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盐城协和医院宫腔镜取胚术盐城协和医院龟头炎越吃还能越瘦?这是真的!Want to lose weight? Eat more. As a general rule, you should never allow yourself to become hungry. Just like feeling thirsty means that you've waited too long and the earliest signs of dehydration are setting in, being hungry means that you've waited too long to eat since your last meal and your body is in need of nurishment. Allowing this to happen time and time again will slow your metabolism down, down, d-o-w-n ...Does this, then, mean that it's okay to eat Burger King or Taco Bell five or six times per day? Believe me, I'm right there with you -- I wish it did. But of course it doesn't.What it means is that if you eat 5 to 6 small, healthy meals and snacks throughout the day, you will lose weight over time. a Framingham Nutrition Study has found that women who consume 400 more calories per day and eat healthier are two-and-a-half times less likely to have an excess of abdominal fat than women who take in fewer calories but consume more saturated fat and less fiber. 想减肥吗?多吃点就行了。有一条普遍准则说,你永远不要让自己饿着。感到渴了,表示你已经等了好久,而且已经出现了脱水的前兆;感到饿了,表示距离你上顿吃东西已经过了很久,你的身体需要营养了。如果放任这种情况一次次出现,你的新陈代谢会越来越慢,越来越慢……这是不是说,我们可以每天吃五六餐汉堡王(Burger King)或者Taco Bell(一种墨西哥玉米卷,跟KFC一样是连锁店)?相信我吧,我已经试过了——我希望可以这么吃。但实际上不可以。这样做才是正确的:每天吃五六顿量不大却健康的正餐或小吃,这样过一段时间,你就能瘦下来。一项Framingham营养研究发现,每天摄取400多卡路里且饮食健康的女性,与每天摄取更少卡路里但多饱和脂肪少纤维的女性相比,后者腹部肥胖的几率比前者多2.5倍。所以,少食多餐,少脂肪多纤维,越吃就能越苗条! /200803/31800盐都区肛肠医院哪家好 盐城协和看病怎么样

兴化市肛肠医院哪家好盐城治疗精液异常最好的医院 One economist has good news for bargain hunters: According to his data, you don’t have to sacrifice a good night’s sleep in order to get a cheap airplane ticket. That’s because tickets purchased on weekends are actually about 5 percent cheaper than those bought during the week.一位经济学家给爱淘便宜货的人带来了福音。根据他的研究数据,你不必为了买一张廉价机票而熬夜牺牲你宝贵的睡眠时间。因为周末购买的机票价格实际上比平时便宜5%左右。;What we find is that when you look at otherwise very similar tickets, the tickets that were purchased on the weekends are about 5 percent lower,; Texas Aamp;M University economist Steven Puller told 1200 WOAI.美国德州农工大学的经济学家史蒂芬#8226;普勒在接受1200WOAI广播电台采访时说:“我们发现,比较类似机票后可以看出,周末购买的机票价格比平时低5%左右。”Published in the latest issue of the Journal of Economic Behavior amp; Organization, Puller’s data flies in the face of conventional wisdom, which suggests that if you want the best deal, you should purchase a ticket on a Tuesday or Wednesday, specifically at around 1 am.普勒的研究报告发表在最新一期的《经济行为与组织》杂志上,他的数据和传统观点大相径庭。传统观点认为,如果你想买到最优惠的机票,你应该在周二或周三购买,而且最好在凌晨一点左右。;Your typical purchaser on the weekends is going to be more price sensitive, and airlines might realize that and lower their fares,; Puller told the station.普勒告诉电台的记者说:“喜欢在周末购买机票的人对价格更加敏感,航空公司也许意识到了这一点,特意调低了票价。”Still, some conventional wisdom did hold up in the study. For example, you’re still better off purchasing your ticket several weeks in advance, rather than waiting until the last minute for a good deal.不过,这一研究报告也持一些传统的观点。例如,二者都认为,提前几周买机票还是比拖到最后一刻买票要划算。However, there are some caveats to the findings. Most prominently, Puller says the findings apply only to tickets purchased for locations that are not considered prime vacation destinations. That’s because there is less market competition from business travelers during the week, which would typically drive the price down, according to his findings.然而,这一研究结果还是存在一些限制条件。最突出的一个限制条件是,据普勒说,该研究结果只适用于购买前往非热门度假地的机票。因为他的研究发现,非工作日购买机票的话,所面临的来自商务旅客的市场竞争就不会那么激烈,这通常都会拉低票价。Puller’s data is also strictly based on nonstop, round-trip flights. So, if you’re trying to find a great deal on Christmas flights, you’re still largely on your own.普勒是严格地参照直达往返航班的数据得出结果的。所以,如果你想买到最优惠的圣诞节机票,很大程度上你还是得依赖自己的判断。 /201302/226346滨海县人民医院好不好

盐城人流价格多少这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:我觉得人生最懊悔的是,以为自己想要苹果,而不是别人追求的鸭梨;可最终发现,自己想要的不是苹果,也是鸭梨……看错了自己,更可怕!!译者:koogle With our shared interests and notorious #39;special relationship#39;, it is often thought that Britons and Americans are cut from the same cloth.由于我们的共同利益和出了名的“特殊关系”,人们通常认为英国人和美国人如出一辙。However, a new survey has revealed that people from both sides of the Atlantic have wildly different personalities.然而,一项最新调查表明,位于大西洋两岸的两国人民在性格上有着巨大差异。Up to 20,000 Britons and Americans took part in a visual personality test which involved selecting which image they most identified with in certain categories.有共两万英国人和美国人参加了一项图像性格测试,测试内容包括在一个特定分类里选择一张与自己最匹配的图片。And, as well as confirming some long-held stereotypes, it also appears to confirm that the famous British stiff upper lip still exists.另外,在验一些老观念时,测试也表明英国人典型的沉稳内敛性格依然存在。As reported by The Times, Americans are more likely to be #39;caring#39; or #39;energetic optimists#39; while Britons are twice as likely to be described as #39;downhearted#39;.根据《泰晤士报》的报道,美国人更“具有同情心”或“充满活力且乐观”,而英国人“消沉沮丧”的可能性是美国人的两倍。However, Britons also emerged as more likely to be chilled out.不过,英国人也更容易冷静下来。Some of the more revealing insights from the survey, by Visual DNA, came when Britons and Americans were asked about romance.这项由Visual DNA主持的调查也揭示了一些英国人和美国人在被问及情感时的不同点。Briton#39;s are more reserved and less likely to share romantic secrets with friends, family and colleagues. Americans, however, are four times more likely to be called a #39;true romantic#39;. They are more flirtatious and much more likely to take a sexual attitude towards love.英国人更矜持,不太和朋友、家人及同事分享自己的情感故事,美国人则相反,他们被称为“浪漫实际派”的可能性是英国人的四倍。他们更轻浮,对爱情的态度更倾向于性方面。British people, on the other hand, are five times more likely to be called #39;more reserved#39;.而另一方面,英国人被称为“保守更甚者”的可能性是美国人的五倍。The survey results appear to confirm what actor Michael Caine once famously said.这个调查结果正好验了演员迈克尔·肯恩曾说过的著名的话。#39;I think what is British about me is my feelings and awareness of others and their situations.“我想我性格中英国人的方面在于我顾及他人及他们所处的环境。”#39;English people are always known to be well mannered and cold but we are not cold - we don#39;t interfere in your situation.“英国人一向被认为是礼貌而又冷漠的,但我们并不冷漠,我们只是不介入你的处境中。”#39;If we are heartbroken, we don#39;t scream in your face with tears - we go home and cry on our own.#39;“如果我们心碎了,我们并不会满脸悲苦现于人前,我们会回到家默默哭泣。”Another intriguing insight into attitudes came when people were asked about money.调查中另一个有趣的方面是英美人被问及到钱的态度。British people are three times more likely to be described as #39;careful spenders#39; or #39;home improvers#39; than their counterparts in the U.S.英国人被视作“谨慎花钱的人”或“家庭贡献者”的可能性是美国人的四倍。However, Americans display almost entirely opposite characteristics. They are 13 times more likely to #39;flash their cash#39; and show off their money.不过,美国人在这方面展现了完全相反的性格,他们炫耀手中钞票的可能性是英国人的13倍。 /201306/245603盐城/慢性前列腺炎治疗价格盐城怎样判断是否早泄



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