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世界虚构明星榜出炉 万宝路牛仔最“牛”A Marlboro billboard in Denver in an undated photo.They influence everything from how we look and act to eat and speak and have even helped sway the course of history - but they are not real.And topping a list of "The 101 most influential people who never lived" in a book released on Tuesday is theMarlboro Man- a macho American cowboy who emerged in the 1950s and helped boost sales of Marlboro cigarettes."The figments of our imaginations, the creatures we push out of our minds into the real world are fully capable of pushing back with surprising consequences," Jeremy Salter, one of the US book's three authors said.Coming in at number two on the list isBig Brotherof George Orwell's 1984, followed byKing Arthur, who the authors say embodies for many the ideal monarch, and Santa Claus comes in at number four."Santa Claus governs our entire economy for the last quarter of the year and without him businesses wouldgo broke," said co-author Allan Lazar.Barbie"the bodacious plastic babe who became a role model for millions of little girls, setting an impossible standard for beauty and style"makes the listat number 43."The idea came to us that influential characters didn't have to exist, that fictional characters were just as important in our lives, even in maybe some cases more so than real people," Lazar said.Even theLoch Ness Monstermakes the list at number 56."As the most popular tourist attraction in Scotland, Nessie's influence on the cash flow of that country has been significant," wrote the authors of "The 101 most influential people who never lived."(Agencies)他们的影响无处不在,从人们的衣食住行到言谈举止,甚至影响了历史进程,但他们在现实生活中并不存在。本周二,一本名为《最具影响力的101位虚构人物》的书新鲜出炉,其中,于上世纪50年代出现的“万宝路牛仔”荣登榜首,这个颇具男子气概的酷男形象曾使万宝路香烟热销全球。这本书共有三位作者,其中一位作者杰里米·索特说:“我们凭空虚构出来的人物和形象反过来会对我们自身产生意想不到的影响。”排名第二的是乔治·奥威尔的小说《1984》中的主人公“老大哥”,其次是亚瑟王,这本书的作者说他是很多人心中理想君主的化身;位居第四的是圣诞老人。作者阿兰·拉撒尔说:“圣诞老人在每年的最后一季度都是经济增长的最大动力,没有圣诞老人,很多企业会破产。”风靡全球的塑料芭比娃娃位居排行榜第43位,它是无数小女孩心中所向往的“美丽和时尚”的典范。拉撒尔说:“有影响力的人物不一定真实存在,虚构出来的人物在我们的生活中同样重要,有时他们甚至比现实人物的影响力还要大。”甚至连尼斯湖水怪也榜上有名,排行第56位。作者在书中解释道:“尼斯湖是苏格兰最受欢迎的旅游景点,它对大量资金流入当地具有举足轻重的作用。”Vocabulary:go broke :破产make the list :登上排行榜 /200803/32065浙江新安国际医院美容中心"When you were born, you were crying and everyone around you was smiling, live your life so that when you die, you're smiling and everyone around you is crying." 当你出生时,你哭着,身边的人笑着。尽情享受生命吧!当你离世时,你笑着,身边的人哭着。 /201108/151311海盐县微创丰胸的价格Chocolate lovers rejoice. A new study hints that eating milk chocolate may boost brain function."Chocolate contains many substances that act as stimulants, such as theobromine, phenethylamine, and caffeine," Dr. Bryan Raudenbush from Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia."These substances by themselves have previously been found to increase alertness and attention and what we have found is that by consuming chocolate you can get the stimulating effects, which then lead to increased mental performance."To study the effects of various chocolate types on brain power, Bryan Raudenbush and colleagues had volunteers in four groups separately consume 85 grams of milk chocolate; 85 grams of dark chocolate; 85 grams of carob; and nothing (the control condition).After a 15-minute digestive period, participants completed a variety of computer-based neuropsychological tests designed to assess cognitive performance including memory, attention span, reaction time, and problem solving ability."Composite scores for verbal and visual memory were significantly higher for milk chocolate than the other conditions," Raudenbush said.And consumption of milk and dark chocolate was associated with improved impulse control and reaction time, according to the research. 爱吃巧克力的人们可以欢呼了。最新一项研究表明,吃牛奶巧克力可以增强脑功能。西弗吉尼亚威林耶稣大学的布莱恩士说:“巧克力内含有很多具有兴奋作用的物质,如可可碱、苯已基以及咖啡因。”“先前的研究已发现,这些物质能让人变得更加机敏,并能增强注意力。而我们的最新研究表明,吃巧克力能够让人感到兴奋,从而使人的脑力表现得到提高。”为了研究不同种类巧克力对于人脑力的影响,布莱恩·兰登布什及其他研究人员将参与实验的志愿者分为四组,其中三组分别摄入85克牛奶巧克力、85克黑巧克力和85克角豆粉(一种可食用的粉状物质,用角豆树的种子和角豆荚磨制而成,常用作巧克力的替代品);还有一组不吃任何东西。经过15分钟的消化后,志愿者们完成了一系列神经心理学的计算机测试,这些测试旨在对他们的、注意力持久度、反应时间以及解决问题能力等认知表现进行评估。兰登布什说:“食用牛奶巧克力的实验对象在语言和视觉方面的综合得分大大高于其他三个小组。”此外,研究还发现,食用牛奶巧克力和黑巧克力还有助于增强冲动控制能力,提高反应速度。 /200809/47428Lending credence to the old adage about eating an apple a day, a new study finds that women who ate the fruit daily saw improvements in cholesterol levels and markers of inflammation — suggesting a lower risk of heart disease — in a year's time.“每日一苹果,医生远离我”的言语流传已久,而一份最新的医学研究发现,在一年的时间内,每日食用苹果的女性胆固醇的水平有所改善,并且减少了炎症的发生,这也就意味着降低了患心脏病的几率。The study, conducted by researchers at Florida State University, involved 160 women who were randomly assigned to eat about 2.7 ounces (75 g) of dried apples or prunes (dried plums) daily. Researchers did blood tests at the three-, six- and 12-month marks to measure heart-risk factors.这项由美国加州州立大学开展的这项研究涉及了160名女性,按照要求他们每天都会食用75克得苹果干或者杏仁干,研究者分别在第三、六、十二个月测量了她们的血液以分析心脏病诱因的情况。After a year, the women who ate dried apples had lowered their total cholesterol by 14%; their levels of LDL (or "bad") cholesterol had fallen by 23%, and their levels of HDL (or good) cholesterol had increased by about 4%. Participants also experienced a 32% decline in C-reactive protein, an indicator of inflammation in the body and a risk factor for heart disease.一年之后,那些食用苹果干的女性的胆固醇总量TC下降了14%,低密度脂蛋白LDLD-C,也就是通常所说的坏胆固醇含量下降了23%,高密度脂蛋白HDL-C的含量增加了4%,研究对象的C反应蛋白CRP含量下降了32%,这种蛋白质会诱发人体出现炎症的情况,是引发心脏病的诱因。The women who ate prunes saw also slight reductions in these risk factors, but not to the same extent as those who ate apples, said study author and professor of nutrition Bahram H. Arjmandi.营养学教授Bahram H. Arjmandi表示,食用杏仁干的女性在心脏病的诱因方面的水平也有所降低,但却不及吃苹果这组效果显著。 /201104/133829嘉兴曙光整形美容医院去眼袋好吗

嘉兴市脸部激光美白多少钱嘉兴曙光中西医整形美容医院飘眉手术怎么样Deep inside your closet hangs an old friend: your favorite jeans. The ones you once lived in that you haven’t worn in ages because it’s too much eff ort to stuff yourself inside them. The following workout is designed to fi rm your butt, tone your thighs, tighten your core, and zap your love handles1. In short, you’ll pare2 down the problem spots that are coming between you and your much-loved denim.在你衣柜的深处挂着一件你的“老朋友”:你喜欢的牛仔裤。这是你曾经总穿的牛仔裤,但你已经很久没穿了,因为要费很大的力气才能将自己塞进去。下面的锻炼可以紧实臀部、增强大腿肌肉、收紧核心肌群、摆脱腰间赘肉。总之,你和你深爱的牛仔裤之间的问题会越来越少。 /201006/106916嘉兴曙光整形医院打玻尿酸排名我们造云,云造雨,雨干扰了球赛的举行,所以人们讨厌吸烟者!!!平湖市中医院祛疤手术多少钱

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