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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463932Suddenly his Geiger counter sprang into life,他的盖格计数器数值突然剧烈跳动but when he dug down it wasn#39;t a uranium mine he found, but dinosaur bones.但是他挖出来的并不是铀矿,而是恐龙骨骼The surprise wasn#39;t that the bones had become radioactive that often happens when fossils form骨骼具有放射性并不奇怪,当化石形成时这经常发生what was really amazing was that the radioactive dinosaur came from the mysterious mid-Jurassic真正令人惊奇的是这些放射性的恐龙骨骼来自神秘的中侏罗世and all around, as far as the eye could see, were rocks of the same age.而我们能看到的周围所有这些岩石都属于同一地质年代News of the find reached palaeontologist Oliver Rauhut. He decided to take a look.古生物学家Oliver Rauhut得到了这个消息。他决定去那里看一看。The area up here in Patagonia has some fantastic outcrops of middle Jurassic rocks.巴塔哥尼亚的这片地区有一些奇特裸露的中侏罗世岩石That means we have a real chance to get, for one thing,也就是说我们首先很有可能找到dinosaurs from the middle Jurassic which are very, very rare worldwide.在全世界都非常非常稀少的中侏罗世恐龙。With this we have the hope to really get a big piece of the puzzle in the middle Jurassic.有了它,我们就有希望拼出一幅中侏罗世的全景图。 Article/201704/5045932 Greetings问候Informal Greetings非正式的问候Hi,Mr.Smith.你好,史密斯先生。Morning,Mary.早上好,玛丽。Mary!玛丽!Formal Greetings正式的问候Hello,Mr.Smith.你好,史密斯先生。Good morning(afternoon,evening),Mr.Smith.早上(下午,晚上)好,史密斯先生。How are you?你好吗?How#39;re things with you?你过得怎么样?How#39;s everything with you?你一切都好吗?How#39;re you getting along?你过得怎么样?How#39;s the family?家里好吗?How#39;s everyone?大家好吗?Glad to meet you again.很高兴又见到你。I haven#39;t seen you for ages.How#39;ve you been?我很长时间没见到你了。你过得怎么样?I haven#39;t seen you for a long time.我好长时间没有见到你了。Response回答Hello(Hi),Mr.Brown.你好,布朗先生。Good morning(afternoon,evening),Mr.Brown.早上(下午,晚上)好,布朗先生。Morning,John.早上好,约翰。Fine,thanks.(And how are you?)很好,谢谢。(你好吗?)Very well.(And you?)很好。(你呢?)Not bad.(How about you?)不错。(你怎么样?)Not so well.(What about you?)不太好。(你怎么样?)Not too bad.不错。Can#39;t complain.还过得去。Wonderful,things couldn#39;t be better.好极了,一切都很好。Gossiping闲谈What#39;s new?有什么新鲜的(事)?What#39;s up?发生什么事了?What have you been up to these days?你最近在做什么?How do you keep fit?你是怎么保持健美的?Lovely weather,isn#39;t it?很棒的天气,不是吗?It#39;s really hot,isn#39;t it?天气很热,不是吗?How is your business?你的生意好吗?How is it going?进行得如何?Are you good in yur studies?你的功课好不好?Say hi to your father for me.代我向你父亲问好。I don#39;t want anything to happen to you.我不希望你发生什么事。I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.我打心底里感谢你。We#39;re happy that you could come.我们很高兴你能来。Ending a conversation结束谈话I#39;ve got to run.我必须得走了。I have to go.我必须走了。I#39;ll call you.我会打电话给你的。Well,talk to you later,then.Oh,and give my love to Ted.好,那么回头再谈吧。哦,代我问特德问好。Please excuse me,but I really have to be going.请原谅,我真的必须走了。Conversations会话 /200706/14680

新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson4:APOLOGIES道歉I’m sorry.对不起。I apologize#61557;.我道歉。I’m so sorry.非常对不起。I’m sorry for criticizing#61558; you.对不起,我批评了你。It doesn’t matter. 没关系。I really regret#61559; going to the movies last week.我真的很后悔上个星期去看了电影。52. I wish I hadn’t said that at the party. 我希望我当时在聚会上没说那些话。53. I’m sorry I was late for class today. 很抱歉,我今天上课迟到了。 54. You can blame#61560; me for this. 这都怪我。55. I’ll take the blame. 这都怪我。 Can you forgive#61561; me? 你能原谅我吗?57. Please accept#61562; my apology. 请接受我的道歉。58. Can I make this up to you? 我能为此对你做些补偿吗?59. How can I apologize to you? 我该怎样向你道歉?60. This is all my fault.61. 这都是我的错。62. 【生词解读】1. apologize v.道歉;认错;赔不是2. criticize v. 批评3. regret v. 懊悔;因...而遗憾4. blame v. 责备;指责5. forgive v. 原谅;宽恕6. accept v. 接受;同意 /200708/16906

The man accused of crashing into a group of bicyclists in Michigan is now facing multiple murder charges. 在密歇根被指控开车撞向一群骑自行车人的男子现在面临多重谋杀控告。Police say Charles Pickett Jr. was behind the wheel of the pickup truck that crashed into a group of nine cyclists. The Kalamazoo County prosecutor charged Pickett with five counts of second-degree murder and four counts of reckless driving.警方称,查尔斯·皮科特驾驶着小型货车撞向九个骑自行车的人。卡拉马祖县检察官以5项二级谋杀罪和4项粗心驾驶罪控告皮科特。The crash Tuesday evening killed five and injured the other four cyclists. Three of the injured are in serious condition, and the fourth is in fair condition. 周二晚上的事故造成骑自行车中5人死亡,另有4人受伤。伤者中3人伤势严重,第四人情况尚好。In the 30 minutes before the crash, area police agencies received multiple calls reporting an erratic driver in a blue pickup truck. 在事故前30分钟,地区警察机构接到多个电话,举报一辆蓝色小型货车司机开车不守规则。The bicyclists were part of ;The Chain Gang; that took weekly 30-mile bike rides. They were just five miles into this week#39;s ride when the truck crashed into them from behind. 骑自行车的人属于“链条帮”,每周骑行30英里。当货车从后面撞上他们的时候,他们只骑行五英里路程。译文属。 Article/201606/448485

Oftentimes I#39;m asked do you have to be ruthless to be very successful?经常有人问我是否一定要冷酷无情才能获得成功And I say, you do not have to be ruthless, you have to be smart.我说并不一定 但一定要聪明Smart is the key word.聪明才是关键字You have to be smart.你必须有聪明的头脑Rockefeller hires a team of scientists to try to find a use for the toxic substance.洛克菲勒雇了一个科学家团队 尝试找到这种有毒物质的用途First they create small products....like synthetic beeswax and petroleum jelly.首先 他们得到了一些小产品 例如合成蜂蜡和凡士林But Rockefeller becomes convinced gasoline has a bigger potential.洛克菲勒坚信汽油还有更大的潜能The quest to create a more powerful motor leads to the development of the internal combustion engine.为了创造出更强的马达 人们发明了内燃机The exact properties that make gasoline so dangerous, also make it the perfect fuel to power this engine.让汽油非常危险的那些性质 现在却让它成为了内燃机的绝好燃料You#39;re always looking for the next innovation.你总需要寻找下一个创新点The next niche. The next product improvement. The next service improvement.下一个有利可图的市场 下一个产品改进 下一个务改进You#39;re always trying to get better.你需要一直努力去变得更好The timing is perfect for Rockefeller.时机对于洛克菲勒而言再好不过了Aly in possession of the world#39;s largest supply of gasoline, he starts using gasoline powered engines to run machines in his refineries.作为世界上最大的汽油供应商 他开始使用汽油为炼油厂的机器提供动力The efficiency and power of the engine quickly make it the standard in factories across the country.效率和动力的优势很快让这种引擎成为了全国工厂的标配But when the engine is put on wheels......creating what#39;s being called ;the horseless carriage;.....Rockefeller realizes that gasoline could be even bigger than kerosene.之后这种引擎又被连到轮子上 创造出了所谓的;无马四轮车; 洛克菲勒认识到汽油比煤油具有更广阔的前景 Article/201606/449585

Hi, everyone, I#39;m Jade, what we#39;re talking about today is writing a conclusion for an IELTS exam or a CAE exam.大家好,我是Jade,今天我要教你们在雅思考试或者CAE考试的作文中写一个结尾部分。So I#39;m going to give you two ways to write conclusions so that when you get to the end,我会教给你们两种写结尾的方法,这样当你们文章写到最后的时候,you don#39;t just sort of put a full stop that doesn#39;t really say anything extra, that doesn#39;t feel like a conclusion.就不会只写个句号,什么额外的内容也不写了,那样看上去根本不像个结尾。Because when you write a conclusion, a good conclusion has a different tone, there#39;s something that feels finished about it.因为当你们写结尾时,一个好的结尾有一种不一样的语气,会让人觉得这篇文章真的结束了。And more generally, your conclusion should be your last chance to impress, to show that examiner all that English that you know and how fluent you are when you#39;re writing in English.而且,通常结尾应该是你们最后一次能惊艳考官的机会,能够向他展示那些你们懂得的英语知识,以及你们在用英语写作时有多么流利。And you should leave the er with an additional thought in the end, ideally, when you#39;re writing a conclusion.理想地来说,你们在写结尾的时候,应该在文章最后给读者留有想象空间。So let#39;s look at a typical IELTS kind of question.;Some people think that parents should teach their children to be good members of society.我们来看一道典型的雅思作文题吧。“有些人认为家长应该教育他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员。However, others believe school is the best place to learn this.;然而,其他人则认为学校才是学习这个的最佳场所。”And then the IELTS question would say: ;Share your experience, and give reasons for your answers.;然后雅思作文的题干会写着:“请结合自身经历写下你的看法,并给出理由。”So let#39;s imagine that you#39;ve aly written your essay.So, how do you begin your conclusion?我们假设你们已经写了这篇作文了。那么,结尾要如何下笔呢?The... the first way I#39;m going to tell you, I#39;m going to call it the ;As I have discussed; conclusion.我要告诉你们的第一个方法,我称它为;As I have discussed;式结尾。And there are three parts to writing this conclusion.这种结尾有三个部分。And I#39;m giving you the structure so that you can see how you can put a conclusion together just by putting different pieces in there.我会把整个结构给你们,这样你们就知道如何通过仅仅把不同的部分放进去就能拼凑出一个结尾。And now, this is... this is great for an IELTS essay.这个方法对雅思考试的作文来说非常适用。It#39;s not a super imaginative kind of conclusion that would be great at university, but for IELTS, it#39;s... it#39;s good for IELTS.虽然这不是非常适合于大学作文的那种极具想象力的结尾,但是对雅思考试来说......它很适合雅思考试。So, here are the three parts for this conclusion: ;As I have discussed;.下面是这种结尾的三个部分:第一部分是;As I have discussed;。Then: ;However; sentence with ;I; or, you know, using your subjectivity, basically.然后是带;I;,或者任何主观性词汇的;However;句子。And then making a moral or social observation in the first conditional.So let#39;s have a look.最后一部分是用第一条件句做一个道德观察评价或社会观察评价。那我们来具体看看吧。So, ;As I have discussed;, what we#39;re doing is we#39;re just taking that phrase, basically, and this shows the tone... this establishes the tone of conclusion: ;As I have discussed;.在第一部分,基本上我们要做的就是把;As I have discussed;这个短语用上,它能带来一种结尾的语气:;As I have discussed;。You#39;re basically saying: ;Well, I aly told you all of this, but now I#39;m summarizing.;这样你们的主要意思就是:“我已经把这所有的内容都跟你讲过了,不过现在我是在总结。”;As I have discussed, there are advantages and disadvantages to the question.;As I have discussed, there are advantages and disadvantages to the question.(正如我已经说过的,这个问题既有好处也有坏处。)I#39;ve shown both sides of the argument.;I#39;ve shown both sides of the argument.; (我已经把两方面的论据都写过了。)You could just learn that, you could learn that whole phrase to begin a conclusion.你们可以直接把那个学下来,可以学着用那整个短语作为结尾的开头。What do you follow it with?You follow it with a ;However; sentence.接下来写什么呢?在第一部分之后你们要写一个;However;句子。So, there may be advantages and disadvantages, but there#39;s a catch.也就是说,也许既有好处也有坏处,但是你们要抓住其中一点进行描述。;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;比如;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;(但是,我认为家长应该负责教孩子成为优秀的社会成员。)So this is you saying: ;Yeah, I see both sides, this is good about it, that#39;s good about the other side.意思就是:“是,我知道有两方面,这是这方面的好处,那是另一方面的好处。But, you know, for me and in my opinion...;, because now we#39;re using your subjectivity by saying: ;I think;.但是,你要知道,对我来说,在我看来......”因为说了;I think;,我们现在就要讲你们的主观看法了。You can... you can finally make your position clear, make your position known.你们终于可以表明自己的立场,让别人知道你们的看法了。Maybe in the rest of the essay, this is discursive... this is a discursive essay, you#39;ve been showing both sides of the argument.这是一篇论述文,在这篇作文的其他部分,你们也许已经阐述过两方面的论据了。But if you write your essay in a way where you don#39;t use: ;I think;, ;I believe; in the rest of the essay before, it can be quite powerful just to use ;I think; once at the end in your conclusion.但是如果你们写作文的时候,在结尾之前的其他部分没有用过;I think;, ;I believe;的话,只在结尾最后用一次;I think;,可能会使结尾显得非常有力。So, again: ;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;所以我们再看一次先前的例子:;However, I think parents should be responsible for teaching children to be good members of society.;(但是,我认为家长应该负责教孩子成为优秀的社会成员。)That bit#39;s done, what do we do next?Well, sometimes people like to end essays by giving a grand statement about morals and the world, so you can also do this in your IELTS exam.这部分写完了,下一步做什么呢?有时候人们喜欢用一个关于道德和世界的宏大陈述来结束文章,你们在做雅思试题的时候也可以这么做。And this is what I#39;m talking about when I say: ;Make a moral or social observation; to do with the question, of course, not just the general one.而这也是我说“做一个道德观察评价或社会观察评价”时要表达的意思,当然啦,你们要做的是与题干相关的观察评价,不是笼统的。So here#39;s an example: ;If children are taught to be good members of society, the world will be a better place.;给你们举个例子:;If children are taught to be good members of society, the world will be a better place.;(如果孩子们被教成了优秀的社会成员,世界会变得更好。)So, it#39;s in the first conditional, because we#39;ve got ;if;, then we#39;ve got the past simple, followed by a clause with ;will;.这个句子用的是第一条件句,因为句子里有;if;,还有后接;will;从句的一般过去时。You can use that conditional structure in your essay, in your conclusion, I think that#39;s good because you#39;re showing the examiner you know how to write conditionals.你们在自己作文的结尾部分可以用这个条件句结构,我觉得这很不错,因为这能让考官看到你们会写条件句。So, because these essays are marked on your style, but also your grammar when you#39;re writing English, displaying a range of structures,因为这些作文的评分不仅以你们的写作风格为标准,还要看你们用英语写作、展示一系列结构时的语法,it#39;s good to write this moral... moral or social observation in the conditional.所以用条件句写道德观察评价或社会观察评价是个不错的方法。So, that was the first way you can write a conclusion.When we come back, I#39;m going to show you the second way you can write a conclusion for IELTS or CAE.以上是你们写结尾时能用的第一种方法。下面我会跟你们讲雅思或CAE考试的作文中能用来写结尾的第二种方法。Let#39;s have a look at the second way to write a conclusion for your IELTS or a similar discursive essay.现在我们来看看雅思作文或类似的论述文中,你们能用来写结尾的第二种方法。So, in this conclusion, we have a different structure to follow.在这种结尾中,我们要遵循的结构跟上一个不太一样。First of all, you can make a subjective opinion statement, what do I mean by ;subjective;?首先,你们可以写一个主观性观点的陈述句,“主观性”是什么意思?That basically means using ;I;.主要就是用;I;来陈述观点的意思。As I mentioned, you should not really use: ;I think;, ;I think;, ;I think; all the way through your essay, but it#39;s okay to use it just in the conclusion for impact.我之前已经说过了,你们不能整篇作文从头到尾一直用;I think;,但是为了效果只在结尾部分用是可以的。Then you include the sentence or statement with: ;The most important reason is;, blah, blah, blah.然后你们要在这个句子或陈述句中写上;The most important reason is...;(最重要的原因是......)And then, again, you make a moral or social observation.接下来,你们还是要写一个道德或社会观察评价。And this time, if you want, you can use a second conditional, and I#39;ll show you.So, let#39;s have a look.这一次,如果你们想的话,可以用一个第二条件句,我会告诉你们怎么写的。那我们来看看吧。A subjective opinion statement: ;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;首先写一个主观性观点陈述句:;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;(我认为家长应该教他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员。)So we#39;re just taking... we#39;re taking... you know, there are two sides to this question.这个题目有两个方面,所以我们只是选了......There#39;s: ;Parents should teach their children to be good members of society;, and there#39;s: ;School should teach their children to be good members of society;,一方面是:“家长应该教他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员”;另一方面是:“学校应该教孩子成为优秀的社会成员”,so now you just show us what you think.所以现在你们要告诉我们你们的看法。;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;比如;I think parents should teach their children to be good members of society.;(我觉得家长应该教他们的孩子成为优秀的社会成员)。That bit#39;s done.Now we need to do the statement with the most important reason.这部分搞定。现在我们要为这个陈述句写下最重要的原因。So you#39;ve aly given your reasons for this in the main body of your essay.你们在作文的正文部分已经给出过这个观点的好几个原因了。Now you just elaborate and tell us a little bit more about which reason you think is the most persuasive reason or the most important reason.现在你们只要详细描述一下,再稍微多写一点你们认为哪个是最有说力的原因或者最重要的原因。For example: ;The most important reason is because parents can share their life experience with their children.;比如: ;The most important reason is because parents can share their life experience with their children.;(最重要的原因是家长可以和他们的孩子分享自己的人生经验)。There, I#39;m implying that maybe school teachers can#39;t do this.This bit#39;s done.在这个句子中,我的隐含义是也许学校老师无法做到这一点。这部分也做完了。And then, again, a moral or social observation.接下来,依然还是要写一个道德或社会观察评价。We#39;re using the second conditional this time, and we use the second conditional to talk about imagined situation, so that means hypothetical situations.这一次我们要用第二条件句,我们要用第二条件句来谈论想象的状况,也就是假想情景的意思。And it#39;s different because we are using ;would;, and we#39;re using the bare infinitive of the verb, and in the first clause we#39;re using past simple.这个的不同之处在于我们会用;would;和动词不带to的不定式,在第一个从句里还要用一般过去时。So let#39;s... let#39;s that last one: ;If schools were to teach this; -teach children how to be good members of society- ;the role of the family would be destroyed.;我们来读一下这最后一句:;If schools were to teach this;(如果学校要教这个的话)——教孩子们如何成为优秀的社会成员——;the role of the family would be destroyed.;(家庭的作用就会被破坏)。So that#39;s quite moral, quite a strong opinion to leave your essay with.这在作文结尾是个相当有寓意的、相当强烈的观点。And it does establish that: ;I#39;m finished now. My very important essay is complete.;而且它确实给人一种“我现在写完了,我的非常重要的作文结束了。”的感觉。So, there are two ways of writing your conclusions for IELTS, CAE, or a similar discursive essay.总结一下,雅思、CAE考试中的作文或者一个类似的论述文的结尾有两种写法。There are many more imaginative ways to write essays, this is not a fixed rule.还有很多更具想象力的写作文的方法,规则不是一成不变的。What can you take from this? You can take some phrases, you can start to think about the structure of your conclusion that you#39;re writing.今天的课上有什么能用的?你们可以把一些短语拿去用,你们可以开始思考自己要写的结尾的结构。And hopefully when you get there in your exam, you won#39;t get stuck in your conclusion, and you won#39;t just rewrite the answer,但愿你们去参加考试的时候,不会被困在结尾部分不知道该怎么做,不用重新作答,you#39;ll have something a little bit different to say, also something that displays a little bit of clever grammar, like a second conditional in your essay.希望你们会有一些不同的内容可以写,还有能稍稍展示出高明的语法的内容,比如在作文里写一个第二条件句。So... yep, if you did like this lesson, please subscribe here on my engvid channel.所以......没错,如果你们喜欢我的课程,请在这里点击订阅我的engvid频道。Also you can do a quiz on this, so you can take this lesson a little bit further, do a little bit of extra work on it.你们还可以做一个关于这堂课的小测验,这样你们就能进一步巩固今天的内容,稍微做一些与这相关的额外练习。Plus you can subscribe on my personal channel, because I#39;ve got two channels.另外,你们也可以订阅我的个人频道,因为我有两个频道。So, yep, I really do wish you luck on those exams, but I#39;m going now.我衷心希望你们在这些考试中能取得好成绩,不过我现在要跟你们说再见啦。 Article/201707/517005

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201609/463935

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