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福建省泉州市妇幼保健是公立的吗泉州省妇女儿童医院怎么样好吗An expert has identified an animal captured in east China#39;s Shangdong province as a Siberian husky dog; a domestic animal that resembles wolves in appearance, the Shangdong Business Daily reports.据《山东商报》报道称:一名专家鉴定于山东捕获的疑似狼动物实则为西伯利亚哈士奇,一种外形似狼的家养宠物。People have been on high alert since a grey wolf reportedly killed two villagers and wounded five others in Tengzhou, Shangdong province on Monday, March 19. Three days after local police shot the animal dead, they captured another animal which they also suspected of being a wolf and took it to the area#39;s local zoo as a 5-year-old she-wolf.有报道称,3月19日星期一这天,一只灰狼在山东滕州咬死2名村民,另咬伤5人。人们自此便高度警戒起来。当地民警随后将这只伤人野狼击毙。三天后,民警又捕获到另一只疑似狼的动物。后这只;5岁母狼;被送往当地动物园。Police believe it was responsible for attacks on seven people, two of whom died.民警认定它就是袭击7人并致其中2人死亡的那只狼。But a local man surnamed Wang claimed it was his pet dog Lady that he had reared for two years, and who was gentle in nature.但当地市民王先生却声称这只;疑似野狼;是他养了两年的宠物;;性情温顺的;Lady;.Xing Hao, a local zookeeper, told China Central Television: ;Its cry is like that of a wolf and the corners of its eyes are tilted, not straight like that of a dog. Its tail is also straight, not sticking up like a dog, and its ears are upright. All these indicators are in line with a wolf#39;s characteristics.;当地动物园饲养员邢浩(音译)在接受中央电视台采访时表示:;它叫起来像狼,眼角倾斜,不像的眼角,是平的。它的尾巴是平直下垂的,不像的尾巴那样会向上翘。耳朵直立着。所有这些都符合狼的特点。;But Wang disagreed. ;It#39;s not a wolf but my dog. I recognized her at a glance from a news photo,; Wang told China Daily.但王先生并不同意这一说法。;这不是狼,这是我的。我在新闻图片中一眼就认出了她。;王先生在接受《中国日报》采访时称。;Her name is Lady and she is very gentle. I have raised her for nearly two years. At around 11 am last Friday, she ran away from home and never came back.;;她叫Lady,性情温顺,我已经养了近两年了。上周五上午11点左右,她从家里跑了出去就再也没回来。;Wang said he now works in another city in Shandong and was only told of events by friends on Friday night.王先生说,他现在山东省的另一座城市工作,所以周五晚才从朋友那得知这件事。;I recognize my Lady,; he said. ;I hope I can get my pet back as soon as possible.;;我认得我的Lady,;他说,;我希望能尽快把我的带回来。;;During her capture, she was hurt badly both physically and mentally. She#39;s very scared of people,; he claimed, relying on reports from family and friends who went to see the dog on Saturday.王先生表示自己的家人和朋友周六那天去看了这只,他说:;她被抓时,身心都受到了很大的伤害。她现在很害怕人。;;It#39;s quite understandable for local departments to do this, as they want to protect local residents,; Wang said.;我可以理解当地部门的做法,他们只是想保护村民。;王先生说。;But Tengzhou is a small place where huskies are hardly ever seen. It#39;s very possible that people mistook her for a wolf.;;但滕州地方小,很少会见到哈士奇。人们很有可能把它误认成狼。;A vet from Shensheng Pet Clinic, who didn#39;t give her name, said there was ;no significant difference; between some breeds of husky and wolf, as they share a common ancestor.一位来自申盛宠物医院(音译),不愿透露姓名的兽医表示,有些品种的哈士奇和狼没有;明显差异;,因为它们拥有共同的祖先。;Most people don#39;t know this and it#39;s very likely to have been a wrong identification,; she said.她说:;大多数人并不知道这一点,所以这很可能是次错误的鉴定。;Ma Jinsheng, a zoology expert, visited the zoo in Tengzhou on March 26. After close observations and a number of experiments, Ma confirmed that the animal was in fact a husky dog.3月26日,动物学专家马金生教授来到滕州动物园。在进行了严密观察和一系列实验之后,马教授确认,这只动物实际上就是哈士奇犬。;This animal#39;s eyes aren#39;t as angular as a wolf#39;s; and the color of its fur doesn#39;t match that of a wolf. Most importantly of all, it#39;s very friendly towards humans,; Ma said after conducting a controlled experiment using food. The husky dog accepted food from Ma Jinsheng, while in contrast, a real wolf kept at the zoo shied away as soon as Ma approached.马教授在进行了一次喂食对照实验之后表示:;这只动物眼睛的倾斜度不如狼;毛色也与狼不同。最重要的是,它对人类很友好。;这只哈士奇接受了马教授给的食物,而园中真正的狼则恰恰相反,马教授稍一靠近它们就跑开躲了起来。Ma stated that the most absolute and scientific way to determine the true identity of the animal is to take samples of its fur and conduct DNA analysis.马教授表示,确定该动物身份最准确也是最科学的方法便是取得该动物的皮毛样本,进行DNA分析鉴定。 /201203/175798泉州做引产需要多少时间 1. Believe in yourself when no one else does. Lin#39;s only the 4th graduate from Harvard to make it to the NBA. He#39;s also one of only a handful of Asian-Americans to make it. He was sent by the Knicks to play for their D-League team 3 weeks ago in Erie, PA. He#39;d aly been cut by two other NBA teams before joining the Knicks this year. You#39;ve got to believe in yourself, even when no one else does.即使没人相信你也不能绝望。林书豪只是第四位能够进入NBA的哈佛学生。他也只是一小撮能够登陆NBA的亚裔美国人之一。在三个星期前,他还曾被尼克斯队下放到NBDL球队宾州伊利海鹰队。在这个赛季加盟尼克斯队之前,林书豪曾被两其他的NBA球队裁掉。即使没人相信你了,你也不能对自己绝望。2. Seize the opportunity when it comes up. Lin got to start for the Knicks because they had to start him. They had too many injuries. Baron Davis was gone. The other point guards were out. Carmelo Anthony was injured. Amare Stoudemire had to leave the team because of a family death. Lin could have squandered the opportunity and we would have never have noticed. But he made the most of it. You never know when opportunities are going to arise in life. Often, they#39;re when you least expect them. Make the most of them. Don#39;t fritter them away.当机会来临时要好好把握。尼克斯队之所以让林书豪打上首发,实属无奈之举, 他们的伤病球员太多了。拜伦;戴维斯(Baron Davis)一直无法上场。其他控球后卫也不能出战。卡梅罗;安东尼( Carmelo Anthony)受伤了。阿玛雷;斯塔德迈尔(Amare Stoudemire)因为家人去世而离队奔丧。如果林书豪浪费掉这个机会,他将不会得到我们的关注。但是他很好地利用了这个机会。在生活中,你从不知道 机会何时会降临。通常,在你最不期待的时候,机会就会出现。尽最大限度地利用这些机会,不要挥霍掉了。3. Your family will always be there for you, so be there for them. It wasn#39;t until a few days ago that Lin got his contract guaranteed by the Knicks for the rest of the season. Before that, he could have been cut at any time. He had to sleep on his brother#39;s couch on the Lower East Side to get by. His family always believed in him and picked him up when he could have gotten down on himself. That made him continue to believe. If you want your family to believe in you like that, you#39;ve got to be there for them too when they need it.3.你的家人将一直持你,因此你不应让他们失望。直到最近几天,林书豪才获得尼克斯队的保障性合同,不用为余下来的赛季而担忧。在这之前,他随时都可能被球队裁掉。此前他只能在纽约市下东区的哥哥家睡沙发。他的家人一直都相信他, 在他快要放弃的时候也给予他持。这使他坚守自己的信念。如果你希望家人像这样持你,你需要在适当的时候有所表现,不要让他们失望。4. Find the system that works for your style. Lin isn#39;t Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. He#39;s not a pure scorer. He#39;s a passer and distributor ; who can also score very well. It didn#39;t work for him in Golden State or Houston ; where he was before landing at the Knicks. But Mike D#39;Antoni#39;s system at the Knicks has been perfect for him to show off his strengths. You#39;ve got to do your best to understand what your strengths are and then ensure that you#39;re in a system (a job or organization or industry) that is a good fit for those strengths. Otherwise, people overlook the talents you bring to the table.寻找适合你风格的体制。林书豪不是迈克尔;乔丹(Michael Jordan)或者科比;布莱恩特(Kobe Bryant)。他不是纯正的得分手。他是传球手和球权分配者;;但也能很好的得分。在加盟尼克斯队之前,他先后为金州勇士队和休斯顿火箭队效力,但是那里不适合他。麦克;德安东尼(Mike D#39;Antoni)在尼克斯队的体制非常适合他,能让他展现自己的优点。你应该尽最大所能去了解自己的长处,之后确保你所处的体制(职位或者组织或者行业)非常适合这些长处。否则,你所展现的才华只会被忽略。5. Don#39;t overlook talent that might exist around you today on your team. You probably manage people at your own company today. Are you sure you don#39;t have a Jeremy Lin living among you now? How do you know that ;Mike; couldn#39;t do amazing things if you gave him a new project to run with? How do you know ;Sarah; isn#39;t the right person to take the open job in London that you#39;ve been talking over with your colleagues? We put people around us in boxes. He#39;s from Harvard. He#39;s Asian-American. Not sure he can play. How many assumptions have you made about talent around you? Don#39;t be like the General Managers in Golden State and Houston, and let talent slip through your fingers. With all their money, scouts, and testing, they didn#39;t have a clue what they had in their hands. Do you know what your people (or even yourself) is really capable of? Take off the blinders of assumptions you wear when you look at the world.不要忽视团队里可能存在的人才。你现在可能负责管理企业内部的人员。你确定自己身边不存在林书豪这样的人才?你怎么知道若让;马某某;负责某个新项目他不会有优异的表现?对于你和同事一直谈论的伦敦的空缺职位,你如何确定;沙某某;不是任职的合适人选?我们对身边的人有各种成见。林书豪来自哈佛大学。他是美籍华人。他不一定能在NBA玩得转。你对身边的人才有多少各种各样的假设?不要像金州或者休斯顿的球队经理那样,让人才从手中溜走。尽管他们拥有资金、球探,还进行了试训,但是他们并不清楚自己手上有什么牌。你知道自己的手下(甚至你自己)真正擅长于什么吗?在观察世界的时候,请摘下你的有色眼镜。 /201202/172966How much food people consume can be influenced by subtle cues about weight that aren#39;t consciously perceived, according to a novel chocolate-tasting study in the journal Appetite.《食欲》(Appetite)期刊发表的一项让实验者品尝巧克力的新研究表明,人们的食物摄入量会受到无意识下所感知的微妙体重暗示的影响。 The research involved two experiments in Switzerland. In one test, 95 volunteers, who ranged in age from 16 to 74 years old, participated in five-minute sessions in which they were instructed to help themselves from a bowl of chocolates and then complete taste evaluations. Just outside of the participants#39; range of vision was a computer screen displaying a well-known artwork. 这项研究涉及到在瑞士所做的两个实验。在其中一个实验中,研究人员提供了一碗巧克力,让95名年龄在16岁至74岁之间的志愿者在五分钟内随便吃,并要求他们完成味道评估问卷。刚好在志愿者视野范围之外的地方有一台计算机,屏幕显示的是一件知名的艺术品。 During a tasting by 47 volunteers, the computer screen displayed an image of three extremely thin humanlike figures in an Alberto Giacometti sculpture. For the other 48 participants, the image displayed was of a Mark Rothko painting of two different-colored, horizontally arranged rectangles.在47名志愿者品尝巧克力期间,电脑屏幕显示的图片是阿尔佩托#8226;贾科梅蒂(Alberto Giacometti)一件雕像作品中三个极瘦的人形雕塑。在另外48人品尝时,显示的图片是马克#8226;罗斯科(Mark Rothko)的一幅画作,上面是两个不同颜色的、水平放置的矩形。When the Rothko painting was displayed, people consumed on average 6.4 chocolates per person. That compared with 4.7 pieces of chocolate consumed when the Giacometti sculptures were displayed. The researchers said most participants didn#39;t notice the artwork on the computer screens, according to questionnaires completed after the tasting.当电脑显示罗斯科的画作时,志愿者每人平均吃掉6.4块巧克力。而当电脑显示贾科梅蒂的雕塑时,人均摄入量是4.7块巧克力。研究人员说,从品尝后完成的问卷调查来看,大多数参与者并没有注意到电脑屏幕上的艺术品。A second experiment involved 78 new volunteers, ages 19 to 82, who were invited for individual chocolate-tasting sessions. Thirty-eight of the participants completed questionnaires about gender, age and weight before the five-minute tasting sessions. The other 40 people completed the questionnaire after the sessions. Chocolate consumption averaged 4.5 pieces when the surveys were done before the tasting, and six pieces when the questions were answered afterward. About two-thirds of the participants in both experiments were women. 另外一项实验涉及到另外78名年龄在19岁至82岁之间的志愿者,他们被邀请参加单独的五分钟品尝巧克力活动。其中38名志愿者在品尝前完成了有关性别、年龄和体重的问卷调查。另外40人在品尝后完成问卷。品尝前做完问卷调查的那组志愿者平均每人吃掉了4.5块巧克力,品尝后完成问卷的那组志愿者平均每人吃掉了六块巧克力。两个实验的参与者中均有约三分之一为女性。 /201207/188870泉州新阳光医院靠谱吗

洛江区 人民医院门诊在哪里Reason of PunishmentOne day a little girl came home from school, and said to her mother, Mommy, today in school I was punished for something that I didn#39;t do.The mother exclaimed, But that#39;s terrible! I#39;m going to have a talk with your teacher about this! By the way, what was it that you didn#39;t do?The little girl replied, My homework. 惩罚的原因一天,小女孩从学校回到家里,对妈妈说:妈妈,今天在学校里我因为一件我没有做的事情而受到惩罚。妈妈激动地说:那真是太可怕了!我要跟你的老师好好谈一谈,对了,你没有做过的那件事是什么?小女孩回答说:我的家庭作业。 内容来自: /201206/185582泉州新阳光医院是私人医院嘛 泉州省第一医院治疗妇科炎症好吗

泉州治疗卵巢囊肿得多少钱1. Your Money or Your Life, by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robins.   关于理财的书籍,重点推荐这一本,你应该读一下。它了解大多数人的理财观念,并用简单有效的新方法改造你的生活。我的理财经就是从这本书习得的。  2. Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, by Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey.  这本书的核心思想就是“活在当下”,其实是2500年前佛家就已经提出来的哲学。不过,这本书从心理学的角度探讨了这一哲学观念,阐释了我们的思想产生情绪的过程,以及该如何在躁乱之中保持震惊、将压力降到最低、做好父母角色、改善人际关系等等方面的指导内容。  3. Simplify Your Life, by Elaine St. James.  这本书是影响zenhabits哲学思想的书籍之一。十年前我开始读这本书起,我就开始了简化生活的尝试。虽然十年来经历起伏跌宕,我仍然对这本书充满热爱。好书易读,有很多值得学习的地方。  4. The Art of Happiness, by the Dalai Lama.  不知道Dalai Lama本人是否真的这样,但这本书的文字确实能让人感受到仁慈和幸福的力量。虽然整本书并没与更深层次的内容,我仍然将这本书视为对我们人生的一种提醒:慈悲地活着,我们的生命会更有意义。  5. Getting Things Done, by David Allen.  这本关于产出率的经典着作适合每个想更加高效有序工作的人去研读。GTD教会了我很多重要的技能:清空收件箱、在纸上写下要做的事情、一次只用心去处理一件事,等等等等。  6. The 4-Hour Workweek, by Timothy Ferriss.  这本书影响了许许多多人的生活,教我们将一切简化,将重心放在对我们生活和事业最重要的地方。不管你是名总裁,是名员工,还是家庭主妇、客写手,它的理念都能够应用到你的生活中去。你也许并不能适应每周四小时的工作时间,但是你能学会尝试用新的、聪明的方法去处理你的事务。  7. The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield.  对任何从事写作或创意工作的人来说,创作过程如同一场战斗。有时,甚至每天,我们都要强迫自己专心工作、想出创意、避免陷入拖沓和分心的深渊。这本书教你怎样以一个专业工作者的姿态战胜这些,非常值得一读。  8. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, by Richard Carlson.  Carlson是Slowing Down to the Speed of Life的合着者,不过他更有名的着作是这一本。这本书是“别为小事担忧”系列的第一本。和副标题连在一起,你能读出更多意味:《别为小事担忧——所有的都是小事》。这本书教你透视所有事情,免除焦虑困扰。它也告诉你,要以欣赏的眼光看待周围事物,尤其是我们身边的人。  9. Running to Win, by George Sheehan.  这本书并非关于工作哲学,实际上是关于生活哲学的书。这本书探讨了关于将生活充实化的任何方法。Sheehan的文笔优美而激动人心,着有一系列不错的作品。这本书完成于他得了末期癌症时。  10. Upgrade Your Life, by Gina Trapani.  这本书教你把时常让你分心、把你俘虏的现代科技转换为你高效工作的工具。  11. The Essential Gandhi, by Louis Fischer.  不论你是否崇敬甘地本人,他的文字确实是非常深邃而影响广泛的。每次读这本书,我都会深受启发。  12. Manufacturing Consent, by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman.  如果你还没有读过乔姆斯基的书,从这本开始吧。十年前我开始读的这本书,教给了我很多关于政治与舆论的东西。我也因为读这本书而对信息筛选更加严格。总之,我大力推荐大家读一些乔姆斯基的书,它们能使你从一个新的角度去看待事物。他是我们时代最着名的持不同政见者之一。  13. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey.  对想提高工作效率的人来说,这本是必读书籍。7个习惯包括操之在我、以终为始、要事第一、利人利己、知彼解己、集思广益、均衡发展。  14. Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tzu. 《道德经》  1500年前道家经典基础着作。它将教给你基本的东方哲学思想,以及人生一二。  15. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig.  现代经典着作。Pirsig同他的儿子、朋友一起游走乡间,探索禅意精要。  16. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, by Robin Sharma.  这是本能引发你对人生的思考的寓言故事。关于你的人生、你的目标、你的梦想,以及为了实现梦想你需要培养的日常习惯,这本书都会对你有所启发。不是说任何问题都能在这本书中找到,Sharma探索了很多有趣的主意,我相信每个人都会找到一些值得尝试的东西。  17. The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White.  英语写作者不可或缺的经典之作。这本书也不光适用于作家,对客写手以及任何需要写报告、邮件和其他网络文章的人都适用。简而言之,每个人都应该读它。18年前我刚开始记者生涯的时候第一次读了这本书,现在我每年都要读上一遍。它教你精确地运用语言,避免常见错误,使你的文字更加清晰有力。  18. Fever Pitch, by Nick Hornby.  与其他列表上的书籍有些不同,但我非常喜欢这本书,所以仍旧加了近来。这本书以自传的形式描写了作者对足球一生的狂热。这些散文各自描写某一赛事,引人入胜,非常有趣。  19. A People’s History of the ed States, by Howard Zinn.  这本书改变了很多人从课本上学来的历史观。Zinn讲述美国历史的角度极为特别,他描述的不是美国的富有与强大,而是生活在这片土地上无权无力的那群人。他讲述了黑人、女性、中国铁路劳工、穷人、工人等一切被权势压迫的群体的故事。他们是这个社会的少数力量,默默无言地生活着。  20. The Power of Less, by Leo Babauta.  这本书教你把注意力集中在最重要的事情上,有序、简洁地处理生活事物,从而提高工作效率。 /200910/86331 Snoring could soon be hushed with vitamin D supplements.  使用维他命D可以消除打鼾。  Scientists are giving sleep apnoea sufferers the tablets as part of a new trial. As many as one in four adults are regular snorers, with sleep apnoea a major factor.  作为一种新的尝试,科学家们给被睡眠窒息症困扰的人们开出了这种药片。每四个成年人中就有一个人规律性打鼾,其主要病因就是睡眠窒息。  Here, the upper airway collapses at irregular intervals during sleep, possibly due to a lack of muscle tone in the throat lining, which triggers snoring.  在这种情况下,上呼吸道可能会因为喉衬缺少肌肉张力而在人们的睡眠中会不规律的塌陷,造成打鼾。  This can also cut off the flow of air for up to ten seconds.  而这也同时切断空气流通达十秒钟之久。  Though a major risk factor is obesity, the exact cause is not fully understood.  尽管打鼾的主要原因是肥胖,具体成因却一直没有被完全知晓。  The theory behind the new trial is that normal levels of vitamin D — most of our intake comes from exposure to sun — are necessary for muscles to function normally, and that increased levels could prevent the lining of the throat from collapsing.  新疗法的原理如下:一般水平的维他命D--大部分是我们在日光照射下合成的—对于肌肉的正常工作是非常必要的,加强肌肉的张力则能有效避免呼吸道塌陷。  In the 80-patient, 32-day French trial at the University Hospital, Clermont-Ferrand, patients with sleep apnoea and low levels of vitamin D are being given the supplement or a placebo.  在法国的克莱蒙费朗大学校立医院医院里,80名患有睡眠窒息症和维他命D含量低的患者进行了32天的治疗,他们被发放了维他命D或者替代物。 /201107/143380泉州女性不孕不育检查费用泉州省一院总部




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