on June 1. ;We haven#39;t really sealed down the pricing yet, but we#39;re looking at anywhere from to 0 for an average sized tattoo,; he said. ;Right now, we#39;re planning for our financing round and we hope to have it up in the next 10 months or so.;Ephemeral现在正在进行产品检测——首先是在细胞层面上,然后是猪的皮肤上,宋欣表示他们希望产品能在明年秋季上市。他们还计划于6月1号开始接受种子基金的资助。他说:“我们还未给产品定价,但希望每瓶纹身墨水的价格能控制在50到100美元之间。现在,我们正在计划资金链,也希望能在未来的十个月将其运行起来。” /201606/447126。