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34 fruit and vegetables words apple orange banana potato tomato carrot tropical peach grapes leek onion watermelon plum pear stir fry eggplant bitter melon kiwi fruit cabbage lemon pineapple organic strawberry broccoli sweet corn bunch seeds/pips fresh frozen tinned seedless phrases an apple a day keeps the doctor away become a vegetarian/vegan buy a bunch of grapes/bananas peel an apple/orange stir fry vegetables make/buy/eat corn on the cob buy seedless grapes grow organic vegetables beginner a: mom! I hate eating vegetables! B; you don’t have to eat them. I don’t mind. A; thanks mom! Can I have dessert now? I love chocolate cake! B: no dessert for you unless you eat all your vegetables. A; buy I don’t like them! It’s not fair! B: you can have some fruit for dessert. If you eat an apple and a banana , I might let you have a small piece of chocolate cake. A; ok…actually, I don’t mind eating peas and carrots, buy I hate broccoli and cauliflower. B; I’ll remember that for next time. You’ll get extra peas and carrots, buy no broccoli or cauliflower. OK? A; thanks mom! Intermediate A; do you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables in you country? B; yes, we do. The most popular vegetables are potatoes, carrots, peas, and cauliflower. The most popular fruit are apples, bananas, pears, peaches, grapes, and oranges. Do you like vegetables? A: I like them very much. We also eat a lot of vegetables in my country, buy we eat different kinds. B; which kinds of vegetables do people in your country usually eat? A : we eat a lot of sweet corn, broccoli and eggplant. B; I love eggplant! Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive in my country, so I don’t eat it often. A; why is it relatively expensive? B; because we don’t grow it much in my country. We import a lot from other countries. A; I see. We grow a lot of fruit and vegetables in my country. We export a lot of melons, grapes, oranges and lemon. In your country, do you eat corn on the cob.? It’s very popular in my country. B; we eat it in my country too, but I wouldn’t’ say it’s very popular. Most people buy frozen sweet corn from their local supermarket. A; do people usually buy frozen vegetables in your country: it’s very rare in mine. B; a lot of younger people like to buy large packets of mixed frozen vegetables. Peas and sweet corn have been sold frozen in my country for many years. I prefer to buy fresh vegetables. /200705/13133第11课Are you doing anything tonight?今晚你有空吗?11.我爱约会(和外国girl女友约会) Are you doing anything tonight?今晚你有空吗?(你想约会那位让你心仪已久的女孩,你鼓起勇气对她说) 38、Are you doing anything tonight/this weekend/tomorrow?   你今晚/周末/明天有空吗? 39、If you are not busy tonight, would you like to go out with me?   如果你今晚有空的话,愿不愿意和我一起出去? can we get together and go out some time? can we get together tommorrow?(明天,tonight今晚,weekend周未) 40、Mayby we can get together sometime.   也许今后我们有机会在一起。(她说晚上没有空,你千万不能气馁,你说) 相关专题:洋话连篇视频教学 /200601/2918美国人每天说的话(日常俚语) 11Or you can go all the way back to 63 A.D.或者大家可以直接跳转回公元63年。And theres this poor man who doesnt like the way people are speaking Latin.有个可怜人不喜欢人们说拉丁语的方式。As it happens, he was writing about what had become French.实际上,他正在控诉的是日后形成的法语。And so, there are always...there are always people worrying about these things所以,总有...总会有人为这些事情担心and the planet somehow seems to keep spinning.但是地球似乎并没有因此停止旋转。And so, the way Im thinking of texting these days is所以,我对当今的短信的看法是that what were seeing is a whole new way of writing that young people are developing,我们正在经历一种由年轻人发展出的新的书写方式,which theyre using alongside their ordinary writing skills,同时他们也在使用他们正常的书面表达写作技巧,and that means that theyre able to do two things.这意味着他们可以两者兼修。Increasing evidence is that being bilingual is cognitively beneficial.补充据就是拥有双语能力对认知的发展是有利的。Thats also true of being bidialectal.这在精通两种方言上同样适用。Thats certainly true of being bidialectal in terms of your writing.如果你会用两种方言写作的话,这也是千真万确的。And so texting actually is evidence of a balancing act所以短信实际上是一个平衡之举的佐that young people are using today, not consciously, of course, but its an expansion of their linguistic repertoire.当然,年轻人们是在无意识的这样使用短信的,但这是他们语言能力的一种扩展。Its very simple. If somebody from 1973 looked at what was on a dormitory message board in 1993,非常简单。如果一个1973年的人看着1993年一个学生宿舍信息栏,the slang would have changed a little bit since the era of ;Love Story,;俚语等习惯用语会跟“爱情故事”(70年代美国热播剧)时代有些不同,but they would understand what was on that message board.但是他们会看明白那个信息栏上的内容。201703/501024

And theyre wrong about yours Graduates. 关于你们这一代 同样会如此 毕业生们Theres the statement of history its never ever been a good bet to bet against America. 这是历史的叙述 把赌注都压在美国失败上 永远都不是很好的策略And its a very bad bet to bet against your generation Youre the most competent, capable, caring generation. 把赌注压在你们这一代人失败上 则更是糟糕透顶 你们是美国有史以来最胜任 最能干 最具关怀的一代This country has ever produced and Im confident youll write a new and better chapter of American history. 你们是美国有史以来最胜任 最能干 最具关怀的一代 我很有信心 你们将书写美国历史更新更好的篇章So have faith Have faith. 你们要有信心 要有信心Do what you feel in your heart The possibilities are unlimited. 做你们心中觉得正确的事 一切皆有可能I spent ten days with President Xi, the new president of China at the request of then-President Hu and President Obama. 我和中国的新主席 习主席一同度过了十天 这是应前任胡主席和奥巴马总统的邀请To establish a personal relationship Tip ONeill made famous the expression. 以建立个人关系 蒂普.奥尼尔有一句着名的话;all politics is local; Far be it from me to improve upon my friend Tip ONeill. ;所有政治都是地方政治; 倒不是我想改进我朋友蒂普.奥尼尔的话But I think all politics is personal, including international politics Ladies and gentlemen. 不过我认为 所有政治都是个人的 包括国际政治 女士们 先生们I looked and listened to the questions he had to ask, and the interest he had And the President asked me, what did I think after ten days. 我仔细听闻了他所希望求解的问题和他所拥有的兴趣 习主席问我 十天后我怎么想201610/470338

Finding your way around this campus an economic crisis struck that would claim more than 5 million jobs. 这所校园的时候经济危机降临不等你们第一学年结束Before the end of your freshman year Since then some of you have probably seen parents put off retirement. 它已经导致500多万人失业从那个时候以来你们大概看到一些父母推迟了退休计划Friends struggle to find work And you may be looking toward the future with that same sense of concern that my generation did. 一些朋友在苦苦求职面对未来 你们也许像当年我这一代坐在你们的座位上的时候一样When we were sitting where you are now Of course, as young women youre also going to grapple with some unique challenges. 感到忧心忡忡当然 作为年轻女性你们还要应对某些特殊的挑战Like whether youll be able to earn equal pay for equal work whether youll be able to balance the demands of your job and your family. 比如是否能够享有同工同酬是否能够平衡工作和家庭的需要Whether youll be able to fully control decisions about your own health And while opportunities for women. 是否能够对自身健康有全部决定权虽然过去30年来Have grown exponentially over the last 30 years as young people in many ways you have it even tougher than we did. 女性的机会有了突飞猛进的增加但作为年轻人你们在很多方面面临着比我们当时更加严重This recession has been more brutal the job losses steeper Politics seems nastier. 更加严峻的挑战失业人数更多政治争议似乎更加难以调和Congress more gridlocked than ever Some folks in the financial world have not exactly been model corporate citizens. 国会比以往任何时候更加僵持金融界的一些人很难被称为模范企业公民No wonder that faith in our institutions has never been lower particularly when good news doesnt get the same kind of ratings. 所以 毫不奇怪对我们体制的信心达到空前之低特别是好消息201609/467373

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