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  • Michael Phelps will have the honor of carrying the US flag as he competes at his fifth Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this month. 泳坛名将迈克尔#8226;菲尔普斯将出任美国奥运代表团旗手。本月在里约热内卢,他将出战个人的第五届奥运会。He will be the first swimmer to be the flag-bearer since Gary Hall in 1976, leading the American team in Friday#39;s opening ceremony. 自1976年蒙特利尔奥运会的加里#8226;霍尔之后,他是美国又一位担任旗手的游泳运动员。周五,他将带领美国代表团参加开幕式。;I#39;m honored to be chosen, proud to represent the US, and humbled by the significance of carrying the flag and all it stands for,; said Phelps, who is the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals. 菲尔普斯说:“很荣幸能当选旗手,能代表美国我万分自豪。旗手的重要性和它代表的涵义让我感到责任重大。”拥有22枚奖牌的他是史上获得荣誉最多的奥运选手。;For Sydney, I just wanted to make the team. For Athens, I wanted to win gold for my country. For Beijing, I wanted to do something nobody else had done. In London, I wanted to make history. “在悉尼,我只想成为团队的一员;在雅典,我想为祖国赢得金牌;在北京,我想做些前无古人的事;在伦敦,我想创造历史。”;And now, I want to walk in the opening ceremony, take it all in, represent America in the best possible way and make my family proud. This time around, it#39;s about so much more than medals.; “而现在,我想走进开幕式,以可能的最好方式全身心地代表美国,也让我的家人感到骄傲。这次经历的意义要远远大于奖牌。”Phelps retired after the London 2012 Olympics, where he took his career haul to 18 gold medals, but came out of retirement two years later. 菲尔普斯在2012年伦敦奥运会后退役,当时,其职业生涯的金牌数达到18枚。两年后,他宣布复出。He was banned for six months after being arrested for drink driving and speeding, missing the 2015 world championships, but subsequently qualified for the 100 and 200 meters butterfly plus the 200m individual medley. 因酒驾和超速被捕,菲尔普斯被禁赛六个月,错过了2015年游泳世锦赛。但随后,他获得了100米和200米蝶泳,以及200米个人混合泳的奥运资格。Now 31, he is only the second American swimmer to have qualified for five Olympic Games, and the first male. 现年31岁的他是第二位能够参与五届奥运会的美国游泳选手,也是第一位有此资格的男选手。Phelps will resume his rivalry with US teammate Ryan Lochte in the 200m medley, while he will have the chance to avenge a rare defeat in the butterfly. 菲尔普斯将继续和队友瑞安#8226;罗切特在200米混合泳展开竞争,而在蝶泳项目上,他将有机会为此前罕有的一次战败“复仇”。While Phelps beat Chad le Clos in the 100m in London four years ago, the South African claimed a notable success in the 200 as he defeated his childhood hero -- winning by just 0.05 seconds. 四年前的伦敦奥运会,尽管菲尔普斯在100米蝶泳比赛中战胜了南非选手查德#8226;勒#8226;克洛斯,但克洛斯却在200米的竞争中获得了令人瞩目的胜利——以0.05秒的优势打败了自己的童年偶像。 /201608/458719。
  • China#39;s luxury goods websites have undergone explosive growth in recent years due to the great potential size of the Chinese market. The websites have expanded their product offerings to things like luxury cars and private aircraft, which would have been inconceivable a few years ago. But consumers continue to complain about product quality - a life and death issue for luxury goods vendors.由于中国巨大的市场潜力,中国奢侈品网站近年来经历了爆炸性增长。这些网站已将其产品范围扩展到豪华轿车和私人飞机,而这些事在几年前是难以想象的。但消费者对产品质量的抱怨将成为关乎奢侈品供应商生死的问题。China#39;s luxury e-commerce provider secoo.com (Secoo) got a lot of attention for a promotional event it held with high-end sports carmaker Lamborghini on May 16, in which it put luxury cars up for sale on its website.中国的奢侈品电子商务供应商寺库网最近得到了大量的关注,他们在5月16日举行了一项促销活动,同高端跑车制造商兰基尼合作,把豪华汽车放在其网站上销售。This activity is just one example of China#39;s booming e-commerce market for luxury goods. Until a few years ago, consumers in China had been reluctant to buy luxury goods online. But now, the idea of buying a plane over the Internet no longer seems so unusual.这项活动只是中国蓬勃发展的奢侈品电子商务市场的一个例子。几年前,中国消费者还不愿意在线购买奢侈品。但现在,在网上购买一架飞机的想法似乎不再那么不寻常了。And buying luxury goods online has grown in popularity. ;More and more consumers will choose to shop online for luxury goods due to its convenience and lower prices,; said Chen Wei, a senior consultant at Beijing-based ChinaVenture.网上购买奢侈品已经变得流行起来。总部位于北京的“投资中国网”的高级顾问陈炜表示:“越来越多的消费者会由于其便利性和较低的价格,而选择网上购买奢侈品。”;I have bought luxury goods on Secoo and other luxury goods websites several times,; a Shanghai-based consumer surnamed Wang told the Global Times last Wednesday. ;But I have only bought stuff that isn#39;t that expensive. For really expensive things, I still like to go to brand stores because I#39;m afraid of buying knockoffs.;“我曾在寺库网和其他奢侈品网站买过几次奢侈品,”上海的消费者王女士周三接受《环球时报》采访时说道。“但我只买一些不贵的东西。价格较高的东西我还是喜欢去品牌店买,因为我怕买到假货。”Wang has good reason to be concerned.王女士的担忧是有理由的。First, it is a universal phenomenon that only a few of China#39;s luxury e-commerce sites have been authorized by big luxury brands.首先,只有少数的中国的奢侈品电子商务网站拥有奢侈品大牌的授权,这是一个普遍的现象。After-sales service is another troublesome quality issue. When a customer isn#39;t happy with an item bought from a brand store, he can always take it back for a refund or exchange. ;But that isn#39;t very easy when it happens online,; Chen said, noting that returning a product online can take a lot of time and energy.此外,售后务也是另一个关于质量的麻烦问题。当顾客在品牌商店购物时,如果他对所购物品不满意,他可以随时退换货。“但是网上购物却不容易做到这点,”陈炜指出,在线退货需要耗费大量的时间和精力。Li, Secoo#39;s CEO, offered a solution to the problem.寺库网CEO李先生对此提供了一个解决办法。;We have built offline experience stores in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai where consumers can touch products before buying them online and get help with products they have aly bought online,; he said.他说:“我们在上海、北京等主要城市建立了线下体验店,消费者可以在网上购买产品之前,去店里体验商品,而在网上购买产品后也可以获得一些帮助。”This kind of one-stop service model can help solve the after-sales service problem and bring in consumers, Chen said. ;But this model is still rare in China#39;s luxury e-commerce industry,; he noted.陈炜表示,这种一站式的务模式可以帮助解决售后务问题,并带来更多消费者,“但这种模式在中国的奢侈品电子商务行业仍然是少见的。” /201606/447355。
  • July is the best month of the year for cycling fans: three glorious weeks of the Tour de France to gorge on, provided you can wrestle the remote from any Wimbledon watchers in your life.7月对自行车爱好者来说是一年中最好的月份: 假如在你的生活中能远离温布尔观察者的争斗,那么你将尽享辉煌的三周环法自行车赛并饱吃美食。Yet while it is possible to watch Mark Cavendish#39;s renaissance live on both Eurosport and ITV4, anyone wanting to follow the Giro Rosa has to make do with crumbs posted on social media.尽管在欧洲体育和英国网络4频道可以看到马克卡文迪什的文艺复兴,然而任何想追随吉罗-罗莎的人必须寻找社交媒体上的消息。Every evening, I catch-up with the Tour highlights on ITV4: on Friday I found out that Evelyn Stevens of the USA won the individual time trial, her third stage win of the 2016 edition. I#39;d been wondering how Lizzie Armitstead had been getting on: it was only after some googling I found out our homegrown world champion pulled out after feeling poorly.每天晚上,我都追随英国网络4频道的旅游亮点节目:周五我发现美国的伊芙琳·史蒂文斯赢得2016年版的第三阶段的个人计时赛。我一直想知道阿米斯特德怎么得到的:用谷歌搜索之后,我才发现我们国内的世界冠军感觉状态不佳后退出了比赛。Apparently the Italians show Giro highlights each night, but no English language broadcaster seems to want to follow suit. It#39;s a huge problem for women#39;s cycling, as US cyclist Mara Abbott explained to me last week: without TV coverage, the sponsors aren#39;t interested. Without sponsors willing to invest decent money, riders don#39;t get paid properly, and like Abbott, end up working on civvy street to make ends meet. I couldn#39;t believe it when she told me she worked at a farmers#39; market to pay her mortgage this winter, despite winning the Giro Rosa twice.显然意大利人每晚都展示吉罗的亮点,但似乎没有英语广播公司想效仿。这对女性自行车运动来说是个巨大的问题,就像上周美国自行车参赛者者马拉雅培向我解释的那样:没有电视报道和赞助商赞助。没有赞助商愿意投资的钱,骑手也得不到适当的报酬,像雅培一样最终致力于平民生活来维持生计。我无法相信, 尽管在吉罗-罗莎赛道赢过两次,但她告诉我这个冬天她为付抵押贷款需在农贸市场工作。译文属 /201608/457529。
  • It is your life, so make sure you are doing what is best for you. Keep in mind that this may mean that you have to say no to other people, as well as to certain commitments that you have aly made. It is better to stay true to yourself than continue on a path that doesn#39;t resonate with you but that may be pleasing to others. Your first obligation is to yourself.这是你的生活,所以要确保你所做之事对你来说是最好的。记住:这可能意味着你不得不对他人说不,甚至要对自己早已许下的某些承诺说不。相比踏上与自己没有共鸣之处但是却可以取悦他人的道路来说,做真正的自己更好。首先你要对自己负责。Your well being horoscope幸福运势You could become interested in some form of holistic healing. Maybe you are hoping to improve your physical health. You could consult an herbalist or nutritionist for some advice about increasing your energy levels. Or maybe you have some minor back pain or joint discomfort that could be healed by a chiropractor. Do something that will bring a more positive energy flow to your body. Investigate techniques that involve a spiritual approach.你可能会对某种形式的整体治疗感兴趣。也许你希望能使自己更健康。你可以咨询中医或营养师,让他们给出关于提升能量水平的建议。或许你的背部会轻微疼痛,或许关节不适,这些问题都可通过治好。做些能给身体带来更多积极能量的事情。研究涉及精神疗法的技巧。Your love horoscope爱情运势You have times when you feel in love with your romantic partner, and then there are times when you wonder what you have become! Don#39;t worry, today should be a positive day for you. You#39;ll be able to rekindle those feelings of passion and affection that first attracted you to your partner. You need to realize how every relationship has its ups and downs. Overall, the two of you have been doing pretty well!有时候你会十分爱慕你的另一半,但有时候又不禁思考这段感情使自己变成了什么样子。别担心,对你来说,今天是个积极向上的日子。今天的你能重燃,而你的另一半一开始就是被你的热情所吸引的。你需要知道每一段感情都会时好时坏。整体来说,你俩还是很恩爱的!Your career horoscope事业运势Today you could hear some good news about your financial situation. Perhaps you will make some short-term gains in the stock market. This monetary surge could provide you with greater cash flow. Or you could find out about a pending raise or promotion. It#39;s a good day to notice the progress that you have been making in your business life. As a hard worker, you certainly deserve a pay off!今天你会听到关于财务状况的好消息。也许你能在股票市场获得短期收益。这一货币激增能使你拥有更多的资金。或者你也可能发现自己即将要加薪或晋升了!今天是见你事业进展的好日子。你工作十分辛劳,当然应享有回报。译文属 /201607/456049。
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