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富阳中山人流多少钱杭州富阳中山女子妇科医院Personal information of over 200,000 children in Jinan, East China#39;s Shandong Province, including the cellphone number and home address of their parents have been leaked, triggering widesp concerns on the possible consequences if criminals get hold of the data.近日,位于中国东部的山东省济南市的20万名儿童的个人信息,包括他们父母的手机号码和家庭住址被泄露,这一事件引发了广泛关注,并对如果犯罪分子得到这些信息后导致的可能性后果表示担心。The data was offered for 32,000 yuan (,900) from hospitals where the children were vaccinated, Shandong-based Qilu Evening News reported last Wednesday.据山东省《齐鲁晚报》上周三报道,这些信息是为儿童接种疫苗的医院接受32000元后放出的。Over 60 percent of the data of a sampling list of 29 children, aged from 1 to 5, acquired by the newspaper#39;s reporter are accurate after the reporter called and checked everyone, the report said.该报道指出,晚报的记者随机抽查了60名年龄1至5岁的儿童名单,并一一打电话核对,其中60%的信息准确无误。Parents also complained that they have received many fraudulent calls, guessing that their information might have be leaked when their children were vaccinated at local hospitals. What worries them more, they said, is the possible danger they might face if criminals get hold of the data, who might extort money or even kidnap their children.家长还抱怨称,他们收到了许多欺诈性电话,并猜测他们的信息可能是在当地医院接种疫苗的之后被泄露的。他们更加担心的是,若让罪犯分子得到这些数据,可能会向他们勒索钱财,甚至绑架他们的孩子。The data of newborn babies in Beijing, including 40,000 babies born since 2016, could be bought for 0.2 yuan per baby, according to a seller reached by the Global Times on last Thursday.据《环球时报》上周四联系到的一位卖家表示,北京的新生儿,其中包括自2016年出生的4万名婴儿的信息,可以以0.2元每个婴儿的价格出售。Such data gathered from hospitals and different cities in China, mostly first- and second-tier cities, could be offered, said those sellers.该卖家表示,可以提供的信息主要来自中国不同城市的医院,大多是一、二线城市。Though those who illegally sell personal information could face a maximum of seven years in prison based on Article 253 of China#39;s Criminal Law, sellers are willing to take the risk as the chances of getting caught are slim, said Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Communications Law Research Center at the China University of Political Science and Law.中国政法大学通信法律研究中心副主任朱伟表示,虽然根据中国刑法第253条的规定,那些非法出售个人信息的人可能会面临七年的监禁,但因为被抓到的几率很小,所以出卖信息的人愿意承担风险。;There#39;s very little supervision on the protection of personal information from the government, including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Cyberspace Administration of China,; he added.他补充说道:“包括中国工业科技信息部和网络管理部等相关政府部门对个人信息的保护很少有监督”。Sellers can gain as much as 300 yuan by selling a person#39;s ;more specific information,; such as a pregnant woman#39;s cellphone number, the hospital and bed number, and her surgery date, Nandu Daily reported in March.据《南都日报》三月份的报道,卖家可以通过出售一个人的“更具体的信息”赚取300元钱,例如“妇的手机号码,医院,床位号和手术日期”。That#39;s partially why such a business is thriving and has not been curbed, Zhu said.朱伟主任表示,这就是为什么这样的业务能够蓬勃发展,而且并没有得到遏制的部分原因。 /201604/438844富阳好的无痛人流手术医院 RIO DE JANEIRO — In the campaign against mosquitoes, Brazil has deployed soldiers to destroy habitats where the insects thrive. Colombia is releasing swarms of mosquitoes treated with bacteria that limit their capacity to sp disease. Mexico is testing the first vaccine against dengue fever, a mosquito-borne virus raging throughout the region.里约热内卢——为了消灭蚊子,巴西派遣士兵去摧毁蚊子滋生的栖息地。哥伦比亚放出了大批经过细菌处理的蚊子,该细菌可以限制蚊子传播疾病的能力。而墨西哥正在测试第一登革热疫苗,这种蚊媒病毒正在整个地区肆虐。Yet at each turn, mosquitoes are outwitting their human opponents, a challenge highlighted by the ed States’ decision to advise pregnant women to postpone traveling to more than a dozen Latin American or Caribbean countries and Puerto Rico where mosquitoes are rapidly expanding the reach of Zika, the virus linked to a surge in cases of infants born with brain damage.但是在每轮战斗中,蚊子都击败了人类对手,美国的一个决定更是突显了该问题的严重性——美国建议,计划前往十多个拉丁美洲和加勒比国家以及波多黎各的妇,应延期出行,因为在这个地区,蚊子正迅速扩大兹卡病毒(Zika)的传播范围。这种病毒可能导致婴儿出生时就患有脑损伤,目前这种病例出现了激增。The warning by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta has intensified a debate across Latin America over the hemisphere’s growing vulnerability to mosquito-borne diseases. These concerns are especially acute in Brazil, the region’s largest country, where officials hope that tourism can help revive a beleaguered economy as they prepare to host the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.西半球对蚊媒传染病日益脆弱的防线,已经在拉丁美洲各地引发了争论,而亚特兰大的美国疾病控制与预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)发布的这项警告,更是加剧了这种争论。在巴西,人们的担忧尤为严重。巴西是该地区最大的国家,2016年夏季奥运会将在这里的里约热内卢举办,官员们寄望旅游业能有助于重振该国陷入困境的经济。Henrique Alves, Brazil’s tourism minister, took issue with the C.D.C.’s warning on Saturday. He argued that the Brazilian authorities were adopting measures to prevent Zika from intensifying in the country, even though health officials were investigating more than 3,500 cases of microcephaly, a previously rare condition linked to Zika in which infants are born with abnormally small heads.巴西旅游部长恩里克·阿尔维斯(Henrique Alves)对美国疾控中心上周六发布的警告表达了不满。阿尔维斯说,巴西当局正在采取措施,防止兹卡在该国蔓延;但是该国卫生官员正在调查逾3500起婴儿小头症(microcephaly)病例,这种与兹卡有关的疾病以前很罕见,患病婴儿在出生时头部小得不正常。Asked in a telephone interview if Brazil was a safe destination for pregnant women, Mr. Alves responded, “I think so, without a doubt,” emphasizing that his government’s decision to refrain from travel alerts regarding Zika coincided with World Health Organization’s policies.当被问及巴西作为旅游目的地对妇是否安全时,阿尔维斯在电话采访中说:“我想是的,毫无疑问。”他强调,巴西政府决定暂不发布有关兹卡的旅游警告,与世界卫生组织(WTO)的政策是一致的。Mr. Alves added that he expected the Zika outbreak to ease to the point so that the Olympics here in August would not be affected.阿尔维斯还说,他预计兹卡疫情将会有效缓解,不会影响8月在这里举办的奥运会。Yet others in Brazil applauded the C.D.C.’s alert, pointing to the country’s struggle not just with Zika, a virus with origins in Uganda that is thought to have made the leap to Brazil in 2014, but also with two other mosquito-borne viruses, dengue and chikungunya. Last year, Brazil registered more than 1.6 million cases of dengue, a virus causing fever and joint pain, with 863 people dying from the disease.但在巴西,其他人却对美国疾控中心发出的警告提出了称赞,指出该国不仅在努力控制兹卡病毒,还在与另外两种蚊媒病毒——登革热和基孔肯雅热(chikungunya)抗争。据信,源于乌干达的兹卡病毒于2014年传播至巴西。去年,巴西登记的登革热病例超过了160万例,有863人死于这种疾病。这种病毒会引起发烧和关节痛。Those infected with Zika usually experience mild or no symptoms. It is not known whether the virus alone causes microcephaly or if it occurs only if the mother has had a previous infection, like dengue.感染兹卡病毒的人通常出现轻微症状,或没有症状。目前尚不清楚小头症是否由这种病毒单独引起,还是只在母亲之前感染过登革热等病毒的情况下,才会发病。Zika has emerged as a health threat elsewhere in Latin America. In El Salvador, cases of Zika have escalated since it was first reported at the end of November. As of last week, 3,836 cases had been reported, and the government raised the alert level in 47 municipalities where the illness had been detected. The government is planning intensive fumigation campaigns in those areas.兹卡病毒还在拉丁美洲其他地方蔓延,成为健康威胁。在萨尔瓦多,自11月末首次通报兹卡病例以来,感染人数急剧增加。截至上周,该国已有3836个报告病例。政府在47个出现病例的市镇提高了警戒级别。政府正计划在这些地区开展密集的喷雾消毒行动。El Salvador’s Health Ministry is particularly concerned about the rise of cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome, which leads to paralysis, usually temporary; researchers are exploring a possible link between Guillain-Barré and Zika. Forty-six suspected cases of the syndrome had been reported as of last week, Violeta Menjívar, the Health minister, said in a radio interview.格利-巴林综合症病例的增加令萨尔瓦多卫生部尤其担心,这种疾病会导致瘫痪,瘫痪症状通常是暂时的。研究人员正在探究格林-巴利综合症与兹卡病毒之间的潜在联系。该国卫生部长维奥莱塔·蒙吉瓦尔(Violeta Menjívar)在接受电台采访时表示,截至上周,上报的格利-巴林综合症疑似病例已达到46例。Dr. Pablo Kuri Morales, Mexico’s undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, said in a telephone interview on Saturday that Mexico had diagnosed 15 cases of Zika, 10 of them in the state of Chiapas, on the border of Guatemala. He added that the authorities were preparing a television and radio campaign to warn everybody, especially women of reproductive age.周六,墨西哥疾病预防与健康促进部(Prevention and Health Promotion)副部长巴勃罗·库里·莫拉莱斯(Pablo Kuri Morales)士接受电话采访时表示,墨西哥已经诊断出15个兹卡病例,其中10例出现在靠近危地马拉边境的恰帕斯州。他还表示,当局正在准备发起电视及电台宣传,对所有人发出警告,特别是针对育龄妇女。Dr. Kuri said the C.D.C. was “within its rights” to issue the travel warning, but he argued that the blanket admonition did not make sense when the virus has appeared in only three Mexican states. The mosquitoes that carry the virus, he said, could not survive in the high altitudes of the central plateau, including Mexico City.库里士表示,美国疾控中心“有权利”发布旅游警告,但他辩称,墨西哥只有三个州出现兹卡病例,发布这种一刀切的警告不合情理。他表示,携带病毒的蚊子无法在高海拔的中央平原存活,包括墨西哥城。“I think it’s good to have these warnings,” he said, “but these things should be explained to people.”“我觉得发布警告是正确的,”他说。“但应该向人们说明这些情况。”In Washington, administration officials said the decision to issue a travel alert on Friday developed quickly at the end of the week and set off a flurry of diplomatic efforts to inform officials in the countries named in the alert.在华盛顿,政府官员表示,相关机构很快就在周末做出了于周五发布旅游警告的决定,并开展一系列外交努力,通知了警告所涉及国家的官员。Officials said the notification process forced the C.D.C. to postpone a news conference that had been planned for Friday afternoon, ultimately delaying an announcement until that evening.官员们表示,这个通知程序迫使疾控中心推迟了原本定于周五下午召开的新闻发布会,最终延迟到晚上才公布消息。Aside from anecdotal accounts, it seems too early to tell how the alert will affect travel. In Brazil, Olympic officials emphasized that the Games will take place in August, during the Southern Hemisphere’s winter. The dryer, cooler weather around that time is thought to reduce the presence of mosquitoes, though virologists warn that the insects can transmit viruses year-round in Brazil.除了各种传言,现在断定这种警告会如何影响旅游还为时过早。在巴西,奥运官员强调,奥运会将在8月举行,那会儿是南半球的冬季。人们认为,到时候干燥、凉爽的天气会致使蚊子减少,尽管病毒学家警告称这种昆虫能够全年在巴西传播病毒。“Rio 2016 will continue to monitor the issue closely and follow guidance from the Brazilian Ministry of Health,” said Philip Wilkinson, a spokesman for the committee organizing the Games.里约奥组委发言人菲利普·威尔金森(Philip Wilkinson)表示,“2016里约奥组委将持续密切关注这个问题,并听从巴西卫生部的指导。”Dr. Isaac I. Bogoch, a tropical infectious disease specialist at the University of Toronto who is part of a team modeling the potential for Zika to sp, warned that the Olympics could serve as a catalyst for the virus, which some researchers believe may have arrived in Brazil during another sports mega-event, the 2014 World Cup.多伦多大学(University of Toronto)热带传染病专家伊萨克·I·格赫(Isaac I. Bogoch)士警告称,奥运会可能成为这种病毒的催化剂,一些研究人员认为,这种病毒可能是在举办另一场体育盛事——2014年世界杯——期间传播到巴西的。格赫参与了一个通过建模来研究兹卡病毒潜在传播范围的小组。“There will be people traveling to Brazil from all over the world,” Dr. Bogoch said in an email.格赫士在邮件中表示,“世界各地的人都会前往巴西。”“The concern is that infected individuals will travel back to their home country and introduce the virus to new regions.”“令人担心的是,那些感染病毒的人会回到自己国家,将病毒带到新区域。”Dr. Bogoch and other researchers determined that Zika had the potential to rapidly sp to other parts of the world, according to findings published last week in the British medical journal The Lancet.英国医学期刊《柳叶刀》(Lancet)上周发表的文章显示,格赫及其他研究人员确定,兹卡病毒可能会迅速传播至世界其他地区。 /201601/424025富阳微管超导可视无痛人流时间

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富阳市中山门诊部打胎有风险么?WUERZBURG, Germany — The Islamic State claimed responsibility Tuesday for a rampage by a 17-year-old Afghan migrant who attacked passengers on a regional train in southern Germany with an ax, and then seriously injured a woman who was walking her dog, before he was killed by police.德国维尔茨堡——伊斯兰国(Islamic State)周二宣布对一名17岁的阿富汗移民的暴行负责。这名青年持一把斧头在德国南部的一列地区火车上袭击乘客,然后又重伤一名在遛的女子,最后被警方击毙。The train attack, around 9 p.m. Monday near Wuerzburg in Bavaria, wounded four visitors from Hong Kong, two of them critically. The woman walking her dog was hospitalized with serious injuries.列车袭击发生在周一晚上9点左右,地点在巴伐利亚州维尔茨堡附近。袭击造成四名香港游客受伤,其中两人伤情危重。遛的那名女子因重伤入院治疗。The attack intensified fears in Germany that the huge influx of migrants and refugees could pose a security threat.此次袭击加剧了德国国内的恐慌情绪。民众担心,大量涌入的移民和难民可能会构成安全威胁。“The brutality and unrestrained iness to use violence that is reflected by this act has shocked me deeply,” said Horst Seehofer, the governor of the southern state of Bavaria and an ally but occasional critic of Chancellor Angela Merkel, at a Cabinet meeting. Justice Minister Heiko Maas called on Germans ;to fight radicalism, regardless of where it comes from.”“此举反映出的残忍以及肆无忌惮的暴力,令我深感震惊,”德国南部巴伐利亚州的州长霍斯特·泽霍费尔(Horst Seehofer)在一次内阁会议上说。他是德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)的盟友,但偶尔也会对其持批评态度。德国司法部长海科·马斯(Heiko Maas)呼吁德国民众“与激进主义战斗,不管它来自哪里”。On Tuesday afternoon, the Islamic State released a with Arabic subtitles of a young man, who appeared to be the one who carried out the attack, reciting a jihadi manifesto.周二下午,伊斯兰国公布了一段配有阿拉伯语字幕的视频。视频中,一名年轻男子背诵了一段圣战宣言,看上去就是那起袭击的歹徒。In the , the young man said in Pashto, one of the major languages of Afghanistan, “I will do a martyrdom operation in Germany today,” and pledged allegiance to the Islamic State. He said that Islamic State fighters had settled in “infidel” countries and vowed: “God willing, you will be targeted in your villages, in your cities, in your airports, in your streets. The Islamic caliphate is strong enough to target you everywhere, even in your parliament.” He also urged Muslims to “wake up and support the caliphate,” and to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.在视频中,这名年轻男子用阿富汗主要的语言之一普什图语说,“我今天会在德国执行一次殉难行动,”并宣誓效忠于伊斯兰国。他说伊斯兰国战士已在“异教徒”国家安顿下来,并发誓:“有朝一日,你们会在自己的村庄、城市、机场和街道上成为目标。伊斯兰哈里发强大到足以在各个地方,包括在你们的议会里,对你们发起攻击。”他还呼吁穆斯林“醒过来,持哈里发”,并承诺效忠于伊斯兰国领导人阿布·巴克尔·巴格达迪(Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi)。Erik Ohlenschlager, the chief prosecutor in Bamberg, said at a news conference in Wuerzburg that authorities were examining the to determine if the young man in the was the teenager who carried out the attack.班伯格的首席检察官埃里克·奥伦施拉格尔(Erik Ohlenschlager)在维尔茨堡的新闻发布会上表示,当局正在检查视频,以确定视频中的年轻男子是否就是制造此次袭击的青年。Hours earlier, in a bulletin issued in Arabic and English via its Amaq News Agency, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the ax attack. It called the Afghan teenager an “Islamic State soldier,” using language similar to its claim of responsibility for the Bastille Day attack in Nice, France, that killed 84 people on Thursday.几个小时前,在通过自己的通讯社“阿玛克新闻社”(Amaq News Agency)发布的一则阿拉伯语和英语简讯中,伊斯兰国宣布对袭击负责。伊斯兰国称那名阿富汗青年是一名“伊斯兰国战士”,它在宣布对周四巴士底日发生在法国尼斯的那场袭击负责时,使用了类似的语言。尼斯的袭击造成84人死亡。The statement added that he had acted in response to the Islamic State’s call to target members of the U.S.-led coalition that is fighting the group in Iraq and Syria.声明还表示,那名男子是响应伊斯兰国的号召而采取行动的。伊斯兰国呼吁将目标对准参加美国领导的联盟的国家。这个联盟正在伊拉克和叙利亚打击伊斯兰国。German authorities said that investigators had found a hand-drawn flag of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, in the room of the Afghan teenager, along with notes in Pashto indicating that he might have been self-radicalized.德国当局称,调查人员在那名阿富汗青年的房间里找到了一面手绘的伊斯兰国(又称ISIS)旗帜,以及一些用普什图语做的笔记。它们表明,他可能是自行走向激进化的。Approximately 1.5 million migrants have applied for asylum in Germany in the past 18 months, but the enthusiastic welcome they initially received has given way to one of increasing concern as the euphoria of generosity is overshadowed by the difficult reality of integration.过去18个月里有大约150万移民在德国申请庇护,但随着慷慨待人的喜悦被融合这个现实难题的阴影所笼罩,他们最初受到的热烈欢迎也被日渐加剧的忧虑所取代。Although the flow has slowed, Merkel has been under increasing pressure, especially after North African migrants were linked to hundreds of sexual assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.尽管移民和难民涌入的速度放缓,但默克尔面临的压力却在加大,特别是元旦前夕科隆发生的数百起性侵事件被认为和北非移民有关后。According to the Bavarian State Criminal Police, the teenager entered Germany on June 30, 2015, without his parents and was registered in Passau. He received a temporary residence permit.据巴伐利亚州刑事警察局(Bavarian State Criminal Police)介绍,2015年6月30日进入德国并在帕绍登记时,这名青年未与父母同行。他获得了临时居住。Four of the victims were visiting from Hong Kong: a father, 62, and mother, 58, their 26-year-old daughter, and her boyfriend, 30. The older couple’s 17-year-old son was unhurt.受害者中,有四人是来自香港的游客:62岁的父亲、58岁的母亲、26岁的女儿和她30岁的男友。这对年长夫妇的17岁儿子逃过一劫。Hong Kong’s chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, condemned the attack and sent officials to Germany to provide assistance to the family.香港行政长官梁振英(Leung Chun-ying)对袭击表示谴责,并派官员前往德国,为那一家人提供帮助。“The two men are more heavily injured, particularly in their heads and torsos,” Kenneth Tong, a senior immigration officer, said before leaving Hong Kong for Frankfurt with three colleagues and four relatives of the family. “It remains to be determined whether we’d transfer them to Hong Kong.”“两名男性伤者伤势更严重,尤其头部和腹部的伤,”高级移民官员汤敬轩(Kenneth Tong)在和三名同事及四名受害者亲属离开香港前往法兰克福前说。“还没决定是否将他们送回香港。”The mother and daughter are in stable condition, he said.他说,母亲和女儿伤情稳定。 /201607/455630 PRUE — In the age of Amazon and the internet, the idea of going to a public library to borrow a book may seem ever more quaint and old-fashioned in many parts of the world, but one country, at least, is clinging to it tenaciously: the Czech Republic.布拉格——在这个亚马逊(Amazon)与网络当道的年代,在世界上许多地方的人看来,上公共图书馆借书一举似乎更显得古怪过时。然而至少还有一个国家仍顽强地保持这项习惯,那就是捷克共和国。There are libraries everywhere you look in the country — it has the densest library network in the world, according to a survey conducted for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. There are more libraries than grammar schools. In fact, there is one library for every 1,971 Czech citizens, the survey found — four times as many, relative to population, as the average European country, and 10 times as many as the ed States, which has one for every 19,583 people.放眼望去,捷克到处是图书馆:根据比尔及梅琳达盖茨基金会(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)进行的一项调查,该国有全世界密度最高的图书馆网络,数量比文法学校还要多。事实上,这项调查发现,每1971位捷克人就有一间图书馆,依人口比例算来是平均欧洲国家的4倍、美国的10倍(美国每19583人才有一间图书馆)。Why so many Czech libraries? Well, for decades they were mandatory — every community, from a big city down to a tiny village, was required by law to have one.为什么捷克有这么多图书馆?其实在数十年的时间里,图书馆的建造曾是强制规定——以前捷克从大城到小镇的每个社区,依法都必须要有一间图书馆。The law was enacted in 1919, soon after Czechoslovakia emerged as an independent country. The idea was to promote universal literacy and education after the country was free of the German-speaking Austro-Hungarian Empire. And it worked.该项法案是1919年颁布的,当时捷克斯洛伐克独立不久,用意是为了在脱离说德语的奥匈帝国统治后,提高全民的识字率、普及教育。而这种做法的确有效。“Czechs developed a strong ing habit, and even today, those who visit libraries buy more books — 11 a year, on average — than others,” said Vit Richter, director of the Librarianship Institute of the Czech National Library.“捷克人养成了很强的阅读习惯,即便在今天,会上图书馆的人买书也更多,一年下来平均会买11本书。”捷克国家图书馆附设图书馆学中心的主任维特#8231;李希特(Vit Richter)表示。The library law survived the German occupation, the communist era and even the breakup with Slovakia in the early 1990s. What it couldn’t survive, in the end, was budgetary pressure. To save money, the requirement was dropped in 2001, when there were about 6,019 libraries in the country; since then, about 11 percent have merged or closed.这项图书馆法案挺过了“二战”德国占领期、共产主义时期,甚至当捷克在上世纪90年代初期与斯洛伐克分家时仍照行不误。它最终挺不住的是预算压力。这项法案在2001年为减省开而废除了,而当时捷克全国上下有将近6019座图书馆。自此以后,有大约11%的图书馆遭合并或关闭。Rather than just linger on as an eccentricity from a bygone age, though, the surviving Czech libraries are doing what they can to stay vibrant and relevant. They serve as polling places for elections and as local meeting venues. They organize ing clubs and art exhibits and offer computer literacy courses, and they welcome droves of schoolchildren and retirees during the day.然而,现存的捷克图书馆并不甘于作为历史遗留的怪癖传世,它们尽可能地保持活跃及与民众生活的联系。图书馆是选举时的投票所、是当地居民的集会场地,馆方也会组织阅读俱乐部与艺术展览、提供计算机教学课程,并且在日间接待成群来访的学童与退休人士。But mostly, they do what 92 percent of Czechs still want them to go on doing, according to the Gates Foundation survey: They lend books.不过,根据盖兹基金会的调查,这些图书馆的主要工作还是提供92%的捷克人仍希望他们继续下去的务:借书给大家看。 /201607/456449富阳骨科医院宫颈糜烂富阳/做人流到那家医院好



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